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Love is Blind

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I was standing on a balcony overlooking the ocean, allowing the cool night air to play across my skin. I was wearing a light white beach dress, sheer and floaty, which hinted at nothing underneath. The light breeze carried the salt of the sea and refreshed me, catching my hair and playing with it. I was admiring the moonlight on the ocean and not paying attention to much else, when…

“Your body looks so sexy in the moonlight,” a deep, masculine voice purred in my ear as a hard, hot body was suddenly pressed against my back. I hadn’t even heard you move. My breath caught.

“I want you,” you groaned in my ear. You spun me in your arms before I had a chance to react, one hand on the railing either side of my body, trapping me in the heat of your arms. You whispered your next words with your lips nuzzled against my neck, your breath raising goose bumps all over my body.

“And when I want something this badly… I don’t stop until I get it.”

“I never want you to stop,” I whispered back, breathless and wanting.


Before I could say another word I was suddenly left bereft, my body cooling rapidly where my darling man had been a split second earlier. You could not possibly understand how your movements and touches affect my body, how one kiss or caress in just the right spot makes my stomach clench and instantly soaks my panties. I am so aware of you, so attuned to your body that I knew it almost better than my own. I’m certain that you know my body better than I do, if the reactions that you are able to elicit from it are any indication.

My attention was drawn back to the balcony doors where you reappeared, a cloth of some kind in your hands.

“Do you trust me?” you asked me, your eyes searching. I could see that your desire took a momentary backseat as your care for my wellbeing took over, and I loved you all the more for it. I let you read my feelings on my face, and you knew then answer before I uttered it.


I was briefly treated to the look of triumph and desire that flared in your eyes before something soft covered mine. It tightened and was tied. I was blind.

“Can you see?” you asked me. I shook my head. “Good. Now listen to me. Tonight, you are mine. You will do as I tell you, and I will do to you whatever I wish. The blindfold will heighten your senses, make you anticipatory and desperate for my touch as you don’t know where or when it’s going to come.” I could hear the smile in your voice as you continued. “And it’ll be good for me too… You don’t know how fucking sexy you look right now. Dressed in white and bathed in moonlight like a goddess, yet wearing my blindfold and willing to do as I wish… It’s like I’ve tamed a lioness.”

I allowed myself a smile at that. God I loved this man.


The command — for it was unmistakably that — came sharply. My smile turned into a grin of delight as I ran my hands down the front of your bare chest, coming to rest on the waistband of your unbuttoned jeans as my knees met the floor. Without a word, you slipped a soft pillow beneath my legs and the hard ground, for which I was grateful.

“Undress me.”

This was my first moment of brief disappointment as I wouldn’t be able to enjoy the beauty of your body as I peeled you out of what little clothes you had on, but I was calmed by the realisation that although my eyes couldn’t see you, my hands could paint a mental picture. Skimming my hands across your hips, I pushed your jeans and underwear down your legs slowly, helping you lift your feet out, first one leg and then the other. There was a soft rustling as you presumably kicked your discarded clothes into the corner, and then…

“Suck me.”

These words came softer, seductive and charming. I willingly opened my mouth and reached out my tongue to oblige. I quickly flicked my tongue from base to tip, circling the soft head and tasting the tiny droplets that had formed there. One hand wrapped around the base of your cock while the other gripped your gorgeous backside, pulling you closer in to me. You let out a soft groan that made me shiver—I loved listening to you.

“Yes… Ooh, baby, Lucy, yes!” my rhythmic movements were punctuated by your whispered words and low moans. Moving slightly faster, I cupped your balls with one hand, stroking my index finger over the sensitive skin behind them. Your fingers immediately searched for my hair, tangling in the long tresses and holding my head where you wanted me. You began to move your hips, fucking my mouth as I urged you closer and closer to orgasm. Your free hand was braced on the balcony railing as I knelt with my back against it, sucking and licking your delicious cock with vigour. I loved that when I did something you particularly liked, I could feel your cock thickening and hardening further in my mouth and I could taste the salty sweetness on the tip of my tongue. Faster I moved, pleasuring you, taking you deep into the back of my throat.

“Ooh yeah… That’s it… That’s bursa escort it, baby, don’t stop… Please don’t stop… Oh yes!” you exclaimed exultantly as you exploded in my mouth, gripping the back of my neck tightly as I swallowed every drop. Licking your long shaft with the flat of my tongue, I didn’t waste a single taste. You shuddered above me and I felt it as you leant on the railing with both arms.

“Oh wow.”

“Please sir… I want some more.” I said, cheeky smile upturned. It earned me a quick kiss.

“Believe me, you’ll get it. Stand up.”

I stood quickly, and you led me a few steps inside the room. When we got inside, I felt you step away.


Moving quickly to obey, I pushed the flimsy straps off my shoulders and let the soft white fabric pool at my feet. “You’re exquisite, my darling,” you said, kissing across my shoulders with every word.

“Sit.” I felt a chair behind me and lowered myself into it, anticipation building. The chair was straight-backed and wooden, nothing fancy. I anticipated that by the time this night was over, I’d have a thing for wooden, straight-backed, nothing-fancy chairs.

“If you want me to stop at any time, just say so, ok?” you said to me. I nodded. That wasn’t a likely possibility.

I gasped as the skin of my bottom was suddenly pinched. “Answer me.”

“Yes,” I whispered.

“Yes, what?” you prompted menacingly.

“Yes, Reid.”

I felt you take a hold of my arms and pull them behind my back, deftly binding them to the chair. I pulled at the knots tentatively—not too tight, but I wasn’t going anywhere. I felt very exposed, sitting naked as I was, breasts thrust forward into the night air. You whistled with appreciation.

“Something’s missing… Ah, I know.”

The exposed feeling increased as you pulled my legs gently apart, securing one ankle to each chair leg. With my breasts thrust out, my pussy on display and my eyes covered, I felt simultaneously nervous and excited… and aroused. Definitely aroused.

“Ok?” you asked. I nodded. A sharp sting across my thigh alerted me to my mistake.

“Yes, Reid.”


I heard your footsteps padding softly away across the carpet. Where were you going? I heard the running of water in the bathroom, then some rustling, then more running water… What on earth was going on? Something clanked in a bag that you shifted; surely you didn’t have too many more surprises in store…

All of a sudden, I shrieked with surprise at the feeling of your tongue on my nipple. Flicking the wetness over one peak, you pinched and rolled the other between your fingertips, just the way you know I love. I was so wet; I could feel it as the air blew against my most private of parts… Despite my nerves, however, I got a huge thrill from being so scantily and wantonly displayed like this. For you… all for you.

You spent the next eternity teasing me, however. Kissing and caressing my skin all over, leaving long and short time gaps between touches and igniting fire everywhere you went. I felt a drop of moisture run down the inside of my thigh, betraying my arousal. You were delighted at this, and licked it up immediately. I held my breath. Maybe this time, please, please, please!!!

I almost screamed with delight as your tongue came into contact with my clitoris. I couldn’t last long, the pressure had built and built inside me for so long, I was so desperate for release. As you pulled the tiny bundle of nerve endings into your mouth and sucked, I saw stars explode behind my eyes at the force of my orgasm.

“Well that was fast…” you murmured as I came down from my high. I felt my cheeks heat. “More?” I shook my head vigorously, certain that my body wouldn’t survive even a single touch. “Too bad that’s not up to you…”

At that, I felt a hot drop of liquid hit my shoulder, and I gasped with the pleasure/pain as the heat ran down my back. It didn’t burn, exactly, just sort of… smouldered. Three more drops followed in quick succession, each burning a line of fire down the sensitive skin of my back. They were followed by drops on my breasts, stomach and thighs, each sliding down my skin and heating it almost to the point of pain… almost. The scent assailed my nostrils, sweet and musky, a scent that I knew would bring back sensual memories of this night for the rest of my life. You continued to drip the scalding liquid all over my body, enjoying my squirms and gasps and the way my skin reddened deliciously.

I heard you take a few steps, and then a soft tickling began just above my collarbone. It traced down my neck and across my throat, making me wriggle.

“What is that?” I asked


I felt the fluttering as you brushed the object—was it a feather?—around the outline of my breasts, moving ever closer to my nipple. My breath hitched with the new sensations, then caught as you flicked the feather across my nipple. Quick quick quick, you brushed over my sensitive peak bursa escort bayan several times before slowing down and teasing me slowly, making it harden and stand towards you.

“Ahhh!” I cried out as your teeth closed gently on my other breast. Shocked, I bucked against the ropes that bound me. You quickly soothed the momentary pain with soft laves of your tongue across my nipple, rolling around and around the bud, before nipping me gently again. I groaned with pleasure, straining to touch you. Abandoning the feather, you pinched and rolled my other nipple between your fingers. Without pausing in your movements, I felt the fingers of your other hand brush up my right leg, all the way from my ankle, over my knee and then up the inside of my thigh. I inhaled sharply… Only to feel your fingers begin their descent down the soft skin of my left inner thigh. Under my knee, down the back of my calf, and around my ankle, your fingers continued their maddening teasing dance up and down my legs as your mouth and left hand continued their onslaught on my nipples — soft, hard, then soft again.

“Tease,” I grumbled.

I was besieged. The desperate need to see you and to touch you was almost overwhelming, yet the exquisite sensations that I was feeling were overpowering.

The multitude of feelings was building and building, driving me wild with desire despite my earth-shattering orgasm only a few minutes earlier.

“More?” you whispered seductively in my ear.

“Yes…” I groaned, begging. I heard a soft buzzing sound. What now?

“What my lady wants…” you murmured in my other ear, and then my body shattered.

“AAAAHHHH” I squealed as the buzzing item came into contact with the most sensitive part of my anatomy. The vibrations shot through my body, electrifying me and emanating out from my core.

“You like that?” you whispered to me, your breath playing across the moisture your mouth left on my nipple. I couldn’t do anything but pant. Your lips, tongue, teeth and fingers continued their merciless assault on my sensitive breasts while you moved the buzzing shaft up and down the seam of my soaking wet pussy. Every time it passed over my clitoris, my body jerked involuntarily against my restraints. I wished that I could see you, could watch the desire in your eyes… But at the same time, I loved that I couldn’t. Loved the inherent trust that was involved between us, loved the feeling of giving myself over completely to you and your wishes. I was so turned on.

“Ohh!” I gasped again at the feeling, then you swiftly thrust the vibrator into my drenched pussy in one movement. “Oh God!” I shrieked. Slowly you slid the shaft out of me, then plunged it deep again, biting my nipple as you did so.

I bucked against the ropes. It was too intense. The way you mercilessly pumped in and out of me as you rolled my nipple in your fingers. I needed to pull away and take a moment to breathe, but I was tied down. There was no way to escape this onslaught of pleasure.

“That’s it. Take it, baby,” you coaxed.

“I can’t, I can’t!” I screamed.

“You can, and you will,” you ordered as you pressed your thumb to my clitoris, pushing me right to the edge of a cliff that I never knew I could climb. “Come for me,” you demanded and I felt myself fall over the cliff.

“Yes, Reid!” I screamed as I tumbled into ecstasy. Again.

I was dimly aware of my wrists and ankles being released as I came down from my high. My blindfold was pushed up on to my forehead, and I blinked in the dim light, before my eyes involuntarily closed again. I felt the rumble in your chest as you chuckled, half carrying me to the bed on the other side of the room. I could feel a sleepy, satisfied smile on my face.

“I like that look,” you whispered in my ear. “I like that I caused it.”

“I like that you caused it too,” I whispered back, opening my eyes long enough to catch the slight widening of your eyes at my words, and cheekily winking at you. “But is that all you got?”

You growled at that.

“Bed. Now.”

Before I could utter an enthusiastic ‘yes, sir!’ you tossed me unceremoniously onto the bed, effectively silencing any protests. I bounced only once on the covers before you grabbed me by the ankles and hauled me to the edge of the mattress, so my legs hung off the side and my feet rested on the floor.

“Sit up.” I complied quickly, eager to see what you had in store for me next.


As if I could have done anything else.

I stared, mesmerised as you moved one hand to your straining cock. I could see how turned on you were, your cock jumped as I watched, veins corded against the smooth skin. I ached to touch you, to run my fingers along the soft skin…

“No.” Your word, and the sharp digging of your fingers into the back of my neck, broke my reverie. I was surprised to see my hand reaching for the front of your body, desperate to imitate what your strong right hand was currently doing. Your erection stood escort bursa proudly against the planes of your stomach, the glorious prize between the V’d lines of muscled just above your hips that I loved so much.

“Just look. Don’t touch.” I moaned in frustration. Your eyes laughed at me despite your stern expression. “I mean it, Lucy. You don’t want to know what will happen otherwise.”

You were wrong. I really, really did want to know.

Once again your long-fingered hand commenced its stroking. A small exhalation escaped you as your left hand gripped tighter on my neck, anchoring yourself. I watched, spellbound, as your hand glided up and down… Up and down. Your eyes closed, focusing on the sensations. This was my chance. I reached out with one hand, and gently brushed the thick ridge that ran along the underside of your beautiful cock. Your eyes flew open, fiery and lidded.

“Oh, you’re going to regret that, darling. That was a big mistake.”

I seriously doubted that.

Suddenly you grabbed me, tipping me across your lap as you sat down on the bed. With one smooth movement, you angled your body so my torso was resting on the bed beside you. You threw your right leg over both of mine and planted your left forearm on the small of my back, holding me down so I couldn’t move. This was new. You had literally just taken me across your knee, like an errant child. Surely you weren’t about to… You placed your hand on my naked behind, softly fondling me, stroking around and around with your flat palm. And then your hand was no longer there… Smack!

I cried out, more with surprise than pain. Your hand moved softly over the sting, soothing my skin with gentle circular motions.

“This is what happens to naughty girls who don’t do what they’re told. Does that sound like you?” I could barely remember my own name, let alone think of the answer that you wanted to your question. As I tried to corral my thoughts into a semblance of reason, your second blow fell sharply across my behind.

“Answer me.” You growled.

“Yes!” I gasped. Another sharp sting.

“Yes what?”

Yes… Yes what, what did you want… “Yes, Reid.”

Your fingers brushed down the crease of my ass, moving closer to my sex. You dipped into the wetness there, trailing a line of moisture back up and over the curve of my buttocks. “Do you feel how wet you are? How much you like this?”

“Yes, Reid, please…”

“I’m going to fuck you, Lucy. I’m going to bend you over and fuck you in this sweet, wet pussy of yours, and you’re going to take every inch of my painfully hard cock inside your body. Do you want that?”

“Yes, Reid…” I moaned.

“I said, do you want that?”

“Yes!” The word left my mouth in a scream on the impact of another strike. My behind was on fire, the imprint of your hand feeling like a brand on the soft skin. And I fucking loved it.

I heard you groan as you let me up, sliding deftly out from underneath me and moving to stand beside the bed. Grabbing my ankles again, you pulled them to the floor and settled my hips against the edge of the bed, face down this time.

“God I love your ass.”

With no more prelude than that, you were suddenly buried to the hilt inside me. I stifled a scream against the sheets—I think you were bigger than usual, the extended foreplay leaving you with a massive erection. I loved the feeling of your cock inside me, it thrilled me to my core and made my body writhe as my fingers fisted in the sheets.

“Reach back.” Your voice sounded hoarse and strained. I wriggled against you, desperate for you to commence your pounding rhythm. I complied.

Quickly you snared my wrists and held them against my lower back with one hand. With my head turned to the side I could breathe, but that was about the extent of my ability to move. Just how you wanted me, no doubt.

With one hand against my back and the other maintaining a bruising hold on my left hip, you began a slow, punishing rhythm. Pulling all the way out so just the tip of your cock brushed my opening before slamming back in to the hilt, I gasped with every thrust.

“Please… God… Yes… Reid! So… Fucking… Good… Don’t… Stop…”

You began to move faster and faster, ramming into me from behind. I could feel my stomach tighten as the sensations started to build, pressure climbing with every brush of your cock against the slick inner walls of my drenched pussy. The sound of your hips slamming against my ass with every movement of your body was so hot. Your skin moved slickly against mine, covered as we were with a light sheen of sweat from our exertions. I was close… So… close…

“Come. Now.”

I exploded with a shriek as my body blew apart, breaking into a million pieces as my consciousness flew to the heavens. I was aware of you letting loose a guttural roar as you gave two more quick, punishing thrusts into my contracting pussy and then detonated inside me with a rush of warm fluid. We came together in a shower of sparks, a maelstrom of fireworks and an explosion of body, heart and soul. The pleasure was overwhelming as we revelled in each other’s ecstasy, transcending space and time in order to simply feel.

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