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Mind Over Management Ch. 03

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I got home from work that Sunday to find that we had company. Garth, Jen’s ex-boyfriend, was there, and he sat on my fucking loveseat as if he owned the damn thing. Clearly, the girls were a little too nervous to tell him off, or perhaps they didn’t realize how I felt about the loveseat. The sofa was one thing, but the loveseat was off-limits to the likes of him forever.

I was frankly furious. I was done with this jackal and I wanted him out of Jen’s life, and the rest of our lives to boot, permanently. I didn’t want him involved in raising the girl. I wanted him gone, period. Not troubling the rest of us at all, that kind of gone was what I wanted from him. I also wanted to perhaps teach him a major lesson that might guide his future conduct for the better.

“Garth, what the fuck are you doing in my apartment?” I demanded rather angrily indeed.

“Visiting my ex, the mother of my unborn daughter. Did you know that she’s having a girl?” Garth sneered, not taking the hint that could spare him his comeuppance.

“As a matter of fact, Garth, I am well aware of my daughter. My daughter, Garth, not yours. She’s gonna be my little girl, my firstborn, the apple of my eye. Daddy’s girl. Daddy is me, not you. You’re out of the game, Bubba. You failed the test, and now I get to raise this little angel myself. I get the honor of being her father, of being the one who walks her down the aisle someday,” I was getting good at this, somewhat embellishing, as I didn’t know what the future had in store for the little one, but I wanted to play up his fears.

“Hey, I know that I’m just a guest here, but that’s my granddaughter you’re talking about,” another voice spoke up, coming from the front door as it closed.

“Sorry, do I know you?” I asked the woman who walked inside, a tanned, toned woman who looked to be about 40, but from the way she talked should be closer to 50.

“That’s Garth’s mother, Pamela. She wanted the baby more than Garth did, I think,” Jen informed.

“Well, Pamela, sorry to have to break it to you, but Jen is the mother and she wants me to raise her daughter. It would be different if your son had treated Jen better, but instead he lost interest in her the moment she started to show. She has confided in me that she wants me to raise the kid, to be its father. Garth doesn’t seem all that interested in the baby, or at least he didn’t until now. That wouldn’t be your doing, would it?” I explained to Pamela, though I honestly felt bad for her, who clearly wanted a granddaughter.

“Well, I have been upset with Garth for just dumping Jen and forgetting the baby’s existence. He hasn’t asked my input on the whole situation, and I think that I know why now. Garth, are you afraid of fatherhood? This is your baby. Step up. I’d like to know my granddaughter. I get that you don’t find Jen attractive anymore, though if you ever plan to start a family, you need to grow a pair and not be so squeamish. Pregnant girls are gonna be horny. I know that I was.

“Jen, is there no way that I can change your mind? I know that I don’t have much of a leg to stand on, since my son has been such a selfish pig, but he’s not all bad, once he’s straightened up and flown right. He should have married you already. I mean, goodness look at you, you’re a gorgeous young woman! I’m very sorry that my son has acted like this, but that’s why I’ve been trying to get him to man up and face what he is now…a father. I admit that I have an ulterior motive, though, of becoming a grandmother,” Pamela urged both Jen and Garth.

“Sorry, Pamela, but…it’s just not gonna work out. I don’t have the time to wait for your son to get his head screwed on straight. I need a man now who wants this baby to be his, who will love and care for it as his own. Master, sorry, Jack is eager to be the Daddy. He wants to raise the girl. That’s what I need in the baby’s father. Enthusiasm. Unconditional love. He loves the child as his own already. I can tell. Maybe this can be a lesson to Garth that will shake him up and get him to rethink his life. God, I hope so. He can be a great guy if he grows up a little more, gets out of Never Neverland,” Jen broke to Garth’s mom.

“I see…Master, is it? What kind of man claims that sort of exalted title, an egotist? A narcissist? Jack, is it? I don’t care what sort of deal you have with Jen and these other three ladies, whom I can only guess from looking at them are your other girlfriends. You have a little harem deal going on, I get it. You’re a patriarchal misogynist who wants several wives, and is willing to raise another man’s kid to have them. I don’t care, as long as you let me have the baby. I’ll adopt it, if Garth doesn’t want it. She can be his sister instead of his ankara escort daughter. Please, don’t shut me out of the child’s life!” Pamela begged us.

“Oh, Mom, let it go! The game is up. Jen doesn’t want me to raise the kid and that’s fine with me! How do I even know if it’s truly mine? Who else has the slut been fucking, anyway? She’s such a hussy, even has a tramp stamp on her lower back. It could be anyone’s baby, though I assumed that it was mine because she told me so. Do you really want to raise some dude’s baby when it might not even be your grandchild?” Garth rose to leave.

“Not so fast, cowboy! You just insulted Jen! I will not let that one go by without some sort of consequence! How dare you imply that Jen cheated on you! She never did. Sure, we have a polyamorous relationship right now, but when you two were steady, she was loyal as they get. Now, apologize to Jen for calling her a tramp!” I demanded of Garth.

“As for me, Pamela, no, I don’t hate women. I love these ladies. They love me. Jen’s just kinky that way and I’m rather kinky myself, so I don’t mind her calling me ‘Master’ instead of Jack. I don’t hit or hurt these ladies, just spank Jen from time to time when she and I both want it,” I turned to Pamela.

“Yes, you should apologize for that, Garth. It’s just wrong to say such things unless you have reason to suspect that she was unfaithful to you. You’re in denial, not because you don’t believe that you’re the father, but because you don’t want to be. Why is that, my son? What’s wrong with being the Daddy? Because, like it or not, you are this kid’s father and always will be. That is just a biological fact. I know what I’m talking about! I’m a registered nurse! I deal with this for a living, son!” Pamela confronted her son, now quite upset that his attitude had cost her a chance to be Grandma for the first time.

“You’re…right. I’m sorry. Look, I’m just not ready yet. I will be in a year or two, but hell, man, I’m fresh out of college, about to go to the Academy! In a year or two, I’ll be a cop and I can be a father then! I’m just not ready so soon. Forgive me, Jen? I’m just not ready yet! Sorry, Mom, but I just got out of college. This shit is coming at me fast! Too fast! Jen and I were supposed to have time to get to know each other and I would have time to find out if it was really love or something else,” Garth confessed.

“You mean that you’re not sure that you ever really loved me, huh? Damn it, Garth! Yes, I forgive you, but I am very hurt that you didn’t love me, because apparently you never did. You’ve insulted me too much of late, hurt my feelings, broken my heart, and stomped on it for good measure! See why I want Master to raise this kid? Master loves me, loves this baby, loves these women…he is a very loving man, though certainly dominant, which I like about him!” Jen started crying again.

“You’ve made the mother of your baby cry, Garth! That’s very pathetic. Why can’t you be more of a man? You want to be a man, it takes more than just putting on a uniform and patrolling dangerous streets! Being a policeman is noble, but so is fatherhood. Why can’t you see that going your father’s route is not the way to go? He was a loser, do you want to end up like him?

“You know where your father is now, Garth? I’ll tell you, son! I didn’t want to, but now I must. He’s locked up in federal prison, doing twenty years in a Supermax cell, stuck in it for 23 hours a day! Why, because he dealt in crystal meth! He ran his own meth lab while on the force! He used it, too, so he must have gone through quite a withdrawal! He was a cop and now he’s a convict, all because he wanted beer money after he paid me child support and went into cooking meth to get it!” Pam broke out in tears as well, afraid of losing her son to a self-destructive path, or so it seemed.

“I have a solution for you and your son, but first, you must do as I say. You want to keep him from ruining his life? Good, but you must absolutely follow my commands to the letter! It’s too late for him to raise this kid. It has occurred to me after some research that all Jen needs to do is marry me while still pregnant and then put me down on the birth certificate as the father. Jen, that’s what you’re going to do. You’ll marry me, though I will keep my other ladies as well, couldn’t give them up, and you’ll write down my name as the baby’s father. As far as the law will be concerned, this will be my child.

“Sorry, Pamela, it’s just too late. Too much has happened, and as Jen said, she needs someone to step up and claim the child now, not a year or two down the road. Accept that fact and move on with your life. So, here’s what is going to happen! You’ll get a second chance to be a mother escort ankara and grandma, both, at once. Garth is going to fuck you. He’s going to become a real motherfucker, quite literally. Garth, you want to act like a Mama’s Boy, you get to be your mother’s boyfriend now!

“Pam, that’s now your name. Not Pamela anymore. Pam it is. Pam, take off your clothes. Don’t worry, I’m not going to fuck you. Garth is going to fuck you, here and now. Right in front of us. Oh, Cheryl, get the camcorder working, will ya? I want this on tape,” I instructed my blonde girlfriend.

“Now, Garth, strip too. Pam, kneel and suck your son’s dick in front of us all. Get it nice and hard, so he can fuck you into next week. That’s good. Lick the head. Suck the head. Now down to the base. Mouth only, no hands. Garth, you’re gonna fuck her mouth for several strokes, but do not cum yet.

“When I give the order, you will fuck your mother’s fine pussy. I bet that it’s very nice and the real reason that you don’t want to tied down to Jen is that you’re secretly in love with your mother. Admit it, confess that you love your mother that way instead. Right here on video, where it is recorded for posterity, assuming that you have any,” I ordered the mother and son, who were both shocked at their total compliance.

“Mom, it is actually true. I’m in love with you. That’s why I couldn’t actually commit to Jen or stay with her. That and I wasn’t ready for how messy pregnant women could be. Sorry, Jen. I was a bear to be with, I know. I will accept the consequences and such, but I will always regret not being there for my daughter…your daughter…our daughter. I will always wish that I had been a father to her. I can tell that now. Congratulations, Jack. You’re gonna be a Dad,” he confessed what I had come to suspect about him, given body language and how much it clearly upset him to have disappointed her.

By now, Pam and Garth were in a nice little rhythm, as she Hoovered his cock like it was nobody’s business, which to be fair, it wasn’t. After he confessed his love for her and apologized to Jen, she really got working on it, damn near making him cum a couple of times, were it not for my commands, which he couldn’t even disobey under that much pressure. It was a nice little sex tape and I now had serious leverage on the guy. He would be very much at my mercy and would surely know it now.

A sex tape was one thing, but an incest sex tape with one’s own mother giving him a blowjob, while he admitted that he was an irresponsible jerk to his baby mama? Social pariah danger was very real in the circles that he planned to join, the thin blue line of local police. Plus incest was still a crime on the law books, and would be until someone could get the courts to apply Lawrence vs. Texas to incest cases on the basis of sexual privacy rights. He wouldn’t be prosecuted, but he could kiss a career in law enforcement goodbye.

“Alright, I’ve seen enough oral for now. Garth, lie down on the floor. Pam, mount him so you can control the pace. He’s so horny right now, he might have trouble holding back if he were on top. You deserve a climax from this more than he does, to be frank, though his release is absolutely necessary in this situation. That’s good. Ride him, cowgirl! How does it feel to be fucking your own son? Tell the truth and shame the Devil,” I asked her.

“Oh, God, it’s wonderful! I love it! Thank you! Thank you, Jack, for making my son fuck me! I’m never giving this cock up, ever! I’m never letting him go! I’m fertile, too, right now! I haven’t had the change of life yet! I’m gonna fucking have his baby for real! Garth, you’re gonna be a Daddy, after all, like it or not, so get used to it!” Pam announced, forcing her son to cum right then, though she was unfortunately not quite there yet.

“Wow, this is hot stuff! I can’t believe that we have this on camera! It’s gonna make me fucking cum already!” Cheryl declared, which gave me an idea.

“Cheryl, put the camcorder on its tripod and 69 with Pam. I want you to make sure that she cums and Pam, take care of Cheryl as well. Just be sure to push his cum further inside Pam with your fingers, so that you don’t lick that up. It needs to go to making babies this time around.

“Now, Garth, not to leave you out. Bend over that loveseat. You need an object lesson in trespassing on my turf. Spread your cheeks apart. Jen, get the lube. I’m going to sodomize your ex, right here on camera, so that he knows his place in this little arrangement and doesn’t get any ideas. Don’t worry, Garth. It will only be this once. You’re not generally my type, and I’ll be fantasizing that I’m screwing Jen’s tush instead,” I commanded Garth, who had a look of complete terror ankara escort bayan on his face.

I was surprised by how loose Garth’s asshole was, actually, and wondered if Jen had just overdone the lube due to fears of wrecking his butt, but then it struck me…what if this wasn’t his first time to get it up the ass? Did Garth have a secret double life of gay sex, the whole “down-low” scene perhaps? No wonder he jumped to the conclusion that Jen cheated, if he had been screwing around on her, albeit with men instead of women. His fear that he showed must have been of discovery of his secret bisexual nature.

“Alright, bum boy, time to ‘fess up. You’ve been playing for both teams on the sly, haven’t you? Moonlighting for Team Rainbow! Livin’ on the down-low? You’ve been bending over for some menfolk, haven’t you?” I probed in more ways than one.

“Yes…I can’t help it! I love a good cock up my ass! I just plain love it! I like to drill a good manhole, too! I like to pitch and catch, Jack! I’m bisexual!” Garth shocked his mother with his confession, though after now cumming from Cheryl’s mouth on her twat, she was in a much better mood.

“Okay, Pam, that’s your next project. Find a good boy-toy to share with Garth, and settle down to a neat little ménage a trois for the rest of your lives. I’ll bet that you deserve and will love it, having two men fuck you and each other for years to cum. Garth doesn’t have any business fucking most women, since he’s not ready to be a father by his own admission, but he’ll do fine as a Mama’s Boy and he’ll hold his own as a bi man’s boyfriend,” I directed them as I came in Garth’s asshole, after which Jamie and Jess wiped my dick clean with a wet washcloth.

“So that’s the deal, Garth. No other women for you. Don’t worry, it’s not monogamy. You’ll get plenty of ass, it will just belong to your mother and your boyfriend. That way, you can keep from breaking any more hearts and making more babies that you don’t really want to raise. That’s why your other partner is gonna be a man and not a woman. Well, that and because your mother has been such a victim of your cruelty to Jen, albeit indirectly, that she deserve some kind of reward for it, such as having two men to fuck her and each other only. Are we clear?”

“Crystal,” Pam smiled as she rose to kiss her son fully on the mouth, “there, son. That’s the last taste of another woman’s pussy you’ll ever get. Enjoy Cheryl’s juices while they last on your lips and tongue.”

“Look on the bright side, Garth. You won’t have to sneak around anymore and men don’t have as many headaches that keep them from fucking,” I grinned at him, though he was more or less in a daze from what had just happened to him.

Garth found himself hard again in spite of himself, and I had enough of him, to be honest. I wanted him gone now. Playtime was over. I had made my point, made him my bitch, and turned him over to his mother’s custody. She could boss him around now, though I decided as a parting shot to make that perfectly clear.

“Oh, and Pam,” I told her.

“Yes, Jack?” she asked with anticipation.

“Two rules. First, you must also be faithful to your men. No other guys. Just Garth and whichever boyfriend you pick for him. Second, you’re the boss in this relationship. Not Garth and not the other guy. You make it clear to both of them that you wear the pants, since you’re clearly far more mature than your son. Someone has to run the show, and it might as well be you. He will need a lot more training before he’s a proper man, anyway. Make sure to do us all a favor and give it to him,” I ordered Pam.

“That I will do, and my first order of business is to order Garth to cancel his plans for the Academy. He’s not getting away from me, oh, no, sir! Is that clear, Garth? You’re gonna stay home and service your mother when you’re not at work. Whatever job you do won’t involve running away from home for several weeks. I meant what I said! I’m never giving this cock up again! So, man up and get used to giving Mommy some regular dick! Now, is that clear, son?” Pam insisted.

“Crystal,” Garth gulped as they left my apartment at last.

The first thing that I got from Jen after that was a smile and a serious French kiss, while Cheryl dove immediately for my cock to suck it nice and hard. When Jamie and Jen began rimming my ass, I knew that I had done a little too well by some standards. I was gonna get raped fifty ways to Sunday by my ladies, but that was fine with me.

“Wow, that was incredible! What brought that on?” I asked Jen.

“You. Wonderful, yummy, sexy you! You took charge and set me free of Garth forever! You even did that poor, lonely cougar of a mother he has a serious favor in making him her fuck toy. Besides, the camcorder’s still on. I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to make a preggo orgy sex tape! What do you say?” Jen enticed me.

The grin that I gave Jen was all the answer that she would need.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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