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My Best Mistake Pt. 02

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My name is Tiffany. Of course that isn’t my real name, but it should suffice for posterity sake. Let me expand on some of what I already have shared in my first story, as well as things that actually happened and my fantasies that shape who I am and the things I try and publish.

First let’s talk about what actually happened between me and my sister Sarah. Which is no more her name than Tiffany is mine.

Did I actually smell and masturbate to my sisters panties? The answer is yes. Sarah and I, actually are quite open about this with each other. She still claims that it was one of the hottest things she ever witnessed! Do I have a panty fetish? I don’t know. I certainly enjoy the smell of pussy (and taste) and absolutely love seeing my girlfriend in lingerie. Nor can I ever see a sexy pair of panties without thinking about what happened. I certainly don’t remember having a panty fetish before this event…So maybe?

Did my sister and I actually have the conversation I depicted in the story. Yes we did. I did not record it verbatim but for the most part it is an accurate retelling. And before you ask, yes she did kiss me (no tongue!) and yes she was wearing the white thong I masturbated to.

Finally, drum roll please, did we actually masturbate together that night. The answer is a resounding yes. That event has in part shaped a lot of my sexual preferences since it happened. It certainly laid the ground work for later events.

Did we actually go down on each other? Unfortunately no. Neither of us is quite ready to go down that rabbit hole yet. If it ever does happen and Sarah agrees maybe I will tell it.

What are my sexual preferences? What gets me going? If you have read my Bio you see I consider myself bisexual. A more accurate depiction would be prefers women but is open minded. So a lot of my stories have common lesbian elements.

I certainly enjoy Incest/Taboo stories. Do you have to wonder why? Part of the reason I think you already know, but I have often pondered this question myself. The answer I think, has more to do with the total surrender to pleasure than it has to do with me fucking my relatives. The thought that 2 people can be so turned on that they throw social norms out the window and just get it on, makes me extremely wet. It’s not the fact that they are related, so much as the fact that they are so turned on that they don’t care. Before the incident with my sister, I had never even given incest a single thought. After? Well many of my masturbation sessions revolve around Sister/Sister, Mother/Daughter or Brother/Sister. Surprisingly not my Father. I guess a Psychologist might have something to say about that. Probably get in to abandonment issues I have in regards to my Father.

Anal? Love it! I know where this comes from. Back when I was still figuring things out, I had the misconception (don’t ask me where I got it since my mother certainly never instilled it in me) that I could only give my virginity to a boy. That if I wasn’t careful I might deflower myself and somehow people would know. This led me to be really careful when I was playing with myself. I will let your imagination do the rest.

What else? Non Consent/Reluctance? Again the whole turned on so much that someone can’t really control themselves angle. Which leads to the whole mind control thing, which although is intriguing not really explored by me.

Which leads me to here. Why now? Why tell my stories here? I guess I was encouraged. Encouraged by a beautiful woman, who loves me for who I am. Who encouraged me to discuss these things with my sister (a sister who has given me her blessing). A woman who loves being my sexual fantasy as much as I love being hers.

Enough! This is probably too long of a backstory, hopefully you stuck it out this long for the promise of hot sex.

Hopefully I can deliver!

Love Tiff XOXO

I woke the next morning to birds chirping outside my window. There is nothing finer than a fine late spring morning with no school or work to be done and the promise of the day still unfulfilled.

If this was a Disney cartoon I would get up looking like I had just got out of a beauty salon, hair and makeup perfect. I would then rush to the window and throw it open and greet the day with a song in my voice and a gleam in my eye. Birds would fly in and help me to get dressed signing a merry tune!

The reality? My hair was a mess, sticking straight out in certain areas. I had dried pussy juice on my chin. Eyes barely open I stumbled out of bed. The sun coming in was way too bright. The birds outside were chirping way too loudly and if I opened the window to let them in they would just shit everywhere!

Stupid birds! They woke me from a wonderful dream. Then I stopped. It was the taste of pussy on my lips that let me know that yesterday was no dream.

I ate my sister’s pussy! She ate mine! The thought was pretty surreal. Stumbling into the bathroom, I looked into Sarah’s room. It was empty. Looking into the mirror I may have understated beşiktaş masöz escort how badly I looked. Fuck it, I was going to breakfast. I did wash my face and throw on a shirt though.

My mother was at the table, drinking coffee and going over her listings. I suppose this is where I take the opportunity to describe my mother.

Her hair is auburn and she wears it longer than me. Her skin paler and her eyes blue. She’s a beautiful woman really, not as thin as she used to be but still shapely. Ok guys, she’s a MILF. There I said it.

She works as a realtor, which seems to me, to be a MILF requirement of some kind. I think there is a law that says if a woman is going to be over 30 and work as realtor, office manager, lawyer or english teacher then she absolutely must be a MILF.

She had my sister while still in High School and me and my brother relatively soon after. One of the reasons I think her and Dad divorced was that they really never had a chance to be young and in love.

She has also always been very open and honest with us. About everything…and I do mean everything. Which has led to some embarrassing conversations and situations in the past!

“Morning sweetie. How did you sleep?” She asked.

“Good.” I said.

Surprisingly I meant it.

“Good, you want me to make you some breakfast?”

“No. I will just have cereal” I said helping myself.

She sat there going over her listings and for some reason I was wary.

About half way through my bowl of cereal, she dropped it on me.

“Tiff honey? We need to talk.” She said taking off her reading glasses.

Uh oh!

My mind raced. Does she know what happened last night? How? And where was Sarah?

“Listen honey, I know you have needs…and its natural to explore.” Shit she knew! “But if your going to do that, then you need to make sure you shut your door. What if I had brought a friend home?”

Wait! What?

“When I got home your room reeked of pussy so bad. I had to open a window!”

“Uhhh…” I was completely off balance.

“Masturbation is completely normal, healthy even. As you know, I do it, Sarah does it and I can guarantee Brian does it. What I’m saying is that I guess it’s past time we had this talk. I apologize for putting it off for so long. I guess it just didn’t occur to me…with the fact that you…” She stopped suddenly.

My face reddened. Was this some crazy belated birds and the bees talk? She was going to say lesbian. Does she mean to say we didn’t have this talk because lesbians can’t get pregnant? Well I got news for you mom! I opened my mouth angrily to say all this…

“That didn’t come out right.” She said. “What I’m trying to say is…I think it’s time we got you a vibrator!”

Wait what?!

“I got your sister one when she was 18. In fact I’m pretty sure she was using it last night as well! Her door at least was shut though!”

“Mom!” I said warningly.

“Relax, hon. Finish your breakfast and get cleaned up. Then we will go get you a nice vibrator.” She went back to her listings.

How embarrassing.

We went to Carli’s. My mother chatting the whole way like she was dropping me off at summer camp

Carli’s is one of those stores where you can find anything and everything you need or didn’t need but thought you needed. You could buy a novelty t-shirt or an electric spatula. How about fake dog poop? They got it. Oversize novelty dice? A dozen different colors. Lava lamps? Yep.

Discreetly located between the plastic ice cubes containing flys (Great for parties!) and the oversize pajamas for two (Now you can get even closer to your partner) was located a small section brilliantly advertised as Personal Home Therapeutic Muscle Massagers.

Why the manufacturers of such devices would think that you would need a Home Muscle Massager in the shape of a penis was certainly a mystery to me, but there it was.

I had a sudden vision of a bunch runners at a starting line. Warming up, stretching. At the end of the line were a bunch of athletic trainers each one with a vibrator in their hand.

My mother pressed 50 dollars into my hand and said she was going across the mall to get a new bra, thankfully leaving me alone to contemplate exactly which muscle massager would be perfect for my sore muscles.

Making sure that absolutely nobody I knew was in the store…or same zip code preferably, I perused the selection. The different makes and models was actually quite impressive I thought, but I was looking for one like my sister’s. Now we can be twinsies. Yay!

Finally I found a multipack of 3 different sizes and shapes, that had one resembling the one I saw Sarah using. Evidently this massager pack was geared to people who ran decathlons.

Taking my purchase to the counter, the girl behind the register looked at me and smirked.

“I run marathons.” I said.

“Yeah right!” She laughed.

“What? I do!”

“Uh huh! I ran one myself beşiktaş otele gelen escort last night!” She laughed putting my purchases in a discreet see though bag so that anybody looking close enough could tell exactly what was inside.

Grrrrrr! I stomped out looking for my mother.

I crossed over the mall into another store where my mother was presently looking at a bin full of panties.

“Hey honey do you need any panties?” She said it loud enough so that the people in the food court could be appraised of the fact that Tiffany Peterson may be in need of underwear. “They are 3 for $30.”

“Mom! Ok, geez.”

She stared at the bag in my hand for a moment. Then gave me a thumbs up before heading over to look at some bras.

I went over to one of the many bins of panties and started going through it but didn’t really see what I was unconsciously sorting. I was staring at my mother. Thinking back to our earlier conversation.

If there was topic or situation that could embarrass or discomfort my mother. I hadn’t seen it yet. That was one of the things about my family. I always thought we were just one step removed from a bunch of hippy nudists. Not that any of us paraded around the house nude or even in our underwear, but we certainly were taught that there was no shame in our bodies. No subject was really Taboo, which is why I was thrown by the possibility of a birds and the bees talk earlier. There just never seemed to be a need, since that and every other topic, including my sexuality had always been openly discussed. In fact in some cases to openly discussed. There seemed to be too much acceptance, never any drama. Those of you who have had to live with nothing but drama…may not seem to understand that the opposite could be just as nerve wracking. There were times that I felt that I was living in one of those 60’s era sitcoms. No matter what happened, what trouble arose or what issues transformed from molehills into mountains – acceptance was always the answer. All we had to do was discuss it and acknowledge it…hey we learned a life lesson, that’s great, pass the potatoes and everything would be honky dory!

But we all know that most times reality is different from that. In real life that imbecile on the island would only have to fuck up their chances for rescue once, before somebody took him behind a hut, brained him with a coconut and tossed his body into the lagoon. It just seemed in my family that even that wouldn’t be enough. If my sexuality was my own metaphorical coconut then it was as soft as a beachball.

I tell you these things so you can understand the sudden irrational desire I had to rush over to my mother and tell her that Sarah and I slept together. And not only did I like it but I wanted to do it again. Just so I could see her totally and unequivocally at loss for what to do next. Just once!

The thought had me feeling ashamed of myself right then. Not for fucking my sister. But for wanting to hurt my mother with the fact.

“Can I help you find something?”

I came out of my reflection to look up into a pair of beautiful brown eyes. They belonged to a girl roughly my own age, her dark hair was cut pixie short and her lips were ruby red. The name tag she wore read Danni.

She was beautiful and I was staring.

“Huh?” That’s me one smooth talker.

“I said can I help you find something?” she repeated. “You spent so much time here I figured you needed help finding something in a particular size or color? These are included in the sale.”

“Uhh sure!” Damn I’m suave.

“What color were you thinking? I have several pairs of these myself.”

The bin I was standing in front of was mainly thongs of varying types.

“Uhh. I don’t know maybe white or black…?” A regular word smith for sure.

“Of course. How about this one?” She held one up that was dark green. “They certainly off set your hair color! Such beautiful hair. And your eyes!” She said staring at me.

“Thanks!” I smiled. Then I noticed that her gaze had fallen on the Carli’s bag and my face began to turn the same color as my hair.

Her smile broadened then she looked at me and bit her bottom lip.

“I’m Danni!”


The ice was broken. We spent the next few minutes making small talk, while my mother unobtrusively tried to eavesdrop on our conversation. She kept giving me encouraging smiles every time she thought Danni wasn’t looking.

Finally Danni begged off to go help some other customers who appeared to be getting a little ticked that she was spending so much time with me.

“Well?” My mother had a huge shit eating grin on her face.

“Were going to get some coffee Tuesday.” I stated quite calmly.

“Eeeeee! I knew it!” She gave me a hug.

My mother had been despairing for some time about me ever finding someone. She had gotten pretty desperate about it. Even to the point of trying to set me up with some of her friends daughters. The beşiktaş rus escort fact that none of these girls were gay didn’t seem to deter her in the least. That despair, I felt at least partly contributed to the mornings awkward conversation and shopping trip.

Getting home I dropped my purchases on the floor of my room and threw myself on my bed. I was trying to conjure Danni’s face but for some reason it was Sarah’s I kept seeing.

I could hear Sarah in her bedroom moving around. Our bathroom door was open so I decided that now was as good a time as any to talk about what happened.

As I walked into the bathroom Sarah walked in at the same time

from her side.

“Oh hey! I was just going to take a shower. I smell like onion rings!” She said.

“Oops sorry!” I said backing out.

“Wait! So mom took you to Carli’s, huh?” She said with a grin. She pulled back the curtain and started the shower.

I came in and sat down on the counter top. “You knew?”

“Yep, she and I talked this morning. Evidently last night she came home and saw you passed out naked on your bed with your hands between your legs.” She laughed. “She figured that you must be in desperate need of getting laid.”

“You didn’t mention…” Of course I knew the answer but I had to ask.

“What? Us?” She started getting undressed. “Of course not!”

“We need to talk about it Sarah.”

“We will,” She pulled her pants and panties off. “But tomorrow. Ok? Mom has work and Brian won’t be home until the afternoon.”

I noticed her body like never before. The curve of her breast, the shape of her body, the stubble of pubic hair between her legs. She obviously kept herself shaved down there. I preferred a little landing strip myself but there was no doubt about it, my sister’s body was turning me on.


She stepped into the shower. “So, what kind did you get?” She said laughing.

“Oh my god do you have any idea how embarrassing our mother is?”

She laughed harder. “Can you hand me the shaving cream?”

I grabbed a can and opened the curtain slightly and handed her the can. She was running the loofa over her breasts, her nipples hard as diamonds. “Here!” I said.

She looked at me for a good 10

seconds. “Thanks!”

Oh boy! Breathe Tiffany, breathe.

Resuming my seat I relayed the entire story.

Sarah was laughing so hard I thought she was going to fall out of the tub.

“Marathons? Really?” She said in a peal of laughter.

I grumbled. Then went on to the whole panty announcement and then meeting Danni.

“Stop! Please stop before I cut myself!”

“I hope you cut it off” I said flushing the toilet and laughing.

“Ahh! Your going to get it you little brat!” But she was laughing even harder.

Leaving Sarah alone I went back to my room and threw myself back onto my bed.

Groaning I pushed my hands up under my pillow and felt something. There under my pillow were my sister’s panties from last night. Holding them in my hand I checked to make sure my bedroom door was shut.

That was another thing about my family. Closed doors meant that privacy was wanted. Open doors meant visitors and interruptions were welcome. Which again partially explained the conversation I had had with my mother that morning.

Usually I leave my door open, never really feeling the need to shut out my family and since the majority of my masturbation sessions either happened in the bathroom or when nobody was home, it was a rare thing for my door to be shut. I wondered if my mom thought that I had just started masturbating last night?

The panties in my hand were a puzzle. Bringing them to my face I inhaled deeply. They stilled smelled very strongly of my sister’s pussy, but when did she put them here? Last night? The last I saw them they were on her floor.

I could hear the shower changing cadence in our bathroom. Remembering Sarah in there soaping up her body and the panties in my hand got me even more excited.

Unsnapping my pants I slid my hand down between my legs and inserted my finger. I was soaked. In my mind I could see my sister’s naked body writhing on her bed as she plunged the vibrator into herself. The white creamy film of her juices right before she licked them off.

Sitting up I reached for the bags from my shopping trip. I grabbed the package of vibrators and frantically tore it open.

Desperate with need I turned on the vibe only to curse. No batteries. Shit!

Fuck it. I pushed my panties down and used it like a dildo. My sister’s panties lay abandoned on my chest so that I could play with my clit with the other hand. I was so wet I squelched as I fucked myself.

My bathroom door was still partially open. I didn’t care. I wanted her to see me. Look at me, I thought. Look at your little sister fuck herself. My pants and panties were still on, down around my knees. I felt wild and reckless.

At some point I became aware that that I could no longer hear the shower. Looking up, I could see my sister looking at me through the partially open door. She had one hand up under her towel and another braced on the door jamb.

The look on her face was one of pure lust.

“Oh god Sarah!” I moaned as I stared at her.

I kept thinking about what we were doing. Talking to myself as if I was speaking to her.

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