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They had been looking for her. Well not exactly her but some descendants of her Grandmother’s family. It was romantic in a way. During the First World War a man and a woman fell in love. The man was Canadian and far from home defending the boarder of a country he had barely knew existed before being sent to the front lines. The woman was Danish and had seen not only the blood of her family spilled, but that of her countrymen as well. There had been enough blood spilled to fill a lifetime and then some.

He had tried to protect her and had been wounded in the skirmish, in thanks she had hid him from the enemy and nursed him back to health. They fell in love and from that love a child was born never know his father. Only a month before his birth, during an air raid his father had died.

The father was Brianna’s great uncle. His son carried on his name, as did his children and theirs. At the passing of their beloved great grandmother they realized that there was a family out there that needed to be united. And so the search had begun…

She had flown to Denmark to spend Christmas with them. Despite the language barrier it had been wonderful. She had seen several pictures of her great uncle; she had copies to pass on to her relatives in Canada. It was the first Christmas in a long time that had been filled with only laughter and warmth, the spirit of good will and peace.

Her lips curved up slightly at the memories while she watched the goings on of the airport. This is how he found her. She looked content and possibly sad, it was hard to tell. He slowly scanned her face, his eyes momentarily settled on the hint of cleavage showing at the V of her sweater before he took his seat.

She turned and smiled at him in greeting, nothing more then good manners but it gave him a chance to study her eyes. Were they blue or gray? Perhaps there was a hint of green or turquoise; it was hard to tell in the dim lighting in the plane cabin.

Finn leaned forward to stow his briefcase under the seat. Her scent was intoxicating, something light and fresh. It was very subtle; she didn’t bath in it like some women he knew which only made him want to be closer to her. He wondered if her hair smelt the same, or that tender spot behind her knee which he accidentally grazed as he came up.

He apologized and began to ask her the monotonous questions one asks when flying. Was the trip work or pleasure? Where are you going? Have you been here before? Every question was answered in a cool and polite manner. She didn’t return many of the questions or ask anything else. Finn could tell it was going to be a long flight. Her scent was already making his loins tingle.

The flight was supposed to be a non-stop to New York but after only a few hours the passengers were awoken from there semi sleep to be told that there was a problem with the plane and that they would be landing in Iceland for repairs. They arrived at the gate for what was hopefully only a short stop but luck was not on their side. The plane was grounded and its passengers stranded until the morning.

Finn was treated to a nice view of Bri’s jean clad bottom as he followed her and the others to the flight desk. They had been seated near the back of the plane and were the last two off. They were told that there were no flights leaving until late the next afternoon.

Being the last off the plane had its ups and downs depending on how you looked at it. The only hotel by the airport was booked solid because of bad weather in several other regions, shutting down airports and redirecting planes to this one. Because they were the last off the plane they were the last to get rooms. There was only one left however, causing a slight problem.

Brianna didn’t know what else to do. She knew she couldn’t spend the night in the terminal, she had to sleep and her back wouldn’t be able to take a night on a bench. Finn did the only thing he could think of.

“Why don’t you share a room with me? I’m sure there will be lots of room and I’m a gentleman, nothing to worry about.” He watched her face as she ran through all her options before nodding in agreement.

“Thanks.” She murmured. She couldn’t help but feel nervous and apprehensive. He was a stranger, all be it a very handsome sexy stranger. And she definitely couldn’t knock the accent. What was it about men with accents? Were they all sexy? She let the bellhop take her overnight bag at Finn’s request. Finn’s hand was warm on the small of her back when he directed her to the hotel’s dining room.

“Let us get something to eat.” He said. It seemed that the other passengers had the same idea. The dining room was very crowded and loud. Brianna didn’t really want to be alone with Finn but she also didn’t want to be in that room. Why did Europeans have to smoke so much? She was sure you could cut the smoke with a knife it was so thick.

“Ah, you know what? I think we should just grab something from room service. I’m not really canlı bahis in the mood for a crowded restaurant. Ok?” her smile was radiant when he agreed.

It turned out that the room wasn’t just a room but a suite, complete with its own dining area and a love seat. But before her nerves could settle she looked into the sleeping area and saw that there was only a king size bed instead of the customary two beds. What now?

“Listen, if you like I’ll sleep on the floor out here. I don’t want you to feel uncomfortable.” He wasn’t looking forward to it, but he couldn’t stand to see the look of apprehension that had come into her eyes at the sight of the bed.

You’re a grown woman. Don’t be such a baby, she thought. “No. That’s ok.” She turned to face him; he really was handsome. “We are both adults. And I’m sure we are both capable of spending a night in the same bed. Can you order me a cheeseburger and whatever on the side? I’m going to take advantage of that huge tub in the bathroom.” She grabbed her carry on and barricaded herself behind the bathroom door.

Finn placed the order, and for good measure he ordered a bottle of wine in the hopes of soothing Brianna’s nerves enough to let her sleep. He could hear the tub filling with water. He wondered what he would find if he opened the door. Would she have used bubble bath? Would there be any windows in the blanket of suds for him to catch a glimpse at her lush body? Would the water cover her to her neck or just the tops of her lovely breasts?

His body responded instantly, becoming more sensitive and hard. His heart rate went up another notch when he heard her moving around in the water. Was she washing some intimate spot on her body? He wondered if her skin was soft and creamy everywhere, he wondered if she had pinned her hair up off her slender neck or if her honey blonde hair was damp and curling around her pretty face.

Finn gave himself a mental shake. His pants had become rather uncomfortable and he ached for release. He realized he didn’t just want an easy release; he wanted to be buried deep in her body. He wanted to make her want him as much as he wanted her. He wanted to hear her soft voice call out his name when he brought her to that sweet deliverance. His thoughts were interrupted when his cell phone rang, back to business it seemed.

Brianna heard the soft ring of a phone and was thankful that it wasn’t hers. She didn’t need the hassle of trying to explain her bunk arrangements to her friends. She could just hear them now. Is he good looking? Does he seem like a nice guy? Are you hoping that he’ll try something? Despite the fact that it was all very juvenile she laughed. Leave it to her friends to cheer her up no matter where she was.

She lay back in the tub and closed her eyes. She could hear Finn’s voice as he talked on the phone. He was speaking in his language, it like the accent was charming and soothing. He really was handsome; she couldn’t help but wonder what his body looked like beneath that suit. There had been moments when she’d had to stop herself from straightening his tie, which would have been an interesting task since he towered over her.

Her feet were beginning to look like prunes, it was time to get out and face him. She patted all the water off her skin and used the towel to partially dry her hair before pinning it up. She always packed her carry on with everything she would need for a night just in case such an occasion arrived. She creamed her skin with moisturizer and brushed her teeth before slipping into her pajamas. Since she would need her toiletries in the morning she decided to leave them and a few other things on the vanity. Hopefully Finn wouldn’t mind.

She heard a soft knock signal that their dinner had arrived. She folded her arms over her breasts and leaned against the doorway to the living area to watch the set up. Her eyes skimmed over Finn; she noticed that he had removed his jacket and tie, his sleeves were rolled up and he’d unbuttoned the top two buttons. His skin was golden beneath the white dress shirt; she imagined that he spent a lot of time outside. Her mouth began to water when she wondered if the rest of him was just as gold.

She cleared her throat to let Finn know that she was in the room. When his gaze fell on her his heart stopped. She was wearing a simple black cotton tank and black drawstring yoga pants that rode low on her hips. Soft tendrils of hair curled at her temples and the nape of her neck. Her skin was pink from her hot bath and her eyes looked lazy and seductive. Her lips were soft, moist and very kissable. Finn’s heart was in his throat. He wondered if falling in love was supposed to feel like this.

Brianna watched him tip the waiter. His movements were so graceful and smooth. “It smells wonderful.” She commented before sauntering to the table.

“We got a complimentary bottle of wine out of this whole mess too.” He came up behind her and pulled out her chair to seat bahis siteleri her. He leaned forward just a bit, his lips so very close to her hair. It smelled like lavender and something else… roses perhaps. He stole another look at her breasts. She wasn’t wearing a bra; her breasts were firm and the perfect size.

“Thank you.” She had felt his breath on her hair. She had felt his eyes on her body; still felt them as he poured her a glass of wine. She lifted her glass of wine in a toast when he took his seat. “Well… here’s to an eventful day, Salute.” Their glasses clinked.

Dinner was wonderful, the conversation was good and they were both kept amused by the others casual looks. Brianna was leaning back in her chair swirling her wine in the glass. Finn was watching her toes, she had them painted a bright purple and was wearing a silver ring on one of them. He was in the middle of picturing them in his hands when the power went out.

“They would have a back up generator wouldn’t they?” Finn could hear the apprehension in Bri’s voice.

“Not necessarily. I’ll see if I can find the phone and call down to the front desk. Maybe it’s just this room.” He cursed when he stubbed his toe on the desk. After a brief conversation with the front desk he made his way back to the table. Brianna heard him coming but she still jumped when his hand brushed her shoulder.

They don’t have a back up power source. They told me that the heat won’t last and where to find extra blankets.” His hand trailed down her arm and linked loosely with her fingers before drawing her to her feet. ” I suggest we try to get some sleep.”

Brianna slid between the cool sheets and tried to stay as far away from the middle of the bed. She felt the bed sink under Finn’s weight when he came back from the bathroom. He had only had a brief case with him. She wondered if he was wearing briefs or boxers. Get your mind out of the gutter, she thought. They murmured their goodnights and went to sleep.

Brianna slept fitfully. She had woken up freezing and decided to make the treacherous journey to the closet to get another blanket. Finn could practically hear her teeth chattering.

“You’d think you Canadians could handle a little bit of cold.” He remarked.

“Yeah well this Canadian has always been easily chilled.” She shivered when she climbed back under the covers. “My feet are usually the first to go and once they do its impossible to stay warm.” She rolled over onto her side to look at him. A beam of light from the crack in the curtains fell across his shoulder. He was looking at her too, she was certain of it.

“Give me your feet.” She reluctantly did as he asked. She hissed when his warm hands closed over them. “They are like ice. Why didn’t you say something before?”

“I didn’t want to wake you.” Was that her voice? It sounded so husky.

“I never sleep well when I’m in a hotel. Come here.” His arm snaked between the sheets and closed around her waist to pull her against him. She gasped but didn’t object. She rolled over on her other side putting her back to him; he curved his body around hers and nestled her bottom against his groin.

He had to stifle a groan. If he just shifted his hand a few inches he could cup her breast. She had taken down her hair before bed; the scent was even stronger then before. He felt he was drowning in it.

“You’re hair smells so wonderful. It’s a different scent.” He commented.

She sighed. The sound of his voice and the feel of his breath on her skin were giving her butterflies. When she unconsciously nestled her bottom against his groin she felt his hardened sex pressing against her. The liquid pull of arousal began to warm her blood. Her breasts became firmer and her nipples hard; she arched her back and moved against Finn. The invitation was subtle but not missed.

Finn’s hand splayed over her stomach to pull her bottom against him. His lips brushed over the nape of her neck. A soft moan trapped in her throat and her skin pebbled with gooseflesh. She gasped when his warm fingers slid under her top to cup her breast; she reached behind to fist her hand in his hair when his thumb skimmed over a nipple before gently squeezing it.

Brianna wriggled in his arms to lie on her back. Their eyes met and held as their mouths tentatively met for the first time. The kiss was feather soft; his lips were warm and firm, her eyes drifted semi closed when his tongue traced the outline of her lips before he deepened the kiss.

Finn slowly explored her mouth, drinking in the flavors, savoring the different textures. He groaned when her tongue sought out his, shy at first but as she began to become more comfortable she returned his kiss with full measure. His body trembled with the need to have her, to make her his but he held onto the threads of control. He wanted this to be drawn out; he wanted her to be limp from pleasure before he took her.

Her breathing was ragged, her heart bahis şirketleri out of control, her body running on instinct. Her hands left his hair to travel over him. She slowly felt every muscle, reveled in the feeling of them bunching under her touch. His skin was so warm and smooth; she desperately wanted to feel him against her with out the cotton barrier. He must have sensed her needs because he broke the kiss and worked his mouth down her neck and over her chest before lifting her top over her head.

He looked down at the milky white skin, the firm globes with rose crests stood proudly to tempt him. When she reached up to pull him back to her he caught her wrists and placed her hands over her head.

“Don’t move,” he commanded before leaving the bed to open the drapes and bath her in moonlight. He looks like a Greek statue, was all she could think. He was completely naked, his sex stood prominently against the flat of his belly. Her mouth began to water at the thought of having him, of bathing him with her tongue and taking him inside her.

“My god you are exquisite. I want to see all of you this way.” He pulled down the quilt and hooked his fingers in the waistband of her bottoms and slowly slid them over her hips. He revealed a tuft of curls, he could smell her scent and he wanted nothing more then to taste her. He kissed the arches of her feet before he finished his task.

“Roll onto you stomach.”

“Finn…” her voice was thick with arousal, she wanted him now but did as he asked.

She felt his hands kneed the muscles of her shoulders, his cock brushed over the cleft of her buttocks. She lifted her hips to encourage him to move lower and take her and heard his breath catch from the contact. His lips began a moist trail down her back, he hands were squeezing her bottom and he put his knee between her legs to open them. He could see her toes curling as his mouth neared her ass.

He took his time before he spread her firm globes. She jumped and moaned when the tip of his tongue touched the bud of her anus. He slowly circled around it, increasing the pressure ever so slightly until it penetrated her tight hole. He made love to her with his tongue for what seemed like hours. She was soaking wet when he turned her onto her back and covered her with his mouth.

His fingers worked into her and pressed gently on her g-spot to stroke her fires higher. His other hand slid between the cheeks of her ass until his fingers pressed against her anus. He slowly worked a finger inside of her and shuttered when the muscles gripped him.

He could hear her panting and calling out to him as he brought her closer and closer to the edge. His fingers worked her as his tongue flicked over her clitoris, sucking and nibbling on it as he drank in her flavor. Her fingers fisted in his hair and she called out as she tumbled over the edge. Her body pulsed around his fingers as she went limp on the bed.

“Oh god, Finn…” she whispered. She pulled him up to her and kissed him, tasting her on his lips. Her hands trailed over his flesh until she felt the thick hair around his sex, she slowed her movements and moved lower to cup him. Her hand skimmed up over his hard shaft before closing her hand around him. She could feel him pulsing; his heart beat rapid from his arousal. She desperately wanted to feel him deep in her…

Finn caressed and squeezed her breasts until he felt his tip touch against her wet core. He shuddered when she arched up to take it inside her, his hand fisted in her hair as he inched his way into her tight hole. He could feel her gripping his shaft, sucking him in deeper to oblivion.

Her nails lightly dug into his back and shoulders as he slowly took her. Her breathing was shallow and she was licking and kissing his neck. He groaned when he filled her to the hilt; he slowly eased out of her until his head was nestled at her lips before he drove into her again.

He kept his pace slow at first despite her hips urging him to move faster and harder. He made love to her mouth, his tongue matching the movements of his hips. Her soft body moved in time with his, matching him stroke for stroke, urging him to take his pleasure.

He felt it begin from deep inside him, he desperately wanted to hold off and continue the torture longer but Brianna sensed that he was close and wouldn’t let him stop. She whispered naughty commands to him, telling him how much she wanted him to come. His control snapped when she lightly bit his neck, his hips piston harder and faster. Her name was on his lips when he finally came hard, taking that final stroke before spilling into her.

He was vaguely aware of her quivering around him, milking him as she came again. He collapsed on her until he could catch his breath, her hands were soothing him and her lips were leaving a trail of feather kisses on his shoulder.

“I must be crushing you…” he murmured before reaching under her to cup her bottom and roll onto his side, taking her with him without leaving her.

She sighed in contentment. “I don’t mind. You’re amazing.” He brushed a few strands of hair off her face and looked at her features. She had incredibly long eyelashes.

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