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Learning Curve Ch. 02

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At precisely 8:04 the next night, Alena knocked three times on the door to room 422, fervently hoping she’d got the room number right.

“One moment,” a man’s voice called out from inside. A moment later the door opened and Eric stood there wearing a gray three-piece suit and red tie.

“Come in! Come in! Make yourself comfortable, Alena. Sit down wherever you please.”

Alena was wearing her only other decent outfit, a yellow dress that ended three inches above the knee. She had given in and worn her frayed bra simply because the dress required it. Without it her breasts would have been visible through the almost transparent yellow of the dress.

It was a typical hotel room with a double bed and an easy chair. A bathroom was off to the side with the door open. Alena took it all in and sat on the edge of the bed. Eric immediately sat down next to her.

“Would you like that drink now?’ he inquired.

Nervously Alena waved his offer away.

“Then I suggest you remove your clothing. Let me see you in all your glory.”

Alena nodded her head. She knew this moment would come and she stood up and walked to the opposite side of the room, kicking her shoes off as she went.

They watched each other as she reached behind her to unzip the yellow dress. She let it fall to the floor and stepped away from it. His eyes devoured her lithe frame.

“You’re even more beautiful than I thought you were,” Eric said.

Alena noticed he was breathing heavily.

“Now the brassiere, please,” he croaked hoarsely.

Again Alena reached back and unhooked the ratty bra then tossed it aside.

“Almost there,” he said his voice thick with lust.

Nodding to herself, Alena removed her panties with feline grace, tossing them on the yellow dress which lay at her feet.

She had noticed her bush was matted and unkempt, and belatedly understood how poor a job she had done in drying herself after the shower.

God, what must he be thinking!

“Look at you,” he said, staring at her in what Alena took to be an obscene way, but actually was one of the utmost respect for her beauty. “You’re the reason I distain using professionals.”

At his words, her hand dropped defensively and covered her mons.

Eric walked up to her and stood inches from her quivering frame. “I won’t harm you, Alena. I promise you that.” Then he kissed her mouth while she stood willing herself not to flinch and thinking of the three hundred dollars and what it and subsequent Thursdays would bring her.

When his mouth left hers, to nuzzle her neck, Alena evaluated his kiss. He’s quite tender, not at all like Nick, or some of the other guys I’ve kissed. I rather liked the way he nibbled on my lower lip before moving to my neck. Christ… but he’s so old!

He touched each of her breasts without touching her areola or nipples. But when he gave one an experimental squeeze she recoiled and took a step back.

“Don’t be afraid, Alena. I won’t hurt you. I just want some companionship, that’s all.”

“Can… can we sit down for this? My legs are a little shaky.”

“Certainly,” and taking her hand, he led her to the bed and sat down. She sat next to him and waited for his next move.

“If you’re wondering about the money, it’s on the dresser. See the envelope?”

Alena glanced at the dresser, saw the envelope and nodded. I’ll do it; three hundred is a ton of money. I may hate myself later, but I’ll do it. I’ll do whatever he wants me too.

Eric put his arm around her shoulder and pulled her close. They stayed like that for a full minute. The unease with which she’d entered the hotel room floated away.

Alena checked his crotch, suddenly interested in how she was affecting him; and smiled on seeing the notable bulge in his trousers.

He might be bigger than Nick, she thought, but refrained from reaching out to touch him. She looked into his eyes, saw them glance down at her breasts, lingering on her pebbled nipples; then continuing over her belly to the matted thatch covering her mons, and down her legs to her red painted toenails.

He got up and slowly walked around the bed, studying her from all angles; when he was directly behind her, Alena turned to look back at him. He was looking over her shoulder, and following his gaze, she saw their reflection in the large mirror above the dresser.

She sat there impassively as he put his hands on her arms, and dragged them up over her shoulders, running his hands over her breasts, teasing her nipples with his calloused palms, and causing goose bumps to rise up on her skin.

For an old man, he’s making me kinda horny, she thought, and feeling more relaxed, she leaned her head against his chest while watching him and in the mirror as he learned about her body. Eventually a kind of giddiness settled over Alena causing her to test him further and she arched her back so that her breasts jutted out imperiously, and he groaned.

“You have great tits, Alena. You have those rarest of nipples… the puffy illegal bahis kind, so succulent, so responsive. Look how they beg for my hand. God, these are the greatest tits I’ve ever touched!”

He squeezed them, mashed them together then lifted them up high.

Alena welcomed his praise; and wanting to somehow reward him for it and possibly elicit even more complements, she resorted to a trick she’d used to arouse Nick so much that he had ejaculated without her having to touch him. Bending her head, she ran her tongue over one of her puffy nipples then licked his thumb which remained on the breast while cupping it for her.

Wordlessly, he offered the other nipple for the same treatment, and Alena obliged. At the same time, he unzipped his trousers and shook his cock out.

The moment she lifted her head from the nipple, he opened his mouth wide and pounced on the left one, flicking it wildly with his tongue.

Alena gave a hoarse shout. Eric laughed and abraded the nipple with his teeth and tongue, rolling it around in his mouth while she shuddered. Alena had, never been sucked like this before.

Moments later he took the other nipple the same way. Alena felt as if lightning was arcing from one nipple to the other and then to her clit. She suddenly wanted him between her legs, and hoping to accelerate things, she encouraged him with little whimpers and soft moans.

Unconsciously she sent a hand to her clit, rubbing it sensuously.

“YES!” Eric groaned releasing her nipple to stare at her fingers half buried in her matted bush while rubbing her clit.

“That’s it! Get yourself off while I watch,” he said, slowly jerking his cock.

His words brought her back to the moment. Alena inspected herself quickly, saw that her pussy was glistening with her juices and all thoughts of her tangled and unruly pubic hair faded away.

He reached behind her neck and pulled her to him and frenched her in a passionate, open-mouthed kiss that Alena thoroughly enjoyed. After which he renewed his request that she masturbate while he looked on.

“I… I do masturbate. But I…I’ve never had anyone watch,” she confessed, beseeching him with teary eyes.

“There’s always a first time, Alena. We’re going to share a lot of first times together. That’s why I’m paying you. That’s part and parcel of the companionship you agreed to.”

“If you want, I’ll jerk you off,” she volunteered.

The old man laughed in her face. “I think you’ll do more than that. Now c’mon, diddle yourself for me.” He reached out and grabbed two pillows and set them up behind her lower back, providing Alena with all the support she’d need to perform for him.

Feeling she no longer had a choice in the matter; Alena wet two fingers in her mouth and after spreading her lips, sent them into her vagina.


“Very nice,” Eric grinned and scratched his five o’ clock shadow then scrunched down next to her to obtain an even closer look.

Alena’s eyes were closed as she worked the fingers in and out. A grimace crossed her face as she began using both hands, separating the labia first to one side and then the other, with the occasional flicker across her clit.

Suddenly she shifted her body, drawing her legs up so that her entire genital section was exposed for his viewing pleasure. One finger delved into her cunt in its entirety; a moment later she was jamming three fingers into her hole and he could now hear the squishy sound they made as the juices gurgled out of her.

Alena opened her eyes to look at him, saw how entranced he was with her actions and brought the fingers from her cunt to her mouth, immersing them over her tongue, and then making a show of licking them.

“God, you’re fantastic,” he said with in a discordant monotone. “I never thought….”

His words had a mesmerizing effect on her. Alena began rubbing the fingers over her face, as if trying to smear her juices all over it. Then still rubbing the fingers over her face, she sent three fingers from her other hand into her cunt; beginning what was to be a finger licking shuffle from pussy to mouth and back again.

Eric’s hardon was leaking precum in an almost profuse fashion. Certainly he himself had never seen it do it before, and he wanted nothing more than to fuck her as hard as he could manage at that moment. But he held off, wanting to see what she did next even more.

Alena began to pant. A long sequence of “OH’s” left her hand-covered mouth as her fingers slashed repeatedly into her sodden squishy cunt. Her orgasm was moments away.

He looked at her puffy nipples and almost swooned. They were twice the size they’d been when he had suckled on them!

It was ironic that the sight of her swollen nipples sent him over the edge, ejaculating on her upper thigh. The heat of his sperm, combined with the frigging fingers carried Alena over as well and they climaxed together. Well not quite, but almost.


Alena lay sprawled across the bed while illegal bahis siteleri Eric busied himself wiping his ejaculate from his prick with a corner of the bed sheet and wondered what to do next.

It didn’t take him very long to come up with a plan. After telling the dazed girl that she had been wonderful, he swooped down and applied a French kiss to her glistening, gaping cunt and Alena came just like that.

But Eric had had many women and knew that to conquer Alena he needed to keep going. Not waiting for the young girl to catch her breath from the reverberations of her tumultuous orgasm, he spread her labia apart with his thumbs and speared his tongue deep inside her. He flicked her clit with both thumbs and tongue, and sucked her dripping pussy dry.

Alena had never cum so many times in so short a time. She had no idea where she was at the moment, nor did she care. When she finally opened her eyes a minute after he pried his cunt smeared face away from her genitals, she saw his erection looming over her face.

“Gonna fuck me?” she croaked.

Chuckling happily, he said, “Let’s take a bath.”

Still reeling in a sexual fugue, she responded dumbly, “Whatever,” as he helped her to her feet and ushered her into the bathroom where Alena playfully swatted at his erection then announced that she had to pee.

He helped her sit on the toilet and she peed away, blissfully unaware of his watchful stare. Then after wiping herself she managed to stand on her own.

“A bath… you want me to take a bath? But I showered before I got here…”

“I want you to take a bath with me,’ he said slowly so that she understood what he had in store for them.

“Ohhh, okay! But make the water hot. I had to take a cold shower this morning. It sucked!”

Eric ran the tub until it was half full, testing the water every few seconds. Alena daintily dipped a toe in and smirked at him. “Perfect! Eric. Just perfect!” and climbed into the tub and lay down in the soapy water.

He stepped into the hot tub a moment later, sank into the water, and tugged her onto his lap and kissed her.

“Ewe, you taste like pussy!” Alena giggled, reveling in the fact that it was her own fluids she tasted.

“Alena,” he whispered after kissing her a dozen more times, “I apologize in advance for the brevity of this fuck. I can’t help myself. Now I HAVE TO FUCK YOU!”

He turned her on his lap facing away from him. With an almost choreographed precision he arranged Alena’s legs on either side of his own and held on to her waist. “Please, put me inside you,” he said hoarsely.

Alena reached down and guided his cock into her. He was slightly longer than Nick, and a lot thicker. Alena arched her back and slowly impaled herself on his shaft as it stretched her vagina more with every inch of penetration.

Midway, Eric grabbed her hips, and slammed his cock in as far as it would go.

“CHRIST!” she barked and surged up, splashing water everywhere but in the tub.

Laughing crazily, Alena dropped back down on him and shuddered as another climax racked her body. “OH CHRIST THIS IS….”

She came to a halt on realizing he was leaving the sanctuary of her cunt.


“I want to try another position.”


Eric turned her so that she was on her knees, had her lean her hands on the sides of the tub. Alena didn’t realize what he was about to do until she felt his sex organ moving back into her.


The reason for this ecstatic cry on her part was simple. He was hammering his cock into her from the get go, while strumming her clit at the same time.

Prior to that moment, Alena would have sworn it was impossible to do both. But he was, and she loved every minute of it and came so hard she couldn’t stop screaming.

Eric had to cover her mouth with his hand to quell the noise and keep the hotel management from pounding on the door. Throughout her screams he continued to fuck her. Not as soundly as he had at first, but it was still a resounding fuck.

Alena gradually stopped her screaming, content to grind her ass against his pulsing cock until he emptied himself into her.

The lay entwined in each other’s arms until the water grew cold. He helped her from the tub, dried her and only when she smiled at him and assured him she was fine, did he apply a towel to himself.

Later, while she was dressing, he came up behind her and whispered his thanks for a wonderful night of companionship. Alena was weeping openly as she turned to kiss him and thanked him for an unforgettable evening.

He had to remind her to take the envelope. “Next week?” she asked, and received his smiling nod of assent.

“Same room?” she asked tentatively.

“Yes, the same room, Alena; always the same room.”


She woke up thirty minutes before her first class. Nick was snoring next to her. In a near panic, Alena searched frantically for the money she’d received form Eric the night canlı bahis siteleri before. It was just where she’d left it, but Nick had tossed his jeans over her shoe where the money was tucked away.

As qui

etly as possible, she rolled off the mattress, not wanting any part of Nick if at all possible. Tip-toeing into the bathroom, she squatted on the toilet and relieved herself, and then still seated on the bowl, counted the bills again.

Three hundred… three hundred! How will I spend it all?

Alena had little idea of how to handle money simply because she had so seldom had any to spend.

New undies, maybe two or three bras… I could get one that pushes my puppies up – make the guys gawk at them. I might buy a nice dress or maybe an outfit for next week. And… and I need some money to put down on a place of my own.

She pulled on a torn pair of jeans and a sweater, slipped into a pair of loafers and grabbed her purse, (with the money in it) and two text books and ran toward the campus.

She arrived at class about five minutes late, sat through a boring lecture and thought about where she could find decent underwear at a nominal cost while pretending to pay attention and take notes. After class she trotted over to a nearby café and ordered a tall, iced chai with non-fat milk and a turkey provolone sandwich.

Ten minutes later she was back in another class, procrastinating as to what type outfit she might buy. During a free period, she tried working on a paper, but kept recalling different elements from the night before. She wound up dissecting Eric on the page she was writing on.

•Obviously wealthy

•Married, but unhappily

•Loved her puppies, called them puffied, or was it puffies?

•For an old man, he certainly got it on

•How many times had she cum? No idea, but it was a lot.

•The idea of doing it in the tub was pure genius

•He could have done it again, but chose not to. Why?

•Did he think I couldn’t take anymore? Hope not.

•What could they possibly do for an encore?

•Lots of stuff I haven’t done yet.

•Should I give him my anus?

•Heard it hurts, but he’d know how to do it right.

•I wonder what his cock tastes like.

Giggling, she reread the thoughts then crumpled the page up and threw it in the nearby wastebasket.

A few seconds later, she dashed back to the wastebasket, retrieved the paper and slowly tore it into little pieces.

Leaving the apartment, she picked up a crumpled edition of that morning’s paper and scanned the apartment rentals. She reread the ads and found two of interest then called the first one.

It was a one-room apartment four blocks away, asking $200 a month. Nick was paying $350 and he lived in a rat-hole. What would this place look like? The owner said she could see it that night; he would be there until 9PM. She promised to be there by 8.

The other promising ad asked $399 a month and promised had 2 spacious bedrooms, a comfortable living room, full size bathroom, and a large accommodating kitchen. Each apartment had spacious yards, 24-hour emergency maintenance, on-site daycare facilities, washer/dryer hook-ups, convenient parking, mini-blinds, and ceiling fans. Along with these accommodations, they included the utilities of water, sewer, trash pick-up, and lawn maintenance. The apartments were conveniently located just minutes away from the main campus, meaning Alena could walk to class easily enough.

Alena called the ad she’d cut from the paper asking $399 a month for two spacious bedrooms and numerous extras. The apartments were conveniently located just minutes away from the main campus, meaning Alena could walk to class easily enough.

The landlord told her that she could come by anytime before six. After that she could still see the apartment, but it would be after seven-thirty. Alena assumed the landlord was taking time to have his dinner then and asked if she could come by in the next thirty minutes.

He was agreeable and she raced over to the prospective apartment. And on viewing the place, Alena was sold. The problem was she only had about three hundred dollars, obviously she needed more. She gave the landlord a deposit of $175 and was leaving the building when she encountered a young Asian woman comparing the address of the building with what had to be the ad in the newspaper.

The Asian girl leaned against the gate and asked, “Is this 2420 Vermont Avenue?”

“Are you looking for the apartment for rent in this building?” Alena inquired.

“Yes, I am. Are you the owner?” the Asian girl answered.

“I’m afraid I just rented it,” Alena said, and on seeing the grim look on the girl’s face on hearing this, quickly added, “But I’m looking for a roommate.”

Can I see the apartment?” the Asian girl asked.

“I think that’s possible,” Alena told her and rang the bell to the landlord’s apartment.

“I’d like my friend to see the place if you don’t mind. She’s thinking of rooming with me.” The landlord had no objections and Alena happily showed the apartment to the girl, who introduced herself as Ellie Wong.

Ellie was impressed with the apartment and even more so on hearing that her share of the rent would be $200.

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