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My Dad Walked In

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I was a senior in high school and just turned eighteen. I just got home from cheerleader practice one Saturday afternoon. My Dad was sitting in the living room.

“Where’s Mom?” I asked him.

“She went to visit her sister,” he told me.

I walked down the hallway to get out of my outfit. I was all sweaty from the workout we had in the gym. I had just stripped out of my clothes when the door opened. There stood my Dad looking at me. I tried to cover up but there was no way to do it.

“Dad, what are you doing here?”

My Dad walked right up to me and stared at my naked body.

“I couldn’t take it anymore Emily. You’ve been turning me on lately.”

My Dad wrapped a hand around the back of neck. He pulled me close and we kissed. I couldn’t believe I opened my mouth and let my Dad force his tongue inside. We had this hot and passionate kiss together. My Dad finally broke away.

“I can smell your scent,” he told me.

The next thing I knew, my father was pulling his clothes off. I was soon looking at my Dad’s semi-hard dick. He was thick and long. Longer than any boy I had been with. He moved me over to the bed.

“Lie on your stomach,” he told me.

I didn’t want to do that bakırköy escort but Dad pushed me down. He climbed up onto the bed with me. His hands were soon lifting up my hips. He spread my ass cheeks and he started sliding his cock up and down my crack. I was scared and excited at the same time. A couple of minutes of that seemed to make my Dad very hard.

I felt the tip of his cock at my opening. I surprised myself. I spread my thighs apart. Dad entered me from behind. God, it hurt! It felt like someone was splitting me apart. Someone was, my Dad. I knew he had every inch inside me. His big balls were hitting my cheeks.

“I want you bad Emily!” He told me.

I soon gave in to my father. I actually begged him to take me, make me his lover. He did that and more. Dad stretched me so I was able to take all of his thick monster. Dad was soon pumping his rod into me as hard as he could. There was lots of noise as Dad gave me the fucking of a lifetime. He pulled out and flipped me onto my back.

He lifted my legs and he drilled me deep. Dad lowered his face and he started to bite in my nipples. I was getting so turned on. I gave myself completely to my father. I wanted him to never başakşehir escort pull out. Just keep his cock in me for as long as possible. We did do it for a long time. Dad finally grunted and he let go. I felt myself being filled with my Dad’s hot seed.

He gave me a big load of his cum. I could feel it running out of me and down my crack. Dad kept stroking me and I had many orgasms. Some minutes later my Dad had to pull out when he got soft.

He looked down at me and asked, “are you in the pill?”

My face must have betrayed me. I wasn’t. I got up from the bed and went to empty out. When I got back to the bed, my Dad’s cock was coated with our love juices. I couldn’t help myself. I took my Dad’s prick in my mouth. I cleaned him and made him hard again. This time I mounted my father. I lowered myself onto his stiff member. He ended up using my pussy again.

This time Dad would bring his hips up as I met his thrusts. It felt like there was this snake inside my belly. My Dad told me I was his possession now. He was going to have me any time or place that he wanted. I would let my Dad do whatever he wanted in short order. Dad did manage to give me more of his love cream.

I bebek escort squeezed his cock dry the second time around. I must have lost it. I told my Dad how much I loved him. I only wanted him as my lover. That is how things worked out. Dad said that he and Mom no longer had sex together. From now on it was just the two of us being lovers. Dad never once used a condom when we had sex together.

I love the feel of his thick cock as it scrapes across my pussy walls. Dad says he wants me to have his baby. This gets me so excited, especially when he is fucking me hard. I want him to give me a baby bump. I ask him what will happen when Mom finds out. He says he will leave her for me. I wonder if it will work out as he says.

My sex drive is off the charts now. It is hard to find time alone with Dad. Some weekends we get away for a couple of hours at some cheap motel. We do get strange looks when we check in. I really don’t care. I can scream as loud as I want when Dad pounds my pussy in the motel bed.

He sometimes tell me I am his whore. His big balls will be slapping my ass cheeks as he works over my pussy. I need to feel my Dad explode inside me. You can say I am a cum freak. I tell my father to fill me with his spunk and impregnate my tummy. When we both orgasm together, it is something special to behold. I only wish you could see it.

Sometimes my pussy is so sore from the sex workout I get. Dad seems to have endless load of cum to give. All the better to give me what I need, his baby.

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