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Moving Day

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My nineteen year old nephew, Tim, came over to my apartment to help me rearrange some heavy furniture around. I needed to move a bed and couch and Tim was available that Saturday morning. After we finished, we were both sweating. Tim asked if he could take a shower so he could then change into some clean clothes he had brought along.

As Tim was in the shower, I went and got a clean towel from the closet. Tim was just finishing when I opened the bathroom door to lay the towel on the vanity. Tim pulled the shower curtain open and I got the view. Tim had about a six inch cock surrounded by dark brown pubic hair. His cock was thick and water was still dripping from the tip.

I think Tim was a bit shocked to see me standing there, but there was nothing he could do about it now. I walked over to the tub and told him to step out. I had Tim turn his back to me, then I proceeded to towel him off. I ran the towel all over, paying attention to his ass, I dried his cheeks with a special up and down rub of his crack.

I then had my nephew turn around. I think he was going to try and take the towel from me, but I started to wipe across his chest. I could see Tim was breathing a bit deeper as we stood inches apart from one another. I then went to my knees to dry his legs. I moved the towel to his private area next. I lifted his cock with one hand and dried off his big, dangling sacs.

Tim’s cock jerked a bit as I moved halkalı bdsm escort the towel’s material all around his cock. As I was on my knees, I looked up to Tim’s face. He had his head pushed back, as if he was getting a bit of enjoyment from all my attention.

I pulled the towel away. Now was the moment of truth. I still held his cock in one hand. I then brought the tip of it to my lips.

“Oh my God, Uncle Ken!” Tim was practically in heat about now.

I slid my mouth up and down his shaft. Tim’s knees buckled a bit, but he was enjoying how his cock was feeling. His cock was growing in my mouth, as I continued to go deeper down on his thick pole. I worked all the way down to the root. I backed off slowly from his cock, then moved my mouth down as far and fast as possible.

Tim caught on quickly. He put his hand on the back on my head, urging me to go on. I didn’t know how much of this my nephew could take, but it wasn’t much I found a few moments later. Tim cried out and flooded my throat with his thick seed.

I felt a hot flow moving down to my belly. I pulled off momentarily, and Tim shot a salty stream of his cum onto my face. I reached for his sacs and gave them a squeeze. Tim was bucking wildly now. I managed to catch most of his love offering and drink it down. All this cumming lasted a few minutes until Tim was finished.

“I never knew a halkalı elit escort man could make me feel like this, Uncle Ken,” Tim told me.

I told him that man sex could be quite hot and wild with the right partner. I got to my feet and I led my nephew back to the bedroom. I am sure he had no idea what was about to happen, but he was getting excited once more. His cock was beginning to stiffen up and we made our way to the bed.

I removed my clothes and Tim and I fell onto the mattress. I started to kiss Tim’s chest and after a few minutes he wanted to try the same with me. Our bodies were very close now. Our cocks were both hard and rubbing against one another. I know I was getting heated up and Tim had a wild look in his eyes.

“Tim, I want to make love to you,” I said to him.

“Do you mean you want to fuck me?” Tim asked.

I nodded my head yes. Tim asked me to go slow and be gentle. He had never had a cock in his ass before. I told him I would go easy on him. I slowly lifted up his legs by holding his ankles. Tim’s tight pucker hole was staring right at me. I took hold of my erect cock and moved the nozzle to his opening. Then I pushed.

Tim was tight to be honest. He also screamed a bit. I grabbed for some lube and applied it to his asscrack. I then worked it into his hole and tried again. My cock was beginning to slide in slowly.

It took some halkalı escort time before I was finally inside Tim’s tight hole. Once I was inside, I began to fill him up with man cock. I pushed as deeply as I could. Tim tried to meet my movements. We soon were fucking in unison. I pushed his legs up to his chest now.

My cock is about seven inches long and I was buried in Tim’s hole, right up to the root. I made a few circling motions to loosen him up a bit. I knew my nephew was going to love taking it from a man. My strokes grew harder, bolder. My sacs were riding on his bubble ass. I wanted to fuck my nephew and he wanted me to give him my full length of man dick.

We fucked for a long time, it seems we lost track of how long it had been. Tim whispered that he wanted me to cum in him. It would be his first load he would take from me. I pushed in as far as I could then roared like a bull. I let loose with a stream of hot, milky cum.

I must had had a big load in me. My seed was leaking out of Tim’s ass, down to his asscrack. I normally don’t cum in large quantites, but today was different. I kept blowing my seed into my nephew’s ass until I collapsed on top of him.

We were both sweating and breathing hard, trying to compose ourselves. After a few minutes my softened cock slipped out between his man buns. We were lying there, just touching each other, occasionally a light kiss.

Tim told me he had no idea how hot making love with a man could be. He wanted to do it again very soon with me, maybe even put his cock in my ass. I was certainly willing to take my nephew as a lover. This was the start of some fantastic sex over the summer that I want to tell you about as it took place, but that will have to be for later.

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