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Jennifer Ch. 03

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The car swept up to the entrance to the Diablo Club and stopped. Alex and Jennifer now totally composed but for the faint red blush on Jennifer’s cheeks, alighted and walked into the entrance of the imposing building. The tuxedoed doorman ushered them in and they stood transfixed by the activity in progress.

A slim blonde, in white corselet and white stockings, her mound smooth and depilated, approached and took Jennifer by the hand. With Alex following she led her to a dark table and the three of them sat on the soft, wide couch that ran behind.

The short clear-lacquered nails of the young girl contrasted with the long red manicured nails of Jennifer as they guided the newcomer’s unresisting hand along her slender thigh and gently pressed the fingers into the dewy opening below her hairless mound.

Jennifer’s middle finger began to push backwards and forwards into the slowly opening slit. She took her fingers to her mouth, ignoring the deprived protests of her new found friend, and sucked the delicious juices from her fingers.

Anna, the young blonde, leant forward, her perfect breasts highlighted by the cups of her corselet, gizli çekim porno their dark nipples a vivid contrast against the transparent whiteness of the outer flesh. Her long tongue flicked into Jennifer’s mouth and ran along between her lip and teeth.

Jennifer’s hand returned to the warm, moist place between the young woman’s urgent thighs as Alex, fired by the sensuality of their embrace reached out to pinch the hard beckoning nipples that that thrust towards him.

Anna bucked on Jennifer’s fingers, her short hair bristling with the arousal of her body. This was too much for Alex who unfastened his trousers, then with little effort lifted Anna from Jennifer’s burrowing hand and forced her sodden cunt onto his rigid cock. Anna’s scream of desire turned every head in the nightclub and her spasming body urged others into even more intense activity.

Jennifer, now denied her own carnal pursuits, moved to the centre of the room. The dim lights and swirling smoke gave her movements an unreal quality. Seated at a table by the edge of the dance floor, a young man, his hair dark and curly, black skin gleaming sat stroking glory hole secrets his enormous penis. His head was thrown back and his facial muscles were clenched in the first stages of orgasm. Jennifer moved in front of him and slowly raised the black silk skirt to her waist. The young distracted by the sound and movement in front of him, opened his eyes, to find Jennifer’s magnificent legs and cunt inches from his face.

His eyes flashed as he took in the black stockings and the lacy suspender belt framing her glistening cunt. Jennifer moved forward and, removing his hand from his superb organ, she began to slide her swollen cunt onto it.

Before she could reach her goal, she was grasped from behind by both arms and pulled into the light of the follow spot. Her hands were pulled above her head and fastened by leather manacles to a large steel ring suspended from a strong ceiling chain. Her ankles were pulled apart and soft manacles secured them to rings set into the floor.

Strong hands ripped away her skirt, her blouse and her silk camisole, until she stood, stretched and open, under the strong blue grup sex light of the follow spot.

The long line of her stockinged legs rose to the firm, jutting mounds of her arse and the smooth tanned back bent backwards pulling her heavy engorged breasts up so they jutted towards the young black man.

He rose from his chair and came forward his mouth closing over the hard nipple of Jennifer’s breast. He tugged at the nipple, his teeth pulling on the scarlet thread wound around its fat end. Jennifer writhed against her restraints, her thighs rubbing together, every part of her body shaking with the ecstasy of her lust.

The young man came around behind her, his penis hard and upright. He grabbed the high cheeks of her arse and drove forward, burying his enormous weapon into her swollen and wanton cunt. The urgency of his penetration overwhelmed Jennifer and she spasmed in uncontrolled orgasm. Only her bonds kept her from collapsing and the young man grasped her swollen breasts to pull her backwards onto the stabilisation of his rigid cock.

Anna, her body streaked with sweat, joined the action in the light.

She knelt before Jennifer’s writhing body and licked alternately at the swollen cunt and the young man’s ramming weapon.

The hard cock slipped from Jennifer’s cunt and Anna drew it all into her mouth. Her hands gripped it hard as she brought her anonymous lover to a spurting climax.

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