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Kitty’s Encounter in the Board Room

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I just like writing out my fantasies. I know they could be a lot better, but it’s a little bit of fun for me. Hope you get a little out of it too.


Kitty had been in her new role as EA to the CEO for about 4 months when she noticed a change in the CFO’s behaviour towards her.

He was obviously a well educated man with a sharp wit and a refined sense of humour that she happened to enjoyed immensely. She often got the jokes he shared with her boss more readily than the intended recipient, and this was what peaked his interest in her.

After a while she notice that Brian began to sit much more closely to her, as they worked through the minutes that she took at the various meetings they attended together. This, together with his genuine praise of her hard work was always very heartening. In fact, it gave her a thrill to hear him praise her work as he looked into her eyes very meaningfully whenever he complimented her.

He would often share little asides with her, as though they shared a common bond, and slowly the little elbow nudges and shoulder touches became longer, warmer, more suggestive caresses with hands travelling down to the small of her back and brushing lightly over her arse. Kitty made sure Brian recognised that these touches were entirely welcomed and absolutely encouraged.

The evolution of this relationship seemed to happen both quickly and yet it was unrushed . . . but not a step was missed in the mutual understanding of each other’s journey.

The tipping point was almost comical, which was appropriate since they shared such a comparable sense of humour. Kitty was busy setting up for the Board Meeting and inevitably had to crawl under the board room table to connect the various cables and power cords for the directors to plug their various devices into. Unaware that Brian had slipped into the Board Room while she was under the table, Kitty’s butt was being ’roundly’ admired. Brian settled himself quietly into a one of the large leather chairs and sat back to watch Kitty’s butt wriggle as she reached and squirmed to connect leads and power points, swearing under her breath. As she reached and gathered and connected canlı bahis the cables, her skirt rode higher and higher up her legs and it took no time at all for Brian to be rewarded with a view of the lace of her stockings around her soft thighs and even a glimpse of her panty clad pussy as she rested on her forearms, arse cocked in the air while she fiddled with an adaptor. As she finally backed out from under the board room table, Brian leant forward to clasp his hand to her pussy, sliding his middle finger along her slit and dragging it back, deliberately twiddling her clit through her panties as he did so.

Kitty let out a yelp at this unexpected ambush and twisted around to find herself facing Brian’s smirking face, her legs akimbo. Brian was leaning forward on his chair, elbows resting on his knees and hands clasped together. He simply said, ‘it looked like you needed a hand’.

Kitty blushed and giggled and swayed her knees, having knocked them together a moment after she realised she was basically in the missionary position in front of Brian, after his gentle but titillating mauling of her pussy. Their eyes were locked, this was the moment they both knew they had been heading towards in some shape or form.

Brian took Kitty’s hands and helped her to her feet, but before she could regain her equilibrium he pulled her towards him, smoothly slipped her skirt up over her hips and lifted her onto the Board Room table, stepped between her legs and kissed her passionately.

Kitty drew breath, in an almost rasping gasp when Brian released her lips. He was unbuttoning her blouse and taking her bra off before she was even able to throw her first panicked glance at the door.

“It’s locked” Brian assured her in his deep voice. “We have 45 minutes before they start to arrive. Plenty of time for me to fuck you hard, before the meeting.” and without any further ceremony, Brian pulled Kitty’s panties down over her hips, thighs, knees and ankles.

Brian was on a mission. No sooner were Kitty’s undies discarded, than she was rather brusquely pushed back onto the table and her knees spread apart almost as though she was about to have a through gynaecological bahis siteleri examination.

Brian dragged the chair towards him with his foot, adjusted the height and clamped his mouth around Kitty’s rather wet and delicious cunt in one smooth motion.

It was a full five minutes before Brian lifted his head and Kitty was gyrating her hips in response to the tongue lashing she was enduring. Kitty thought her turn was over, but Brian was only beginning. He wrapped his arms around her thighs and spread he pussy lips apart as he gently kissed and started to probe he cunt even more intimately. He lapped and sucked and pulled at her folds with his lips as he pushed his tongue deep into her vagina and alternately lapped and prodded at her flower and clit with his mouth and tongue.

His orgasm lurked in the background as Kitty struggled to give into the moment despite her surroundings and fear of being interrupted, but Brian landed on her absolute sweet spot, the one she didn’t realise she didn’t have until now! Her entire body convulsed as her pussy clenched and pulsated – she had never felt so out of control of her body – nor did she think she ever really want to control it again either – not if this is what someone else could do to her!

As she was still in the throes of the longest climax she’d ever experienced, she realised that Brian was fucking her and her cunt was being stretched wide apart by his deliciously sizable cock, while her cunt was still trying to clamp itself shut and enjoy the pleasure he’d just delivered. This new intrusion into her engorged cunt sent Kitty over the edge as Brian plunged himself into her body, thrust after thrust after forceful thrust. He was pounding her cunt mercilessly and slamming his pelvic bone against her blood engorged pussy and clit relentlessly.

She heard his deep voice tell her to get ready for him to fill her up with his cum, and she could only respond physically as words wouldn’t even shape in her head let alone form on her tongue. All she knew was, she wanted to feel that warm gush erupt from the hot, hard cock in her cunt.

Low growls, grunts and moans were the only communication between them now, bahis şirketleri becoming more and more urgent until Brian’s balls tightened, he stabbed her cunt four last times with his cock, with all the brutal aggressive lust he could muster and this tipped Kitty over the edge. Her cunt felt as though it had turned into molten lava, pulsating and writhing as she shuddered, shook and convulsed – impaled on Brian’s dick as it dumped its massive load of creamy hot cum deep into her cunt.

They were both hot, sweaty and out of breath. Brian slowly and almost reluctantly pulled his still semi erect cock out of her pussy. He slapped and jiggled it over her clit, causing further tremors in Kitty’s taut body. Brian caught some of the fluid leaking from Kit’s cunt in his fingers and fed it into her sucking eager mouth, cleaning his fingers of all trace of their combined juices.

Once again, Brian clasped Kit’s pussy in his hand, massaging gently as he leant over and kissed her deeply.

Brian gathered Kitty’s clothes and helped her dress, producing his handkerchief and wiping her cunt clean of their juices for her.

Brian was a much more masterful lover/fucker than she had ever imagined and throughout the ensuing meeting she was constantly reminded of their encounter as he continually brought his handkerchief up to his nose during the meeting to inhale the scent of her pussy. These were going to be a very disjointed set of minutes Kitty thought. At the end of the meeting and with a definite thrill, Kitty realised that she might need some additional assistance from Brian to get the minutes up to an acceptable standard this month.

At the conclusion of the meeting, Brian stayed behind to help Kitty tidy up and informed her, when they were alone again that, as much as he enjoyed their encounter, he was still rather disappointed that he didn’t get to see her gorgeous lips wrapped around his cock, and her beautiful eyes looking up at him as she sucked and licked at his dick . . .

It had already occurred to Kitty that she had already missed this delicious opportunity and suggested that perhaps, when they worked on the minutes together tomorrow, Brian might be kind enough to let her make amends. As he kissed her again, deeply, slipping his fingers into her still sopping pussy, he promised that his cock would be ready and twitching in anticipation of her oral attentions.

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