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Mum, Sis and Bro. Pt. 15

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August Ames

Giving Mum the keys to Beth’s Q5, we watched as she drove out of the Marina, her son, Jack, waving furiously from the back seat. From the reports we had been getting back from Caroline and 2 of our engineers, she had a mammoth task in front of her. The Marina in Italy was very stuck in its way’s but, having given her total authority and a generous budget, we were confident of her ability. Returning to the house, Beth was clinging to me, between her sobs I understood that she was going to miss our Mum.

“I hope she looks after Betsy,” she sobbed.

It took a moment for me to realise she was talking about her car. It seemed she wasn’t particularly concerned with the financial risk, the fact that her mum was heading off to a new country to start a new life, just that Betsy, her bloody car got washed and polished regularly!

The next few days were hectic, lots of meetings with our French and German managers, ensuring most outstanding issues were dealt with. It hadn’t taken mum long to get started in Garda, reading her 1st report, it seemed she had bumped heads with the house keeping manager and engineering manager. Mum had obviously forgotten that she was in charge, asking me for permission to dismiss housekeeping and send the engineering manager to Germany for training. Apparently, some of the boats and chalets were suffering from a lack of cleaning and maintenance.

“This is your job, you have to make it work, am fairly sure you don’t want or need me to nursemaid you,” I replied.

As thing’s settled down, I tried to help Beth with Admin, after less than a day, she banned me from her office! Turning my attention to Canada, I arranged for part of the hotel on site to be made ready for Beth, Mabel, Ruth, Christine, and I to move in. Hans was supposed to come to my office for our weekly meeting at 14.00, at 14.30 I called his mobile, I was irritated when his assistant answered, but I had to smile as I remembered his resistance to being given a mobile. Knowing that Hans constantly worked a 15-hour shift, I assumed he had forgotten about our meeting. On impulse I called our car dealership and asked them to source and buy a fully loaded Volvo XC90, 7-seater, adding that I wanted it in silver, with a car phone and before the end of the month.

At 16.00 a harassed looking Hans burst into my office, “I am so sorry Mike, my car broke down, it took ages for the mechanic to come.”

Sitting him down, I poured us 2 fingers of whisky as he shuffled through his paperwork. The figures he presented me, were superb, every boat was booked until the winter shutdown, France was slightly down, but Germany was up. Laughing at his request to replace 5 of the older boats and put another 5 on the fleet, I reminded him, that was his responsibility, if he thought the business could afford it, he did not need to ask me. Listening to his projections and forecasts amused me, he was even better than I had hoped, my phone stopped him mid-sentence.

Herr Smitt the dealer principle of our car dealership surprised me; he had sourced a XC90, it was being delivered overnight. Asking me if I wanted it ASAP as he could have it ready for about 9am, adding that he had a great deal on it at 65,000 CHF. The list was 80.000, remembering our stormy meeting earlier in the week, as he had missed his dealer bonus, I asked him to get it ready, deliver it and bill me personally, for 70,000. Telling Hans that I had other stuff to do, I asked him to come back at 7am in the morning.

As we finished our meeting, I saw the big Volvo come in on the back of a transporter. I had noticed that Hans had arrived in a taxi this morning, seeing him about to leave, I asked him where his car was.

“It needs a new engine,” he replied sadly. As we walked outside, Hans barked,

“Das ist mein parkplatz,”

“Yes, it is, my friend, that is your car, so it should be parked in your space.” I said, struggling to keep a straight face.

Hans, started to protest that the Marina could not afford such a car, he looked stunned as I explained that it was not a company car, it was his, the registration was in his name. Telling him to take the day off and take his wife out for lunch, the driver handed him the keys and documents. I was not sure who was happier, Hans with his new car or me, seeing the huge grin on his face as he slid into the driver’s seat.

Beths morning sickness had finally stopped, at 18 weeks pregnant she looked stunning and radiant as she made me coffee. Feeling my cock twitch and start to fill as her dress rode up her thighs, the material stretched tight over her breasts as she struggled to reach something in a cupboard. Going to her, I ignored her protests as I scooped her up and carried her to bed. My legs and left arm were still weak from the accident, causing me to struggle a little on the stairs. Laying her gently on the bed, we shared a long passionate kiss, as I undid the buttons on her dress.

Undoing all the buttons on Beths dress, her milky white skin and baby bump were revealed to sınırsız escort my hungry eye’s. Slowly kissing my way up the soft skin of her belly I undid her bra, allowing her sumptuous breasts to spring free. Latching onto a hardening nipple, I rolled my tongue as I sucked and nibbled on her breast, squeezing her ample sensitive breasts, caused my sister to emit a long low moan. Lifting her arse for me, I slid her panties off, her scent filling my senses as my tongue slid through her pubes into the furrow of her sex. Turning into 69, I revelled in the sensation as she took my rock-hard cock into her willing mouth. Lowering my head between her legs I saw her pussy was already very wet, her long sex lips starting to splay apart. Spreading her lips with my fingers I watched as her pinkness started to turn a darker hue and inhaled her musky scent. Moving her mons up slightly caused her erect clitty to pop out, its white tip, like a beacon amongst the folds of pink flesh. Flicking her most delicate area with my tongue, caused her to writhe and redouble her efforts on my cock. Pushing 2 fingers into her and nibbling on her clit, my fingers found the spongy area on the front wall off her pussy, launching her into a massive orgasm her pussy clamping onto my fingers, my cock expanded and jerked as I shot a load into her mouth.

It had been a while since we had sex as her nausea often lasted all day, it had been even longer since we spent the day in bed. Although we had been married for nearly 15 years, sex was still extraordinary her body and pretty face still made me feel like a teenager and the luckiest man alive. We made long slow love 3 more times, gliding into her silky softness was delicious, the feeling as her pussy opened around my hard cock were sublime. Feeling her cum, her pussy rippling and rolling along my length as she gripped my girth were fantastic. As my cock spurted its 4th load deep inside her grasping pussy, I flopped onto the bed and was asleep in seconds.

Finally, I was confident that our company was in good hands, so started planning our trip, Mabel came over with Christine, to look after Ruth, as we had decided to go to Canada for a few weeks on our own. I was still unsure what I wanted to do with the defunct business on the shores of Lake Ontario. Over the last few months, Jack had reported that there had been a lot of interest in the site, with several searches recorded on its ownership. Promising Ruth that we would see her in a month, maybe less, we drove to the airport. Landing in Toronto, we collected our rental from Hertz and drove east for about 80kms. It was dark as we followed the sat nav, to a small town called Coburg, the real estate agent was waiting for us. Introducing herself as Betty, she handed us the keys with a thick folder of paperwork.

“I will of course be pleased to act on your behalf, if any of the offers in the file interest you,” she said.

I wasn’t really in the mood for a sales pitch after a long flight, trying to be polite we took the keys and paperwork, assuring her we would give the file consideration we drove to the hotel. Our hearts sank as the car’s headlights picked out the worn and faded weatherboard, a dilapidated sign hanging at an acute angle, “Peacehaven Hotel and Marina.” Stopping the car, I put the headlights on full, the parking lot was full of boats, some on trailer’s most on props. Judging by the rust on the metal trailer wheels, they had been there a long time, a knock on the window made us jump, rolling the window down, the man introduced himself.

“Sorry, didn’t mean to startle you folks, my name is Joe, you must be Beth and Mike. I used to be the manager here, have been looking after things, since Harry bought it. Your apartments are round the back, the builders you sent did a fantastic job, must have cost more than the old place has had spent on it in years.”

“Ok, thank you, where do you live?”

“Oh, I live in the Hotel, have done for years,” he said, a worried look crossing his face.

Bidding him goodnight we drove to our apartments, the old man was right, the builders had done a great job. A complete wing of the old building had been refurbished, approaching the newly laid parking area, activated lights, giving us our 1st proper look at our new home. The sheen of the newly painted weatherboard, new tarmac, and mowed lawns in stark contrast to the tumbledown, overgrown appearance of the rest of the building.

Holding the key fob to an electronic reader, the door clicked open. Lights flickered on revealing a short corridor, with stairs leading off it. A newly painted door at the end matched the number 1 on our key card. I hadn’t paid much attention to the plans sent by the Canadian builder, the results took my breath away as we entered the apartment. A small entrance hall led to a spacious lounge, with a 3-piece suite and massive Tv. Doors leading off the lounge, led to a fully equipped kitchen, utility room and dining room. Exploring further we found 4 bedrooms, 3 with taksim escort en-suite bathrooms and a family bathroom. The master bedroom was huge, the bed fully made up, with 2 notes stuck to a pillow.

The 1st was from the builder, apologizing one of the apartments wasn’t finished but, promising that noise and disturbance would be kept to a minimum. The other from Joe.

“Hi, I hope you like the apartment, unfortunately, despite our best efforts, there is still work to be done, however, most are on the roof and far end of the building. My wife has stocked the fridge freezer, we even managed to find some English tea bags, that Harry was so fond of!

Welcome to Canada.

Regards Joe and Betty.

Harry had been here! Wishing he had spoken to me about it, I resolved to speak with Joe in the morning to find out if Harry had shared any plans with him. Climbing into bed, exhaustion overtook Beth and I, we were asleep by 4 am English time, 10 pm Canadian.

The hands on my Tag Heur watch said 7.30 as I woke, Beth was still fast asleep, so I quietly padded to the bathroom for a piss. After brushing my teeth and washing my face, I noticed 2 dressing gowns hanging on the door. Putting the larger one on I went into the lounge and flicked the Tv on, after the local news a weathercaster said that today was going to be in the high 80’s with a light south westerly breeze. After the weather, came adverts, starting to walk into the kitchen I stopped as I saw an advert for the latest Cadilac Escalade, taking a note of the dealership name, I put the coffee machine on and found some tea bags.

Wondering when Beth was going to get up, I looked at my watch, 9.05. Thinking about taking Beth a cup of tea I changed my mind and picked my mobile up. Googling the local Cadilac dealer I saw they had a demo Escalade and several in stock, calling them, I started to explain to the salesperson what I wanted. Taking some details, Steve suddenly became a lot friendlier when he realised, I owned the old Marina and hotel, explaining that Joe was his uncle. As we talked about the various models they had in stock, and the array of improvements G.M had made since I owned mine, Beth came into the room, naked.

Realising I was talking to a car salesperson, her grin grew to a huge smile, kneeling in front of me, her warm hand found my cock. As my twin sister took me in her mouth, I was raging hard, her head bobbing up and down as her tongue worked its magic on my bell end. As Steve continued telling me about the new V8, 6.2 engine, Beths efforts were starting to affect my ability to hold a conversation. As my cock jerked and spurted ropes of thick spunk down her throat, I had to cover the phone to mute my grunts and groans of pure pleasure.

Grinning at Beth as she licked a stray blob of spunk from her chin, I shook my head and mouthed “Oh god no” as she resumed sucking and licking my cock. Steve was busily going through finance options and trying to get me to the dealership for a test drive. Eventually he said he would bring the car to me later in the day, to get him off the phone as I felt myself start to stiffen, I agreed to a 14.00 appointment.

The moment I put the phone down, Beth took my cock from her mouth and straddled my legs, guiding my hardness to her sex. It didn’t seem to matter how many times Beth and I fucked, every time I entered her it felt special, unlike any other woman. I guessed that Beth had woken up horny and had been playing, before coming to find me. As my cock forced her delicate folds apart, her groaning and sobbing increased as an orgasm racked her body. Grabbing her arse cheeks, I lifted her and pummelled her as hard and fast as I could. Beth squealed and yelped as she came again and again, eventually as her pussy worked on my length, I shot a heavy load deep into my sister, lover, and wife.

“Wow, that was fucking amazing, what’s for breakfast?”

“Whatever is in the fridge, you can cook while I am in the shower.” She said, as she playfully swatted my head.

Finding eggs, cheese and ham I made 2 omelettes with bread and butter. As the omelettes cooked, I opened the curtains in the lounge and dining room. The view of the lake, from the lounge was stunning as the water glistened and sparkled, with the backdrop of a small Island and clear blue sky. After breakfast, Beth and I wandered around the hotel, noting that it did not seem as run down as we had thought. Most of the rooms had their curtains drawn, peering through an open window we could see a sparsely furnished, comfortable large room.

Walking to the front of the hotel, we were startled as a truck towing a machine, hurtled down the road towards our apartments. A car following the truck stopped, the driver rushed over to us,

“Das tut mir leid,Wir dachten nicht,das jemand bis morgen heir war, (Sorry about that, we didn’t think anybody was here until tomorrow).

“That’s ok, just took us by surprise. We are well impressed with our apartment, if all the apartments tesettürlü escort are finished to the same standard, we will be very happy.”

“Oh, you are English, we were told you were swiss, anyway, my name is Brian, Manager of works. The machine is to finish the groundwork around your apartment building. I am glad you like the apartment, we have had a few problems, but the remaining works will be finished by next week. I hope you will consider us if you renovate the Hotel and Marina.”

Assuring him I would, we walked around to the parking lot that was full of boats. Climbing aboard a 30′ Sea Ray boat, I was surprised to see that she was in excellent condition inside, the hull needed a clean but seemed sound. Peeling the weather cover off one of the Mercury 200BHP outboards I hoped that the engine was as good as it looked. Hearing Joe’s voice I called for him to come aboard.

“Does this belong to the Marina, how long has it been out of the water? I asked.

“Yes, you own all the boats here, I have tried to look after them. Annabelle has been out of the water for 5 years; I have run her engines every year. I think you would prefer Shona, to explore the lake, she is a 25′ Swedish built boat, great in rough water.”

“Well thanks for the advice, but I like this, Annabelle you said, can you get her in the water in a few days? Obviously, I will cover all costs.”

“Of course, I will call John, he used to work here, he is retired now, but is a very good engineer. I have all the interior stored in the hotel, will get that out and aired ASAP.”

I began to think Joe was worth his weight in gold as we walked around the mooring, he had obviously kept the floating docks and landing staithes in good order, all looked ready for use. Having a much better understanding of “Peacehaven” as a potential business proposition, we walked back. I called Jack, as I knew he had received a cost of refurbishment. A sleepy sounding Jack agreed to send me the various quotes and propositions he had when he got in the office. Apologising profusely, I promised to bear the 6-hour time difference in mind in future. As we passed reception an F350 truck towing a large trailer pulled alongside Annabelle, the Sea-ray boat.

Returning to the apartment, Beth and I spoke at length about the opportunity and possible new life in Canada. Agreeing that it was something we both wanted, we kissed and cuddled on the large sofa. My phone rang, spoiling the moment. It was Joe, telling me that “Steve was here and was it all right to send him up.”

Going outside, Beth groaned as she saw the big Cadilac parking in front of us.

“Oh my god, you want another one of those things. Why don’t you buy a Mercedes or Audi, even a Range-Rover?”

Ignoring her, I shook Steves hand as I admired the sweeping lines, shiny chrome, and gleaming blue paintwork of the Escalade. Sliding into the Camel leather interior, I felt totally at home. As I adjusted the electric seat and admired the dashboard instruments with massive full colour Sat Nav and info panel, I knew I was going to buy it. Starting the engine, I realised that Steve had brought the car, that closely matched my requirements, it had 11 miles on it. Deciding not to bother driving it, I asked for the total price.

“Well with all the extras on this car it lists at around 95,000 Canadian dollars,” he said

“How much if I wait till the end of the month, when you are struggling to get your dealer bonus, Invoice + $500?” I suggested, adding that I owned a dealership in Switzerland.

“If I can get that, will you buy it?” Steve asked.

After Steve had made a call, we shook hands. Agreeing to pick us up from the local Hertz office tomorrow, I arranged for payment from the MIBE account. As we watched Steve drive away, I could drop my business face and did a jig with excitement.

“Oh dear, toys for little boys, think I will give the Audi garage a ring in the morning!” Beth grinned.

Walking down to reception to ask Joe some questions about the failure of the Marina, we were amazed to see Annabelle on a trailer being reversed down a slipway by the big F350 dually. John was obviously a skilled mechanic and boatman, as soon as he saw the stern float he jumped aboard, started the engines and smoothly reversed off the trailer. The cowls were off both engines and he spent some time inspecting them as they idled about 5 yards off the shore. Satisfied he returned to the steering position, pushing the throttles forward he steered the boat towards the lake. After several minutes of gentle cruising and constant checking, he moved off at speed and disappeared from our view. A few minutes later he came past the slipway at what must have been full chat, the Mercury’s howling, as he turned in a lazy arc and headed back to the trailer.

His accuracy as he steered the boat onto the trailer impressed me, the boat nosed into the V of the trailer winch head. Stopping the engines, he secured the boat with the winch line and drove up the slip, making a difficult operation look easy. As we watched, Jed unlocked the doors of a large shed and John reversed the boat in. Jed explained that John was going to steam clean and polish the hull and cabin, before anti fowling her and expected the boat to be ready by the weekend, 4 days from now.

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