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Manager’s Holiday

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I work in a mall. It’s not a very busy mall, as the town I live in is pretty small. I work at a vitamin store and, of course, in a town of fat people, its pretty dead most of the time. I used to work at the sporting goods store across the hall. While I worked there, I had a manager who always seemed to hit on me. Of course, I figured he was joking, considering I used to be rather gross. I used to be about 30 pounds heavier, had glasses pimples and an ass the size of Russia.

Now, however, it’s hard to talk about weight loss all day and not actually be thin. So, I jumped on the bandwagon and now I’m about 5’4 with a nice 140 pounds to make me pretty curvy. I try to keep my hair long, dark brown and wear makeup to accentuate my ice blue eyes. When I got hired into the store about 6 months ago, I noticed the manager kept looking over at me. Here’s what went down on one lazy Sunday afternoon.


“Hey, Nikki, are you okay?” Shawn asked me. He has a smile to die for and, although he isn’t too tall, his body is well built. His ass? Amazing. Anyway, I wasn’t okay. My boyfriend of a year had just dumped me and it was quite obvious I was in distress. I should have seen it coming, as I noticed his attention wasn’t on me anymore. We hadn’t had sex in over 3 months. It was awful, considering I’m a scorpio. Scorpios LOVE dirty, kinky rotten sex and he just couldn’t handle it.

But, Shawn could. So he said, anyway. He would always make comments to me across the hallway canlı bahis or whisper dirty things to me, completely in jest. Funny.

“Let’s get some drinks then I can come to the back room and help you put away those boxes.” He smiled and winked, just another flirtation. I finished my paperwork and met up with him at the restaurant.

After a few drinks I put my hand on his thigh and we both knew what was about to happen. We couldn’t go to my house, as my ex-boyfriend was still living there and his kids were sound asleep with the baby sitter. So, I jingled my keyes and we made our way to the store. Luckily, there are no cameras.

We walked to the back of the store and as soon as the door shut, it was on. Shawn slammed me up against the wall, his strong arms pinning me to the cheap drywall. My lips were glued to his and he pulled off his work shirt, a polo that hardly gave justice to the hard body underneath. The tattoo on his arm wrapped sensually around his bicep and made a wicked turn down his forearm. His back is covered in ink, the muscles rippling under the skin.

My shirt was ripped off and went flying into the stockroom, the walls rattling from our movements. In a matter of seconds, we were both down to the basics, in a frantic manner. He shoved me into my boss’ desk and I pushed all of her stuff to the side. I yanked him down on top of me, our bodies writhing and aching with desire. He kissed my mouth and said the thing I’d been waiting for a man to say since I began bahis siteleri having sex.

“I can’t wait to eat your pussy.” He whispered in my ear with his soft Irish accent. I absolutely melted. He moved to kiss down my neck, grabbing my tits. Then, he made his way down the desk, kissing my breasts and rubbing my thighs.

Shawn put his tongue on my clit and the world went black. The way he worked my slit with his tongue and how he slid his finger right up to the hot spot, made shivers run up and down my spine. I should let you know, I’m a squirter. I can cum all over someone if they just give me the go ahead. So, I asked him, since I was getting close, if he didn’t mind if I covered his olive colored skin in my juices. He quickly moaned “mm-hmm” and it shot me over the edge.

I grabbed his dark hair and splashed my cum all over his waiting face. He licked me clean, my spasms finally ceasing from one of the most powerful orgasms I’ve ever experienced.

“Now…” I panted, barely able to breathe, “I want you to fuck me.”

“Are you sure?” He asked me, knowing damn well what I would say.

“Fuck me, Shawn. Fuck me hard.” I looked deep into his eyes and kissed him hard, pulling him toward me, my cum still dripping down onto my body in into my mouth. He got up on his knees and smiled.

Shawn shoved his cock hard into my throbbing pussy, the wetness dripping down onto the company property and forever staining my boss’ desk. He pumped away so hard, filling me to the bahis şirketleri brim. I’d dreamt of the day this would happen and his deep, hard thrusting reminded me more and more of how much I wanted him. His balls slapped my ass so hard, I screamed out and begged him for more.

He quickly stood up, me following. He spun me around and bent me flat over the desk, my ass and pussy fully exposed to him. I felt his tongue on my asshole and his finger on my g-spot. I whimpered for him to satisfy me.

Shawn stood up. “Are you ready for this, Nikki? I’ve wanted to fuck you like this for so long, but are you ready?”

“Give it to me!” I screamed as I felt his cock rip into my pussy, slamming hard into my cervix. The sound of wet, nasty sex echoed throughout the room, the schedule falling off the wall and crashing onto our discarded clothes. I could feel his balls hitting my clit and sending me into oblivion. I felt his finger on my asshole, feeling around and intensifying my rising pleasure.

“Can I cum in your ass?” Shawn asked. I quickly nodded yes and I felt him push all the way into my asshole. I moaned as he slid in and out slowly, letting me feel every inch, every vein of his cock move inside me. He started to grunt and swelled up to an enormous volume.

Then, he screamed and filled my waiting ass with his juice. His strong hands gripped my hips so hard, he nearly drew blood. His jolting spasms subsided and he collapsed onto the desk, landing hard next to me.

“We should do this again sometime.” Shawn panted after a minute to recover.

“Maybe next time, we could do it in a bed.” I replied, kissing him on the forehead and getting up to go clean myself off in the company bathroom.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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