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Lessons in Love Ch. 3

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Kim woke up with a start when she realized that Tom wasn’t in bed with her. She heard noises from the kitchen and knew that Tom was making breakfast. As she came out of the bathroom she looked at herself in the mirror. Looking up and down she liked what she saw, except for the matted mess of hair between her legs. The activities of the night before had left her trimmed bush a mess and she decided that a shower before breakfast might be a good idea. She opened a cabinet to find a towel and found a magazine sitting on the towels. The girl in the picture the magazine was opened looked a lot like her, except her pussy was shaved smooth. The picture really turned her on, and the idea that Tom would like to see her pussy shaved turned her on even more. She opened another cabinet and found a razor and shaving cream. 10 minutes and an orgasm later her pussy was smooth and hairless.

Tom was calling to he that breakfast was ready in 5 minutes as she was drying herself and powdering her smooth cunt. She looked around for something to put on, and settled for Tom’s shirt. She left it the top 3 buttons undone showing most of her firm tits, and saw that it cover her ass, but barely. If she bent over Tom was going to get a great view of her newly shaved pussy.

When she walked into the kitchen Tom was setting breakfast on the table, he looked at her and smiled. “You know I’ll never be able to put that shirt on without getting a hard on again.”

“Good” Kim replied. “I want you to remember me and this weekend.”

“You don’t ever have to worry about that.” They ate breakfast and talked about what they wanted out of life, strangely avoiding the subject of sex, which made them both even hotter. Tom told Kim he would take care of the dishes and to go relax in the living room.

She put on some music and grabbed a book on the coffee table to read. The book was a collection of erotic stories and it wasn’t long before Kim’s pussy was aching for Tom’s cock. “Like illegal bahis what your reading baby” She heard Tom ask.

“Yes, as a matter for fact, it’s given me an idea or two.”

“What ever you want to do.” He said. Kim looked up and smiled.

“I want to watch you beat off.” Tom smiled as she continued. “I want you to strip and sit on the couch and play with your cock. I want to watch you make yourself cum all over your chest.”

“And what are you going to do to help” He asked with a smile.

Kim thought about it for a second. “You get naked and wait for me, I’ll be right back”

When Kim returned Tom was sitting on the couch, naked, his cock showing signs of life, but not hard. Kim handed him a bottle of baby oil. “I want to see you use this so your cock is nice and shiny.” She then walked over to the stereo and put in a CD and started it playing. Sade came through the speakers. As her sultry voice began to sing “Ordinary Love” Kim began to dance for Tom. The music seemed to capture the feelings Kim had, she wanted to fuck Tom, yet she wanted to watch as he stroked his cock. As the song went on Tom’s cock was getting harder. “Oh baby you look great dancing like that.”

“shhhh,” she said. “I don’t want you to say a work unless I ask you a question.” Tom nodded. Kim continued to dance, moving her hips as if there were a hard cock inside of her. Her hands moved to the buttons of her lover’s shirt and she began to expose her chest one button at a time. She turned her back to Tom and let him watch her ass move as she opened the shirt. Turning around Tom saw the red teddy she had put on under the shirt. It had lace in the front, that went down to just below her bellybutton, showing the ring she had gotten on a dare a year before. The lace was wide enough across her tits to almost show her nipples which were poking against the silky fabric.

Kim looked down and watched as Tom slid his hand up and down his hard shiny cock. It looked so good illegal bahis siteleri to Kim as his hand slowly slid up and down the shaft of his cock. A drop of liquid appeared at the top as he continued to stroke his hard dick. “You like watching me dance, don’t you baby.” “Oh yea you are so hot.” Kim smiled knowing that she had Tom right where she wanted him. She continued to move to the music as the next song started, her hand reaching down to caress her hard nipple or slide up her slit forcing the fabric of the teddy against her clit.

Every time she touched her pussy she saw Tom’s cock jump in his hand. It was time to show Tom her next two surprises. She bent over the couch Tom was sitting on putting her firm tits near his face. “No touching.” She said, as she reached behind Tom and pulled out the vibrator he had used to fuck her ass the night before. She leaned close to his ear and whispered “Do you want to see my surprise baby?” Tom was really wanting o see her naked, knowing that he wasn’t going to cum until she was bare ass in front of him. “Oh God yes.” “And will you do whatever I ask to see me naked?” “Whatever you want baby.” “I was hoping you say that.” She said as she placed the vibrator in his free hand. “I want to see you use that in you ass the way you used it in mine last night.”

Tom took the vibrator and poured some baby oil on it, coating it with a thin layer of lube. It had been in his ass many times and he knew how slick it needed to be. He opened his legs a little wider and slid the plastic cock into his ass. Kim watched as one hand stroked his now throbbing cock and the other worked the vibrator in and out of his ass.

She reached up to the straps holding the teddy over her tits and slid them down. She rolled the teddy lower until it was just below her navel. Toms was shaking he wanted to cum so bad, but knew that he couldn’t. Kim turned away from him and rolled the teddy over her ass giving him a shot of her firm cheeks. As canlı bahis siteleri the teddy fell to the floor she turned around, her smooth hairless pussy now exposed to Tom. His eyes got wide as he saw the girl of his dreams standing there with a cunt shaved.

She moved closer to Tom and turned away from him, straddling his bare legs and putting her ass and pussy just above his cock. “Cum on my pussy Tom, stroke your cock, I want to feel your hot cum splash on my pussy.” While she was talking she replaced his hand on the vibrator with her own and began to fuck his ass. “Cum for me baby, let me feel it.” As she shoved the plastic cock into his ass one last time she heard him cry out. “I’m cumming” and felt his hot jizm hit her bare pussy lips and clit. The feeling of the hot cum brought her even closer, and her free hand went between her legs to rub her clit. She felt his cum hit her pussy and hand as her fingers brought her to orgasm. She cried out, a loud moan as the orgasm broke through her body. Wave after wave of pleasure swept over her until at last she had to sit down on Tom’s lap.

She expected his cock to be limp after cumming so hard, but as she sat down he guided his still hard prick into her cunt. She cried out has Tom’s cock filled her hot pussy. “Oh God baby fuck me now, oh yes I need your cock.”

Tom lowered her to the floor, keeping her pussy on his cock and began to fuck her from behind. Kim just cried out as his cock slammed into her, “Harder oh Go harder, Fuck me baby, fuck me. Pound my pussy. Oh God I need you to fuck me. Fill my cunt with your cum baby. Fuck me, Fuck me, Fuckkkk , Oh good it’s so good, I’m cumming.” She cried out as an orgasm started in her that shook her to the depths of her being. Her cries lost words, becoming noise as Tom cried out. “I’m cumming and she felt his cock cum in her cunt setting of another orgasm of her own. This one so intense all she could do was throw her head back and open her mouth in a silent scream.

As Tom pulled out of her pussy; Kim collapsed on the floor, curling her self into a ball. Tom wrapped himself around her and held her as waves of pleasure rolled through her totally fucked cunt.

To Be Continued…

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