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My Brother in Law’s Used Condom

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Hi my name is Sara. I’ve been a frequent visitor of this site for nearly a year, but have never posted before. However, after what I experienced this past weekend I felt compelled to share my story.

First let me tell you a bit about myself. I’m twenty four years old, five and a half feet tall, and I weigh one hundred and thirty five pounds. I have shoulder length brown hair, firm 32 C breast, and in my opinion an ass that fits my frame well.

Now back to the story. About two months ago my sister Amy had asked if I would watch my three year old niece and nine month old nephew while she and my brother in law Dave went to their friend’s housewarming party. Well needless to say, I agreed.

So last Saturday I arrived at my sister’s house around six thirty as she requested when I spoke with her earlier in the week. I knocked on the door and Dave yelled to come in. Now Dave is in his early thirties, and he’s a complete stud. I’ve had a crush on him ever since Amy brought him home to our mother’s house over ten years ago.

When I walked in Dave was finishing up feeding my nephew Joey in the kitchen, and my niece Lilly was playing in the living room. I heard Amy yell “Hey sis!” from the partially open bathroom door. I walked into the kitchen and said hi the Dave and Joey, then I picked up my niece and walked toward the bathroom. My sister was just putting the final touches on her hair and makeup. As my niece and I stood there Amy began to give me a brief rundown of their plans for the evening, along with some “instructions” for the kids.

She told me that both kids just ate, and that she put a few of Lilly’s games on the living room table and that her favorite movie was in the Blue ray player already to go. I was told that with the busy day they had, both kids should be ready for bed by nine. The three of us made our way into the kitchen, where Dave was wiping off the highchair with one hand, while holding Joey in his other arm.

Amy went on to tell me that the sheets in the guest room were clean, and that I should make myself at home. The plan was that I’d sleep over and care for the kids until Amy and Dave woke up tomorrow morning.

They began the task of saying goodbye to Joey and Lilly. I could tell by the kid’s and Amy’s reaction, that her and Dave don’t get out to often. After a few tears from the kids and Amy, her and Dave were off to their party.

A few games, dirty diapers, and a movie later, the kids were ready for bed. I carried Lilly who fell asleep on the living room floor to bed, and fed Joey a bottle before laying him down in his crib.

I stayed up for an hour or so, then decided to head to bed. I knew that I’d have to get up early to tend to Lilly and Joey so I wanted to make sure I was well rested. I set the alarm on my phone for seven, figuring if the kids didn’t wake me up before then I’d be able to drink a cup of coffee in peace before they woke up. I slipped into my thigh high nighty, took off my bra, and laid down on the bed in the spare room, which was across from the kid’s room.

I was wakened by the sound of the front door closing, followed by uncontrollable laughter. I rolled over and noticed that it was one thirty in the morning. I could tell they both must’ve had a few cocktails by the way they were loudly talking and giggling. Knowing that this was extremely rare that they both could let loose, I decided to stay in bed and let them enjoy their time together.

Somehow I ended up falling back asleep, but I was awakened again around two o’ clock. This time it wasn’t loud talking and laughter, it was the sound of a bed ever so lightly, and rhythmically hitting the wall. I could hear Amy’s soft moans coming from the room next to me.

I intently listened to the sound of Dave otele gelen escort satisfying my sister. I felt my pussy beginning to get wet. My finger found its way between my legs, and I began to softly rub my clit through my panties. I slid my panties to the side and began to slide my fingers in and out of my moist pussy. I matched the speed of Dave’s thrusts and imagined it was his dick that was penetrating me. Just before I was about to orgasm I heard Dave grunt, and I felt the bed hit the wall with some force.

I continued to plunge my fingers deep inside me, imagining that it was my fertile pussy that was being filled with Dave’s cum. I was quickly snapped out of my fantasy as the hall way light turned on. I immediately pulled my fingers out of my arouse pussy and covered myself with my sheet and partially closed my eyes.

I see Dave slowly stumble past my doorway, he was completely naked. I heard the bathroom door close, followed by footsteps walking down the hall. Next I seen Amy who was wearing her robe, peek into the kids room before heading back to bed.

I was still so horny and wanted to pull the sheets off and finger myself to orgasm, but knew Dave would be walking out of the bathroom and back down the hall soon.

My heart started to race as I thought about pulling my sheets off and exposing myself to Dave. With the light from the hallway shining into the room, he’d surely get a nice view of my exposed body. Before I was able to build up enough courage, I heard the bathroom door open. Dave walked down the hall, stopping to look into Lilly and Joey’s room. From my bed I had a great view of Dave’s defined back, and his cute ass. I just needed him to turn around and give me a look at the cock that fucked my sister silly.

Just then he turned around and briefly glanced into my room, before turning off the hallway light and walking back to bed. To my disappointment it all happened so quickly, that I never got a good look at his package.

I laid still in bed replaying the events that just took place. Uncovering myself and pulling down my panties, I was on a mission to finish what I started. I slid my fingers back inside my pussy, filling the void from moments ago. It didn’t take long, and before I knew it a powerful orgasm came over me. It took all I had to not yell out Dave’s name as wave after wave of sexual pleasure tore through my body.

When my legs became stable enough to stand up, I slipped my panties back on and walked toward the doorway. I fumbled for the hallway light and turned it on. I peeked into the kids room, then made my way to the bathroom, closing the door behind me.

I walked toward the sink, turned it on and began rinsing the perspiration off my face. I turned off the water and reached for the towel. As I hung the towel back on the rack, I noticed a condom hanging from the side of the waste basket. My heart started to race again as I recalled a conversation with Amy about her remaining off of birth control until Joey was through with breastfeeding. I could hear my heart beating in my ears as I bent over and picked up the used condom.

I couldn’t believe how full it was of Dave’s warm, fresh sperm. As I held it in front of my face, naughty thoughts flooded my mind. I knew the right thing to do would be to set it back down and go back to bed, but that wouldn’t have been any fun. I knew this opportunity wouldn’t likely happen again.

I concealed the condom as I walked down the hall. I turned off the hallway light, quietly closed the door, and walked back to my bed. I turned on the light on the night stand before crawling back into bed with Dave’s used condom in my hand. I squeeze the tip, and admired how full and warm it was as I pondered my next pendik escort action.

I really wanted to taste his cum, so I slid my finger inside the condom until it was touching his warm sperm. I withdrew it, opened my mouth, then placed my cum covered finger in my mouth. The floodgate between my legs opened as Dave’s sperm touched my tongue.

My pussy wanted what was in my mouth, but without being on any birth control I knew that wasn’t a good idea. I dipped my finger back into the condom, this time scooping out a bit more of Dave’s sticky cum. Again I slipped my finger back in my mouth and softly sucked it clean imagining it was Dave’s dick.

I set the sperm filled condom on the bed and slipped off my panties. I began to gently rub my aroused clit as I finished sucking my finger clean. I spread my legs and with my left hand parted my wet pussy lips. I was beyond horny, and my extremely aroused cunt needed Dave’s cum.

I reached for the condom and carefully picked it up. My heart was about to beat out of my chest as I slid my finger back in the condom. I pulled my cum covered finger back out and began to gently rub my clit. I slowly slid my finger lower, sliding it passed my lips and into my saturated cunt. My wetness combined with Dave’s sperm made my finger glide in effortlessly. I couldn’t believe that I had my brother in laws cum inside my fertile pussy, I wanted more.

I grabbed the rubber and ever so carefully poured a few drops of warm fresh cum just above my clit. The feeling of Dave’s cum slowly trickling over my clit, then down my parted pussy lips, and oozing into my vaginal canal was boarder line orgasmic by itself. I slid two fingers in my cunt and began to pump them in and out, making a slurping sound with every thrust of my fingers.

I slid lower on the bed and lifted my legs up, resting them on the footboard of the bed. I slid my fingers back in my warm cunt and poured more of my brother in laws thick sperm over my clit. Dave’s cum sluggishly made its way to my fingers, as it did I spread the opening of my pussy, funneling his cum directly inside me.

The way I was laying on the bed caused Dave’s cum to coat the inside of my vaginal walls before collecting and pooling at the entrance of my cervix.

Again I began plunging my fingers in and out, massaging my g spot with every pass. I was experiencing complete sexual stimulation. Just the thought of Dave’s seed invading my fertile womb was enough to send me over the edge. Just before I was about to cum I took the condom and drizzled what sperm was left onto my lips and on the tip of my tongue.

I felt my pussy beginning to tighten around my fingers. Despite the resistance I continued to work my g spot until I felt a trickle of fluid make its way over my tight little asshole. I pulled my fingers out and lightly slapped my clit, causing me to squirt my vaginal nectar all over the sheets and footrest of the bed. I inadvertently let out a soft moan as I orgasmed more intensely than ever before. My legs were shaking and my pussy was pulsating as the repeated streams of fluid subsided.

I finished licking what was left of Dave’s sperm off of my lips as I slowly began to regain my breath. I turned the condom inside out and gently fingered my now sloppy pussy with it. What can I say, I surely didn’t want to let any of it go to waste.

After basking in the sexual pleasure I just experience, I lowered my legs and sat on the edge of the bed. I glanced at the clock, it was now a little after three. I stood up and instantly felt Dave’s sperm beginning to drip out of my thoroughly used pussy. I bent over and reached for my panties. I used the gusset of my panties to wipe the cum from my inner thigh, before sliding them rus escort on to help contain as much of my brother in laws sperm as I could.

I turned around and noticed the wet mess on the bed sheets as well as the footboard. I wasn’t to concerned, because I knew I’d be able to wash them in the morning and Amy or Dave wouldn’t think anything odd about it. I grabbed the condom and quietly opened the bedroom door and made my way to the bathroom.

I tossed the empty condom back in the waste basket, washed my hands and headed back down the hallway into my room. I removed the bedsheets and after wiping down the footboard I set them next to the nightstand. I removed my cum covered panties, grabbed the comforter and laid down. I was sexually exhausted, and quickly drifted off to sleep.

I awoke to Joey crying around six, surprised by the fact that despite having had broken sleep last night, I felt completely refreshed. I guess you should never underestimate the power of a good orgasm. I quickly made my way to Joey’s crib, hoping to get to him before he woke up his sister. I picked him up and he stopped crying, but I knew he was overdue for a diaper change. I didn’t want to wake Lilly so I grabbed a diaper, and partially closed the door before heading into the living room.

I laid down a towel on the living room floor and began to change him. I was just finishing buttoning up his onesie when I was startled by footsteps behind me. I turned my head and seen Dave standing there in his boxers. It was at that point in which I realized he was just treated to an up close view of my ass and pussy on full display.

“Oh, I’m sorry Sara, I heard Joey crying and got up to check on him. I didn’t know…” Dave quietly said.

I didn’t make any effort to pull down my nighty, instead I slowly stood up, allowing Dave to gawk at the most intimate, private parts of my body.

“No no, I’m sorry Dave. I didn’t want him to wake Lilly so I took him out here… I.. I didn’t expect you to be up so early.”

I said as I bent over giving Dave one last look at my bare ass and fully exposed cunt as I strapped Joey into his swing.

I turned around and caught Dave’s eyes glancing at my tits, then awkwardly back to my eyes. I could feel that my nipples were erect, and I knew Dave had seen them poking through my nighty.

My eyes were instinctively drawn to Dave’s cock, which was reacting to the show that he was just treated to. By the time my eyes made their way across his chiseled abs, chest, and finally to his eyes, I knew that I had been caught, just as I caught him stealing glances of me.

“Could we just keep this between us? I’m so embarrassed.” I said with a devilish grin.

“No worries Sara, it never happened.” Dave replied with a smirk.

“Thanks Dave. Why don’t you go get some rest, I’ll take care of Joey. You and Amy had a late night, you must be exhausted.”

“Yeah…yeah, that sounds like a good idea. Thanks again Sara.” Dave said as he walked back to his room.

I had a huge smile on my face as I knew that the image of my bent over ass and pussy would be on Dave’s mind every time he sees me. I couldn’t have planned what just happened any better.

The rest of the morning consisted of feeding my niece and nephew, changing a few more diapers, and watching cartoons. I also had to cover my tracks which included washing the bed linen that was covered in Dave’s and my combined fluids. I even went as far as to empty the waste can in the bathroom, which I took out with the kitchen trash.

Dave and Amy woke up around ten thirty. I couldn’t sense any awkwardness between Dave and myself after what happened earlier this morning. If anything I felt a bit guilty about what I did last night, after all that was my sister’s husband’s sperm that I had inside me.

After making a pot of coffee for Amy and Dave, I said my goodbyes. As I drove home my guilt turned to a worried, distressed, feeling as I wondered what I’d do if I ended up pregnant with Dave’s child.

I’ll be sure to keep you posted…

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