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Ms. G Ch. 02

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It had been a long time since I’d last seen Ms. G. After our first encounter in high school we had seen each other quite often. We became very close. I no longer call her Ms. G in the casual sense. Although, I sometimes did refer to her as Ms.G in the heat of sexual pleasure, because I liked the idea of screwing my teacher. She liked the idea of having sex with her student.

After that initial engagement in her classroom and on the football field, we constantly had sex. We would go at it during lunch, after school, when the rest of the school was in an assembly, and whenever we got the chance. We didn’t reach our goal of doing it in every room in school, but we did come close.

After my graduation I saw Ms.G as often as I could during the summer, then, college started. I was attending school out of state and hadn’t seen Ms.G in almost two years. I hadn’t spoken with her in over a year because we had lost contact with me moving around so often. However, luck would change that. My current place of employment arranged a joint training program with a place back home which meant, I would be in town to see my naughty teacher.

The day I couldn’t wait for came. I did my training and immediately drove over to the high school. I happened to arrive at lunch. I walked to Ms.G’s room, but she was out. I went and sat at her desk to wait for her. After a few minutes she entered the room looking through a pile of mail. She looked up and saw me. She seemed to have no reaction, but I couldn’t get the smile off my face.

I stood up and walked to her. She wrapped her arms around my neck and we kissed. I put my arms around her, rubbing her back. She suddenly shoved me away.

“I hope you liked that cause that’s all you get”, she said. “Why the hell haven’t you called me?”

I tried to explain to her how I moved around because of roommate problems, and couldn’t get my new info to her. I explained that she changed her number and e-mail, so I didn’t know how to reach her. We argued for a bit, then the bell rang for lunch to end.

“Stay here, we will talk when school is over”, she demanded.

I sat in her classroom through her last class of the day. I was both concerned and turned on. Coincidentally, Ms.G wore nearly the same outfit she had on at our first encounter. She wore the same black overalls with a white long sleeve shirt that hugged her firm B-cup breasts. I wondered if she still didn’t wear underwear.

I sat at her desk thinking if it was really over between us. I was hoping it wouldn’t be. It shouldn’t end like that. Ms.G didn’t look at me once during her class lecture. As the minutes ticked by, my hopes faded. The bell chimed to dismiss school.

After the classroom emptied out, Ms.G sat in a chair across the room from me. She said nothing, just stared at her papers through her glasses. The silence unnerved me. My guts tightened up. I felt like a little kid waiting for dad to come home and punish me. I knew it was over. Ms.G then stood up and walked to me.

She stopped at the side of my chair. I stood to talk to her face to face. She glared at me. I could feel her eyes burn a hole in my head. Suddenly, her glare turned to a huge smile.

“You are so much fun to play with”, she giggled.

Ms.G pushed me back into the chair. She dropped to her knees and rested bursa escort against my lap. She looked up at me as her hand went for my zipper.

“I’ve missed you”, she said. “Now I’ll make up for what we’ve missed.”

Soon my pants and underwear were around my ankles. Ms.G grabbed hold of my cock. She held it for a few seconds before lowering her head to it. She inserted the head into her mouth and licked it. Her lips caressed my staff as it grew to full attention. Ms.G ran her tongue along my urethra.

Ms.G stood up and went into a slow strip tease. I kicked off my shoes and quickly removed my pants, underwear socks, and shirt. Ms.G undid one strap of her overalls and then the other. She kicked her shoes off. She slid the overalls off her hips to reveal a white pair of thong underwear. Ms.G stepped out of her overalls and grabbed the bottom of her shirt. She raised her arms and pulled the shirt off. Ms.G stood still for a moment in her matching white bra and thong for me to admire.

She quickly assumed her position back on the floor and went to work. Ms.G’s lips engulfed my cock and began to slide along the shaft, first slow, then fast. Her hot, moist mouth then worked over the head while her right hand jerked on the rest of my bar. I gripped the chair, my fingers grinding into the padding.

Ms.G crawled up my lap and straddled me. She took her glasses off and threw them onto her desk. She then pressed her lips into mine and we kissed. She sucked my tongue into her mouth and bobbed her head up and down on it. My hands wondered along her back and down to her ass. We kissed some more before Ms.G slid back to the floor and sucked my rod some more. When I was right where she wanted me, Ms.G stood and slid her thong down her thighs and kicked them aside. She climbed back onto my lap, straddling me. Ms.G took my pole into her hand and put it to her entrance. She rubbed it along her delicate folds before inserting it into her. Ms.G sunk down onto me, absorbing all of my spike. Ms.G put her arms behind my head and rode me.

My prick slipped through her passage, its walls gripping me. Ms.G paused for a second and removed her bra. I placed my mouth over her left breast and began sucking on the nipple while Ms.G fucked me. As she drove up and down my length she was getting hotter. Soon, I could no longer maintain a grip on her breast. Her hips pounded down onto mine. Her nails dug into the back of my neck.

“Oh yes”, she screamed. “God I love you inside me.”

Ms.G moaned some more, trying not to alarm anyone inside the school. She continued to cruise my rig, sweat sliding down her body and onto me. I gripped her ass for support.

“Grab it harder”, she ordered through her teeth.

I did as instructed and pressed my fingers deep into her ass cheeks. I kneaded each cheek as they slammed into my thighs. Ms.G ground her nails into my neck and pulled my head to hers, looking me in the eyes.

“Do you want me to cum for you?”, she managed to ask.


“I didn’t hear you”, she voiced.

“YES”, I shouted.

Ms.G bucked even faster. Her vaginal muscles choked my cock. I struggled not to finish with her. Ms.G threw her head back, trying to get some words to escape her lips.

“I’m cumming”, she managed to cry out rather loudly.

Ms.G slammed into me bursa escort bayan one final time and froze in orgasm. Her loud moans gradually quieted, until they stopped. Ms.G took a second to catch her breath before standing up and turning her back to me. I watched her firm ass as it lowered itself to my lap. Ms.G straddled me again and inserted my soaked hardon into herself again. Ms.G rode me again. Her ass battered down on my hips.

“God damn”, she gasped. “I’m going to cum again here soon.”

“Please do”, I managed to get out.

With my approval, Ms.G bounced on me harder. My hands held her hips tight. Ms.G grabbed her breasts in her hands. I’m sure their heavy hopping couldn’t have felt very pleasant. Ms.G played with her erect nipples as my throbbing organ plunged through her scorching cave.

“Do you like watching my ass move up and down?” she asked between pants.

“No, I love watching it.”

Somehow I could tell Ms. G was smiling. I knew that comment had fueled her some more. When I thought she had little energy left, she increase her speed. She was going into another orgasm. Ms.G let loose of her boobs and placed her hands behind her on my chest to help impale herself on my spike.

Ms.G screamed more as she came. Ms.G casually slowed to a stop. Her naked body leaned against mine. She was spent, but I was just starting.

I helped Ms.G to her feet and stood behind her. I leaned her forward until her hands rested on her desk. I seized my staff in my hand and sank it into Ms.G’s sizzling cavern. I gripped her hips as I worked my cock through her. I bucked my hips hard, then easy, varying the friction on her g-spot.

“God fuck me”, she demanded.

I picked up the tempo. My manpole glided across her g-spot. Ms.G was cumming in no time. I could see she was gritting her teeth together to stop from shrieking. Ms.G seemed to orgasm with every stroke I took. The ripples of her love muscles gripped me individually. I couldn’t last much longer.

“Stop, stop”, she requested to my surprise. “Pull out.”

I did as told. Ms.G turned to me, gave me a quick kiss and dropped to her knees. She captured my cock and watched it glisten in the light. Ms.G placed her luscious lips over the head, and took short bobs with her head. Her right hand worked the shaft. I could feel my groin surge. I was going to cum. Ms.G removed her mouth, but her hand still did its job.

“Cum for me”, she ordered.

“I’m cumming”, I moaned.

With that, Ms.G returned her mouth to the head. I shot my load into her mouth and she sucked it all down. I wanted to collapse. She had blown my mind. This was great. Little did I know, this wasn’t all she had planned.

“Wanna go again?” Ms. G asked.

I looked down at her. She was smiling. It wasn’t just a smile, it was more of an evil grin. I could tell there was something on her mind.

“Oh yes”, I responded.

Ms.G stood and leaned against the desk again.

“Come here”, she voiced.

I walked up behind her. She reached into a drawer and pulled out a tube of lubricant and handed it to me.

“I’ve been waiting a long time for you”, she informed me. “I want you to fuck my ass”.

Just hearing her say that made me want to cum, again. Ms.G delivered what she’d promised and more. Now she was going far, escort bursa far beyond. I took the lube from her. She grasped the sides of her desk. I opened the tube and applied some lubricant to her hole. I slid my index finger inside cautiously. Ms.G bit her lip slightly. I worked my finger in and out of her hole, increasing the pace little by little. Her tight hole squeezed my finger. Imagining what it’d do to my cock, made me wild. My raging manhood throbbed in jealousy.

“Come on, fuck my ass”, Ms.G pleaded.

I didn’t want to make her ask again. I applied more lube to her ass and a generous amount to my cock. I placed the tip to her asshole and rubbed it around. I eased forward and the head penetrated her tight ass. I stayed for a moment before sliding in another inch. Ms.G turned her head to see my cock in her ass.

“Yes, baby”, she encouraged. “give it to me.”

I urged forward a tad bit. Ms.G jumped a little. I paused.

“Six more inches.” I informed her.

I inched into her ass some more. It clasped around my rod.

“Five more inches.”

Ms.G chuckled a little, she was loving this and so was I. I eased in more.

“Four inches to go.”

“Go further please”, she invited.

I fulfilled her wish.

“Three inches.”

It was so much fun to play with Ms.G this way.

“You want more?” I teased.

“Yes, give it all to me.”

I pushed in again.

“Two more inches”

“Please, shove the rest into my ass.” Ms.G pleaded.

I pushed further.

“One last inch.”

“Come on baby, fuck my ass”, She begged.

With one last prod Ms.G’s asshole engulfed my entire cock. Ms.G moaned. I delicately pulled out a little and slid back into her ass. Ms.G had no reaction besides pleasure. I cautiously started pumping my hips. Her tight ass choked my cock with every amazing stroke.

I withdrew my hardon completely from her ass and then nudged it back in.

Ms.G threw her head back with a moan. I withdrew again and pushed it back in, this time proceeding until I was balls deep in her ass.

“Fuck me”, Ms.G moaned.

I fucked her ass immediately. I watched as her hole swallowed my rod. Her ass clutched my cock as if it didn’t want to let it go. I couldn’t believe how delightfully tight Ms.G’s ass was. Every stroke was a struggle not to orgasm. I wanted to cum inside her ass, but at the same time, I wanted it to last longer. My slow pace quickened slightly.

“Faster”, Ms.G managed. “Fuck me faster, I’m gonna cum.”

I plummeted into her ass faster, I could feel the fire in my loins build. I knew I was cumming soon.

“Cum with me”, Ms.G directed.

I pumped harder. Ms.G’s cries grew louder. My hips smacked her ass cheeks as I sliced through her ass. I thrust faster. Ms.G’s mouth hung open, but she couldn’t manage to release a sound. She reached behind her with her right arm and placed it on my left shoulder. Her nails dug in. I continued, harder, faster. Ms.G moved her arm to my neck for a better grip. I looked her in the eyes.

“I’m gonna cum”, I informed her.

“Me too. Come on baby fuck me, fuck me, let’s finish together.”

We looked right into each other’s eyes as we both cried out and came with mind blowing orgasms. We collapsed onto the floor of the classroom. Ms.G laid on top of me and we held each other until we stuck there from the sweat. My personal sex teacher then looked at me.

Ms.G smiled and asked, “Do you want to try and finish our goal?”

We’ll let you know when we succeed.

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