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Mr. Christian’s House Ch. 01

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It happened on a hot summer day, mid July. My mother was hanging the clothes to dry on the line while I sat carelessly on the stoop, pondering how I was going to spend the next three months off school. With my elbows on my knees, and my chin resting comfortably on my palms, I found myself lulling off into a daydream. This was not just any daydream, however, but a recurring one that I was always happy to entertain, no matter how many times I dreamed a day. My thoughts traveled down the sidewalk, across the street, one block to the right… and there it was – The Richardson’s house.

It was a beautiful sage green colonial with cream shutters. The house adorned a ring of marigolds around the front as if it were wearing a necklace. While the houses physical appearance was very pleasing to me (and not just because of the strategically placed flowers) this was the smallest piece of its powerful hold over me. I walked past it twice a day, to school and back. Now that school is out, I won’t have an excuse to walk past it. This jarring revelation jolted me out of my slumber-like state, and also a shrill yell from my mother.

“Do you just expect me to do your clothes for you? You’re 18 now, Margret, and I love you, but I’m not your maid!” A small woman in stature, her voice could crack windows with its ferocity, but it came from a good place. At least she says it does.

“What are you daydreaming about, anyways? You should be out spending time with your friends!” My mother was right, of course. Summer vacation is in full swing – why am I sitting on my porch daydreaming about my neighbors’ cock?

That’s right, I said it. I have been sitting around daydreaming about Mr. Richardson’s cock for the entirety of my summer break. Yes, I know the stipulations of this. Yes, he is married, but I have overheard my parents ataşehir escort talking about their “swing parties” and about how sexually explorative they were.

“Can you believe those people? Sleeping around town like they’re teenagers! This ‘new age’ sex revolution is ridiculous.” I could hear my father’s words echoing in my head, but upon overhearing my parents’ conversation, I felt only feelings of pure excitement about this discovery.

I had watched Mr. Richardson walk back and forth in front of me during science class. I tried to concentrate on his lecture, he was talking about photosynthesis. Don’t get me wrong, he was a well-spoken man with a powerful voice, and a teacher I adored and respected, but it was impossible for me to keep my mind off of his crotch. I may had imagined it, but I often thought I could see the outline of his dick against his slacks. Weather that was real or not, I know that the wetness coating my little pink thong was all too real. I squeezed my thighs together tightly, the pressure against my throbbing organ sent a tingle from my head to my toes. I wished everyone else in the room would just disappear…

As I’m sure you can imagine, this man being my neighbor is not only a blessing, but a curse. Every time I walk past the two-story green giant, I feel my knees get weak. I have even noticed that I breathe a little faster. I like to imagine myself with his tie around my neck, and nothing else. We’re in his office, the carpet is burning up my knees as I deep-throat his big, juicy cock…

“Margret!” my mother screams. “Are you even listening to me? Either make yourself useful and help me do some work around the house or get out of here! You’re not going to laze around here all summer!”

Of course, she didn’t have to tell me twice. I slipped on my kadıköy escort bayan shoes and headed out the front door. Although my pale legs shone in the sun like diamonds in my little jean shorts, they were very shapely and long. I always notice men and women alike looking them up and down in the supermarket, so I’m pretty sure they’re my best feature. With a little pink crop top and no bra, a mess of curly hair hanging around my neck, and a pair of sunglasses atop my head, I hit the road. The destination? I wasn’t exactly sure.

Although I’m not completely sure, I think Mr. Richardson likes me too. Why? Honestly, I’m not really sure myself. He probably never noticed me before, considering I was one of his students, and underage. On the last day of class, he handed back our tests. On top of mine, beside a score of 91 –not my best work– he wrote the message… “happy big eighteen, Margret, and have a great summer.” I swooned upon reading this even semi-personal note from such a vision.

I began walking down the road. The sun beamed down upon me with a pretty persistent rage, but I didn’t really mind. I began thinking about how nice it would be to have a nice, ice cold class of lemonade, perhaps beside a pool… Mr. Richardson’s pool. Wearing only my pearl white bikini, I found dream-Margaret serving Mr. Richardson a glass of this sweet, ice cold lemonade. Then, as she straddles him in his lounge chair…


The screaming of a horn rudely disrupts my waking dream. I am walking out into the middle of traffic! Seriously, the thought of his perfect cock was a most dangerous distraction. I tried to think of destinations that would require me to pass Mr. Richardson’s house… Ah, I know! The library! I know, I know, it’s summer. Honestly, I’m more of an indoor girl. Besides, escort maltepe I wanted Mr. Richardson to know how hard of a worker I am…

As I walked upon Mr. Richardson’s fence line, he and his wife were standing outside. They noticed me, his wife calling out to me.

“Hi Margaret, I hope you’re having a wonderful summer!”

I retorted with “I am, thank you, I hope you are too!”

Mr. Richardson took a step towards me and I stopped in my tracks. Not dressed in his normal business-casual attire, Mr. Richardson was wearing a white t-shirt and a pair of clearly worn in jeans. I could see every outline of his muscles beneath his shirt as it rippled in the slight breeze. I was melting…

“Where are you headed, Margaret?” he asked, a slight smile gracing the corners of his lightly tanned face.

“Th- The library” I stuttered nervously.

I could feel myself blushing hard as his small smile turned to a big one. He looked back at his wife and smiled, then turned back to me.

“You know, it’s awful hot out here” he said, then smiling seductively, said “would you like to come in and have a glass of water or something?”

I grabbed on to the chain link fence that separated us for dear life, as I felt my knees begin to buckle and shake. However, I gained my composure. I thought about all the soaked panties from science class. I wanted to show him what I could do. I smiled a sexy little smile I’d been practicing in the mirror.

“Sure, Mr. Richardson. That would be wonderful.”

As I opened the gate to let myself in the yard, Mr. Richardson and his wife held each other in a loving embrace. They shared a deep, passionate kiss. I could feel my lips tingling just watching these two-beautiful people show their affections. As she walked toward her car, she turned back to us and smiled playfully. She winked and waved goodbye as she drove off. I felt an even more intense desire for him in knowing Mrs. Richardson approved, she was quite the looker herself, and I was flattered to know she would grant me the privilege to receive her husband’s pleasures.

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