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My Cousin, My Lover

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My cousin’s family was visiting mine for a couple of weeks at our Long Island home. Her mother and mine were sisters, and we alternated family visits every year or two. Judy and I were the same age, eighteen. We hadn’t seen each other in two years, and although she clearly had changed physically, I discovered only as time passed that she had also changed dramatically in sexual maturity and experience.

I had a used car, a Ford my uncle sold me for $200, sort of a gift. It had a stick shift, a bench seat, and an AM radio. And it provided Judy and me with the only real privacy available to us. Given our parents, my two sisters, and her three siblings, all in a three bedroom house, there was not much space. Judy and I had some left over business from our last get together at their home and wanted some time without constant oversight. So we took my car and drove aimlessly around town talking and listening to the radio. Judy had immediately moved to the middle of the seat, right up against me, and held my right arm in both her hands against her breast as we drove.

When last together, we had necked a lot and even did some light petting, but this initial contact left me befuddled. I had enjoyed some vague, unfocused fantasies about Judy in the interim, but nothing prepared me for this immediate, brazen contact. I had some trouble concentrating on driving. Looking back, I was incredibly naïve sexually, a virgin in almost every sense. And to be this close to a hot, pretty, seemingly sexually aggressive young woman left me confused. Not that I was complaining. Just not sure how to respond.

We drove around slowly for an hour or so with her head on my shoulder, listening to the radio. Her hands continued to hold and stoke my arm, and continued to press it into her breast. I didn’t know if this was simple cousinly, unconscious contact or deliberate teasing. Then at one point she commented on a male singer, “Oh, his voice just makes me cream my panties.”

I almost lost control of the car, having to jerk it back into our lane. She saw my expression and laughed. Taking my right hand, she stuffed it down between her thighs and clamped it there with my fingers holding her bare thigh just below her shorts. It was the first time I had come this close to touching a girl’s pussy, and I immediately went into a state of pure lust. I was an inexperienced virgin and here was my cute blond cousin making advances to me. At least I thought she was. Could this be another innocent act?

She snuggled up tight against me and pulled my hand as far up into her crotch as it could go, jamming it against her shorts-covered pussy. OK, confusion resolved: not an innocent accident. My cock grew hard and was uncomfortably cramped in my jeans, but I was trapped; I couldn’t just reach down and rearrange myself. She watched my face and continued to giggle. Her head came down onto my shoulder again, and she pressed her breast harder against my arm.

We soon came to a traffic light and I had to stop. When the light turned green I had to retrieve my hand so I could shift gears, but I couldn’t do anything about the condition of my erection without her seeing. She promptly took my hand and put it back into her crotch.

We had now stopped talking and just rode silently. Then, whether she noticed my bulge, or just wanted to flirt some more, she put her hand into my lap and began rubbing me. I must have groaned without knowing it for she laughed again and said, “Looks like you’ve got a zeytinburnu escort little problem. Or maybe a big one.”

Her hand on me felt wonderful. My cock had never been touched by anyone but me and this was almost too much to bear. I thought I might explode right inside my jeans.

I said, “Please slow down, Judy. I love what you’re doing but if you don’t stop for a minute I think I’ll come in my pants.” My voice sounded strange to me and I stuttered some as I croaked out this plea.

She giggled a little and reached up to kiss my cheek. “God, I love you Bob. I’ve been dreaming of being with you like this since I heard we were coming to visit. I must have jerked off at least a half dozen times on the long ride down state. I just covered myself with a coat and pretended to doze off, and then I stuck my hand down inside my shorts and panties and rubbed myself to some beautiful orgasms. And now I’m here, and you’re here. I’ve got my hand on your cock and you’ve almost got yours in my cunt. What could be better?”

At her casual admission of her masturbation and the use of the word “cunt” I almost lost control of the car again. And, again, I almost came. I felt feverish and couldn’t talk. I think I was shaking with the strength of my lust and I sure didn’t belong behind the wheel.

At the first opportunity I pulled into a shopping center parking lot and parked well away from any other cars. As soon as I killed the engine I took my hand out of her crotch and turned to hug her. I kissed her and she responded eagerly, opening her mouth and pushing her tongue between my lips. I responded in turn and we drank from each other’s mouth and inhaled each other’s breath. With our mouths still together she took my hand and brought it to her breast, squeezing it on her firm mound to show me what she wanted me to do. I think by this time she had figured out just how sexually naive I was, so she took the lead.

“Here, unbutton my blouse,” she said, helping me get the job done. “Pull it down off my shoulders so I can get my bra off. Yeah, that’s it.” She reached behind herself to unclasp the hooks and in a moment she was naked to the waist and back in my arms.

I couldn’t seem to get enough air into my lungs. I was panting and sweaty, and I was stunned by her audacity — and her breasts. They were beautiful; the size of oranges and gloriously firm. And just perfect, in my mind, for her body. Judy was not a tall girl, maybe 5’2″, but she was what today we would call a hardbody. She was a good athlete, what you picture when you hear the term cheerleader, and her musculature showed it.

“Do you like me, Hon?” she asked. She cupped her breasts and massaged the saucy brown nipples. They were swollen, standing tall on her quarter-sized areolas.

“I stuttered something about how beautiful they were and bowed my head to take one into my mouth. I licked it and sucked on it, relishing the rubbery feel of the small erection as my lips and tongue worked on it. She sighed and held my head to her chest, moaning softly in my ear.

“Please bite me, Bob. Don’t be afraid to hurt me. I’m tougher that I look and I like some pain. It makes me hot.”

This inflamed me, like gasoline on a fire. I bit down into her right nipple and felt her jerk in response. I immediately let go and looked up at her with a question on my face.

“Oh, no, Sweetie. Don’t stop. It felt wonderful. Do it some more. If it gets too intense aksaray escort I’ll tell you.”

I returned with enthusiasm to my task, biting, gnawing, sucking, squeezing, and in general abusing her beautiful breasts. She moaned continuously, holding my head firmly in place, squeaking at particularly painful events, or mumbling encouragement in small gasps. I left teeth marks in her smooth flesh and turned her nipples into sore stubs. While my mouth and teeth worked on one nipple, I watched her abuse the other. She would take it between her fingers and pinch hard, twisting and pulling the dark flesh harshly, distorting her breast in the process.

We had been double teaming her breasts for only a short while when she began to pant and moan more loudly. Her body tensed and I could feel her trembling. “Harder. Do it harder. I’m going to come. Oh, God, I’m coming!”

She wailed, squeezed my head fiercely against her chest, and began to convulse in short, tight spasms. After about a minute she began to relax. With a long, deep sigh, she sat back, releasing my head. She smiled at me and caressed my face.

“Oh, Bob, that was wonderful. Thank you, Hon. I have never come without someone touching my pussy; a new milestone. I’m going to be sore tonight, but it was worth it.” After a pause, she added, “Now we have to do something for you.”

I was a little shocked at what I had done to her, even if it was at her behest, and at how she had reacted. But I was almost in pain myself, what with my raging lust and my cramped cock. As though reading my mind, she reached for my belt buckle and released it. My zipper came next, and with my help, she pulled my jeans down past my knees. Freed somewhat now, my erection strained against the cloth of my shorts, almost poking out above the elastic waistband. Judy caressed my trapped hard-on through the now wet cloth, giggling as it jumped in response to her touch. Then she pulled the shorts down and released my cock. It slammed up against my belly and lay there oozing precum.

“Oh, that is beautiful, Bob. I want to do so many nasty things to it and with it, but since I’m not on birth control, the one thing we can’t do is fuck.”

At that word my cock jumped involuntarily. This girl just kept surprising me. Judy mock slapped my straining erection and said, “Now you be a good little cock and let me make you happy.” And to me, “Well, if I can’t fuck you, how about if I suck you? It sounds almost the same and you do get to stick it in one of my holes.” Smiling at me she took my straining erection in her hand and waited for my response.

Having run out of breath, and words, again I merely nodded, and then winced as she lightly stroked my ready-to-burst rod.

I pushed the car seat as far back as it would go, which gave my cousin enough room to reach my cock without banging her head on the steering wheel. She bent to my lap, pulling her blond hair back and away so as to not block my view. I caressed her bare back and shoulders, marveling at the silkiness of her skin.

When her lips touched the tip of my cock I jerked. Nothing but my hand had ever touched this part of my body, and the feel of her warm lips sliding over the bulbous head sent shivers up my spine. I tensed from my toes to my scalp as she began to envelop my erection. I heard groaning and realized it was me. After just a minute or two I ran my fingers into her hair and pulled her head up off my cock.

“Judy, ataköy escort I am so pent up that I can’t stand much of that. In just a few more strokes of your beautiful mouth I am going to come. I’m sorry, Hon.”

She smiled at me and said, “Don’t be sorry, Bob. I’ve teased you without mercy. Just relax and release.” Looking deep into my eyes she added, “I want you to come. Your eagerness is a wonderful compliment to me. Now, go ahead and come for me. Fill my mouth with your hot cum. Let me taste your cream.”

She bent back to her task, easing my cock slowly into the back of her mouth and part way down her throat. Then she hummed deep in her throat and slowly sucked her way back up my swollen stalk of flesh until she had only the engorged, plum-shaped head in her mouth. I could feel her tongue caress this most sensitive of flesh, swirling around and around it. This was obviously not Judy’s first blow job.

I was unable to hold still. I found myself writhing slowly on the seat, my hands again buried in her hair, this time holding her head in place. I could feel my orgasm building, a sense of impending out-of-control pressure in my groin.

“Judy, I’m going to come. I’m going to come any moment. Here I come!”

I felt her head nod and she sucked the top end of my cock hard, pumping now with her hands.

“Oh, fuck. Oh, fuck. I’m coming!”

The pressure in my groin released and I felt the explosion of cum roar up from my balls and spew out the head of my cock. Pulse after pulse of erupting cum burst out of my cock and into my cousin’s hot mouth. It seemed to take forever for the spasms to ease up and finally end. Judy told me later that I bounced all over the place as I came, banging her head into the wheel and making it hard for her to stay on my spurting cock. One blast got away from her and splashed into her hovering face.

I saw this one when she finally raised her head from my lap and grinned at me. It hung there from her eyebrow down the side of her nose, across the edge of her lips, and oozed off her chin onto her breast. I thought that was the sexiest thing I had ever seen until she opened her mouth to show me what she hadn’t yet swallowed. Her tongue and teeth were coated with my whitish, gooey cum, mixed with an abundance of saliva. She smiled at me as she slowly closed her mouth. I realized she was getting ready to swallow.

I said, “No. Please don’t swallow. Kiss me. It’s my cum; share it with me.”

She cocked her head in surprise and paused for a moment. Then she smiled again, a different sort of smile, a little amused, and leaned into me. Her mouth met mine and our lips opened. She pushed her cum-coated tongue into my mouth and let me suck it clean. I tasted the salty, semi-sweet, yet acrid taste of my effluent. I leaned back so that her head was above mine. With our mouths open she was able to use gravity to push more of my fluid from her mouth into mine. I sucked, swirled the gooey stuff around in my mouth, and swallowed. When we finished we sat side by side hugging, quiet in each other’s arms.

We cuddled and kissed gently. She said, “I love you, Bob. I know we don’t have a future together because we’re cousins, but I do love you and being with you.” After a while we pulled our clothes together and dressed. I hated to see her breasts go under cover and told her so.

I said, “Judy, I love you, too. And I want you so badly that I ache with it.”

She said, “Well, we’re not leaving for another week and a half. Until then let’s see how often we can get that sexy cock of yours to rise to the occasion. When I leave I want us to have tried everything we can think of to pleasure each other. And I want your balls to be totally empty. Let’s start tomorrow with you going down on me. Fair’s fair.”

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