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Ladies Night

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I was in love with her the moment I first laid eyes on her. All it took was her turning to look at me and I was hooked. Even across the crowded dining room, it was as if her honey brown eyes were looking for my fiery brown ones. She sat across from a tall blonde with long legs that wore a skirt that no skank should ever venture out of the house in no matter how skinny they are. She wore spike heels that showed off her pink toenails and a pink blouse that showed off the curves of her augmented breasts. Fake tits, I sneered to myself as her blue eyes flicked to see who her date was looking at. No my attention was all for the honey brown eyed medium brown haired goddess across fro Miss Skank USA. She was shorter than I was that much was for sure, standing five foot nine at the most whereas I was five foot eleven. She wore tight black business pants and a black blouse, her feet adorned in black heeled boots that were maybe three inches, an inch taller than my heels.

“Ahem…Samantha I was talking,” said a male voice and I turned to look at my date. Raymond was nice enough and seemed to really like me but girls had always been my biggest interest. I brushed back my long black hair as I smiled at him, knowing the smile didn’t reach my fiery brown eyes but hoping that I seemed interested anyway as he went back on about his day at the gym. Ray was six foot three with short, spiky blonde hair and bright green eyes. He was the son of my mother’s best friend but he just wasn’t what I was looking for as my brain wandered back to the looks of the woman that had caught my eye. I smiled in all the right places as Ray fixed his gray dress shirt and black slacks as our food arrived.

“This looks good,” I lied looking down at the shrimp salad he had ordered me which was not what I had wanted. I had said I wanted the shrimp with a salad on the side but Mr. Typical Male had not heard a word I said in his testosterone riddled brain. More than likely a result of taking the steroids I was almost positive he was taking as the waitress refilled my glass. I thanked her as Ray started eating the steak he had ordered for himself and wondered what would be the best way to be able to get out of here and run off. I put my napkin on the table and stood in my two inch strap heels, my mid-thigh length skirt falling around my skin as I excused myself, fixing the black blouse that I wore as I headed to the bathroom ignoring the stares of the men I walked passed before heading into the ladies room.

I hadn’t been in there for more than a few moments when the door opened and my hand was grabbed turning me to face whoever it was. My fiery brown eyes met the honey brown eyes of the girl that had caught my attention before. Standing in front of me in her heeled boots that made her an inch shorter than me made me realize that she was even more well put together than I had originally thought. Her breasts were large and perky, she smelled of Baby Phat Seduction, her ears were pierced three times in one ear and four in the other. Her skin was honey brown, the perfect mix of Hispanic and European compared casino oyna to my pale skin that showed none of the Puerto Rican in me and all the white girl in me. She smiled, her lips red as the first bloomed rose of spring, her teeth white as ivory as she spoke. “My name is Katherine and I am dying to know yours,” she said, her voice perfect and what one would pictures angels to sound like.

“My name is Samantha. Forgive me for staring at you earlier Katherine but you are just so radiant that I could not stop myself,” I said, brushing back my hair with one silver glitter French tipped finger, my silver bracelet moving as I did so. It had been a gift from my twin brother, him owning the masculine matching one to my own. With that one brush of my hair I revealed the five earrings in one ear and the four in the other as she came close to me, so close I knew she knew that I wore Ralph Lauren Romance perfume and that the necklace around my neck held a celestial pentacle on it as it rested on the tops of my breasts.

“I was looking too, please do not apologize. I was wondering if perhaps you would like to blow this dump and go out for a real good time,” said Katherine boldly as she pressed her ruby red lips into my pale purple ones, her arm sliding around my waist as her other hand held my wrist still. I felt my arms snake around her neck as I kissed her back, pressing my back against the wall as my left leg slid up along her right one and she released my wrist to slide her hand along my bare thigh before our kiss ended much sooner than I had hoped it would.

“I wanted out of here anyway so yes let me tell my date I got sick and am going to drive myself home. I drive the GMC Topkick Pick-up in the parking lot, black with purple flames,” I said sliding my leg down until it hit the floor and we exchanged phone numbers before exchanging a parting kiss. She cleaned her face and left first then I cleaned up and walked back to the table. When I got there Ray stood to help me as I grabbed my purse.

“What is it, are you alright Samantha?” Ray asked me and I nodded, faking sick as I saw Katherine leave the restaurant before I did.

“I’m alright just got sick. I’m just going to drive myself to my apartment and go to bed. See you later Raymond,” I said, pulling my keys out of my purse and walking to the parking lot where I found Katherine leaning against my truck waiting for me and she smiled when our eyes met as did I as I unlocked the truck for us both to get inside.

“My car is at home. June, the girl I was with, drove me to work this morning the damned stalked,” Katherine said as she buckled her seat belt and I pulled out of the parking lot wondering where we were headed before she spoke again. “Why don’t we go back to my place? We can stop at the store on the way to get some stuff to make for dinner and drink and just spend the evening together,” she said.

“That sounds like an idea,” I said pulling into the parking lot of Vons about a mile away from the restaurant and parked. We both got out, our heels clicking on the asphalt of the parking lot canlı casino as we made our way inside. Katherine grabbed a basket and my hand at the same time, smiling at me. This was the first time I had ever been seen publicly with a woman and had to admit that I liked it. I pushed the cart as she slid her arm around my waist while we walked up and down the aisles looking for stuff to take to her place.

Half an hour later she was directing me to her place, the backseat loaded with soda, wine coolers, potato chips, dip, veggies, fruit, ice cream, meat and anything else that we could think of to cook that night. I pulled into the driveway of her one bedroom house next to her Mustang and waited for her to unlock the door before we unloaded the groceries from the truck. Her place was nice, the decor reminding me of my apartment as we put things away and she put on a CD of goth rock music, one of our many similarities. I took off my heels to walk around barefoot when she took off her boots and we walked around the kitchen with wine coolers in hand while we cooked together. The meat she made smelled amazing as she told me repeatedly how good my pasta tasted.

Hours passed as we talked and got to know one another and the next thing I knew we were in the bedroom. She unbuttoned my blouse to expose the indigo colored lace bra that I wore and I opened hers to see the midnight blue satin one that she wore. Her fingers ran along my nipples through the lace and my eyes closed, my back arching as she teased me. I slid my arms around her and brought her done to me so that our lips met and my fingers expertly snapped her bra open, letting the straps fall down her arms as she rolled us to our sides, her body pressed against mine as though we were made for one another. She snapped my bra open and soon we were pulling them from one anothers body. I felt her lips leave mine and travel down my neck and top of my right breast before her lips locked around my nipple sucking and flicking it. “Oh Katherine,” I moaned, my back arching as my fingers found her nipples and flicked them.

Katherine moaned as she released my nipple. “Oh Samantha let me make love to you,” she whispered locking her lips around my other nipple, flicking it with her tongue as she sucked on it expertly. I felt my back arch as my hips inched forward from the sensations as her fingers found the nipple that she was not sucking on and flicked it as the cool air of the room made them harder than they had ever been before, I moaned again as she slid her free hand along my thigh and up my skirt until she reached my wet indigo lace panties, tracing her fingers along the outlines of my lips.

“Oh Katherine, yes please make love to me,” I moaned as my hands left her breasts to slide down her back until they reached her waist to unzip the dress pants she wore over her midnight blue satin panties. I heard her moan as she released my nipples and rolled me onto my back. I looked at her as she smiled, her hair falling around her shoulders as she kissed her way from my breasts down the center of my body and to my skirt. She kaçak casino slid her hands on the waist of it and pulled it down to reveal my panties as she kissed my belly button, her tongue grazing it as I squirmed,

“You are so sexy when you squirm like that baby girl,” Katherine said as she put my skirt on a chair and slid my panties down my hips, then my thighs then off entirely. I lay there nude as she spread my legs and kissed along my thighs with a moan. “Damn you smell good…I wonder if you taste as good as you smell baby girl,” she said licking my outer lips softly with the tip of her tongue making me squirm. I felt her tongue sliding between the soft folds and flick my clit gently before moving down to enter me softly.

“Oh Katherine….oh sweetheart yes,” I moaned, my legs open wide to allow her full access as her hands slid along my thighs, her nails digging in every now and then making me gasp and moan. I heard her moan as she slid one hand away from my thigh and to the sweet areas between my legs, her first and second fingers sliding deep within me as her lips sucked my clit hard and long, her tongue flicking it over and over again as I moaned begging her not to stop. I felt my body getting closer and closer to that edge as her fingers pounded within me and her tongue worked me over to help build the climax. I felt her speed up and knew that she wanted me bad then and there as my body arched with the force of my orgasm, my breath being torn from my lungs as she licked up every drop of fluid that my body had just produced as she pulled away from me and looked me in the eyes,

“You taste even better than you smell baby girl,” Katherine said with a soft smile as she stood sliding off her pants and then her panties down her hips and thighs seductively, dancing for me to the beat of the music. I bit my lip watching her and before long she was totally nude. I watched as she crawled onto the bed above me and our lips met, my arms sliding around her neck as she caressed my breasts with her cool hands. She parted my lips with her tongue and met mine, the taste of me still on her lips as we made out.

“Oh Katherine…my darling,” I purred sliding my fingers down between her legs to find that she was dripping wet. I slid my fingers along her slick lips, my thumb sliding along her clit as my first and second fingers slid within her, pounding her like she had done to me as my thumb traced circles around her clit. I slid one hand along her left nipple as I took her right one into my mouth, sucking hard and flicking fast as I pounded my fingers within her and listening to her moans. I loved the way her moans sounded, it was like listening to music that was made for me and me alone as she arched. Over and over I pounded and caressed, sucked and flicked until I brought her to the edge and over it….then did it again…and again as we made love throughout the entire night.

“Is that all that happened?” my twin brother Damien asked as he sat across from me at our dining table as we drank coffee together, him in just baggy pants and me in my robe in the apartment that we shared together. I had just taken a shower.

“No Damien, there was so much more and it was the greatest night of my life so far. I can’t wait until she picks me up tonight,” I said with a soft sigh.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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