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Mother and the Book Club

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“I’m off to the ‘Book Club’ meeting hon. I should be back around four o’clock this afternoon.”

“Okay mom. I’ll be leaving around three thirty to meet Alison to take her to the mall for her to do some shopping, then be back here around five for us to eat supper before her and I go out this evening.”

“So I’ll need to fix for three this evening?”

“Yes, if you would please.”

“I guess I can do that since it is for you and you asked so nicely like that.”

“Thank you very much mom. You are the best mom a guy can ever have.”

“Why thank you son. You are the best son a mother can ever have.” putting her hands on my shoulders. “Is there anything special you want me to fix with or for supper?”

“No not that I can think of. What do you have in mind to fix?”

“How about chicken fried stakes, mashed potatoes and gravy with some of that Polk salad cooked up and fried okra?”

“Are you sure you’re not trying to get to my heart mom?” with a chuckle.

As she chuckled with me, “I’m just trying to make sure I stay in your heart maybe.”

“You’ll always be in my heart since you are such a good mother. You never have to worry about me not having you in my heart at any time.”

“Mm, I think you’re trying to get more than just my heart you smooth talker you.” with a quick look up at the clock, “Oh, as much as I would like to stick around here with you, I need to get going.” then she gave me a quick kiss on the lips like a mother and son may do, then she turned toward the door, “You be careful today son and I’ll see you and Alison at supper time then.”

“Okay mom and you do the same. I’m looking forward to that supper this evening.”

“Okay good. I love you son.” then mom opened the door as she picked up her purse and book bag and headed out the door.

I couldn’t help but watch mom walk out to her car through the window the way her ass swung side to side as she walked and with her wearing that short red skirt, with the slit up the side to her hip. Her hips was a little bit on the wide side but not so much that it looked out of proportion with the rest of her sexy body. The skirt stopped at mid-thigh, then she had on a button up blouse that was a black see through material that I could see a black bra under it and the top three buttons were unbuttoned, showing a lot of cleavage due to her double D cup size tits. The skirt formed around her round ass that looked to be a tight ass with just a little bit of a jiggle when she walked, as it swayed back and forth with each step she took. The other thing I noticed was I couldn’t see a panty line of any kind and not even a waist band line, like she may have if she were wearing a thong under her skirt.

Mom was what I call pleasantly plump but by no means was she out of shape because she did go to the gym at least four times a week as I did and she pretty much kept up with me in all of the exercises we did. On the weights she was lifting one hundred and fifty pounds and I was lifting four hundred pounds. I bench-pressed one hundred seventy five pounds and she bench-pressed forty pounds, which I would spot for her and she would spot for me. On the days we didn’t go to the gym we got up early and ran anywhere from one mile to two miles and there have been a few times, we would get to talking about something that was bothering us and we would run five miles without realizing it, till we were done talking and or noticed what time it happen to be.

As I pulled up into Alison’s folks driveway and parked and got out of my pickup, I saw another car pull up at the curb and stop, instead of pulling into the driveway next to my pickup. As I took a step toward the front door of the house, the driver of the car honked his horn and Alison then stepped out and closed the door behind her and when she saw me, she stopped, “I’m sorry I didn’t call you to let you know that I have another ride to the mall but with what I’ve got to say other than that is, I found someone else that I would rather be with than you.”

“May I ask you if I did something to make you mad at me to end our relationship?”

“No you’ve been good to me no doubt but I really don’t love you is all.” then she walked away toward the car at the curb.

I just stood there watching her walk to the car and then get into the passenger side of the car and then watched it drive off down the street.

Just as the car turned the corner at the end of the street, the front door to the house opened up and Alison’s mom stepped out the door, “I’m sorry John for the way Alison is and what she just did to you. When she told me she was going to break up with you I asked her why and she had no answer for me, I told her that she better have a damn good answer for you as to why she is breaking it off with you. Did she have a good answer for you or not?”

“I’m not sure if it was a good answer or not really. She said she really don’t love me was all. She even said that I’ve been good to her. She never gave any indication that she wasn’t in love with me or didn’t love me any beylikdüzü ucuz escort way. When I talked to her yesterday she told me she loved me like she all ways did any other time I would drop her off here. She asked me yesterday to take her to the mall at this time today which afterwards we planned on going to my place to eat supper and then go out to see a romantic movie that is playing at the theater this evening.”

“Oh John I’m so very sorry for her actions. She shouldn’t have asked you to take her to the mall and then have some other guy that looks to be a jerk show up here at the same time to take her to the mall for whatever reason for, especially after asking you to take her to the mall like that. I sure thought her dad and I raised her better than that.”

“It’s okay Mrs. Hayward. I know you did your best to raise her as my mom did with me. I say you had nothing to do with the way she has turned out by her actions she has showed us today.”

“Thank you for the vote of confidence John. I still feel responsible for it though.”

“Don’t feel responsible for her actions Mrs. Hayward.”

“I’ll try not to. Thank you John for being the man that you are so please don’t change at all because of one bad apple.”

“I won’t. Thank you. I better go and try to catch mom to let her know it’s just going to be her and me for supper tonight.”

“Okay John. Do you want me to call her for you since it would be faster than you driving that distance?”

“No that’s okay. I should be getting back home as she gets there herself. Thank you for the offer though.” then I turned back toward my pickup.

“Okay John, you be careful driving home please. If ever you want to talk give me a call please.”

“I’ll be careful thank you. Thank you for the offer Mrs. Hayward.” as I opened the driver’s door on my pickup.

As I backed out of the driveway and turned back toward home I saw Mrs. Hayward step inside the house then just stand there and watched me drive away. It dawned on me that Mrs. Hayward is a member of mom’s book club and wondered why she was home when mom, wouldn’t be home till around four.

Had I not had to get home to let mom know that it was going to be just the two of us for supper this evening I would’ve more than likely stayed and talked to Mrs. Hayward. Ever since the first time I met her shortly after Alison and I started dating I found Alison’s mom to be very nice and beautiful. She is like my mom and all the boys in my last year of high school thought of them as a MILF.

Mrs. Hayward and I had grown to be pretty close all though not as close as my mom and I are. What made it hard to not stay and go on home was the way Mrs. Hayward was dressed but then I knew she has a husband and it wouldn’t be long till he should be getting home himself. She had on a light blue skirt that stopped just short of mid-thigh that buttoned up from half way down to the waist band. The blouse she had on was a sheer light blue blouse and she had a lacy dark blue bra on under the blouse and her nipples were trying to poke through the material of the bra as well as the blouse. Like mom her skirt fit quite snugly and I did see a waist band line showing through the back of the skirt that looked to maybe be a thong that she was wearing.

I pulled into the drive at the house and just as I got to the front door and got it unlocked, mom drove into the driveway and parked so I went back to out to her car and opened the driver’s door for her to get out, “Why thank you John for coming and opening my car door for me.” as she stuck a foot out of the door and stood up bringing her other foot out as she stood. Even though mom’s skirt had rode up on her thighs she had her purse and book bag in front of her and her thighs together which kept me from getting an up-skirt view of her as she got out of the car.

When I got the car door shut mom looked at me and then looked around for a second, “What is wrong babe? I see that Alison’s not here or is she already inside? I also didn’t expect you here till closer to five.”

“It’s just going to be you and me tonight for supper.”

“Oh? Are you going to tell me why it’s just you and me and why you’re not at the mall still?”

“When we get inside I’ll tell you all about it. Did you need to get anything from the store before you came home?”

“No I already have everything I need to fix our supper this evening.” as I took her book bag for her.

I walked along with mom toward the front door of the house carrying her book bag for her. I opened the front door of the house and let mom step in first ahead of me and as I closed the door behind us, “Just set that bag next to my purse here for now if you would please.”

As I sat the book bag down on the little table next to her purse, “Do you want something to drink before you start fixing supper?”

“A glass of ice tea sounds good, thank you.”

“Coming right up.” as I went toward the kitchen.

I fixed mom a glass of ice tea and grabbed beylikdüzü üniversiteli escort me a soda pop out of the fridge then headed back out to the living room and sat down next to mom on the couch and handed her the glass of tea, as she asked, “Now why don’t you tell me all about what is wrong and what happened as to why you and Alison’s not at the mall still.”

I took a drink of my soda first before answering her, “First off I went over to pick up Alison and just as I got out of my truck a car pulled up and parked at the curb and honked his horn for Alison to come out and when she saw me, she told me she found a ride to the mall and as good as I’ve been to her and treated her she just didn’t love me and she had found someone else she wants to be with. That is all I know and the just of it.”

“Oh wow. Did she give any indication that she didn’t love you or care for you before now?”

“No none what so ever. Yesterday evening when I dropped her off at home she told me she loved me and that was after she asked me if I would take her to the mall and that she was looking forward to having supper with us and going to the movie that we were going to go to. I even have the tickets for the movie already. I got the tickets yesterday so that I wouldn’t have to pay as much at the window this evening.”

“I thought she liked those romance movies? The one you were taking her to is the one they’ve been advertising on the television for the last month now? Am I right?”

“Yes it is the one. She told me she wanted to go to it and I thought it sounded good to me so I was looking forward to going and watching it too.”

“How about you and I save that supper for another night, and you and I go out to a restaurant to eat supper and then the two of us go see that movie, so that your tickets don’t go to waste?”

“That may depend on what restaurant you have in mind to go to. I don’t have that much money to go to a high end place to eat like you deserve to go to.”

“Who said anything about you paying for the meal? I didn’t. Since you have the tickets for the movie, I’ll pay for the meal at a restaurant of my choice.”

“Okay you have a deal. Now how should I be dressed for the restaurant?”

“I’ll just say you don’t have to dress fancy or anything like that.”

“Okay. When do you want to leave here?”

“How about as soon as I’m cleaned up and dressed for a night out? Say in about an hour from now?”

“Okay. That sounds good to me.”

“Good. Now I’m going to go and get ready.” standing up with her glass of ice tea, mom headed toward her bedroom.

I went to my bedroom and took out a polo shirt and a nice pair of slacks and then went and took a shower before going back in and getting dressed.

When I finished dressing I went to the living room and took my soda pop to the kitchen and poured it into a glass, then got some ice out of the freezer and put some ice in the glass of pop, then went back into the living room and sat down on the couch and waited for mom to finish getting ready to go.

When mom got done getting ready to leave I heard her come out of her bedroom, which I turned to see her coming into the living room. As soon as I saw mom my jaw dropped with a, “Wow! You look so… out of sight. You are so beautiful and sexy looking mom.” she even did a twirl for me to see her at all angles.

“Why thank you son. You keep talking like that and I’m going to have you before some other young girl snags you up for them self.”

“I know you’ll keep my mind off of what’s her name.”

“Oh, yea, right. A young man like you and an old woman like me; I’ll never keep your mind off of her till the right time for you to meet another good looking wild girl.”

“Now mom, don’t be calling yourself and old woman. You are not old. You are just right in the ripeness department. You are sexy hot and I don’t know of any man that can keep his eyes off of you, you’re so beautiful.”

“I thank you for the compliment put I’m your mother that you’re talking about. I’m not some woman out on the street looking for a guy to make out with.”

“Thank god you’re not out looking for a guy to make out with.” I said trying to joke with her and not sound like I was trying to get between her legs, which I have wished I could do.

“Is that because you want me all for yourself?” with a grin.

“I just might as sexy as you are.”

“We better get going before I decide to just keep you here with me and not let you out of this house ever.”

“Mmm, that sounds tempting to me.” then we both had a chuckle.

Mom picked up her purse as I opened the door for her to step out. Mom stepped aside as I stepped out the door and then closed and locked the door before going out to her car.

As I took mom’s arm in my arm and we walked out toward the car, “You have your keys on you?”

“Yes I do. Why?”

“I forgot and left mine in the house so instead of me going back in and getting them, let’s go in beyoğlu escort your pickup.”

“Okay, no problem.” I walked mom around my truck to the passenger door and opened the door and helped her step up into the pickup and get seated before I closed the door for her.

Mom had on a medium blue summer dress on that stopped at mid-thigh and it had a V neck line with straps over the shoulders and it showed off her deep cleavage. I noticed that while we were in the house kidding around about me hitting on her and her talking about keeping me at the house and all, I saw her nipples try to poke through the material of the dress.

As I got in on the driver’s side of the pickup I noticed that mom’s dress tail had rode up her thighs and that she had moved over toward the center of the bench seat, to be closer to me as I drove us to the restaurant.

Mom told me which restaurant to go to and as I drove us there, I had a hard time keeping my eyes on the road and off of mom’s sexy legs. Her thighs were a little bit on the thick side as a lot of women get as they get older but with the work out and running she does every week her thighs didn’t get overly huge as she aged. To look at her though a lot of people thought she looked to be ten to fifteen years younger than her forty years of age.

Mom and I sat on the same side of the table at the restaurant so we could talk quietly with each other, even though it was just small talk.

Once mom and I were finished eating our supper we left and headed on over to the theater to watch the movie. Walking into the theater to find a seat to watch the movie there were only three other couples in the room and they were down toward the front in the first nine rows of seats. Mom and I took our seats toward the back half of the room with no one behind us when the show started.

Before half way through the movie mom reached over and took a hold of my hand and rested her head over on my shoulder while still watching the show. I leaned my head over toward her head and kissed the top of her head and smelt the cinnamon smell from her shampoo that she uses to wash her hair with, “Mm, it’s been a long time since I’ve had a man hold my hand while we watched a movie together like this.”

“I must say I enjoy watching a movie with you like this. This is better than it would’ve been with Alison to tell you the truth.”

By the time the end of the movie came to a close and rolled the credits, mom had her arms wrapped around me and I was even holding one of her hands while I had an arm around her shoulders behind her neck, holding her to me. We sat and watched the other three couples get up and leave, then we looked at each other and kissed each other on the mouth that turned out to be longer than a mother and son kiss.

After a few minutes of kissing mom broke the kissing off and looked at me for just a moment, “I think we better get out of here.”

By the time mom broke the kissing off before she said anything to me I noticed that both of us was breathing hard.

As we got up to leave I took mom’s hand in my hand and we walked out hand in hand like the other three couples had done. Once we were outside and walking out to the pickup we had our arms around each other’s waist walking very close to each other. As we got closer to the pickup we walked up to the driver’s door without giving it a second thought and I opened the door and helped mom into the pickup and once she got slid over to the center of the seat, I got in and closed the door.

I stuck the key in the switch, “I’m sorry son for kissing you like that in there.” mom said in a low voice.

“Don’t be sorry beautiful. I had wanted that to happen all evening really.” then looking at her in the eyes.

“I just hope no one saw us that know us.”

“I don’t think we have to worry about that because I didn’t see anyone that we knew.”

“I didn’t either but you never know out like this.”

“I know of some place privet we can go to talk without having to go home which I’m not really ready to do just yet.” starting the pickup up, “It’s still early yet too.”

“That’s true.” as I started to back out of the parking spot and drive away, “I do hope you’re not mad at me for what we did in there.”

“I told you that I wanted to kiss you all evening. I am not mad at you in any way shape or form so get that out of your mind right now.” I put my arm around her shoulders and back of her neck.

I drove to a drive in and ordered us a couple of cold drinks then left and drove to a quite remote place on a lake that is about fifteen miles from where we live. Once we got to the remote place on the lake I parked and then turned toward mom some as she turned toward me some with our legs touching, setting my cold drink on the dashboard and setting mom’s drink next to mine then, I took both of her hands in my hands, “Mom… Out of all the girls I’ve dated right up to Alison, none of them have loved me the way you do and the way I love you. But then I know there is no way they can love me like we love each other because they are not related to each other like you and I are or like a brother and sister may be related. I know society thinks it’s wrong for two people to that are related to each other to be lovers or have sex with each other and all, but how does one that don’t love the other have sex with someone, like I take it Alison didn’t love me.”

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