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Katrina 1: Videosession

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It was one of these boring sundays on which you just sit around and wait for something to happen. A warm breeze coming in from the terrace didn’t do much good for my drink and the only positive aspect of this day was my friend Katrina ringing me up and proclaiming her passing by. As my parents were on holidays and me keeping the house I gladly agreed and prepared everything for a nice evening.

An hour later I was finished and sat down on the terrace, thinking of my friendship to Katrina and looking forward to her arrival. We were both twenty years of age at this point, knowing each other now for more than five years. She is one of the sweetest girls I’ve ever known but there never has been something between us. Of course I fantasized about her slender body laying beside mine, the look of her greenish-blue eyes on me, her soft chin brushing against my beard as we kiss. One time I even had a chance feeling her tits (she let me) and they are the most perfect tits I’ve ever seen. Just a little bit larger than my hands, with pink nipples as large as the tip of my index finger and this soft but firm young-girl-flesh in my hands I felt like in heaven.

Her legs are – just like the rest of her body – well formed and firm in its grip.

As I laid dreaming on the terrace I became very excited at the thought of Katrina passing by. We wanted to watch some movies but I had no doubt that when the movie was showing she would ask me to massage her a bit.

The doorbell rang and I went to open it.

And there she stood. Her reddish colored hair gleaming in the sun, sunglasses, big smile, a bordeaux-red see-through shirt (with some nice to look at black lace bra) and some black cotton trousers covering her slender legs.

She embraced me, said:”Hi, nice to see you!” and placed a (hot?) kiss on my neck. I invited her in and after a short talk concerning our families we sat down on the couch and started watching the movie. After a short while she really asked me if I couldn’t massage her shoulders and of course I gladly obeyed her whish.

She pulled her knees close and rested her arms and head on them. I began the massage and made sure I took care of her sweet neck, too. When I reached izmir escort bayan down under her shoulders and the underside of her arms she purred “hmmm, that’s pleasant…” and I took that for an invitation to let my fingers wander under her shirt.

Oh so slowly I reached around her torso sligthly brushing my fingertips against her belly, always aware that at the point she reckognized her own erection she (as happened before) wouldn’t want this to happen and stopping the whole action. When I reached her lace bra I let my fingers wander back to the underside of her arms. There I noticed the thin film of sweat which must have appeared in the last minutes and at once took advantage of that. Slowly I began tracing symbols with my index finger and Katrina shuddered with excitement.

The next step was to open the hook at her bra – this would either mean the sudden end or the continuing of my exploration of her body. I unhooked her bra and let it fall down under her shirt, eager to let my fingertips wander up but barely touching the soft hills of her breasts. She moaned softly and leaned back against me and I knew I had won the jackpot this time. I helped her out of her shirt and took a look over her shoulder at those young, firm breasts before I got my hands back on them. Her nipples where rock hard, standing out and screaming for me to squeeze them gently. When I did so, Katrina let out a short scream. With one hand I reached around her neck while the other continued pinching her nipples. I brushed my lips against her ear and slowly breathed at the wet spots I had left there. Again she moaned, this time with a pleasure in her voice telling me she had gone far beyond her usuall reason and doubts. My right hand wandered down from her breasts to the inside of her thighs, tracing symbols with my fingernails while I moved the index finger of my other hand softly over her lips. When she opened her mouth an let my finger glide in my right hand reached the wet spot on her trousers between her legs.

Suddenly she moved her hands and I already thought “that was it, pal!”

But she slowly opened the buttons of her trousers and pulled them down. Beneath them she wore a pair of (now soaked) escort izmir black lace panties. She opened her legs and guided my hand under her pants and slid our two middle fingers between the lips of her shaved pussy. She turned round her head and kissed my hungrily. I let her guide my finger over her clit but soon wanted to enter her completely. As I did so I felt like in heaven, as she was oh so tight and wet and felt like hot, yet cool smooth silk to me. Her breathing increased and she moved her hips against my fingers. I could see her fingers flicking over her clit and let my finger slide deep in her tight hole, reaching a slightly riffled area. She breathed out in a shrap “Hnnn!” and thrusted her hips upwards.

Katrina looked incredibly sexy, sitting with her back against me, her legs spread widely and both our hands under her pants moving in a rythm with the soft short screams she let out. I closed my free hand around her neck and pushed softly. That seemed to push her completely over the edge as I could feel contracting the soft walls of her pussy and a shudder going through her whole body as she got hit by one or more orgasms.

After that she heavily leaned against me, letting her breathing slow down a bit, the she kissed me again and said “Now it’s your turn, lover!”

She pulled me up from the couch, got rid of my shirt and then slowly opened the buttons of my trousers. She pulled them down and we stood completely naked, facing each other. Her sweet fluids running down her legs, my erection pointing directly at her and I already felt ready to explode.

She went on her knees and took my shaft in her hand. I could feel her breath on my dick when she pulled back my foreskin. She watched fascinated as a small glistening drop formed at the head and opened her lips slightly, kissing away the drop. She then let her tounge slide out under my cock and oh so slowly let me glide in between her lips. She began sucking my cock and I couldn’t last long, seeing this absolute beauty savouring my hard shaft like it was the best thing on earth she ever had and pumped my load in her mouth. A small drop runned down from her lips and when she pulled away, a glistening stream of cum connected izmir escort her mouth with my cock. Katrina took great pleasure in licking me clean and we both laid down on the couch.

We kissed and fondled each other and soon I began to kiss her nipples, lick her navel and sliding my tounge down to her pussy. I took in the view of the thighs of my best female friend, kissing them and wandering with my mouth to her silky pussy lips. I pushed my tounge between her soft wet lips and sucked her clit between my lips. Katrina now moaned constantly and I decided to enter her with a finger, too. Again I found her g-spot and she screamed, bucked her hips and held my head tight betweeen her legs.

After a while she began playing around with semi-erect cock until I became hard again, which didn’t take long, as I dreamed of her hand on my cock for the last five years – and I never could imagine my friend Katrina really stroking my dick. She looked deep in my eyes and said “now it is time for what I really need: I want to fuck you hard! Let me ride on you and fill me up with more of your delicate sperm” She pushed me down,spreading her slender legs, kneeling over my skyward pointing erection and again pulled back my foreskin. She guided the head of my cock in her hot wet pussy. She felt like silk, I saw my shaft disappear in her, her fluids running down her firm legs and my shaft. I looked in her eyes as she began a first slow but fastly increasing riding motion on my dick.

She seemed to enjoy leading the rythm, looking back in my eyes and smiled. I let my fingers slide down between her ass cheeks and she gritted her teeth breathed in sharply. Between her loud moans she gasped “I’m close… Please put… your hands… again ’round my neck….. and press!” I reached up with both hands and let them slide up and down her neck. Katrina threw back her head and went totally wild. She now rocked up and down and I could feel my load rising in my balls and shooting up my thick shaft deep into her, filling her tight soft hole. At the same moment she screamed “ohhhh yesssss!” and collapsed on top of me.

We laid there for a whole while, Katrina on top of me, my softening cock still in her silky hole and our mixed fluids flowed out of her. This was the first time we spent such an exhausting afternoon together, but not the last. If you liked this one please give me some feedback and maybe I tell you more of my best friend ever…

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