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Mrs. C Ch. 06

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Liz had stayed the night; they had all gone to bed together. Jack had looked after mum then they had all fallen asleep. The next morning, Jack and Liz made love at six, Liz was still hot. She left just after seven; she needed to go home to shower and change as she had to be at the Clinic at eight. Mum and Jack made love again after Liz left. They both climaxed simultaneously; Jack had been in the missionary position, he kissed mum so lovingly as she held his cock inside her. Mum said, “I enjoyed that so much, so did Liz, she was glowing when she left this morning. Let’s invite Liz over again later this week. I am looking forward to tonight with May, how was last night for you, Jack?”

Jack replied, “Mum, I loved it too. I like Liz as a person; she’s so kind and considerate. Liz is an excellent lover; I feel good when I’m with you, Pam, Liz and May. You’re all very sexy ladies. Will we do tonight with May the same as last night with Liz, so that you can watch?”

Mum smiled and kissed Jack then said, “May’s coming over at seven, then we go to the pub for supper. Can you be home around four this afternoon then we can have a session before we go out?”

“It will be five before I’m home today, we can have a quickie before May arrives if you want?”

“That sounds good; then I can flirt with May in the pub. When we get home, would you like to watch May and me doing it? After I’m finished with her, you can have her. I will make her very wet for you.”

They kissed again then mum made breakfast as Jack showered. In the shower Jack thought of mum and May doing it, he knew that it would be good, he was looking forward to tonight. After breakfast, Jack left, mum was in a great mood; Jack knew that she was excited about tonight. Jack was happy as he drove to the University; he had never known mum to be so happy and contented. He felt the same way, he was having unbelievable sex, and everyone who was involved with him was having great sex too.

Jack’s morning passed quickly, at lunchtime his phone beeped, he had a message from Liz which read, “Dear Jack, thank you so much for last night. It was wonderful. I felt so satisfied in every way. You’re so loving and affectionate, I’ve never experienced that with a man in my life. Please bear in mind that I don’t have a lot of experience with men. After school, I did a Medical Secretary’s course. I then got a job in a Medical Clinic. That was when I met my husband. He was older than me by fifteen years; he was a widower with no family. Sadly, we had no children. He retired ten years ago, Pam took over the Clinic, and I kept working. My husband has dementia; he’s not as bad as Pam’s husband. We stopped having sex a long time ago. Jack, I hope that I’m not boring you. I just wanted you to know something about me. If you halkalı ucuz escort want to know more, then please ask. I would love to see you again. I’m very open-minded. I am sure that we could find exciting ways to give each other pleasure. Write when you can, I’m thinking of you. Love Liz.”

Jack was pleased that Liz had written to him, the more he got to know about Liz, the more he liked her, Jack replied, “Dear Liz, thank you so much for your lovely message, I found it so interesting. I wish that we had met when you were younger and capable of childbearing; you would have made a fantastic mother. Yes, we will meet again, mum, feels the same way. She suggested some time this week. As soon as I know what day then I’ll let you know. It was good that you could stay overnight, is it a problem for you to stay overnight again? Please write about what you want. I want to get to know you too. I’m looking forward to seeing you again. Love Jack.”

Jack checked his messages just after three just before his last lecture, Liz’s message read, “Jack, I was so happy to read your message, as soon as you know what night is good for you and Dot then let me know. Overnights are no problem; in fact, weekend’s away could be possible. With my husband, he is visited three times a day. He had a stroke last year, which left him paralysed on his left side. He is bed-bound, he switches his television on when he wakes up, watches it all day from his bed then either the evening nurse or I switch it off at night. He is well looked after; I have no worries about not being there for him. If his condition gets worse, then we’ll get an additional nurse for him. You need to tell me what you like, and I will do it for you, I want to give you so much pleasure. Let me know when it’s good for you and I’ll be there. Love Liz.”

Jack arrived home just before five; mum was lying on her bed waiting for him; she was naked. Jack noticed that she had a butt plug in her ass. Mum said, “I’m ready for you, I’ve lubed my ass, let me make you hard then I will lube your cock, can you guess where I want fucked first?”

Jack quickly stripped naked, his cock was half hard but looking at mum’s naked body, he could feel himself stirring. Mum went down on him, her tongue and lips teasing all of his cock and balls, he was soon so stiff. Jack was fingering mum’s very wet pussy; mum was pushing her pussy against his probing fingers. Mum then started lubing Jack’s stiff cock, she did it so lovingly, she then got on all fours, her ass in the air at the foot of her bed, Jack stood behind her, his cock level with her ass. He centred his cock on her lubed ass hole, with a gentle push he slid inside her, mum purred with pleasure.

Jack soon had a steady rhythm going; he was halkalı üniversiteli escort stroking mum’s clit as he pounded into her tight ass, he sensed that she would cum soon, she did. Jack gave her another two vaginal orgasms then pulled out and slipped into her dripping pussy doggy style. As Jack was riding mum, he told her about Liz’s messages; Mum said, “Liz’s is a lovely woman, so is Pam, they’re both so similar with their demented husbands. They have all the money that they will ever need. Jack, they both adore your cock, you give us all so much pleasure. I’m looking forward to tonight with May; I think that we will all have a lot of fun. You’re hitting my cervix; I am going to cum soon, go harder and deeper baby, make mummy cum.”

Mum climaxed a minute later, she had a massive orgasm, Jack pulled out, turned mum around then they kissed, they melted in each other’s arms when they kissed after sex. They showered and dressed; mum looked stunning in her outfit, sexy but casual, not overdressed for the pub. May arrived at seven on the nose; she looked gorgeous too; she was not overdressed for the pub too. Jack and May tongue kissed when she arrived; mum gave May a big hug then they kissed each other on the cheek. Jack noticed that both of them in the hug would have felt the weight of the others tits.

After a glass of wine they left for the pub, sitting at their table Jack said, “I’m so lucky, I am sitting here with the two most beautiful women in the room. I am so happy that we are all here together tonight.”

They all ordered steaks, as usual, they were delicious, the quality of the meat was perfect. Mum and May were flirting throughout the meal; it was apparent to Jack that they were both getting on well together. They were both so relaxed; they were laughing and giggling; their eye contact was constant. They arrived back at home. Jack took the initiative; he said, “You two girls go into the lounge and get comfortable, I’ll attend to the wine.”

May went to the lounge first, mum whispered to Jack, “Take your time with the wine, May, and I need some quality time together. I’ll leave the door open so that you can watch then you’ll know what excites me watching you make love.”

They kissed then Jack poured himself a glass of wine. Mum had left the door open, Jack sat with his wine on a chair in the hall, he had perfect sight of May and mum kissing and touching beside the sofa, they both looked as though they were enjoying it. Then they undressed each other; there was one table light on in the lounge, everything looked nice. Mum and May now lay down on the carpet; Jack had a perfect view of them. They started to 69, both of them were purring with pleasure.

Jack felt his cock harden; he haramidere escort then realised that he was enjoying watching Mum and May, it was arousing him, it was evident that they were both sucking the other’s clit, as they both sucked, both of them were pushing their pussies against the other’s mouth with a circular motion. Jack topped his glass up, then continued to watch them, he could understand now why mum liked to watch him fucking. Then he heard May say, “Dot, you’re so good at this, I am close to cuming, is that ok with you?”

Mum replied, “Of course it is, I’m close too, it would be great if we both came at the same time. May cum for me. Cum in my mouth.”

A minute later, they both climaxed within seconds of each other. They were both sucking all the spunk out of the other’s dripping cunt. It was amazing to watch. Then they both started to cum kiss the other, that’s when Jack walked into the lounge, his cock looked impressive, it was rock hard. Jack said, “The both of you look as though you’re having a lot of fun, can I join you?”

May took hold of Jack’s cock, before she went down on him, she said, “Of course you can, you’ve two very horny ladies here that need to be satisfied.”

Jack sat on an upright armchair in the lounge; May knelt in front of him sucking his cock. Mum sat on the sofa; her legs were spread as she fingered her pussy; she was watching everything that May was doing to Jack. May managed to make Jack’s cock a little harder; Jack then invited May to get on top of him as he sat in the armchair. May squatted over him, teasing her hard clit with the bulbous head of Jack’s cock. Then she centred it in the middle of her long sex slit, she pushed down, Jack’s full length slid up her hungry cunt.

May soon had a powerful rhythm going; she was pounding his stiff shaft, Jack was stroking her big clit as she rode him. Then May brought her left breast to her mouth; she then started to lick and suck her hard nipple. May was pounding Jack’s cock as she did this. Mum was fisting her tight cunt as she watched May do this. May then brought her right breast to her mouth and did the same thing to her hard right nipple.

May kept pounding away for the next twenty minutes, twice Jack had felt a warmth on his cock as May had a small orgasm, then it happened, May had a body-shaking orgasm, she froze on top of Jack’s cock. She gripped the base of his cock with her strong cunt muscles; she held him inside her until she had composed herself. May then said, “Jack, that was amazing. I have missed your cock. I am so happy to be here with you and Dot. I haven’t felt this happy for such a long time.”

Mum came over and hugged May; they tongue kissed then mum said, “May, Jack and I are both happy that you are here. Let us all go to bed for some more fun.”

I hope that you have enjoyed this story. I can continue this with Liz’s open mind and willingness to try new things. I would be interested in hearing any suggestions that you may have. I have two stories in the pipeline at the moment, The Wedding and Trudy, I hope that you enjoy them. Thanks for reading my stories. Regards Jack.

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