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Mind_Hack.exe Ch. 04

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On what was to be a very eventful last day for Adam Holland, it almost noon and he was in his room furiously trying to crank one out to his favorite genre of porn before his mother called him for lunch. He needed a distraction from all the thoughts in his head. He had been waiting to hear something from his mentor Daniel Stein, like if his Mind Hack program was safe to use and if so, what was their plan of action. Adam had this amazing technological breakthrough at his fingertips but didn’t dare touch it because his Dan said it might get them all murdered. Adam wondered if getting assassinated by government agents was just the price you pay for the ability to hijack a hot lady’s body and make it do whatever you wanted.

Since inhabiting another person’s skin, first his former babysitter, and then a girl that lived next door to Dan, it was all he could think about. The pleasures of the female body, the eroticism it encapsulated with his male brain in control, it was everything to him. He desperately longed to use it again. He knew there were bigger things at stake, that they could use this gift to change the world, to free the unwitting masses from the control of those that had the power and money. But to have boobs again, that would be nice too.

“Adam, it’s almost lunch time!” Sarah, Adam’s mother, called from the downstairs kitchen.

Adam rolled his eyes and tried to focus on the mother son incest being acted out on his computer screen. He had nearly climaxed but he didn’t do well when there was a clock. Why did his mother insist on always making them eat meals together whenever his dad was home? His father, Jim, been promoted several months ago, but it was a position that meant he would be traveling frequently and gone for weeks at a time. Adam didn’t care, he had his hacking to focus on, but he knew his mother often got lonely. He had heard her more than once pleasuring herself. She probably thought she was being quiet, but it was loud enough for Adam. Coupled with the fact that his mom was very good looking, it was no wonder that Adam had developed a milf fetish. He never expected his mom to see him as anything sexual. At 18 he was still treated like a child by his mom. But it was her soft brown eyes, wavy black hair, and large full breasts that he imagined right before he climaxed to yet another video about a mom seducing her son.

He wasn’t really ashamed of this fetish, everyone has their thing, but he hoped his parents never found out about it. He was always very careful to secure his computer from them. He was fairly certain only another elite hacker like himself would ever be able to gain access. He was absentmindedly stroking his lotion covered shaft, thinking about when his parents would start seeing him as the adult he was. Maybe it would be after learning that it was him that had created this amazing program that allowed people to hop into the cyber brains of others through the government controlled Peace of Mind software that was meant to help corral the population. Maybe that, or maybe after he got a regular nine to five and moved out of their house. It would probably be that last one, he thought ruefully.

“Adam!” his mother barked, a severe lack of patience in her tone.

Adam heard her footsteps begin on the bottom steps and his dick shrank. She’d barge in on him if he didn’t obey. She’d done it before. He’d have to resume his spank session later. He cursed his mother for not respecting his personal space. He wiped the lotion off his cock, then tucked it away in the confines of his boxers. He quickly closed his web browser and enabled encryption right before his mom entered the room. He spun around in his chair to face her, a defiant grin on his face.

Sarah did not understand her child’s insolence. After his high school graduation, they had agreed to let their son stay with them while he worked on some big computer project. He had said it would be worth taking a year off before he went to college, that it would give him an edge over all the other students. But as far as she could see, eyeing the bottle of lotion on his desk and the tiny blotches of dampness on his shorts, the only thing he was working on was one long chronic masturbation session. And the way he eyed her these days, especially if it was around one of his “sessions,” was unsettling. She folded her arms as a sign of her disapproval with him, not knowing that Adam loved when she did this as it pushed her boobs up higher. “Adam, I called you to come downstairs for lunch with us. Part of living in this home is that you still have to do what I say, I don’t care how old you are. Now get down there right this second young man.”

Adam’s cock twitched. It seemed that whenever his mom, his former babysitter, a teacher, any female that tried to boss him around, it made his dick hard. He shouldn’t be giving his parents grief though. Since graduating high school, he was still getting free room and board plus internet access, the least he should do was complain. It was just the notion ankara escort that he wasn’t seen as a man in this place. Dan needed to get in touch with him soon so he had an excuse to get out of here. Adam stood up and made an “after you” gesture at his mother. She glared at his disrespectful countenance, then walked out his door. He followed close behind her, walking through her scent. She always smelled like peaches, which was the type of body wash she used. This made him think of her lathering up in the shower. As his erection popped up to say hello again, he really wished he’d been able to deal with it before lunch. It wasn’t helping that his eyes seemed glued to his mother’s backside directly in front of him, watching her cheeks rise and fall, left and right, in the tight jeans that she wore. She had a nice figure and always would wear sexier, tight fitting outfits while her husband was home. What she didn’t know was how much this provocative attire affected both the men in her lives.

As they both came into the dining area, Paul, Adam’s father, put down the tablet he was reading to greet his son. “Hey Adam,” he took in his son’s disheveled countenance. “Whoa! I see your mother didn’t let you finish!” He laughed loudly at his son’s plight.

Adam didn’t understand his father’s comment until he looked down. He was still wearing only a t-shirt and boxers, something he did often when at home with his family, but now there was a tent pole in the middle of his crotch. He really had worked himself up. He sat quickly across from his mother before she had a chance to see it. Despite all his sexual predilections, he still tried to avoid the topic of sex in front of his parents.

“Man, that looks painful,” Adam’s father chided. “You should have tried to take care of that earlier.”

Adam was bemused by this. “What do you think I was trying to do? Had to stop because mom barged right in?”

Paul raised an eyebrow at his wife and said half seriously, “Honey, the boy has needs. He shouldn’t have to worry about his mother walking in while his hand is on his pecker.”

Sarah’s tone let them all know that they proceeded with this discussion at their own peril. “If he had put it away and come down when I told him to, he wouldn’t have to worry about me interrupting his…happy time. Now no more of this talk at the table. Paul, you’ll be on the road again and we should be able to enjoy the precious few family times together we have. Pass the potatoes.”

Paul smiled at his wife’s prudishness as his hand stretched out for the bowl of potatoes. She never wanted to talk about sex, although he understood not bringing it up at the dinner table in front of their son. Still, they were all adults now, but he knew his wife would never see their son as an adult. Sarah rode Adam hard, always wanting him to have more ambition and drive. But Paul knew Adam would flourish in a world that was on the rise in technological achievements. His old business colleague, Dan, had told him so. Adam was a computer prodigy, and Paul believe that soon, his son would be way more successful than he ever would be. He just hoped Adam and his mother wouldn’t kill each other before that happened.

All this passed through his head, while simultaneously, a small square of light that resided in the middle of his neck began to blink on and off. If anyone had seen it, it would have been very odd indeed as the light was supposed to be constant, always sending information back to POM that helped deter crime and tracked money spending behavior in everyone 18 and older. But now the signal was winking in and out, a beacon to anyone who could see it that something new was transmitting. As his wife went to take the bowl from him, she found he was resisting her. His hand seemed frozen. Sarah frowned at her husband’s childishness. She was not in the mood for games. She stared at Paul who looked back at her, then his head turned slowly every which way while his pupils darted around as if taking in his environment for the first time.

“Paul,” Sarah said, confused by weird behavior, but still wanting him to release the bowl. “Paul! Let go.”

Paul’s grip on the porcelain slackened as he seemed to realize that Sarah was speaking to him. He remained pensive for a few more seconds, appearing lost in thought, then apologized. “Sorry about that dear. I guess I just, spaced out there for a moment. This food looks really good by the way.”

This interaction went unnoticed by Adam who was busy piling food onto his plate. His mom told him that if he kept eating like this he’d start putting on weight. Since Adam hoped to be spending time in other people’s bodies soon, he didn’t care if he was in shape or not. Right now he just wanted to shovel the food into his mouth as fast as possible so he could get back upstairs to his room and finish what his mother interrupted.

As an identical light on the back of Sarah’s neck began flashing, she stole brief glances at her husband, concern on her face. “Honestly Paul, escort ankara for a second there I thought you’d had a stroke or something. Speaking of which, remember when you’re not at home to watch your diet. The doctor said that your last physical showed elevated…”

The silence that followed caused Adam to look up from his plate and stare at his mother. She was perfectly still. Adam’s father quickly started speaking to fill the void. “So tell me son, any luck on that program you’ve been working on?”

Adam watched as his mother looked back at him, then she smiled. It was an odd smile, like an “I’ve got a secret” smile. What had she been talking about? Something to do with his father’s doctor? She must have made some inside joke or wanted him to take some hint about his health. He turned his head slightly to look at his father. “Yeah, uh, it’s coming along nicely. Dan Stein, you remember, your old buddy, he’s looking at it for me right now, trying to work out all the bugs.”

Adam’s mother giggled. “Oh I remember Dan. He was a very good looking man.”

Adam’s father gave a wry laugh. “Oh yeah, the ladies are all over fat, balding, sexually inexperienced men who never leave their house.”

“Hey!” Adam’s mother retorted as if that comment had deeply offended her. The outburst had caused all eyes in the room to stare at her. “Sorry. For some, fat and bald is beautiful, and I’m sure he’s experienced in…that way.”

The awkwardness of this statement caused a minute of quiet to settle in as everyone filled their forks and spoons. After a few bites, Sarah began to twist her torso, her arms turning to each side. She looked like she had an itch or that something under her shirt was uncomfortable. “I’m sorry. This is an old bra and one of the wires seems to be scratching me. I’m going to take it off.”

“Mom!” Adam protested. “At the dinner table?”

Sarah shot her son the look. “Young man, I am not exposing myself, just taking off my bra. You came down here in just your t-shirt and boxers that show the curvature of your penis. I think you have little room to talk.” And with that she lifted the back of her shirt, undid the clasp, then worked the bra out through her shirt sleeve. “There,” she said smugly, “I think I did that without flashing the world.”

Adam had put his head down at his mother’s reproach. At the word flashing however, he looked up again. Her light blue shirt was still there. It was one of his father’s favorites for how tight it was on her. With a bra on, it was just barely appropriate to wear out in public. Without a bra, it clung to her, accentuating her curves like it had been latex poured on to her skin. Adam’s eyes were stuck on the two points at the center of each tit. They both seemed hard as diamonds. He forgot to breathe and didn’t notice as drool began to form in his mouth.

“Don’t these look good?” Adam heard his mother say, his eyes still boring into her tits. Her voice dropped a little and took on a more sensuous, husky quality. “Wouldn’t you just like to take a bite out of them?”

Adam almost choked on a piece of food. His eyes snapped up, remembering that he was to look his mother in the eyes. She had seen him staring, but…”What did you say Mom?”

Sarah smirked at him and her voice seemed normal now. “These rolls,” she pointed to a plate she had piled high with the bread. “I thought you loved these and you haven’t taken any yet. You should before your dad tries to eat them all.”

Adam found he was breathing harder than he needed to be for one sitting perfectly still. “Oh, right, right. Sorry.” He reached for a roll.

“Oh, and Adam,” his mother’s hand fell on her son’s. “It’s considerably more polite to stare at a woman’s eyes rather than her…” she bit her lip as if searching for the words, “…tits.” She said it with emphasis, evoking a sensuous quality to an already provocative word. The whole time, her hand remained on his.

When she withdrew her hand, Paul snickered. “Sarah, don’t tease the poor boy. He wasn’t able to get his rocks off earlier, remember? He’s all wound up now and is likely to burst at the slightest provocation.”

Adam was pretty sure his brain was broken as he put the roll onto his plate. He was just going through the motions of eating now. The idea of food was far removed from his conscious thought. “I…I thought there was no talk about sex at the dinner table?” It was taking a tremendous effort not to look straight ahead at his mother. If he looked at her, his eyes would inevitably drift down. Even if he stared at her face, those nipples would still be in his field of vision, begging for his full attention.

Sarah seemed to think about what Adam had said for a moment. “Well, maybe I’ve been wrong. Maybe we should talk about sex more. You’re 18 now and mature enough for grown up conversation. And I would be able to say things like how appreciative I am of your father for making me cum multiple times last night.”

Paul thought for a second before taking ankara escort bayan the compliment. “That was a very good time. But thank you for letting me rub my dick between those two mountainous…”

“Stop!” Adam yelled. His face was bright red and he couldn’t look at either of his parents. “You’ve proved your point. It’s a good rule. I see why there are some things we don’t discuss. Let’s not start now. I’m, I’m going back upstairs. Thanks for the meal.” He pushed his chair out and walked past his dad. He barely noticed his dad’s hand go to the back of his neck, covering it, then begin massaging it like there was some kink there.

When Adam was upstairs and out of earshot, Paul grinned mischievously at his wife. “So, are we going to let him cum upstairs in the privacy of is room while he thinks about his mother’s titties?”

“Absolutely not,” Sarah said, the same kind of grin etched on her face. “That would be letting the little fuck head off too easy. What I can remember happening to him and his mom right before lunch works perfectly though. He’s all pent up and I’m going to tease the hell out of this little pervert. He’ll be begging for release when I’m through. After I’ve seen him debase himself and feel completely powerless over the situation he’s in, maybe then I’ll call us even.”

Paul stroked his chin. “He also might really, really like it.”

“Probably, but, so will I.” Sarah unbuttoned the top two buttons of her shirt, revealing a decent amount of cleavage. Sarah laughed. “I don’t remember them being so big on her. It’s been a few years I guess since I’ve seen them but, well they’re almost as big as yours.”

Paul chucked a roll at his wife. “Shut up you bastard! Now how are you going to keep your son from masturbating?”

Sarah smiled confidently as she stood up. “Well first off, we make sure his mother is the only thing he can ogle in this house.” With that she went straight to the living room and unplugged the wireless router. She then popped open the back and disconnected a wire, then snapped it back together.

A moment later they heard their son’s cry of frustration. “Are you kidding me! What does a guy have to do around here to…” They did not hear the end of the sentence but heard his door open and feet on the stairs. He strode quickly through the dining room and into the living room, going straight for the router. He examined it, unplugged it, plugged it back in, repeated this, then gave a defeated sigh. “I don’t understand. Everything’s connected, we have power, yet I’m not getting a signal.”

“It’s okay sweetie,” his mother said while beginning to stack plates and dishes. “It’s a very old router. I’ll pick up a new one tomorrow. Right now why don’t you just use the free government option?”

Adam frowned at his mother’s stupid suggestion. Since internet was seen as a right, it was provided to everyone for free, but it came with certain restrictions, one being it was much harder to view incest porn. “Mom, I’m afraid that’s not going to work for…” He forgot what he was going to say as his mother’s cleavage, the top two buttons still undone, came into view. She was returning from the kitchen to clear the rest of the table, and her boobs bounced and swayed and seemed to hypnotize him with their movement. Again, he found himself transfixed.

Having obtained her son’s undivided attention, Sarah made a show of picking up the jam that had been used for the rolls along with a couple other plates and silverware. She placed the glass bowl with its sugary contents precariously on a plate, and then made sure it slid towards her chest as she bent slightly to pick up a glass. The bowl hit her cleavage directly, causing the orbs to ripple slightly, and leaving a stain on her shirt and sticky fruit residue on her skin. She set the dishes back down on the table so she could assess the damage. “Oh no! I’m all sticky.” Adam watched mesmerized as her finger went down to touch the top of her boob where some of the jam landed. She scooped a bit onto her finger and brought it to her mouth. It all seemed to take place in slow motion. As her finger parted her lips, she let out a throaty moan. Adam’s eyes had followed the finger the whole way, and now he swallowed hard as he realized his mother was looking right at him. “That’s such good jam, don’t you think so, son?” The tent pole in his boxers was back. He resolutely put his head down and retreated from the room.

Paul strode in from the kitchen, shaking his head at his wife’s lascivious behavior. “You’re laying it on a little thick there, dear. If you give him thoughts like that he won’t need porn, he’ll have what you’re putting into his head.”

“Crap, I didn’t think about that,” Sarah said worriedly. “Okay. Well, I guess now is the time you go have the talk with him.”

“I think he’s a little too old to have the talk with.”

“Not that talk, the one where you tell him we know about his sexual fetish and need him to grow up and go look for a job, like, today. That should buy us some time while I think about what’s next. Let me get a close look at her memories and see what works best. I really want to slow play this. It’ll probably be the last bit of fun we get to have before we have to get serious.”

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