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Mother , Son Have Oral Sex Ch. 05

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There are no underage characters in this story. All characters portrayed are over 18-years-old. This story directly relates to my previous story, Mom’s First, Blind, Internet Date.


Now with Ginger gone from his life, Michael returns home to the love of his life, his mother.

Continued from Chapter 04

“Let me do it, Michael, please. Don’t worry about it. I’ll take care of it. I don’t mind,” she said. “Just go. Please, just leave.”

He couldn’t believe how much he vomited. He spewed so very much. His puke was such a stinking and embarrassing mess. How could he defile his beautiful woman in such a disgusting way? How could he show such vile outrage for her beautiful pussy? As much as he loved her, he hated himself for not giving her what she so sexually wanted and obviously needed. In the way she gave him oral sex, he needed to give her oral sex too.

“No, it’s my mess and I’m so embarrassed,” he said.

She looked at him with anger mixed with hurt before she made eye contact with him and blurted out the inevitable.

“I don’t want to be with you anymore,” she said as he was getting dressed to leave. “I’m sorry,” she said looking at him with tear filled eyes. “I can’t be with you anymore, not after this, especially not after this.”

He looked at her with shocked disbelief.

“What? Sorry? What did you just say? You don’t want to be with me?”

He couldn’t believe what he had just heard. In the way she looked at him with hurt and confusion whenever he refused to eat her, he looked at her with hurt and confusion that she was breaking up with him.

“I’m done. I can’t go through this again with you rejecting me and now with you puking on me,” she said looking away from him. “Obviously, I sicken you enough for you to vomit your disgust for me.”

He was shocked. He was blown away. Even though he expected it and was half relieved by it, he couldn’t believe the woman of his dreams and the love of his life was breaking up with him. He had mixed emotions. Even though he felt happy that his sexual ordeal was finally over. he felt rejected. He felt sad that he was losing the love of his life. Only, unable to admit it to himself, the real love of his life was his mother. Perhaps if Emma wasn’t always in his head and in their bed, he’d still be together with Ginger.

“Done? What do you mean? Why are you done? I don’t understand. Why are you breaking up with me? I thought you loved me. I thought we were eventually going to get married,” he said feeling as if he needed to say that to show her that he was the victim and not the cad. “I thought we were going to have children together.”

She shook her head negatively while waving her hand back and forth as if she was giving warning to drivers that the road ahead was closed. Definitely with him having rejected her for years and then puking on her as his final insult, her mouth and her pussy were now closed to him. No doubt, even after learning that she squirted, any one of his friends would, no doubt, be dumping their girlfriends for a chance to be with her. Compared to any other woman, she was such an extraordinary woman. Obviously, he didn’t sexually appreciate her enough to eat her and/or to know how to keep her.

“You don’t do anything for me. With me always blowing you and you always cumming in my mouth, it’s always a one-way street with you. Most times, when you fuck me and then refuse to eat me, I don’t even cum,” she said.

He took her hand in his.

“I’ll change. I’ll eat you more. I swear I will, Ginger. I promise I will,” he said. Only the mere thought of him eating her again and eating her even more made him feel as if he was going to vomit again. “I’ll give you an orgasm every time I’m with you, two orgasms, three even.”

She slowly shook her head back and forth while beginning to cry.

“To be honest, Michael, after having thought about it long and hard, I can’t imagine being married to you. I can’t imagine spending my life with you and having lackluster sex. I need to see stars and hear fireworks when making love and you never make love to me. You just fuck me,” she said. “I need to feel that the man I’m with wants me as much as I want him. Unless I’m sucking your cock or you’re fucking me, you don’t seem to be sexually excited enough by me to even return the sexual favor of eating me.”

He looked at her with hurt and shocked disbelief.

“I love you, Ginger. You absolutely, sexually excite me. I’ll try harder. I’ll change. I promise. I’ll do better. I’ll wear a condom. I’ll stay inside of you longer and won’t pull out until you cum. I’ll give you stars and fireworks. I promise you, I will,” he said. “I’ll marry you. Marry me Ginger,” he said getting down on one knee and taking her hand in his as if he had a ring and was ready to slip an engagement ring on her finger.

As if his hand was diseased, she pulled her hand away and stood there without talking while looking down at him and at the mess on her bed. When he stood, giving him a deadeye stare, she esenyurt ucuz escort looked up at him to give him a sad look. When she looked at him with her big, blue eyes, with him no longer filling them with love and happiness, even though he was still physically there, he was already gone from her mind.

“We never make love. You only fuck me. All we do is fuck and then I blow you. Every time you eat me, obviously the reason why I can’t cum, I can tell you don’t like going down on me,” she said. “To be honest, if I stayed with you, I’d be cheating on you. I’d be having sex with someone who wanted to have sex with me. I’d be having sex with someone who gave me an orgasm not only with his cock but also with his mouth and tongue. I don’t want to be with you anymore, Michael. I can’t be with you. I’m done. We’re done.”

Unable to respond with anything to salvage their relationship when everything she said was the truth, he was ready to leave.

“I’ll get another towel to sop up this mess,” he said before leaving.

She grabbed his arm to stop him.

“No,” she said. “I’d rather you just go,” she said. “Please. I beg you. Just leave. This is hard enough for me as it is.”

Unable to respond with anything to salvage their relationship when everything she said was the truth, he left for home.

Chapter 05:

Unusual for his mother not to be home on a Saturday night, she was always home, especially on the weekends. With her not having a boyfriend or a life, other than to go to work, to go food shopping, or to buy clothes at the mall, she never went anywhere. Fair weather friends, most of the friends she had, she lost when she divorced his father years ago. No doubt, with her single and so very attractive, especially back then, ten, long, years ago, they probably feared she’d steal their husbands. What few friends she had left, her longtime childhood friends, lived out of state. She kept in touch with them by phone or by e-mail and hadn’t seen any of them in years.

Emma’s only connection to the outside world was her work, her co-workers, and her son, Michael, of course. If she wasn’t working, she’d become more reclusive than she was now. A solitary woman, other women, especially those women who didn’t look as good as she looked, were seemingly jealous of her. Never looking her age, she easily looked ten years younger. Other women didn’t like her because she was shapely and beautiful and they were fat and ugly. Other women perhaps viewed her as a threat to their relationships and their marriages. Only, at that time, especially after such a messy divorce, not looking for a man to take care of her, she devoted her life to her son.

Then, Michael remembered she was out on a blind date with some man she found on the Internet. He had been worried about her meeting a man she didn’t know but, with him so preoccupied over Ginger, he forgot his mother was out on a date. He hoped she was having a good time before wondering what she was doing with the man during her date. He wondered if they were parking somewhere kissing.

Something kind of creepy for a son to think of doing with his mother, but he’d love to go out on a date with her. He imagined going parking with her. Allowed because they were officially on a date, he imagined kissing her and feeling her through her clothes where no son should ever feel his mother. He imagined having sex with his mother in the backseat of his car before he realized that they could just go home and have sex. Then, he saw her note.

‘In case I’m kidnapped, tortured, stripped naked, raped, and my dead, naked body is dumped in a dumpster, I’m out on a blind date with a man named Vincent that I met on the internet. All of the e-mail information is on my computer. My password is Emma*46*. With you out with Ginger and not home until tomorrow, you may not even see this message before I return home,’ she wrote. ‘I hope you had a good night with Ginger. Love, Mom.’

With the fun sense of humor his mother had, he knew she was kidding about being kidnapped, tortured, stripped naked, and raped with her naked body dumped in a dumpster. Yet, instead of thinking about all of the horrible things that could conceivably happen to her by dating some strange man she met on the Internet, he more focused on his mother being stripped naked by her Internet date. As if he was seeing his mother naked, he more focused on imagining his mother naked. As if he was vicariously there having sex with his mother, he more focused on his mother having sex with him instead of having sex with a man she barely knew. Instead of her having sex with her date, he wished she’d have sex with him.

When she returned home from her blind date, but not realizing it right away, she was obviously surprised to see her son sitting in the living room and watching television. She seemed preoccupied. She seemed disoriented. She wasn’t herself. He wondered what happened to make his mother look so scatterbrained.

It was weird for him to be home on a esenyurt üniversiteli escort Saturday night. It was weird welcoming his mother coming home from her date when he had years of his mother welcoming him home from his dates. Just as she was always home on a Saturday night, he was never home on a Saturday night. Michael turned off the television to give his full attention to his mother and to talk to her.

“How was your date Mom?”

Obviously, for him to remember she was on a date, he must have read her message. If he read her message, he must have seen her computer password. If he saw her computer password, he could have booted up her computer to peruse her topless and naked photos but he hadn’t. Instead of spying on his mother’s private life, he was too upset over losing Ginger to even think about snooping on his mother topless and/or naked photos. He didn’t boot up her computer. He didn’t do anything other than to read her note. He just remembered that she told him she was out on a blind date.

With him knowing that his mother was such a prude, no doubt, she didn’t have any topless and/or naked photos of herself for her son to see. Not suspecting that his mother had topless and/or naked photos of herself, even with him so sexually attracted to her, he never would have snooped through her computer even if he knew she had topless and/or naked photos. He respected her more than to violate her privacy.

Only, if he knew she had topless and/or naked photos of herself, if he was horny enough and if she wasn’t home, no doubt, he would have taken a peek. He always wondered what his mother looked like not only in her panties and bra but also topless and/or naked too. If he knew she had taken topless and/or naked photos of herself at Vincent’s request, no doubt, he would have printed them out to view them later in the privacy of his bedroom while masturbating himself.

“My date?” She seemed distant as if she was trying to remember her date. Maybe she was drunk but other than a glass of wine at dinner, his mother didn’t drink. “It was okay,” she said with a shrug.

If only he knew that she had purposely given him her computer password because subconsciously, she wanted him to see her topless and naked photos that she had taken previously to send to Vincent, her blind, internet date. In the way she looked at him was as if she was waiting for him to say something about her sexy photos on her computer, and no doubt she was, but he didn’t say anything about seeing her sexy photos. Either he didn’t look at them on her computer or playing it cool, he didn’t want her to know that he had booted up her computer, invaded her privacy, and had seen her topless and/or naked photos.

More than him peeping at her naked photos, for him to ask her how her date was, as soon as he saw her, he obviously suspected that there was something wrong. Unable to hide it, with her date sexually assaulting her by touching and feeling her everywhere before forcing his prick in her mouth in his failed attempt for her to blow him, she looked upset. She looked as if she had been trampled when running from the bulls in Spain. With her clothes disheveled, her hair a mess, and her lipstick smeared, she looked as if she had been in the middle of a Macy’s, black Friday sale and lost.

How was her date? Truth be told, if only her son could read her mind, he’d never believe what happened to her on her date. Wouldn’t he be surprised by all of the sexual things that happened to his mother to make her the sexual prude that she was before and assuredly that made her so steadfast against her having sex now, especially oral sex. No doubt, if he knew that Vincent had so violated his mother, he’d want to find the man who sexually assaulted her to not only give him a piece of his mind but also to give him a beating. Being the protective and sexually attracted son that he was, he’d take out his incestuous frustration by being physical with Vincent.

Only, something happened that night. Something that Emma would never admit to her son or seemingly even to herself, Vincent had sexually excited her. If only Michael knew that she was humiliated when Vincent first touched her, felt her, fondled her, and groped her everywhere a man on his first date should never touch, feel, fondle, and grope a woman, she’d feel foolish. She’d feel like such a virginal prude. Yet, with her so horny and so sexually frustrated for so very long, if only Michael knew that she grew to enjoy the sexual attention that Vincent paid her, what would he say then?

With her so horny and so sexually frustrated, if only Michael knew that she enjoyed Vincent touching her, feeling her, fondling her, and groping her, no doubt, he’d probably consider her a whore. If only Michael knew that Vincent exposed himself to her and, while forcing her to touch his naked prick, actually tried to force her to give him a hand job, what would he say then? Either he’d be angry, sexually excited, or a combination of both. With etiler escort her knowing her son was sexually attracted to her, no doubt, he’d want his mother to give him a hand job too.

Obviously, Michael wasn’t the only man who wanted to have sex with his mother. Vincent wanted to have sex with her too. If only Michael knew why she was such a sexual prude, maybe he’d understand why she didn’t suck cock. Yet, nonetheless both men’s sexual attraction to her, with her having never gotten over the violent attack, she was scarred over the man in the woods who sexually assaulted nearly her thirty-years ago. Then months later, her husband-to-be sexually assaulted her too by forcing his cock in her mouth on their Prom night. A rhetorical question that she asked of her friends, who all gave blowjobs, when she didn’t, “What is it with men and wanting their cocks sucked?”

Unbelievable that it happened yet again, if only Michael knew that Vincent forcibly filled his mother’s mouth with his erect prick, no doubt, he’d wish he could fill his mother’s mouth with his prick too. In the way she was enjoying Vincent touching her, feeling her, fondling her, and groping her while kissing her, there’d be no telling how far she may have gone had he not ruined things by forcing his prick in her mouth. If only he had been more patient, a first time for everything, perhaps after a few dates, she may have willingly taken his stiff prick in her mouth and sucked him.

Yet, as if she had a sign on her forehead that read, ‘I dare you to force your cock in my mouth,’ what are the odds that three men would try to force her to blow them? Moreover, what are the odds that she would get away without blowing any of them? With her mouth a virginal, sacred, blowjob temple, no man has ever ejaculated cum in her mouth. Never has she tasted or swallowed cum. In the way that her mouth was a virginal, sacred, blowjob temple, seemingly every man she was with wanted her to suck them while feeling her big tits and fingering her erect nipples. Seemingly every man wanted to cum in her mouth and watch her swallow their cum.

If only he could read her mind, all she could think about was the remembered taste and the feel of a stranger and her Prom date’s cock in her mouth that happened nearly thirty-years ago. Intent on her giving him a blowjob and cumming in her mouth to watch her swallow his cum, she recorded in her diary all of the times her husband tried to force her to suck him but she refused. With her blind date giving her memory flashbacks, now Vincent was added to that short, infamous list of men trying to get her to suck them and cum in her mouth.

No doubt with her so sensitive to and be so averse to sucking a man’s prick, she could still taste Vincent’s prick in her mouth. Only, with her raised a good, religious girl, she didn’t suck cock. With Michael having no clue what was going on in his mother’s pretty head, if only he knew that Vincent forced his hand down her blouse and in her bra while kissing her, he’d be sexually excited. Something he no doubt would love to do, if only he knew that Vincent had felt his mother’s naked tits while fingering her naked nipples, he’d be masturbating over that image for sure. If only he knew that Vincent moved his hand up his mother’s skirt and in between her legs to briefly masturbate her through her panties, he’d no doubt be masturbating himself over that image too.

If only he knew his mother allowed Vincent to touch her, feel her, fondle her, and grope her, while kissing her, what would he think of his mother then? No doubt, Michael would wish he could kiss his mother while touching, feeling, fondling, and groping his mother too. Yet, after allowing Vincent to have his wicked sexual way with her body, would he think her a slut? Definitely, if she allowed her son to have his sexual way with her body too, he’d think of her not only as a whore but also as an incestuous whore.

Perhaps, understanding her loneliness, maybe he wouldn’t think of his mother as a slut, a whore, or as an incestuous whore. Maybe he’d more think of her as desperately lonely for the touch and longing for the feel of a man? Yet, would he think of her as being so desperately lonely that she’d allow almost any man to touch her, feel her, fondle her, grope her, and even force his erect prick in her mouth?

If only he knew that Vincent put his mother’s hand on his exposed, naked prick and wrapped her fingers around his cock, undoubtedly, he’d be as sexually excited as he’d be angry. If only he knew that Vincent moved his hand up and down with his mother’s hand to give himself a forced hand job, undoubtedly, he’d be as sexually excited as he’d be angry. If only Michael knew that Vincent forced his erect prick in his mother’s mouth while trying to force her to blow him, undoubtedly, he’d be as sexually excited as he’d be angry.

Who knows, with her son so very sexually attracted to her, kissing her, touching her, feeling her, fondling her, and groping her, maybe he’d want to do everything that Vincent did with her. With her son so very sexually attracted to his mother, Emma, maybe he’d love to stick his horny hand down her top and inside of her bra to feel and fondle her naked breasts while fingering her naked nipples. What son, who was sexually attracted to his mother, wouldn’t love to touch, feel, and fondle his mother’s tits while fingering her nipples?

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