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Kelly , Arjelia on Cam for Husband

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“Thanks for lunch girl, we’ll do it again soon!” I read the text from Kelly on my phone.

Was I too forward letting Kelly know my sexuality? I just wanted Kelly to be comfortable and know that I wasn’t flirting with Andrew in the office. Kelly however, that’s a different story. I found her to be very enticing.

Flipping through Kelly’s photos and daydreaming about my next date with her was getting hotter and hotter.

I lay in bed thinking about our lunch date, Kelly’s husband Andrew and the hot sex they must have. Her tight pussy being pounded hard night after night. Her sweaty body rolling all over Andrew. I pictured her on him with tits bouncing, under him moaning in missionary and on her knees sucking him and on all fours before him begging for him to fill her from behind. Did she like anal? I can’t assume but I want to find out.

I had to touch myself to get to sleep. I rub my recently shaved mound in an increasingly harder circular motion thinking about her big beautiful eyes, her perfume, her hair, her touch and how amazing her pussy will taste until CRASH! The orgasms send shockwaves through my body and I drift off to sleep.


The next day I saw Andrew enter the break room for coffee. I followed to see if Kelly had told him anything about lunch yesterday.

“Hey Andrew” I said. “Tell Kelly I said thanks again for lunch yesterday”

He was caught off guard by my approach and several others in the break room took note of us talking. “She, uh, had a really good time.” He said slowly taking sips of his coffee. He looks nervous as I stand intentionally too close to him for the next move. His eyes dart between his coffee and my cleavage. I’m wearing tightest, buca escort bayan lowest-cut red blouse and the thinnest bra I own.

“Tell Kelly I’m wearing her favorite color today” I say as I lick my red painted lips and brush playfully my chest against his arm. I leave the break room and him speechless.


“What the holy fuck was that?” Ed whispered to Andrew.

“Don’t even worry about it. Arjelia and Kelly had lunch yesterday.”

“Your wife is lunch dating the CEO’s ex-wife? Damn man. That’s ballsy.”

“Ex-wife? What the fuck? Just yesterday everyone thought she was his granddaughter! Y’all definitely don’t know anything about this woman. That’s clear.” Andrew said coming to Arjelia’s defense.

“I heard he caught her in their bed with her tongue buried in some other woman’s pussy and that’s why they divorced.” Mark chimed in.

Andrew took another sip if coffee, “Well, from what I hear, THAT part could be true…”

All the men shifted in their seats to adjust their bulging cocks at the thought of Arjelia pleasuring another woman. Andrew was picturing (as he had the night before) Kelly going down between Arjelia’s long tan legs and Kelly sucking on those tits that today’s red blouse barely held in.


“Ex-wife” I told Kelly a few days later at our next lunch. “I needed more, specifically, a woman. I figured that most men would like that, right? Their much younger, sexier, hornier wife bringing by another cute Latina to play with? Well, he didn’t.” I shrugged my shoulders.

“His loss” Kelly said while lifting her mimosa glass for a cheers. I clink glasses and finish my meal. Kelly can’t keep her eyes off my escort buca cleavage during lunch and she observes correctly that I have one pierced. She asks about it while practically licking her lips.

We head to Kelly’s car and she drives me back to the office.

In her leather seat I casually twist around and bunch my skirt up high on my waist to expose ALL of my legs during the drive. Bunched up, the skirt barely covers my ass and pussy in the car. It takes every muscle in my body not to start fingering myself in front of her and twisting my pierced nipple that she was so curious about. I wanted Kelly so bad. The flirting and tension is there? Well it wasn’t just the mimosas talking (though those helped!)

We arrive at the office. I go to kiss her on the cheek in the car but when we both lean in it’s suddenly a full-on lip lock complete with hands running each other’s bodies including across chests and my dangerously exposed upper thighs.

My tongue rubs against hers playfully. There is music playing. Our large lips press hard into one another to the rhythm. We kiss each other’s cheeks, necks, ears. When Kelly’s hand pulls at the back of my neck forcing me closer to her body heat I feel wetness soaking through my panties. She touches the damp spot briefly then pulls back and says, “You better get back to work. Wouldn’t want the ex to fire you”


BEEP BEEP. Andrew’s phone chirped on his desk. He checked message. It was a link from Kelly. The link opened a video clip from her dash cam. It started with a couple minutes close-up video of her and Arjelia making out. Jaw-dropping, Andrew shut the door to his office and locked it. The video continued buca escort and while sitting in her driver’s seat in my work parking lot Kelly flashed the camera, squeezed and pinched her nipple while moaning. One hand off camera must have been playing with her pussy. Moments later she had an orgasm. Her cheeks flushed, she winked at the camera and reached up to shut it off.

Andrew put that video on loop then realized he was stroking his cock and pre-cum had developed rapidly, aiding his jerking motion. He’d never done this in the office but was pretty sure he’d have to finish the job today. Cum on a tissue or something. This cock was too big and too hard to hide tucked under a belt.


I knocked on Andrew’s closed office door. He was slower than usual to answer the door.

“Um hey” he managed while starting into the eyes of the girl who just made out with his wife and hoping I didn’t smell the sexy musk aroma sneaking out from behind him.

I got close to him, leaned against him and stood on my toes to reach his ear in a whisper, “Tell Kelly I know she recorded that and I’m OK if she shares it with you.” I straighten his necktie.

“Um, ok? Thanks I’ll let her know” he stumbled for the words. He sounded winded and his cock was still visibly hard in his dress pants.

Had he already seen it? Wait. He was winded!? Did he just? Oh man! A minute earlier and I would’ve interrupted him jerking off, I realized. So he saw us, “enjoyed it” and now knows that his wife and I are now kissing-friends. Game on, I thought. Time to taste this girl.

New Year’s is just around the corner and the perfect night.


I closed my office door again as soon as Arjelia left. I locked it, let my dress slacks hit the floor and with my forehead resting against the back of my door for balance I stroked my cock hard – both hands – and shot a huge load on the door. I took a picture of my cock and the cum on the door. Maybe I’d share that with Kelly later.

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