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Janet’s Perfect Pair

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Cock Tease

Being dumped by a girl you had been going with for six months hurt. Having her hook up with a good friend hurt even more, especially knowing that he was enjoying her fine attributes. As a result like so many in our society I turned to the bottle and went on a bender which is defined as drinking my rye whiskey around the clock, smoking my brand of choice Camel non filters, and just enough food to sustain me. I was crying in my whiskey and not happy about what happened to me. This hadn’t been the first time and as I look back I could say it was a turning point in my drinking.

On the third day when I had a moment of sobriety I got the idea that two can play at this game. I picked up the phone and called her friend Janet who I knew from a double date once. Janet was what you would call plain. Tall and a little on the hefty side she had plain brown eyes, big nose, small prim looking mouth, pure white skin that had not seen the sun for a long time, and overall very ordinary looking except for one thing. It appeared she had a really nice pair of tits, the kind that are ‘D’ cup size, tight cleavage, and they stuck out straight from her body with no sag.

I talked to Janet on the phone starting off the conversation with small talk/chit-chat and then casually mentioned that Kathy dumped me for Rick. When I told her I’d been drinking night and day trying to forget she offered to come over for a visit. I asked her to wait for an hour while I cleaned up and she agreed. An hour later there was a knock on the door which I opened.

“Hi Janet, it’s good to see you.”

“Good to see you as well,” as I wobbled ever so slightly. “Have a seat on the couch and I’ll get you a drink. Is whiskey and soda okay?”

“I’ll have that if that’s what you’ve been drinking.”

“Be right back with a couple.”

I went to the kitchen, found two clean glasses, and opened the freezer for some ice and the refrigerator for the soda water. In a minute I had one glass in each hand, walked to the couch, set the glasses on the coffee table, and sat down next to her.

“I want to thank you for coming over. I really appreciate an open ear to talk to.”

“That’s what friends are for,” she replied as she took a small sip of her drink.

I moved a little closer to her so our thighs were touching and turned and faced her. She made no effort to move so I assumed it was okay.

“What bothers me the most Janet is I know that he’s playing with her titties which I use to call mine. I had become addicted to those pink tipped mountains.”

“Don,” she replied, adjusting her sweatshirt making her tits even more evident, “you’ve czech gangbang porno got to let go and get on with your life. Relationships are at best fragile.”

I took a good belt of my whiskey and nodded to her in agreement. She reached out and grabbed my free hand squeezing it gently and I leaned over and gave her a small kiss on her cheek. As I did that my eyes focused on her breasts and I immediately got the idea that these were ones to be sampled. I know she could see my eyes and she arched her back ever so slightly and took another swallow of her drink, finishing it.

“Why don’t you make me another one?” she asked, holding the glass up.

“Be right back,” I said as I got up from my relaxed position and went back to the kitchen to make her another one. Out of the corner of my eye I could see that she was looking through a small pile on the coffee table and she stopped when she saw a DVD of Christy Canyon, a series of 10 minute clips from several of her films.

“I’ve heard about her,” as she held it up in one of her hands. “Why don’t you put it on so I can see what my boyfriend has been talking about?”

Feeling at this point that I was between a rock and a hard place I replied “Okay.”

I handed Janet her drink, took the DVD from her and walked over to the player and pondered which clip I should put on. As Janet took another swallow I could see that her eyes were getting a little glassy looking as she was now staring at the bump between my legs which had started the minute I looked at the cover.

“These are parts of movies so I’ll pick out one for you to see,” I said. I put it on, selected a clip from “Holly Does Hollywood” and went back to the couch and sat with her. The scene consisted of Canyon taking on three guys at once. After they took her clothes off she was on a hospital like bed and the scene began. As they got into position she made a sexy comment as only she can do it. “I’ve got three cocks for my mouth, pussy, and big tits.” As she said that one of the guys who was sitting on her stomach squeezed her titties together and shoved his cock between them. This got Janet’s attention and I could tell she was stimulated by it as she put her hand between her legs not taking her eyes off the screen and continued to look. I awkwardly pushed closer to her, leaned over her and cupped one of her tits on the outside of her sweatshirt. I couldn’t feel a lot but I could feel that she had no bra on. Not knowing what the hell to expect I was surprised when she pushed my hand even more firmly on her breast with her hand.

“Are we going with the no bra look?” czech harem porno In one motion she turned and while facing me pulled her gray sweatshirt up and over her glorious mounds revealing them to me. As I looked I saw the perfect pair. They were alabaster white with tiny blue veins visible on the top with pink tipped tops on her mountains of flesh. With no sag at all her cleavage was tight as they nearly touched each other. I cupped both of them and they were firm like grapefruits and about the size of them too.

“Do you like my tits, Don? Do you want to play with them? I like it when men suck and squeeze my titties. Did you know that some women have nerve endings that go from the nipples to the pussy? If you bite hard and just right I go crazy.”

My cock was half erect and growing as this dirty talk made me even hornier. I could see that Christy was about to get her tits sprayed on, a scene which turned me on even more. Janet was watching also and she smiled a shy one and said “Would you like to do that to my titties? No one has ever done that to me before. But first you have to suck them and make the nipples really large and hard. They’re more sensitive that way. I like having my titties worshipped. They’re my best asset, don’t you think?”

How could a tit loving man not oblige. I gently pushed her down on the couch and pushed her sweatshirt up so it was around her neck watching her play with her pussy even more. She now had her hands inside her pants. I started licking with my tongue and then gently biting her right breast watching the blood rush in and make the pale pink nipples turn darker pink, almost red. While I was sucking she was pushing my head down on the alabaster mountain pushing the nipple harder into my mouth. While doing this I was kneading the other breast with my hand as she groaned with pleasure and my cock grew even larger to the point where I had to take the jeans and shorts off to relieve the pressure. I carefully licked the entire breast giving it a shiny look. As I bit down on the nipple it became even harder and swollen and as she groaned I came to the conclusion her theory about a nerve path was true. I repeated the same procedure on her other breast and the moaning continued as she had now stopped playing with herself and had grabbed my cock and was stroking it gently making it even harder. I squeezed her tits together and proceeded to bite first one nipple and then the other in rapid fashion. Both Janet and her nipples liked this because they were now the size of pencil erasers. The squeezing had caused a slight flushing of her titties with the constant attention czech sharking porno I was giving them but Janet just groaned in ecstasy over the treatment.

I got up and positioned myself on Janet’s stomach and allowed my cock to touch the underside of her titties. The contact of cock to breast instantly increased my size by another inch. I was ready to come and I really didn’t know how long I could hold it.

“Are you going to fuck my titties like the video?”

“Yes but much better than what Canyon got. You’ll have to help me a little bit. When my cock slides up the head is going to pop out over the top of your titties. If you lick it I’ll enjoy it more. Also when I cum if you’re licking it I could come in your mouth or I can give you a pearl necklace or I can stop at the last second and spray them with my come.”

“I want you to come all over them and then I’ll rub it in like lotion.”

At this point I grabbed the baby oil from the coffee table and squirted it covering the top of her titties. I proceeded to rub it in which brought more groans and a glistening look to her magnificent tits. As I slid my cock in her tight cleavage I held her breasts together making her cleavage tight enough so my cock would slide up and down without popping out. As the head made itself visible, an erotic experience, Janet would give it a quick suck before it would slide back down. After the first thrust it felt so good I thought I was going come immediately but somehow managed to hold back.

Janet cried out, “I love it Don. It’s better than being pussy fucked. Fuck them real good and then give them a bath of cum.”

“It won’t be long and I’ll come all over your tits. This is the best tit fucking I’ve ever done.”

I continued sliding up and down and each time I felt more of an urge to cum until finally I knew it was going to explode. The last thrust was the last one and I couldn’t get it out in time and my first burst shot straight up and landed on her neck. I pulled it out and proceeded to coat her nipples and the tops of her mounds with more come. All the time Janet was moaning with passion.

“You made me cum twice,” she screamed out.

“It was the best fucking I ever gave to a pair of tits,” I replied.

I looked at her and now only enjoyed the smile on her face but the cum covered titties along with the pearl necklace I had given her. They were a lot sexier looking than before. The erect nipples seemed to surface from a sea of white and the cum on her neck was slowly sliding down towards her titties. Seeing this I couldn’t resist the temptation of getting up and getting my camera so I could have a real nice picture of what I had just done. Janet started to say something but just stopped and smiled letting me do my thing with the camera.

“How long do I have to wait for more?”

“Come back tonight and I’ll be ready again and I’ll have a surprise for you too.”

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