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Mother’s Help

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(Everyone in the story is over 18 years old. Any similarity to persons living or dead is purely coincidental. This story is fiction, and at no time and in no way does this story intend to portray real life, actual circumstances, actual persons or situations, places, or actions. This story is the product of the author’s imagination. This story includes scenes of graphic sex needed to further the plot, and should NOT be read by minors or anyone that might be offended by such filth.)


Mom lifted her pink floral printed maxi above her waist, she was wearing no panties, I could see her naked hairless pussy. She smiled on the expression on my face, my mouth wide open and my gaze fixed upon her cunt. She came closer and caught my face in her hands and kissed me slowly. I pulled my pajamas down and rock hard cock popped out. She again smiled and caught it and shoved the head in her mouth and started sucking. Her mouth was warm and her tongue soft, she was always good with the blowjob. Mom was slowly moving forward and half my cock was now inside her mouth. My eyes were closed in ecstasy, it was so much pleasure. My cock was getting harder and harder as she sucked it. It was 8 inches long and very thick unlike dad’s which was much shorter though it has the same girth. She liked the up gradation with the size. Mom’s mouth was too small to take the whole cock inside her mouth so she would lick the shaft and suck the balls instead but liked deep threat and loved it when she would choke. It was almost 10 minutes since she was down there licking, kissing and sucking my cock and balls. I was playing with her hairs, stroking them while she was stroking my cock. She would occasionally look up at me and smile but would rather close my eyes and feel the pleasure than return her smiles. I could feel my cock getting a little soft. She was about to get up and just like always I caught her head with strength, so that won’t break through and shoved my whole cock inside her small, soft and warm mouth. The end was still an inch out while the head was hitting the end of her mouth, she started choking and eyes started watering. She tried to lift her head up but my grip was too strong. She could not breath, she pushed me but it was of no use.

I freed her and she fell back, he eyes red and watering and a mixture of pre cum and her saliva dripping from her mouth. She was still smiling at me. She stood back up immediately and lifted her maxi above her waist again, I pushed away all my books away and she sat on the table her legs wide open and her pussy, pink and soft, facing me. I caught her by her legs and thrust my face in between her legs and started eating her pussy. She was humming and moaning slowly, the whole room was completely dark except for my study table where my mom sat half naked with her maxi lifted eve gelen escort above her waist and her son eating her cunt. Everyone was asleep and there was complete silence in the room except for the kissing, slurping and moaning sound.

I was afraid that she might wake someone up. If any of my siblings saw this we were dead but it was no problem it dad saw this. On the contrary I was sure he will be very happy to see his son fucking his wife. It was he who arranged this and approved it; he was behind making this happen on the first place. After his busy routine and his declining interest in sex he realized mom needed someone who could take care of her in a way he was no more being able to. But this was not the main reason for him doing this — he always had a kink for incest. He would play characters of mom and son, father and daughter, brother and sister — mom told me. He many a times sat next to the bed while we had sex, he would yell at me instruction while I was fucking my mom and would even give me tips. He arranged dates for us regularly so that we might not lose interest in sex. I thought it was gross because it was my first time but sex was so good that I can’t stop myself after that. Sex for the first time and that too with my mom was my 18th birthday gift. That’s what I received form my parents on my 18th birthday — my mother’s cunt. Mom played dad’s incest games so many times that she got ready to have sex with me after giving it a little thought. She had to say yes or she would get to have sex once in 6 months while now everyday alternate day was a treat for her. Dad and mom had never given a thought of bringing my siblings in this and we made a pact that this secret will always be confined with the three of us.

I kept licking her pussy, my tongue running all over it; her eyes were closed just like mine when she was giving me blowjob. I kissed her clitoris and played with it and pressed it softly with my teeth. “Aah,” she moaned loudly, I pressed my hands immediately on her mouth. Mom’s pussy was wet and was dripping with her juices. She stood back up; the place on the table where she sat had her juices on it. We started kissing one another passionately. She was falling upon me my one hand supporting the weight of both of us and another on her ass. She wrapped her hands around my neck and kept pulling me forward. She could not wait any longer; she wanted my rock hard, 8 inches cock now but I wanted her to beg for I wasn’t giving her what she wanted so easily. She was getting eager and excited; it was getting difficult for me to control her and myself. I pushed her and fell on the table.

We can’t fuck in the same room so we went to the guest room. It was usually where we had sex and so the cupboard was loaded with condoms, lubricants, fatih escort Viagra (though I never needed them much) and kinky sex toys. She pulled out her maxi and fell on the bed naked. I opened the cupboard and from the locked draw whose keys where only with the three of us — mom, dad and me — I removed dotted one. “Just bring the lubricant, I don’t want you to wear a condom tonight,” mom said from behind, this brought a huge smile on my face.

It was almost 8 years I was fucking her and I wanted her to have a baby — my baby. She got pregnant twice but she took the pills telling me we were not ready for another kid. I climbed the bed and poured the lubricant all over her pussy. Mom was lying with her legs wide open; my cock reached its full size. My heart was beating so fast that I could fell it throbbing on my chest. I threw away the lubricant and pulled mom closer by her legs. The head of my cock right above her cunt ready to drill her pussy. “Don’t make me wait any more, just fuck me, I can’t wait any longer,” she was repeating.

The room was brightly lit, I was looking at her beautiful body, she was 35 years old but had a figure of a 22 year old. She worked real hard to maintain it, there were men staring at her always when she would go on the streets and in markets. She never wanted to cheat her husband and this was what he approved himself.I pushed my cock inside her pussy and started fucking her slowly — pushing and pulling my cock in and out slowly. My thick cock rubbing on the walls of her pussy and her warm and wet pussy rubbing on my cock. Mom’s eyes were closed, her body hot and her cunt wet. I was slowly increasing my speed. She was moaning — my name and where she liked it better. The room was cold but we were starting to sweat. She lifted her head and unclipped her hairs, it was making it difficult for her to move her head. She was moaning “Deeper aah go deeper aah it is so good oh fuck me, yeah fuck your mother, fuck the pussy, aah I like it aa, right go right yeah yeah, faster faster oh oh aah” this was making me even more eager.

I increased my speed and within 2 two minutes I was fucking her with my top speed. The clapping sound of the skins and mother’s moans echoed the whole room. She was pressing her nipples and rubbing her cunt while I was holding her legs on my shoulder to maintain the position and occasionally pressing her boobs. The room felt hotter and we were soon both covered in sweat. It was 10 minutes since I was fucking her and was about to cum. I stopped immediately and pulled out my cock. She yelled a loud “aah” and I was afraid she might wake someone up.

I sat on the bed and she was lying on the bed both of us breathing heavily. I gulped down water from the bottle resting on the table next to the bed and offered it halkalı anal yapan escort to her. She sat up took two sips and sat staring at me. A mixture of motherly love and a woman’s sexual hunger was in her eyes. I was soon ready for another round. I straightened up, “What position would you like it now son?” she asked me in a playful manner.

“Whatever you like.”

“The doggy then,” she said and turned around.

She was now quadruped – on her hands and knees. Her big, round ass facing me. I thrust my face in her butt crack and started licking her ass hole. Her juice has flown till here and I could taste the slight saltiness. She started giggling as I navigated my tongue and licked her butt hole. “You are tickling me,” she said giggling. I lifted my face and knelt just behind her, caught her by her waist, placed my cock on her pussy and with a push started fucking her in my top speed. I had regained some of my energy and I could go longer this time. I was fucking her with my whole strength not sparing her at all for the pain she was feeling. She was enjoying it more than I was. Once again the sound of clapping of skins and mother’s moan echoed the whole room. I pressed my hand on her mouth to muffle her sound. The bed was shaking and making a creaking sound. We were having sex and only sex on it for the past 8 years. This was one of the prime locations we had sex, others were the kitchen, bathroom and garden. We had sex many a times outside our house. We would rent a room for one or two night and not get out of it. We had sex multiple times outstation.

Sweat was dripping all over our body. With one hand on her waist I was fondling and pressing her boobs with another. It was 15 minutes and I felt her pussy tighten, she was moaning louder than ever before, “ooh fuck me baby fuck me don’t stop mommy is about to come fuck mommy oh fuck fuck fuck”. She yelled loudly “ooh!” and fell on the bed her face down. Her pussy went back to normal. I was still fucking her and was about to cum. “Aah you pussy is so warm oh mother oh darling oh I am about to cum,” I said.

“Don’t cum in my pussy,” she said. I was slowing down.

“You don’t want me to cum in your pussy”

“No! Jazz my face, I want you to pour your hot cum all over my face”

I was in no mood to ask something else. I pulled my cock out and sat up her eyes closed and her face just in front of my cock as I stood on the bed. “Open your eyes and open your mouth”. I jacked off in her mouth my cum went straight inside. She swallowed it and I came the rest over her face and her eyes and her hairs.

Her face and hairs were covered in cum. Both of us naked and breathing heavily. She was wiping her face with her maxi. “I thought you wanted to get pregnant,” I asked her.

“No I did not want you to wear a condom tonight it is much better without it, you know the feel,” she said with a naughty smile on her face.

We sat for another 10 minutes then went to the bathroom to clean ourselves. She went to sleep in a fresh maxi and I went back to studying. Tomorrow was my office meeting and she wanted to help me.

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