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Morning After

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Characters in this story are unrelated and over 18.

This is my first story so I would really appreciate any feedback. I hope you enjoy.

I woke up to a quiet snoring in my chest, where my tired little was resting her head. Her chestnut hair was all over the place, messily draped across my upper body while she slept. I looked at her small body, she barely reaches 5 feet and is a little bit chubby; just enough for me to squeeze. She wasn’t wearing anything but my t shirt, so I could see all the aftermath of our night.

My kitten was being fairly naughty the other day and earned herself quite the punishment. Her cute, usually pale tush was a light purple from the paddle. Then from her cheeks down to her upper thighs, a gradient of purple to pink; she was going to have quite the hard time sitting in her classes for the next couple days. I however would be enjoying my handy work, as I gently rubbed her tender flesh.

“Nooo…” I heard in her usual whiney tone, as she groggily tried to move my hand.

“I’m just going to put the lotion on again kitten.” I said while starting to get up from bed.

As I got up she leaned more on me and hugged me and stated “No.”


“No up.” She said matter of factly.

“I need to go get the lotion for your booty” I said while attempting to get up again.

“My booty is fine…just don’t touch it” She said kartal escort bayan as she buried her face in my chest again.

“Had fun last night…?” I asked while fixing her hair.

“Mhm” She murmured. “Thank you for punishing me…”

“I thought you hated the paddle.” I said as the morning sun was slowly starting to peak over the horizon.

She stretched and giggled while she replied “I do but then you gave me rewards…”

We did have a pretty substantial session afterwards. Her wrists were bruised with rope marks from our late night. I took her small hands in mine and kissed them, drawing a blushes from my perfect little kitten as she tried pulled them away.

“Don’t do that…” She whined again, embarrassed as usual. “You’re making me all blushy…”

“You look adorable all blushy” I said while I kissed up her hand to her cheek.

“Ahh no!” She squealed as she rolled off of me.

She has always been so shy and easily flustered. But I loved her for it. I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her close to me again, feeling her warm breath on my neck while she turned red from embarrassment.

“Where do you think you’re going little one…?” I said holding her firm, so she knew exactly who was in charge.

“Nowhere Dada…” I could feel her melting into me as she answered.

And with that she was deep into little escort maltepe space. I kissed her forehead and massaged her tush again. Seeing her slip into this innocent state was always such a huge turn on…though I’d have to wait until she’s a bit more aware before acting on those feelings.

“Daddy has to get your lotion then we can cuddle some more, okay?”

She met me with a pout but nodded and let me leave.

I rose from bed and got the bottle from the dresser, while she wrapped herself in blankets like a cocoon.

“Come on time for medicine.” I said as I sat down next to her little blanket chrysalis, which she emerged from and quickly getting settled over my lap. I slowly applied the ointment onto her bruised butt and upper thighs only to hear her little moans.

“Daddyyyyy…”She whined as I finished up.

“Yes baby?”

“Can I have it…?” She said as she rubbed against my semi hard cock peeking out of my boxers.

“What do you say?”

“Daddy can you please use my kitty…?”

I didn’t need anything other than that, I laid her on her back a little off the bed so her bruised butt wasn’t hurt. Taking off my boxers, I lined my cock with her entrance, she took initiative and wrapped her legs around me while I went to pick them up. I smirked as I slowly pushed into my little kitten eliciting a deep moan from her.

“Daddy pendik escort can you please play with my clitty…?” She pleaded as I slowly pumped in and out of her.

“Of course…”

I slowly massaged around her clit as it revealed itself, then proceeded to roll it a little between my fingers. She gripped the sheets as I played with her clit, moaning out for more. Leaning down I kissed her neck and bit, feeling the vibrations from her moaning.

“Daddy!” She yelped while I sucked and bit on her neck hoping to leave a mark before she left the house.

I started pounding in different patterns, fast and shallow before deep and hard. She leaned up and dug her nails into my back as she held on for dear life. I felt her legs tighten as she tried to pull me more into her.

“God yes…more daddy please!” I locked lips with her and angled myself so I could hit her g spot.

“I’m close baby…” I warned her as I leaned down pounding deeper against her.

I heard her babbling incoherently as she lost herself in pleasure. After a couple minutes she started shaking as I felt her grip my cock while she came. I kissed her gently and filled her quivering pussy with my come. I slowed down my thrusts gradually, while she loosened her grip and laid back down. I laid on the bed and rolled her onto me, kissing her again.

“Amazing as always my little one…” I said as I clumsily reached for her hand, rubbing it with my thumb as we both rested.

“I wuv you Dada…” She cooed as she sunk into my chest.

“I love you too my kitten…” I kissed her forehead and let her have a deserved nap for the rest of the morning.

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