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Mommy Needs Son’s Cum

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Joyce was 33, slender and had a model’s ass. But as Tommy’s mother, she always showed decorum and class while he grew up, the only child of Joyce and Bill. All of that changed when Bill died in a motorcycle accident two years ago last summer. Joyce seemed to shift her attention and her wants toward her only son. She would ask him all manner of questions about what she should wear, or who she should go out with. At 18 years old, Tommy sensed the shift, and naturally began to assume a more mature role. Tommy was prone to dress super casual, meaning that he almost never had on a shirt, and most of the time wore short cotton boxers, no matter what he did around the house. Since he sported a 9 inch cock, he was forever adjusting himself to keep the monster in check, especially when his mother was wearing a muscle t-shirt without her bra. Tommy noticed her tits more than once. He loved the upward curve of her tits, and how the tight nipples stood at attention with no apparent rhyme or reason. The were not the biggest, but they were round and, well… kind of nasty.

Joyce used to prance around the house looking for an excuse to show off her body to Tommy. If she was getting some soap under the sink, she would pretend to be unable to find it, while jutting her athletic ass right at his face. She would drop things in front of him, and make a big deal that “she” would pick it up, not him. Of course, she would flaunt her free swinging breasts right under his nose, and when she came up, it was always with her face inches away from his stiffening dick.

Tommy was uncomfortable with this attention at first, but soon ankara escort began to relish it. He even started to masturbate to the idea of his Mom sucking him off and letting him cover her face in cum. Little did he know that Joyce was thinking the same exact thing. If only she could wrap her hands and lips around his cock, and blow him to completion right on her face. Ah… sweet fantasies.

It remained a fantasy until one night Joyce was masturbating. As she came, she looked up to find Tommy at the foot of her bed with his cock in his hand, stroking vigorously.

“Hi, Mom.” He chuckled. “Are you thinking what I’m thinking?”

“Tommy!” Joyce rung out. “What on earth are you doing?”

“Oh, god, I’m sorry Mom.” He said. “I was just… ah… sorry. Mom.”

With that, Tommy ran back to his room and closed the door behind him, embarrassed beyond words.

Joyce hurriedly got into a silk robe and tried to compose herself. She had been thinking of sucking her son’s cock, but she never once really believed they would get together. She pondered her actions of late, the teasing, the games… And she finally concluded that it was basically dishonest not to own up to her feelings with Tommy.

She knocked on his door quietly and said “Dear, can I come in please?”

“OK, Mom, come in.. He said. “I’m so sorry mothe…”

“Stop right there.” She intoned. “I have something to discuss with you.”

“First of all, what you did kind of scared me, but not because I haven’t thought the same thing. It’s just that we haven’t discussed the matter together, and I guess I just wasn’t ready. You escort ankara didn’t do anything wrong, Tommy. I loved looking at your cock, and I, many times over, dreamed of you jacking that off into my face and rubbing cum all over my lips and nose. Does that frighten you, son?”

“Frighten me?” Tommy questioned. “Hell no! What it does is make me extremely horny to do that very thing to you! You want me to, mom? You want me to cover your face with my cum?”

“Oh god, son. It’s all I ever think about! But nobody must know. And I mean nobody!”

“OK. That’s a deal, Mom. When can we do it?”

“Now.” She cooed softly.

Joyce let the silk robe fall from her shoulders revealing her complete nakedness. Her nipples were already hard and her pussy ached for the torrid feelings she now felt coursing through her body. She climbed up on the bed and placed her head right on his crotch, pining his dick with her soft cheek. Rubbing softly, she started licking the swollen shaft until it was completely hard and pulsing.

“Oh, Tommy. I just love your cock. It’s so hard and well… nasty.” She said.

“Go for it Mom, just like you dreamed about it. Stick it into your mouth and let me face fuck you, hard and nasty.” Tommy blurted out.

“Oh god, Tommy, I just love it when you talk that way to me. I want to be your slut tonight and do anything, anything you need.”

With that encouragement, Tommy began to push his mother’s head down on his nine inch cock. He held her face and opened her lips, shoving his tool into her mouth. He held it there and made her face stretch, marveling at how sexy she ankara escort bayan looked with his bulging dick pushing her out her cheek. Then he made his cock rub up and down on both sides of her nose, with Joyce licking away to provide the necessary lubrication. He would pause with his balls jammed up into her mouth, and just bounce away while he looked greedily at the sight.

Joyce was really getting into it, too. She purred like a cat each time he changed a position or started to ram harder and harder into her face. The feeling of Tommy lunging his stiff cock into her mouth and down her throat was exactly what she craved. “Mmmmm, baby. More. Harder!” She would ask.

And Tommy obliged, too. Sometimes he would line her up on her knees and let her stick out her tongue. Then Tommy would slap at her face with his huge cock, banging away at her cheek and then her slick tongue. Tommy adored how she liked what he had to offer, and encouraged him to be even nastier to her. Sometimes he would position her head at the edge of the bed and let her suck on his asshole. He would bounce up and down on her tongue while calling her “filthy cum-bag whore.” and “My little personal slut-mother.”

And with each nasty remark or slutty position he placed her in, Joyce would go higher and higher into joyful, carnal bliss. Finally, Tommy had had enough play, and fucked her mouth to a wild climax. He took control of his cock just as he started to spurt mountains of slippery cream all over her face. The first spurts hit her eyes and forehead, while the rest of it splattered her nose and lips. Joyce was so excited that it made her cum, too. They both quivered as she lapped all the cum into her mouth and gave her son a nice warm tongue bath.

Tommy and Joyce changed states and told no one where they now live as Man and Wife. Or should I say, Man and Whore?

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