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Jason’s Massage

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Isabelle enjoyed her job as a masseuse. She got to meet lots of different people and she found massaging the knots out of other people’s bodies soothing. She’d been properly qualified for just over two years and had built up a rapport with some clients but regularly had massaged new clients.

This Friday afternoon was swelteringly hot. The city was in the middle of a heat wave and in a vague attempt to cool the massage room she had opened the balcony doors while keeping the soft linen curtains closed to ensure privacy. They gently swayed in the light breeze but it did very little to lower the room temperature. As a result of the hot weather Isabelle was wearing a loose linen skirt and a casual shirt which she had buttoned up across her breasts. The white material of the shirt pressed against her skin revealing the outline of her lacy white bra and she had long ago foregone her underwear in the hope of keeping cool.

This Friday afternoon she only had one appointment, a guy who had come twice before. Isabelle had admired his muscular form and enjoyed their conversations about his job as a human rights lawyer. Naturally, under such a high-pressure job he needed those massages and she had had to work hard to undo his knots. She smiled to herself as she remembered his arousal the last time and her false pretence that she hadn’t noticed. How could she not have done? The whole room had seemed to her centred around it. Suddenly Isabelle withdrew from her daydream and scolded herself for these thoughts — he was a client and it was hot enough without thinking about his arousal.

As she was waiting she slipped off her sandals and ran her foot up her leg, closing her eyes. She hadn’t got much planned for the weekend. Drinks with her girlfriends on Saturday night and brunch with her mother on Sunday who probably wanted to nag her about grandchildren. She sighed and absent-mindedly clipped her hair up, off her neck and enjoyed the cooling sensation.

The buzzer went and she heard Jason climbing up the stairs to her office where she went to hold the door open. The formalities were gone through and she passed Jason a towel to cover himself after he had undressed.

He lay on his front first, revealing his perfectly formed muscular back and she warmed some aromatherapy oil in her hands before beginning to knead it in firmly. Jason let out a groan of approval, “Ohh… it’s been a hellish czech couples porno week. That feels so good….”

Isabelle smiled, “Have you made much progress on your case?”

“A little, we found an excellent new witness that should really screw the opposition.”

The conversation continued like this as Isabelle started to work on his legs. She started at his feet working on the ankles and began to work her way up his leg. By this point she was starting to feel very hot — from the heat mainly, but also from being able to touch Jason in this way.

The conversation took a turn into the more personal aspects of life as Isabelle reached his knees. They begun to talk about relationships and, because they were both single, joked about how great it was not to be tied down and free to do whatever they wanted.

Jason was enjoying the feeling of his legs being rubbed and could begin to feel a slight swelling in his balls. He thought Isabelle was gorgeous and couldn’t help himself from gazing at her breasts when he’d arrived. They were so voluptuous and he thought they might burst out from that top she was wearing. As she began to work her fingers up to the inside of his thigh the swelling increased and he mentally berated himself because he knew there would be a repeat of last time where he had had to turn over and created a tent in the towel.

Isabelle was approaching the top of his thigh and moved the towel up so that her fingers were skimming the base of Jason’s buttock. As she reached down to rub the inside of his thigh her finger skimmed one of his balls. Jason’s eyelids bolted open as he wondered whether it was accidental. He decided that it must have been and so went back to trying to concentrate on their conversation. As Isabelle moved over to his other leg and reached down the inside of his thigh her fingers toughed his other ball, this time for longer and Jason took a sharp intake of breath as he felt his cock swell into a fully erect position beneath him.

At first Isabelle had accidentally touched his ball but had enjoyed the reaction so much she did it again. But now she had finished work of that half of his body and the time had come to turn over. She held up the towel so that Jason could just roll over, and lightly dropped it over him. Jason turned a slight pink colour,

“I’m so sorry — again. I, uh, don’t seem to, uh, have czech estrogenolit porno much control.”

Isabelle waved her hand, “Oh, seriously, it happens all the time. Don’t worry.”

“Well, yes I’m sure it does. You’re very good looking…,” it was Isabelle’s turn to blush.

“Don’t be silly.” And she began to rub the upper sides of his legs, taking a sidelong glance at the towel. She thought that he must have taken his boxers off because surely if he was wearing any they would be constricting his erection? The towel was literally falling onto the floor! She worked her way up his legs and moved around to the head of the table where she began to massage the front of his neck.

“Do you mind doing it a little harder? It’s been so sore the last few days,” Asked Jason.

“It’s hard for me to do it any harder in this position; I’d need to put some more weight down…” Isabelle hesitated, “I guess I could come onto the table?”

“Sure, sure — if that’s ok?” Isabelle didn’t respond, instead she carefully climbed onto the table where his feet were and crawled up so that she was crouched over his stomach. In the process of doing so Jason had felt her slightly knock the towel that was covering his cock and his stomach lurched with the possibility of something happening with this gorgeous girl crouched over him. He opened his eyes and got a magnificent look down her top. Her breasts had followed gravity’s rule and were hanging from her chest, restricted by her bra which he could now see was white and translucent. He felt his cock grow even harder and at the same moment Isabelle moved slightly from her hovering position where she had been kneading his neck. She sat back slightly and her arse grazed his cock.

Isabelle automatically glanced down at Jason’s face to see if he had noticed. His deep blue eyes stared back at her and she stopped rubbing his body. Instead she let her fingers trail down his chest, resting just below his pecks. Jason moved his hands from where they had been resting by his side, and rested them on Isabelle’s thighs. She sat properly, just the towel separating his erect cock and her pussy. Jason let out an involuntary moan as he felt the pressure on his cock. Isabelle leant down and softly kissed his collarbone. Jason responded by kissing her earlobe, the only part of her he could reach with his mouth and ran his hands czech first video porno up to her slim waist. His fingers slipped underneath the material of the shirt and he grazed the narrowest part of her waist with his fingers.

Isabelle sunk back down even more deeply. They began to kiss each other’s lips, softly at first, still testing the ground and then became more passionate, using their tongues to explore each other’s mouths. Jason moved his hands up to the top of her shirt and undid the first button. Isabelle responded by kissing him harder and so he thought that he could probably get away with undoing a few more. He slipped the shirt off her body and softly stroked the top of one of her breast. He moved his mouth, passion taking over him, and engulfed his lips around one of her nipples. It was Isabelle’s turn to groan and she gripped onto his shoulders, enjoying the feeling of her nipple being forced to become erect.

Then, Isabelle reached down and whipped the flimsy towel that had still been separating them, and hitched up her skirt. She touched his cock and gave it a slight pull, making Jason groan loudly and faintly reach out for her. She leant over his cock and allowed the tip of it to brush the entrance to her pussy. Jason moved his body up in response, trying to push his way in. He gazed at her breasts, hanging in front of his face and kissed the other nipple, while massaging the breast.

Suddenly Isabelle couldn’t take it any longer. She pushed down around his cock and felt him penetrate her, filling her up. They both groaned loudly in satisfaction and relief. Jason’s hands found Isabelle’s and they clasped each other tightly as Isabelle rocked up and down on his cock as Jason moved his body in time.

Isabelle could feel her orgasm mounting so quickly that she knew she wouldn’t be able to control it. She looked down onto Jason’s face and could see that he was also doing his best to hold back. She whispered hoarsely to him,

“I’m gonna cum…” Jason needed no more encouragement, his pushed even more forcefully in and out of her and then begun to feel her climax around his cock. He couldn’t hold off, he came, releasing himself into her and moaned loudly.

Isabelle collapsed onto Jason’s chest and he held her, pulling her closer to him, both trying to regain their breath.

“Feeling more relaxed now?” Isabelle looked over to him, smiling flirtatiously. Jason opened his eyes and grinned, running his fingers down her back and kissing the side of her head.

“Same time next week?” He joked back. Isabelle grinned.

In fact, they couldn’t wait that long. Jason took her out for a drink that same evening and they ended up going back to her house.

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