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Last Day At Work

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I had been working with my company for several years, but the time had come to move on – I finally landed a new job. I had not enjoyed the past year or so at my current company, now I was in a better mood than I had been in longer than I could remember. I worked out a deal with the boss, and I would stick around for my last two weeks, helping train others to take my job. The turn-over only took a week, so the last working week there was absolutely nothing to do, so I started wandering.

I figured there wouldn’t be any harm in laying on the charm to a few of the women that had caught my eye over the years. If I hooked up, then all was good, but if I got turned down, I wouldn’t have to see the results or see these women any more.

The office manager was this girl from a temp agency, and she had only been there about a month. She seemed easy going enough, but I guess that’s part of the job requirements – you can’t really be an ass in a high-turnover job like that. I thought I’d seen her watching me while I wasn’t looking, so I figured I would make a go of it. I wanted to try something a little different this time. I thought I would let her approach me if she wanted.

I was walking around the room outside her desk pretending to talk on my cell phone. I ended up standing just inside the lobby at the chair furthest away from her desk. I seemed to be trying to stay out of her range of hearing. I was “talking” to my buddy Mark.

I told him that I was having a shitty week. I had quit my job and only had about a week left, then I didn’t know what to do for work. My “girlfriend” ( I made her up) was mad about that, and she decided to leave me. I told Mark that I thought she was seeing a guy on the side because I saw an odd email on the computer a few weeks ago. She had been gone a lot, just coming back at night. The email said something about me not being emotionally available, and the only thing about the relationship was the sex. Maybe that’s whys he came home every night.

Anyhow, when I finished telling Mark about the letter, I was quiet for a while, then said “wait, wait, wait, let me say something” to cut him off. I saw the temp’s head come up, looking at me. I said that I was going to go out that night to some seedy bar. I said that if my ex-girlfriend thought I was so good in bed, I was going to treat some lady to a wild night.

All I wanted was a one-night stand to celebrate my new status of being single. I could have sworn that I had the temp’s undivided attention. She was looking a me often, and being very quiet. I’m sure she could hear what I was saying. Taking a step further for some reason, I said to Mark that I would be up for anything, it didn’t even have to be full-fledged sex, maybe just some tongue action.

And that maybe some girl from work would let me warm up my tongue on her before I went out. All I could think of was to get this temp away from her desk. If I could get her to sit on my face for a while when I was at work, that would be awesome, and a perfect way to round out the day. Apparently, Mark wanted to know more about this idea.

I said that I knew a meeting room on the 5th floor that was never used, and it had some really nice furniture and a locking door, and no inside windows. I said that all I had to do was find a girl that would like to cum during lunch. Just some oral action, and maybe some playing with my fingers too. Now I could tell that she was flat-out staring at me.

I didn’t want to take this conversation too far, so I got off the phone. I told Mark that I was just going to see what happened, and that I would be in the meeting room at 12:00 sharp, with the lights turned off. If someone came in, that was great, but if not, maybe I would get a nap out of it. As I got up to leave the room, I full-on caught her staring at me. She flushed a bit and got right back to work.

She glanced up at me canlı bahis again as I walked by, and I just smiled and winked. Almost out of the room, I stopped and turned back around.

A sudden inspriation hit me. “Hey,” I said “I don’t think I’ve caught your name since you started here.”

She smiled and said “It’s Julie, and it’s great to meet you.”

I introduced myself and added that I was only going to be around for a short time because I was leaving the company. Now for why I was here… “Julie, can you please check to see if anyone has the meeting room on the 5th floor booked at noon today? I may be having a meeting in there for a little while.”

She turned back to her computer and checked the scheduling system, running her finger across the screen as she lined things up. I saw a bit of a blush showing up on her cheeks but made no mention of it. When she told me there were no appointments, I asked her to put my name on it for one hour.

While at Julie’s desk, I saw that there were no meetings scheduled for the rest of the day in that room. Finished there for a while, I went over to the HR department to ask a few questions about my final paycheck. I actually had a legit reason, but I mainly wanted to see the clerk in charge of payroll.

Her name was Liz, and as far as I knew, she was unattached, so I figured there was an opportunity for some playtime there too. Once we finished talking about the work-related stuff, we started chatting about everything under the sun. I think she wanted an excuse to not get back to work.

I told her the same sob story that I had Julie overhear when I was talking to Mark. I kind of played down the ‘good sex’ part. I didn’t want to sound like an arrogant jerk. Getting to the point quickly, I asked her if she would like to go to dinner with me that night. Not that I was expecting anything from it, just wanted to hang out. My girl had left me, my friends were all busy, I was losing my job, and I has hoping for a bit of company. Not a ‘pity party’ but just someone to hang out with.

She stopped the computer stuff she was doing, leaned back and stared at me. Only thinking about it for a minute, she said “I usually don’t do this, but this time I will say ‘yes’ to a last-minute dinner date.”

Putting up my hand I said “Well, you can call it a date if you want, I was going to say it is two people who are just hanging out and getting dinner. I would never turn down a date from you, I wouldn’t want to try to give myself any false hopes. Just friends out for dinner, right?” She actually looked relieved, and a lot more comfortable once I said this.

“Yes, Meet me out in the parking lot by the main enverance. How about 6PM?” “Sound good,” I answered, “I’ll see you then.”

Seeing that it was now close to 11:30, I made my way up to the meeting room. There was just enough light from outside to see where to sit, but not nearly enough to read any of the posters on the walls. Sitting in the back of the room, I waited for the time to be right. About 15 minutes later, the door opened slowly, and a shadowed face peeked in.

I said “come on in, and please close the door behind you.” I think I heard the click of the lock as it slid shut, and inside my head, I started cheering. Stopping on the other side of the table from me, she mumbled something, then tried again a bit louder. “I’m sorry, I kind of over-heard you on your phone earlier and knew you would be in here. I hope I’m not intruding.”

Acting a lot calmer than I felt, I said “It’s no problem, really. You’re not interrupting, and in fact, I would like it if you stayed. So how much of my phone call did you hear?”

“Almost all of it” she answered, hanging her head. “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have, but I couldn’t help it. I’m sorry you had such a bad week.”

Grinning huge in the dark corner, I said “I will let it go this time. Come over bahis siteleri to me.” She walked over, stopping just in front of me. I got up to face her, and walked around her a couple times, stopping just behind her. She jumped a tiny bit as I put my hands on her shoulders.

I started rubbing her shoulders and neck, trying to get them to loosen up a bit. I started talking slowly and quietly, and I could feel her tenseness start to leave.

“You heard everything I said, didn’t you?” She just nodded.

“You knew you were going to come up here when I made my appointment, didn’t you?” Again a nod.

“You want something from me don’t you?” This time she started to talk, but it was just a mumble.

Quickly, I cut her off with “You don’t need to talk, just listen. If I’m not where I need to be, just push me along. Feel free to do anything you want or act any way you want, no one will ever know.”

It was working – her shoulders, neck, and back muscles were no longer tensed up. She was breathing deeply, head tilted up, and eyes closed; her mouth was open a little, and her lips wet. Not taking my hands off of her, I moved to her arms, just touching lightly. I stepped closer, our bodies barely connecting. Moving forward, I lightly kissed her neck and moved up to her ear. I took her arms and lifted them up over my neck.

As my hands slid down her arms to her sides, she moaned softly, pushing back against me. Her arms held me close, her back tight against my chest. She moved her ass back further until it rubbed on my cock. Once she found it, she started slowly grinding her ass against it. My hands got to her hips, and I held her tighter against me, moving with her. I put my hand on her cheek, moving her face to my lips. I traced the outline of her jaw as I drifted my lips across her cheek back down to her neck.

Still moving with her, I moved us both to the end of the table. Not stopping the touching, stroking, and kissing, I moved around to her side. As I started to kiss under her chin, she leaned up against the table, moving her arms back to brace herself, and moved her head back exposing her whole neck to me. I stepped between her legs, making my thigh push up her skirt a bit. She just opened her legs a little more to give me room. Kissing lower down on her neck, I un-did the top two buttons of her blouse and spread her shirt open. I heard a light moan come from her.

She hooked a leg around mine, pulling me closer. I could feel my leg rub on her pussy, and she started to moan and squirm a bit more to that. She grabbed my arm and moved one of my hands to her breast, but I stopped it short. Taking my arm back, I slowly moved both of my hands from her shoulders, and ran them down her shirt. She thrust her chest forward at me, moaning, when my fingers stopped to play with her nipples.

I finished unbuttoning her blouse, untucked it from her skirt, and pulled it back over her shoulders. I could see her chest moving with the deep breaths, and her nipples trying to poke through her bra. As she squirmed, her blouse fell all the way down her arms, bunched up on the table. I pulled the bra straps down over her shoulders, kissing my way down one breast.

The bra opened in the front, so it quickly joined the blouse under her on the table. My hands were all over her, and she kept pushing herself to me. Kissing one nipple, and holding the other boob with one hand, the other hand made it’s way down her belly, down to where she was rubbing herself on my leg. I felt that her pussy was starting to saok through my jeans, and my hand found out why.

Not much is covered by a thong. As I started to rub her clit, she leaned forward, and grabbed my head. She pulled me up to face her, and roughly put her mouth on mine, kissing me like I hadn’t been kissed in years. She was still moaning through the kiss, pushing her breast into my hand, her tongue bahis şirketleri down my throat, and her pussy rubbing on my fingers and leg. When she stopped to take a breather, I pushed her back onto the table, then pulled her legs up over my head. I unzipped and pushed up her skirt over her hips, and pulled off the tiny thong.

As soon as it was off, she put her feet over my shoulders and pulled down, moving my face to her pussy. I was surprised that she was soaking wet already. Her legs locked around my head, so I couldn’t leave even if I did want to. My hands on her ass, I pulled her hips up towards me, diving right in. As my tongue wrapped itself around her clit, I started matching my moves to her rhythm.

Her leg lock was holding her steady, so I didn’t need both my hands on her ass. Leaving one there for my sake, the other hand moved to the center. When I put in one finger, I don’t think she realized at first, she didn’t break stride or change her moaning. But she did get into it more when I moved it around more. Pulling out all the way, I had another thought. I pushed her ass up again, and moved my face down a bit.

She did start moving a bit different when I moved my tongue off her clit and around the outside of her pussy, and again when I put it inside of her pussy. I could give my tongue a bit of a break while it went in and out of her pussy, so I started rubbing her clit with my finger already wet from her pussy. Not stopping my finger, I licked her like an ice cream cone, all across her pussy lips.

Each time I did though, I started a bit lower. She had slowed down the moving and was starting to relax a bit more, but as soon as my tongue got the edge of her asshole, she squealed a bit, then shuddered as I went across her pussy again. As I moved back for another pass, she grabbed my hair with both hands and pushed down. I could barely hear her, but could just make out the words ‘do it more.’ This was kind of new to me, so I just lightly ran my tongue around the edges of her ass.

The moves and sounds she made were different, but I could tell she still was enjoying herself. Her hands moved off my head, and I could see her grabbing her boobs, pinching her nipples tightly. Moving my head up a bit, I kissed her clit, sucking on it a bit. I put one hand under my chin again, putting two fingers inside her pussy, stroking them in and out of her, moving around to toy with her g-spot.

Since she liked me playing with her ass, I moved my thumb up to just touch her there. Didn’t put it in, just a bit of pressure. She started acting like she was ready to cum, so it was time to let her. Her hands were still on her breasts, my tongue on her clit, two fingers thrusting in and out of her pussy, and a thumb teasing her asshole. I could feel her tense up, she suddenly stopped making noise, and she finished with a massive jerking orgasm. Backing my hands off so they were just on her ass, my mouth just touching her clit, I waited for most of her shaking to stop.

Regaining her composure and breathing normal again, she sat up, moved off the table, and sat in one of the leather chairs. I saw that her back was a bit red. She just grinned a bit and said “I just noticed that the table was kind of hurting. Was a bit distracted earlier, so it didn’t matter.” A few minutes later, she mentioned that she should probably get back to her desk before she got in trouble. She managed to get everything on OK, except for her thong. She just held it, and even I could see that it was still quite wet. She put her skirt on without it, and walked over to me.

She walked up close to me, then smiled and put the thong in my pocket. She gave me a long kiss on the lips, stepped back, and said “Thank you so much, that was the best lunch I’ve ever had. Different, but damn good.”

Grinning, she turned towards the door, pulled her skirt up to show me her ass, and walked away with my eyes following every step.

I decided to skip the rest of the day to go home and clean up, and get ready for my (non-date) dinner. I’ve got a few things in mind to make it much, much more. Desert should be fun.

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