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Just Lunch

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She is a happily married woman that has never cheated on her husband.

He is a happily married man that has never cheated on his wife.

They worked together but never met, yet the connection was there. They traded pictures and their lives’ stories. They struck up a friendship and talked about religion and politics and life. They were so very comfortable with each other and so very attracted to each other.

Hey, it happens.

From her:

You and I agreed to meet. You will be down here for business with your Palm Beach connection. I can drive up and you can drive down and we’ll meet somewhere in the middle, in a restaurant overlooking the Atlantic.

I tell my husband that I will be meeting someone from work for lunch. I get dressed to go meet you. I park in the lot of the restaurant, wondering if I have lost my mind completely. We agreed to just have lunch, sex was not going to be a part of this.

Dancing with the devil.

I walk into the restaurant and see you sitting in a corner. You look SO handsome, long sleeve shirt and tie, khaki pants. You stand as I walk towards the table, taking me all in. I knew you were tall, you told me so, but still I was not fully prepared for your presence. I’m dressed in a black skirt hemmed just above my knees, no hose, strappy, black high-heeled sandals. A short sleeve pullover silky shirt on top, sexy yet conservative. The swell of my breasts visible from the top of the neckline. Yes, conservative, but with red lipstick and red lacquered fingernails and toenails. You take a step towards me, hugging me. I can smell you; clean with a hint of cologne, and all man.

I take the seat across from you, still holding your hand. “I’m SO nervous Steven.”

“Relax babe. By the way, you look beautiful. I’m so glad you agreed to meet me.”

“Mmmm me too, you look great too,” I whisper.

We make chit chat about this and that, so easy to talk to, putting me at ease. And all the while you are still holding my hand. You turn my palm over and bend down to kiss the inside of my hand. “Steven, what are you doing? We agreed, just talk, just lunch.”

“I know, we agreed… Maria, let me touch you. I won’t do anything to make you feel uncomfortable and I’ll stop the moment you tell me to.” While you talk you get up and move the chair so it sits to my side instead of directly across. Your hand now caressing my face, “Let me babe, let me touch you.”

Not waiting for an answer your hand travels to my neck, like a feather. My eyes are fixed on your face, watching you look at me. “Yes?”


Your hand travels lower, to my shoulder, over the silky material of my top and then down my arm, across my elbow, back to my hand. You pick my hand up and bring it up to your lips. This time I don’t stop you. You kiss the inside of my hand, and then each finger in turn.

“Maria” you whisper very close to me, my hand on your face, tracing the line of your jaw, caressing your cheek, “Maria, you’re so soft. I’m going to touch the skin that is exposed on your chest now.” You are not really asking as your hand moves to the seam of my top and traces it. You close your eyes; I still watch you. God, so sexy; your fingers give me goose bumps, my nipples getting fake hospital porno so hard. “You’re so soft….mmmmm.” You bend down and kiss my neck, I turn further towards you. The waiter walks up to the table. Asking something about food, as if I could even breathe! You order for us. I love a man who’s in charge.

You are sitting very close and we speak in whispers. About everything. You smell so good; I want to kiss your adams apple and find the pulse in your neck and plant big, open-mouthed kisses there. Your lips so full and inviting; I really want to kiss your mouth. I feel myself getting so very wet. Madness. I should have known that I could not do this.

The waiter comes back with food. “I’ll feed you if you feed me” I hear you say. I see by your expression that you’re not kidding and the truth is, I can’t think of anything at the moment that I would rather do than feed you and have you feed me.

“Okay, but fingers only” I say.

“Yeah, that’s my girl.”

I take a dripping shrimp and place it in your mouth, your lips closing over my fingers before they escape your mouth. Warm and wet.

You cut a piece of the chicken and feed it to me, I nervously take it into my red-lipped mouth, my tongue licking your fingers clean.

From him:

Bringing the piece of chicken to your lips with my hand, discarding the fork. You open slowly, with hesitation, but I can see your chest expanding as your breathing deepens.

“Take it babe,” I offer. “Its ok.”

And you do. Your lips closing in, taking three fingers up to my first knuckles on each finger. I moan softly. Feeding you again, another piece of chicken dipped in some funky sauce. This next time you hold your mouth closed around my fingers, savoring the taste of the sauce, the spices of the chicken and, of course, my fingers.

“My turn,” you suggest sexily. Your uncross your legs and lean into me, offering another shrimp to me as your other hand braces itself against my upper thigh.

“Your legs look great, Maria.”

“Thank you,” you reply as you blush. Our minds wandering to the first time I taught you how to have your incredibly long and shapely legs fucked.

“Would you like to try that, Maria?” knowing full well that our minds have wandered to thoughts of intimacy – the same thoughts in fact.

“I think so.”

“Babe, nothing can happen you don’t want to happen.”

Eager to leave the restaurant, we leave much of our meals still there, and I drop enough cash to hopefully cover the meal and a respectable tip. We jump into the car I’ve rented and drive off to a spot overlooking the water that you know of.

My fingers trace along your hands, palms and along your forearms, as you lean down this time to offer me sweet small kisses. At the stoplights, my fingers trail along your neck, collarbone and over your shirt between your firm breasts.

“Steven, I won’t know when to stop,” you whisper as I park the car.

“I know Maria, but we will figure something out. If we don’t want to, we won’t babe, k?”

Silently you look out into the water, as I kiss the side of your neck gently. You turn to face me, some decision having been made somewhere in your mind, kissing me fake taxi porno hungrily, like you haven’t kissed in a number of years. So much passion built up and held inside, released into my mouth. Your hands roam my body as mine do yours, learning each other’s curves and shapes.

You ease into my lap after I’ve eased into the backseat. I slide your skirt up to your hips, so I have access to those long legs.


“Yes, babe?”

“I’m thinking we shouldn’t go all the way.”

“Yea, I was thinking the same.”

You feel me growing underneath you and moan aloud. “But I do wanna suck on that cock babe, I know you don’t get that at home.”

“You don’t have to Maria.” My hands cupping your breast, as you and I begin to writhe together, hips grinding with one another.

“Steven, should we just dry-fuck with our clothes on?”

“Yea ok,” I offer weakly. My hands roaming your legs, kneading them. Adoring them. My arms wrapping around you. “I love that I can make you cum with your clothes on.”

From her:

Kissing your lips while I grind myself against your hard cock. My skirt is now high around my hips, the lace of my black panties is rubbing against your khaki pants. Moving myself up and down the length of your hard cock. Making you so much harder.

“Steven, Steven…mmmmmm. I want you in my mouth. Now it’s my turn to say it babe. Please let me. I want to so badly.” Even as I’m saying the words into your mouth my hand has gone between our bodies. Pulling at the belt around your waist and at the button beneath it. “Pull up Steven, I don’t want to hurt you with this zipper.” My tongue now behind your ear, licking your earlobe, my breath warm against your skin.

You put your hand over mine and lower your zipper. With my mouth still on your neck I take both hands and push down on your pants and the briefs beneath. “Help me Steven.” You lift your butt off the seat and slide your clothes down to your ankles.

“Oh yes, yes baby” I say as I see that your cock has been let loose. Pointing straight up in anticipation of my mouth and hands. I know I absolutely shouldn’t, but I rub myself, once, against it before unstraddling you. My warm wet lace against your hard cock. I feel you shudder and softly moan. My juices now freely flowing from my warm pussy.

I move next to you, on my knees as far back to the corner of the car as possible, my butt up against the side window. My dark, straight hair falling across my face. I reach out with my hand to stroke the head of your cock. “I’ve dreamt about this Steven.”

“So have I Maria….mmmmmm” you moan as I bend down and lightly lick the head. One hand goes to stroke the sack of your balls, while the other goes to the base of your shaft. “Suck it, suck it Maria.”

Instead I lick it. Like an ice cream cone. From the tip all the way to the shaft and back up the other side. There is a method to my madness, I am making your cock wet for me. Wet for my lips and my hands. Suddenly my mouth is around the head, taking it in, using my tongue to circle it while it’s inside my mouth. Then lower, to that sensitive underside, my lips encircling, my tongue stroking it. I suck, and move back up to the head. My hand family stroke porno still stroking your balls. I look up and see you staring at me. A look of pure pleasure in your black eyes.

From him:

My hands running through your straight hair. “So soft,” I mumble. Your mouth bobbing effortlessly, up and down my shaft, working diligently to milk my thickness. I slide a hand to the back of your head and grasp a fistful of hair. You moan aloud as I gently pull, beginning to guide you up and down, controlling the pace.

You pull off my cock, smile into my eyes and lick up and down the sides of my cock, worshipping it devoutly. I pull your head to me and lean into you, hungrily and passionately kissing your mouth. Our tongues swirling, wrapping about one another, exhaling into one another. I motion for you to ease up into my lap, which you do, flipping my cock against my tummy. Your panty covered crotch presses against the underside of my cock.

“God baby you’re so wet!”


My arms wrap about the small of your back, easing you closer into me as our crotches begin to grind against and into one another. Sliding your pussy up and back down the shaft and pressing your clit into my cock as best you can, you lean in, take off my tie and open my shirt. Then you softly suck one of my dark nipples. My hands slide into your panties, one hand on each firm cheek, skin to skin, kneading your ass.

I slide one hand in between those luscious cheeks and run it up and down your crack, as we dry fuck one another. Your erect nipples grazing and sometimes pressing into my chest as you kiss my neck and I yours, with my hand all the while grasping a fistful of your gorgeous hair. You are mine.

From her:

“I’m going to cum Steven, oh god…I don’t want to cum without you.” I take my hand and rub your swollen head. “Can you cum like this babe? Can you cum from me rubbing my pussy against you and playing with your head, like this?”

“Oh…mmmmmmmm…babe…yes I…”

“And when you’re ready to cum, will you tell me? So I can take you in my mouth babe? I want your cum inside my mouth…so badly. Ohhhhhh, Steven, I’m going to cum…ohhhhhhhhhh.” I feel the pleasure surround me like a blanket, pulsating, blinding. Still stroking your cock with my hands and pussy, I melt into you, hugging you close while my orgasm takes me away. It’s one of the most intense of my life, and there wasn’t even any penetration.

“Oh God, yes Maria…yes baby…I’m going to cum love.” I move back to into position on the back seat so that I can take your cock into my mouth. I lean over and suck, as far down the shaft as I can and back up again. I feel you expand in my mouth and know that you’ll be cumming soon. God, I want it so badly. I want your cum in my mouth. I hear you moan as I feel the first spray of the sticky white love juice in my mouth. I milk you dry, ensuring I clean all around before I look up into your black eyes.

“Come here babe, let me kiss you.” I scoot back up the car’s backseat and gently kiss your lips but you’re still on fire and the taste of your cum in my mouth is so delicious. The kiss deepens, so much passion, so many unspoken things.

“I need to go home baby” I say.

“Yes, I know” you whisper. “And Maria, I will never forget this. Ever.”

I am overcome with emotion. I can’t even think about what happens next. You drive me back to my car where I lightly kiss you on your cheek as I walk out of the car. You are my forbidden love and I can’t have all of you. Ever. As I step into my car I begin to cry.

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