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It’s Been a Long Time

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Chapter One — Return to My Old Home

I had been away on business for a few days in a part of my territory that I seldom dealt with. In fact, the only reason that I offered to do the business was because of a fringe benefit I would be able to enjoy. The trip back offered me the chance to visit my old home town and perhaps see some friends that I hadn’t touched base with in years.

I am a thirty something married male with three children. I am very happy in my marriage and actually hate being away from home. As such, when business calls me out of town, I usually go and then hurry home. My family knows this and I don’t hide the fact that I am in love with my wife and my kids. However on this trip, my wife told me to ‘go home and enjoy yourself for a day or two.’ She knows that I miss my old friends since moving away about ten years ago, and she understood enough to grant me some leeway so I wouldn’t feel guilty if I took some time to catch up with old friends.

As the miles passed by in the rental car, I enjoyed the quiet of the drive. I was off the interstate and had no reason to rush. No one knew I was coming and I had no schedule to speak of. I was the only child in my family and both of my parents had passed on already, so the old farm was no longer in the family. I had several aunts, uncles and cousins still around the area and some old high school friends as well. I was just planning on playing it by ear and going with the flow. Hopefully I would run into some friends and have a few drinks and laughs. The warm summer day certainly helped to relax me and give me an optimistic feeling as I headed into town.

When I arrived, the first thing I did was take a quick tour of the place in the vehicle. It is amazing how small towns can look the same year after year. The bank had a facelift, but the bowling alley, tavern, hardware store, et cetera, all looked the same except for a coat of paint here and there. The only real new look was a couple of subdivisions of homes on the western edge of town which looked down a long slope toward the river. I pulled up in front of the hotel closest to downtown and booked a room for the night. I settled myself in and then decided to go for a walk and maybe grab a beer to see if I would see anyone I knew. I hadn’t gone fifty paces when somebody called my name.

“Allan? Is that you? How the hell are you?”

I turned to look at the speaker, but I already knew who it was. My uncle Ron has always been loud and friendly, and I have to admit it was nice to see his face. We exchanged greetings, and before I knew it, it my agenda for the evening was completed. It turned out an older cousin of mine was turning fifty and there was big party planned at one of the local gathering places. Many of my relatives would be there. I wouldn’t have to search anyone out, I could just crash the party and everyone would be there. It was great luck to have this event happen on this day. I told my uncle that I would see him there later.

Chapter 2: The Gathering

I arrived at the town hall at around eight o’clock that night, and the place was already buzzing with people. I grabbed a beer and mingled with many friends and relatives and was really enjoying myself. I had just gone to refresh my drink and turned from the bar when a very attractive woman came walking up to me smiling. She was headed right for me and had that look in her eyes like she knew me but was waiting for me to acknowledge that I knew her.

Finally she said, “Allan? Is that you?” I nodded my head smiling, still unsure as to who she was when she jumped forward and gave me a big friendly hug. “It’s ME…Shannon Scott – your uncles daughter!” Suddenly I was hugging her back, gushing how nice it was to see her. We stepped back and appraised each other as we began to reminisce about our childhood.

My uncle had been widowed at a younger age and remarried a few years later. Shannon was the product of that relationship. She was about three years younger than I, and there were many times that we played as children. When I was about twelve years old, they moved away to another city, and I am sure that that was the last time I had seen her.

What a difference twenty years makes! Shannon was now a beautiful young woman. She had long dark brown hair, with a nice dark tone to her skin. Her eyes were olive and at the moment were smiling at me. Her teeth were perfectly straight and she had full pouty lips. Since I got the impression she was looking me over I swept my eyes downward to complete my view of her. She was wearing a thin top that left her shoulders and arms bare. The top was fairly tight and did a wonderful job of displaying her ample breasts. I would have estimated them at C cups and they fit in perfectly in size with the rest of her frame. She had a nice trim waist and curvaceous ass. The outfit was completed by a pair of tailored walking shorts and sandals which allowed a fair amount of her tanned and toned legs to show. In short, she had grown into a beautiful woman who could turn some heads if she ankara escort wanted to.

We both commented on how nice it was to see each other after all of these years and caught up with each other a bit. I found out a couple of things that I did not know. She had been divorced for about three years now and was still recovering from this failed relationship. It sounded like it was not very pleasant for her. The thing that really shocked me was that she was not really my cousin. She was brought into our family by my uncle’s first wife who’d since passed away. It turned out that there was no blood relationship at all and that she was simply a ‘step-cousin’ to me. I would have thought that at some point growing up I would have found this out, but I guess our parents thought we didn’t need to know…so no one told me. I shook my head in amazement.

After a few minutes, she excused herself and went to talk to some other people. I watched her closely as she walked away and confirmed my earlier thoughts that she did have a great body. Her ass looked great as she mingled through the crowd and she disappeared from view.

Another hour had passed me by and I realized that the party was thinning out. A lot of the older relatives were on their way home and there were a few younger people there having a good time. I had noticed Shannon several times throughout the evening and she was always gracious in smiling back at me. She looked as though she was having a really good time. It was getting fairly late and it became obvious that the party had died down to nothing. A large group of people left the room and walked out the door. I didn’t know them that well and didn’t care to tag along. I noticed as they left that Shannon was with them and she went out the door in the group.

I took the last drink of my beer and was preparing myself mentally to leave when the door opened back up and Shannon came running past me to grab her sweater.

“I almost forgot this. It’s a little cooler out there than it was this afternoon.” She yelled, “and I DON’T want to walk back to my hotel feeling cold!” She grabbed her jacket and walked past me as I prepared to leave when she stopped and turned around. “What are you doing now? Do you want to come with me? I am going to go for one last drink with the Melvin’s. You are welcome to come.” She smiled and motioned for me to come along.

“I think I will pass on that one. I am more in the mood to sit back and relax with a drink. I know how that family is, they will end up in some card game or something till four in the morning and on top of that they will want to play for money. I’ve lost enough money to those guys over the years. But on second thought…” I looked at Shannon, “why don’t you come out for a drink with me, we can catch up on old times a little more. It really was the highlight of my night to see you. It’s been a long time.”

She looked at me with her big smile and I could see that she was sincerely flattered. Her eyes softened and she said, “Why thank you. How can girl pass up an offer like that? I was just going with that crew to have a couple of drinks before going back to my room. I have a pretty good buzz on right now. I will come with you on one condition though. Have some drinks with me so I can keep this buzz going. I have a bottle of fireball whiskey that I have my heart set on opening. It reminds me of visiting here as a teenager and getting into trouble.”

“No problem, I wouldn’t mind a bit of whiskey myself. Let’s go”.

She took my elbow and we walked out the door together.

Chapter 3 Truth or Dare We began the short walk to the hotel. It turned out that we were staying at the same hotel anyway and it was handy to walk together to get there. I got the impression that she was a little tipsy. She was talking mile a minute and some of her actions were quite overdone. I didn’t care; she was quite entertaining as a result.

She dragged me to her hotel room, reminding me of my promise to drink the cinnamon spiced Fireball whiskey. We immediately downed a couple of shots. At this point, she proposed that we play a game just like the ones we played when we were kids. I asked her what she had in mind and was surprised when the words that came out of her mouth were ‘truth or dare’. I laughed and shook my head at her, dismissing her request.

“So much for small talk and catching up.” I said.

She put on a tone of mock indignation as said, “I’m feeling a little crazy tonight and it’s decided. I am going to play a game of truth or dare with you tonight. You owe me a game. I still remember when I was 10 years old and you made me play it with you. You kissed me a bunch of times. I was just a kid and didn’t really know what was going on.” Her voice changed tone and it was more commanding than before but there was a bit of mockery in it. “You took advantage of me then, and you owe me a game of truth or dare, Allan. But this time I know the rules. This time you can’t take advantage of me. Now drink up while I try to embarrass you.” She poured escort ankara me another shot of whiskey and laughed to herself.

I had forgotten about the time we had played truth or dare when we were kids. I had indeed taken advantage of her by stealing several kisses from her. We were just kids; I was barely in puberty and was just learning about kissing and such things. Shannon on the other hand had no real idea about these kinds of things as she was several years younger than I. We hadn’t done anything else but kiss in several different ways and the memory of this event had slipped my mind until she reminded of it just now. It was obvious that she had remembered it. I grabbed the shot glass of whiskey and downed it. I laughed in a good natured way and said, “Ok, I will play with you. I had forgotten all about that night. I don’t want you to think I am the kind of guy who is unfair.”

She sat down cross legged on the floor and invited me down as well. She grabbed the bottle of whiskey and set it between us. She looked me square in the eye and said, “You go first…Truth or dare.”

“Truth” I immediately replied.

She thought a second and said, “Now I want a true answer, let’s play fair here. No one else will ever know about this game, so let’s make it a real game.” I nodded my head in agreement, and then she asked, “How many times a week do you and your wife have sex?”

I was a bit taken aback by this question. I looked at her and said, “I guess we had to start somewhere…no point in easing into things.” The sarcasm in my voice was obvious. “On average I would guess we would have sex about 2-3 times a week.”

She smiled accepting my answer and then asked for a truth question herself. I thought a moment and asked her, “The same question for you. Except because you are divorced I will ask how many times you have sex in a month?”

She shot back instantly, “None.” She looked directly at me and continued, “Since my divorce almost three years ago, I have not had sex of any kind with another man.”

There was an awkward silence. My eyes searched hers for a further explanation. She looked at me and nodded. “It’s the truth. Things went so awful when the divorce was happening; I was scared and uninterested in men at all for a year or so, and since then I just have no confidence in myself or my looks. I guess I am a bit afraid of the whole thing.” I wanted to reach over and hug her and console her as I had not intended to uncover such a raw nerve with the question, but she was quick to stop me by pouring another shot for each of us and telling me it was my turn again. I felt bad that I made her re-live such an awful truth, but she forged ahead and asked me what I wanted next.

I replied, “Truth.”

“What a chicken you are. Afraid to have a dare I guess. OK, let’s see if I can get you a good truth. I expect an honest answer from you as well. When was the last time you dated someone other than your wife? And what happened?”

I thought a moment. Obviously she wanted to give me a hard time to get me back for our game of years ago. The alcohol was definitely catching up to me as well. “I had started dating my wife, so about twelve years ago. I remember this because I had dated my wife three times in a casual way, but we hadn’t really committed to each other. I met this girl in a bar about this time, and we hit it off. We didn’t go all the way, but we did play with each other in a car. It was the last time I ever had car sex.”

Shannon looked at me shaking her head. “That was not near good enough. Describe for me in detail how you played with each other.”

I began my story and she kept prodding me to make sure I included as much detail as possible.

“We left the bar with all of our friends, but it was obvious that this girl and I were going in our own vehicle. We had arranged to meet at a mutual friend’s house for an after hours party, so we told everyone that we were going to get a quick snack and would be there shortly. On our way to the convenience store, she suggested that we take a scenic route as there was no real hurry to get to the party. She grabbed my hand and put on her boob. She then reached over and put her hand on my crotch where she squeezed my cock. She told me to get busy with my loose hand and drive with the other until I could find a private place to park. I did what she asked and drove as quickly as I could while I fondled her breasts and she massaged my cock and she kissed my neck.”

I paused, and then continued.

“When we found a safe place to park, we kissed very passionately and she basically let me roam my hands where ever I felt like putting them. She was responding very vigorously to my touch and finally she broke off a kiss and told me that she needed to cum. She said flat out that I should suck her, finger her or do what ever, just make her cum. She pulled her breasts out of her bra and pulled her panties down her legs crumpled them in a ball and stuffed them in my shirt. I was stunned. Since we were in a car, it was impossible ankara escort bayan for me to penetrate her without some gymnastics, so I just began to suck on her left nipple and I found her sopping wet pussy with my fingers. I remember that she had a big clit. It pulsed against my fingers as I smeared her juice all over it. She was really getting hot and began to moan and talk. ‘Make me come. Make me come. Oh please. Make me come and I will suck your cock for you big boy. Would you like me to take your cock in my mouth and suck all of your sperm out of it? Would you like me to swallow your load?’ Her talk seemed to make her hotter and hotter and finally she bucked against my fingers in an orgasm. She held my mouth onto her nipple so I continued to suck it until she could take no more.”

Shannon looked awestruck by the story and re-adjusted herself along the way. It looked to me like this whole story really aroused her. She continued to prod me along asking if that was the end of the story. I continued telling her that my “date” then told me to recline my chair and she pulled my cock out of my pants and began to blow me. She got me good and wet and hard and then seductively pulled her lips off of me to ask if it was okay if she took her time sucking me. She wanted to finger herself to another orgasm while she sucked me. She said that she just loved the feeling of a strange cock in her mouth and wanted to take her time to enjoy mine. Of course I agreed. She brought me to the edge a number of times and finally when she started groaning in her own orgasm she picked up the intensity on my cock and drained my load. There was nothing I could do to stop it.

Shannon looked at me in wonderment again; she was fidgeting across from me. Her nipples had hardened under her top. “Did you enjoy that?” she asked breathlessly.

I replied, “I have to say it was the horniest sex I ever had. Actually, it was the most erotic thing that has ever happened to me. We never saw each other again and I have never, ever had a woman ask me if she could take her time giving me a blow job. I mean, it’s not like I get a lot of blowjobs from my wife. She will do it as a treat for me, but this woman really seemed to enjoy sucking me off. She enjoyed the blow job as much as I did.”

“So men like it when women do that sort of thing?” Shannon wondered out loud, “I guess I never thought of blowjobs that way. My last sexual experiences were always me being the submissive one. I was told what to do. I did everything for him, not for me.” She thanked me for the excellent story and looked at me and said, “Dare.”

I didn’t really know where to go with this. What kind of a dare was appropriate for the circumstances? I was here in a hotel room with an old friend. I was drunk, she was in a very playful mood and the atmosphere was totally sexually charged. She was giving payback from the childhood experience we had both shared. I was suddenly inspired and I said, “This should give you a good chance to get even with me. I dare you to kiss me. When you were a kid and we kissed, you didn’t really know anything about it. I dare you to kiss me how you should have, if you had known what you were doing all of those years ago.”

She smiled, got on her knees and leaned towards me. “I would be happy to. First, you gave me a couple of pecks on the cheek like this.” She came close to me and put her soft lips against my cheek. She certainly didn’t give me a peck on the cheek. She held her lips against me and I could feel her breath, with the scent of the cinnamon whiskey fresh and warm. She pulled her lips away with a gentle smacking sound and came across to the other side and repeated the process, except this time she gave me a number of small gentle kisses on the side of my face. I could feel her hair brushing lightly on my face until she pulled away to look at me.

“That was the first kiss you gave me. The second was on the lips. I want you to be still and let me kiss you…just like you did to me when I was a kid.” She leaned forward until she was almost touching me and then closed her eyes and her big soft lips found mine. She gave me a soft yet firm kiss on the lips. Her mouth opened slightly and she moved smoothly around my mouth. Her lips were so full and so soft. It felt fabulous.

I realized that my cock had come to full erection as I sat there with this beautiful woman kissing me. I shifted uncomfortably and she broke off the kiss. She locked eyes with me and said, “We have one more. I want you to lean back and put your hands on the floor behind you. Don’t move them. This is what you did to me when you French kissed me.”

She came over and knelt beside me and kissed me full on the lips and slowly and seductively her mouth opened and her tongue made contact with me. She gently pushed my lips apart and began to explore my mouth while her hands held my head steady. She gave me one of the most sensuous kisses I have ever experienced. My mouth had opened to her ministrations and I basically let her kiss me as she wanted. By nature, I responded and my tongue met hers, but really I was just allowing her to kiss me. When she finished, I was breathless and horny. My cock was twitching like crazy in my pants. As she pulled away from me, she gave me a devilish smile.

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