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Sunlight, sliced into ribbons by the blades of the wooden blinds lay loosely on her ivory skin as she lay sleeping in the comfort of her bed. Her golden hair shone like a halo in the bright beams. Her small pink nipples lay relaxed on her firm breasts. She opened one sapphire eye to catch me staring at her. There was a grunted “Frump…It’s too early” and she rolled to her other side, pulling the light cotton sheet over her shoulder. This exposed her round backside to me, and I took advantage of it.

I rubbed her hips and belly tracing my hands along her warm skin. Down my fingers trailed, along the back of the thigh on her upper leg. She obliged me by moving that leg forward and I continued back up along the inner thigh of her lower leg. Softly strumming it back and forth, working down below the knee, and then tracing curlicues up to where the upper leg intersected it. I traced back along that leg, to her round butt kartal escort bayan then to the small of her back, and down again. This time I paused to ease my hand up betwixt her thighs. My Fingers encountered the warm moisture of her womanhood.

She shifted her hips, exposing that secret garden to me. Immediately I ran my fingers along the outer lips, up and down. They were still sticky from our previous night’s exertions. I isolated her nubby pearl between two fingers then gently rubbed them together. I let this go for a few heartbeats; mine was pounding in my chest, and then ran one finger along her inner lips, splitting them like two petals of a flower.

Like the humming bird, I rested the fingers at the soft opening of her pink hole. It was moist and soft to the touch. I could hear her breathing begin to quicken, seeing her nipples pushing back the sheet. My two fingers ran back up and began escort maltepe making back and forth rubbings on her clit, the fresh honey beginning to coat them. I slid them back down and eased them into her hungry pussy. She began to push and pull with her hips; a moan escaped her as she bucked on first two, then three fingers. My thumb found her clit and pressed it as she rode, my pinky finger curled and the knuckle bumped against her virgin ass.

With a small shudder, I knew she had had a small orgasm. As much fun as I was having in her pleasure it was time I took my own. I withdrew my hand, leaving a glistening trail along her inner thigh. I lifted her top leg and maneuvers mine under it, propping it up. This left her hungry cunt wide for my throbbing cock to plunge into. She was already well soaked and I slid in like a well-oiled bolt, all the way to the root of my dick. I thrust at her furiously, pendik escort and just as aggressively, she thrust back, riding my thick pole. I grabbed at her tits, by now the light brown nipples standing proud and hard as rocks. I stilled and let her piston herself on me, enjoying the wonton way she impaled herself over and over and over again on my thick rod. With a backward grab at my hip and her other hand clutching her pillow she let out a long, low moan then a loud ” FUUUCK” through clenched teeth and then she spewed her slick liquid, covering my pelvis, thighs, and lower belly. I reciprocated, having arrived at the edge of ecstasy and exploded my own hot goo deep inside of her while I buried my cock as deep as I could inside her womb, splashing her insides with my thick cum.

Gasping for breath, I pulled out my still firm cock, leaving a wet trail along the sheet. I untangled my legs from hers and the sheets. I gazed in wild wonder at her bruised and angry cunt as it leaked its mixture of my cream and her honey onto the bed. Again, one Angle blue eye opened gazing at the clock ” Jeeze, it’s only six o’clock!” And that was how I left her to recover while I showered and began my day.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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