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Lovely Mouthful!

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It is so warm in my hands; but because it is so firmly attached and only free at the end I am holding it has a life of its own. It springs away from me when I release it, but it likes me to hold it. If I hold it in certain places I can feel his pulse. It has a gentle bend to its length; the surface is so soft to touch but the surface is also deeply veined. When I am not holding it, it gently bobs up and down to his heartbeat. I want to watch it but I cannot stop and wait; I must. It needs me to….

I look at its head, why do I think it is such a wonderful colour, the texture on its surface, the outlet hole in the end the gentle curve around the back of the head and it’s so warm to my touch. My pleasure in my hands and in my mouth; it so natural to just put my lips to it, warm and whole in my mouth. My tongue can trace the delicate shape and paths round the head, the different textures the crevices the tight filament that runs from the hole to the shaft. If I let my tongue follow that filament I know it will find where it really wants me to go, to probe, to flick and lick. I bursa escort can feel the response in my hand it likes me to go there, to flick and lick. But it must wait for just a moment; my tongue retraces the path up that tight filament back to the hole. What do we have here? A little puddle of warm clear liquid, it really wants me, doesn’t it? My tongue collects the little pool; I taste – it sweet and viscous. I run my hand from the bottom of the shaft to the top to squeeze out any more liquid. I am rewarded by a sudden waterfall of colourless warm juice to lick from the end. I can tell that it likes my tongue licking the end, it stiffens in my hand. I wouldn’t think it could stiffen much more but it does.

The head is glistening from my attention. It shines in the pale light in the room; but I must go on, it needs me too. I don’t want to stop. It needs my attention, my close, urgent attention. I want to give it my closest attention and my heart beats faster, I too am getting wet in faraway places that will be dealt with soon but my attention is here now to the matter very much in hand and in my bursa escort bayan mouth, eerrmm.

My lips surround the head and I push the head in and out of my lips. It is so soft so warm. It feels in love.

Things feel more urgent, more pace is a must. I leave the softness behind and suck and follow the path down the shaft feeling its whole length in my mouth. My, what a mouthful, what a fucking gorgeous mouthful. To have the whole thing in my mouth to feel all its warmth invading me, engorging my cunt, but my cunt will have to wait its turn. I am worshiping this shaft and all it can deliver. Movement is what it wants, it is what I must give; sucking and teasing, back and forth; in and out, devouring its length time after glorious time.

How can that succulent sensitive little patch at the end of that tight filament be resisting my attention. It is enjoying it though. It is getting stiffer and stiffer, but the best bit is that the head is getting bigger and bigger, not overwhelmingly just beautifully filling and filling my mouth. Like a wonderful succulent ever lickable warm escort bursa lolly pop.

Just as sweet and naughty. I was told off for sucking lollies as a child now I know why; they just feel so wonderful in my mouth. Why does my mouth love to feel so full, not so that I choke, just wonderfully, wonderfully full; almost to overflowing? It was made to do this I just know it was.

It is feeling bigger and bigger and stiffer and stiffer; it is going to burst forth any moment now. Other signals tell me the moment is fast approaching the moment that you want to delay, but the moment that won’t be delayed any longer. The moment that all this is about; the release, the ferment, the volcano, the gushing forth. The mind jangling overwhelming pleasure and pleasure and pleasure, just because of what I have done. So much pleasure The torrent is arriving spurting from the end; pulsing out of the hole in the shaft. Unable to resist any more sensations to its lengths it spills forth, it jets forth, it sprays the whole world around it.

I never wanted it to end but it had to.

Now I want it to start again.

It must.

I am addicted.

It must perform to my wishes.

Now it must entertain my cunt.

I must entertain my own wetness or rather this shaft must.

Yes this shaft MUST. NOW…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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