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My Aunt , I

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My aunt was what they called – back in the day – a spinster. She never married. She was the ugly sister out of four, so she ended up taking care of her father, my grandfather. To me she was an ok looking woman just a few years older than my mom. She had auburn hair with blue eyes and a nice figure. She just wasn’t as attractive as her other sisters.

My Aunt used to like to have her feet massaged. So when she came over either my sister or I would be asked – nicely – to massage her feet. Now we both had very firm instructions from our mom to always treat her sister with respect and obey her. So either my sister or I would slip down on to the floor by her feet and slip off her heels and then massage her feet. She always wore hose.

This little activity went on for almost two years and then just like that it stopped. Whenever she came over she never asked either my sister or I to massage her feet and I never had the courage to ask if she wanted it done. I wondered if maybe my mother saw this activity as not appropriate behavior exhibited by my aunt.

Now fast forward with me. I am in college and home for winter break. I will be home for just over three weeks. My mom is planning for a huge Christmas at the house and there are tons of chores that needed to be done. One was to get over to my aunt’s and get the card tables and folding chairs and bring them back. It would take several trips so my first full day back being a Saturday was designated as the day to make it happen.

So just before noon I headed over to my aunt’s. When I arrive I find my aunt dressed in a skirt, blouse and heels. I assume she was headed out to some holiday occasion and did not give it a second thought. But once inside my aunt, who I had not seen in several years wanted to visit with me so we sat on her couch to catch up.

Now surprisingly the years had been kind to my aunt. She actually was not too bad looking. She was about 5’7″ and weighed maybe 135. She always had great legs and a nice ass.

So sitting there and about twenty minutes or so in to our conversation she asked if I remember massaging her feet when I was younger. I said of course I remember and I got bold and asked why she stopped asking me.

Well she said my mom thought that it was not appropriate for her to ask me to do such bağdat caddesi escort an intimate thing for her. Then my aunt said it has been years since she had a good foot massage and with her wearing heels all morning might I be interested in massaging her feet – for old times’ sake?

Now keep in mind my mom was always adamant about being respectful of her sister and I did not want to ruin my winter break at home by getting on the bad side of my mother so I slid down off the couch and assumed that position. I slipped off her heels and took one nylon covered foot in my hand and began to massage her foot. And her other foot found its way on to my crotch.

Now my crotch has a rather large, long and thick dick in there. And I know as soon as her foot found my crotch she became very aware of what was inside my pants.

Now I was no stud but I had enjoyed more than my fair share of coeds while away at college and knew enough how to play with a woman. So I decided to massage more than her foot.

Back in the day when I was younger, women wore girdles that their stockings attached too. As I sat there on the floor I was wondering if my aunt still wore a girdle, were these nylons pantyhose or could they be stockings and she has a garter belt to hold them up?

Well it only took my hands moving up her calf to get her to spread her knees apart and allow me to see that they were stockings and there was no girdle. In fact I was sure she had to be wearing a garter belt as I could clearly see her hairy pussy.

Now I know what you might be thinking – she is my aunt and really you don’t want to go there. But remember I am a young man whose hormones are constantly on and I am always looking at where I can get off next.

And with her foot doing a nice job of arousing my cock and I know she had to feel it growing in my pants. I decided that if she wanted to play this little game I would push her to the limit.

So as my hands made it up and down her calf and I worked her foot I would start to go past her calf and massage her knee then move to the inside of her thigh. She obliged me by spreading her knees far apart and now I knew for sure she wore no panties. That asking me to massage her feet was just a ruse to see if she could entice bahçelievler escort me to be a bad nephew for her. So I threw caution to the wind I let my desire to play get the better of my judgement. I just hoped I was right and she was all in to play.

So with both hands I pushed up past her skirt and along the inside of her thighs. I looked up and her head was back and her eyes closed so I assumed she was enjoying my massage.

So it was then that I made the decision to go all in. I stopped massaging her and leaned back and started to unbutton my shirt. Her eyes opened since my hands were no longer caressing her legs. She asked what I was doing and I said it will make the massage be so much better.

She watched as I took of my shirt. Then I stood up – loosened my belt – unbuttoned my pants and slowly started to slide my pants down. At that point she told me to stop. Fearing I had gone too far she said she wanted to be the one to help me undress and that it would be best if we moved this to the bedroom.

I helped her off the sofa and since she was right there in front of me I reached one hand around her waist and the other on her neck and pulled her into me for a kiss. She was hesitant but I was insistent and soon it was a full on tongue down your throat French kiss and she was grinding her body into mine.

I assumed it had been years since she had any sexual activity with a man just based on how eager and willing she was. I broke the kiss off and led her to her bedroom. Once there she quickly pulled my pants down and on her knees she pulled at my can underwear freeing my rock hard cock.

She attacked like a cock hungry slut and in no time had it balls deep in her mouth. I had to hold onto the dresser to keep from falling over as she continued to attack my cock and perform a sloppy attempt at giving me a blow job.

I finally pulled her up off her knees knowing what she really needed was cock in her cunt. I helped her undress and pushed her onto her back on her bed – I wasted no time – eating that sweet juicy pussy can come another time – what she needed and what I wanted to do was just rock her world with some good old fashioned missionary fucking.

I slid up her body and with one hand guided my cock to her cunt and found bahçeşehir escort it just as expected – juicy – so sliding it in was no problem. I did it slow making sure since I assumed it had to be super tight from lack of use and it was tight. But her cunt juices made the penetration easy. Once I was balls deep I looked down on her face and her eyes were closed and she had this smile on her face that indicated she was enjoying it.

So I started with slow strokes – almost all the way out and then pushing hard once I thought I had gone balls deep. I kept repeating this till she caught on and began to work her hips in unison with my movement. Pretty soon we had a very nice rhythm going and then she started talking to me. Urging me on. Begging me to fuck her. Real dirty slutty talk. And then her hip movements picked up so I began to really pound her cunt.

It didn’t take much time after that for me to cum. By watching her breasts jiggle as I slammed into her – the constant stream of her slutty talk and how great her tight cunt felt on my cock I came very hard and the spasms actually hurt. None of my college coed conquest had as tight a cunt as her. Catching my breath I slid down and spreading her thighs wide as I could get them I buried my face in her cunt. My tongue found her clit and knowing it had to be sensitive I swirled that tongue around and felt her start to moan very loud – telling me not to stop – begging me to eat her cunt and make her cum.

She then grabbed the back of my head and slammed it into her cunt and I knew based on her breathing and her hips moving she was in the throes of one hell of an orgasm. She was coming so hard and so long I was afraid I would suffocate buried in her cunt as she continued to press my face into her cunt.

Sensing she was coming to the end of her orgasm I pushed on her thighs and got my face out. I was covered in pussy juice and she was lying there – slight tremors on her legs and thighs and her erratic breathing. I rolled over onto my back lying next to her. Neither of us speaking.

Finally she turned towards me and rose up enough to kiss me – a very deep emotional kiss. She reached down and caressed my cock with very gentle strokes. Looking at me she said it was just what she needed and hoped that I would spend the time home whenever I could get away to enjoy more time like this.

Who was I to turn down a woman in need? My three weeks home I spent as much time as I could over at her place. We explored a lot of her fantasies and by the end of the three weeks I knew that when I came home for the summer – she would become my wanton and eager sex toy.

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