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My Daughter the Dancer

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Rena hadn’t been home to see her father in what felt like forever. She’d called to tell him her plane would be arriving and he’d quickly volunteered to pick her up despite her protests. She just wanted him to leave a key under the mat but he’d made it clear that his daughter would not be taking a taxi at three in the morning. It wasn’t like they lived in a bad neighborhood, they lived in a place where people always joked that most dangerous gang in were the Girl Scouts and the worst thing you could do was be late with your cookie payments.

So much to her dismay instead of being halfway home already Rena was standing front of the airport in a pair of flip flops, blue pajama bottoms, a tank top and a black leather jacket. She’d been asleep on the plane. “Hurry up.” She only ended up waiting about five minutes for her father to pull up in his brand new Mid Life Crisis car, an electric blue sports car. She wasn’t much of a car person but her only complaint was it didn’t look like it had much of a back seat. “That’s my Dad. I can’t believe I even thought that.” Rena chided herself. “I mean seriously, it must just be jetlag.”

Her father pulled up and she quickly tossed her bag in tiny trunk and her second bag into the almost nonexistent backseat. “Hello Daddy.” She leaned across the car giving her father a hug and quick kiss on the cheek. “Thanks for coming to get me.” Even though what she really meant was you didn’t have to and really shouldn’t have.

“Hey there Baby Girl.” He returned the hug. “You couldn’t think of anything more appropriate to wear out?” “What?” Rena looked down at herself. The pajama bottoms did a decent job of showing off her bottom but there weren’t a whole lot of outfits that didn’t flatter her hips and she’d specifically chosen the leather jacket to keep herself covered up from prying eyes.

“You look like you’re ready for bed.” Her father replied. “It’s just that. . .never mind tell me about your trip.” He’d never found it appropriate when people, women in particular, sat at the airport like it was their private bedroom. He didn’t really understand why it bugged him so much but it was the kind of pet peeve that he couldn’t just remain silent about. It took a lot of will power to keep from saying more about it.

Rena spent the next thirty minutes telling her father all about college, her classes, her part time job at the library. She very intentionally left out parts that she either hoped he didn’t know or that simply weren’t the kinds of things a daughter spoke about to her father. Rena knew of course to keep the details about her new boyfriend to the barest details. He existed, he loved her, he treated her right and he definitely didn’t drive a sexy sports car that bore a startling resemblance to the car her father currently owned. The rumble of the engine certainly didn’t get her a little excited in a purely Pavlovian sort of way.

She didn’t know that he’d heard from a friend, who had in turn heard from a jealous bastard of an ex, that his baby girl was the a dancer at Arachne’s Web. He wasn’t exactly in a rush to breach that conversation either though he wasn’t going to be able to let it pass. Not when he knew that she was partially in town to perform at the Kandy Kat and not just to see her dear old father. That wasn’t the sort of thing that he knew how to talk to his daughter about. He wished Sarah, his wife, wasn’t away on business at the moment. That wasn’t the kind subject one broke over the phone though so she couldn’t help. His son lived close enough to call up but he was even less certain how he’d go about asking his son for advice about his sister being a dancer and God only knew what else. They’d always been close, he probably knew all along and never quite figured out how to break that it of information to his father.

“Well I need to get some sleep Daddy.” Rena walked into the house with just one of her bags, the other could wait until morning. She stripped off her leather jacket and tossed it beylikdüzü escort on the coat rack. Her father had to admit the leather jacket had been doing an incredible job of concealing her young supple flesh, it had even been hiding just how narrow her waist actually was. “Night.” It was a little to easy to see how she could be a dancer, she certainly moved with the right kind of confidence and presence.

“Night.” Jake replied. He didn’t mean to watch his youngest daughter’s hips swivel as she walked up the stairs but she had the same hypnotic sway as a serpent, something you just couldn’t turn away from and thank God she didn’t seem to notice. She just disappeared upstairs to what had been her room and now doubled as a guest room.

As soon as she was out of sight Jake poured himself a glass of scotch, took one look at it and then doubled it up and walked up to his bedroom. It had to have been an accident but Rena had left the door cracked open and he could just make out the silhouette of her body stripping against in the darkness. He didn’t dare stay long, instead he just scurried back to his room and sat down. He gulped down his drink quickly and tried to clear his mind but he couldn’t quite manage it. He spent the rest of the night thinking about his daughter while he drifted in and out of sleep.

Rena could hardly believe it. She felt his eyes when she walked up the stairs, like little hot lights on her buttocks. Just like any other man, she knew she’d been mistaken though. Her father would never look at her that way, even if she did bear a fairly striking resemblance to her mother. She’d immediately decided to test it by leaving the door open, just enough that if he wanted to catch a glimpse of his Baby Girl he could but only if he tried and she’d seen him, he’s snuck his look and then ran off. He reminded Rena of her brother in that way. He’d always ‘accidently’ walk into the bathroom right as she was taking a shower, found an excuse to come out to the pool when her friends were around and forgot to knock at oddly strategic times.

The confusing part was she’d always been a little attracted to her father. It wasn’t difficult for her to see what her mother had seen in him, even at fifty he still looked like someone who could kick ass. Sure his former six pack was now a gut, but a gut like those big boxer types or wrestlers. His hair had been receding when she was a child and he’d been bald for as long as she could remember. That might have been why she found the look as attractive as she did.

Rena pushed the thoughts of her father away and instead focused on thought of her boyfriend and how deliciously he was going fuck her when they got together. She tried to keep herself quiet, she remembered how thin the walls were. She hoped that her father didn’t hear her whimpering before she managed to fall off to sleep.

Morning came and Jake was the first one up. He always claimed that between his football training and time in the military that he couldn’t sleep past seven thirty if he tried. So it wasn’t a shock to Rena when she found him already sitting at the island with a mug of coffee when she came down stairs. What did surprise her was that he was sitting there in pair of boxers with an open robe. He pretended not to notice her out of the corner of his eye at first, then as subtly as he could manage wrapped his robe shut, but it was a bit too late to conceal the massive hard on he was sporting.

“Morning dear.” Jake had to keep from choking on his coffee. He was caught immediately in the trap of not knowing if he should again chide his daughter for her outfit or pretend he didn’t notice. It was hard not to notice that she was wearing thigh high socks that looked like beacons pointing at her pink micro shorts. The kind with the extra stitching down the crack of the ass to define the buttocks, and Rena’s ass didn’t need any help. She didn’t really have the kind of bust to fill out a tube top properly beyoğlu escort making it more cute than sexy. It was unfortunately the kind of cute that matched well with the over all look of a woman who didn’t realize how attractive she was and shouldn’t have just been flouncing around like that. “There’s coffee.”

“Yes Daddy, it smells wonderful.” She didn’t quite skip across the room, she pranced like a little girl who was too excited to control herself. The petite blonde had to raise up onto the tips of her toes to reach the coffee mugs, but she didn’t have to stay on them as she made her way over to the fridge and pulled out the creamer or back to the coffee pot.

Rena had to make a conscious effort not to look directly at her father. The closed robe did more to display his admittedly not too long but fat cock than it did to hide it. She couldn’t believe how easy it had been to get him following her pert little rump just like any other man in the world. Once she noticed him watching it was next to impossible to keep from putting an extra bit of bounce in her step then lean over the island and sipping at her coffee. She’d known how to command before she’d become a dancer, a stripper, she had no problem with what she was. The pole was just a tool, the important things were keep on your toes, men love a toned calf and perky bottom.

“So do you have anything planned for today?” Jake asked his daughter. He knew he was staring but she seemed to focused elsewhere.

“Yeah, the girls are gonna come by and pick me up. We’re gonna go shopping.” Rena replied. “I was hoping that we’d have breakfast first though.” She wondered briefly if guys actually thought women could just sense it when men or on occasion women were watching them.

“Sure what did you have in mind?” Jake answered.

“Well it looked like you have everything for me to whip up some omellettes.” Rena suggested with a shrug. “Is that okay?”

“Yeah, that sounds great. I’m gonna run upstairs and get ready for work. How long do you need?” Jake asked.

“Oh, about fifteen twenty minutes.” Rena answered her father perking slightly all the ingredients out of the fridge. Jake watched her for a few seconds before sliding out off his stool careful to keep the island between him and his daughter without looking too conspicuous. Once she turned her back he practically ran the rest of the way out of the kitchen.

In his entire life Jake couldn’t remember a time he’d been happier to be out of the room with an attractive scantily clad woman. “Oh fuck.” He had to stop himself from running up the stairs holding it to a mere power walk until he was in his room with the door shut behind him. “Oh my God, what is wrong with me? I can’t believe I’m checking out my own daughter like that, but what a peach of an ass! And those fucking legs, she has to be doing it on purpose.”

Jake pulled his robe off and tossed it onto the bed stripping out of his boxers at the same time. He was in the shower before the water even had a chance to warm up. Jake leaned back against the cool tiles and sudsing his cock up. “Oh fuck.” Jacob tried to get his thoughts away from his daughter and back to his wife but they looked so similar it was impossible to envision anything Rena prancing around in her tiny pink shorts wriggling her shapely rump. His fist was wrapped tight around his cock pumping as slowly as he could force himself. He could imagine his daughter doing all manner of filthy acts, but the one he settled on had her bent over in front of him, face and breasts smooshed against the glass shower wall while he took her with long deep strokes. She was a short woman, each time he filled her completely it lifted her completely off her feet and the cutest little squeal forced its way out of her mouth. Rena would be pushing back against him, trying to get her fill, just like her mother always had.

It only took a few minutes before Jake exploded. He came so hard his bomonti escort semen made it the full way across the shower to splatter against the wall and slowly start its descent to the floor as he slid down to sit on bench and stayed there for a few minutes staring at it as it oozed down the wall. As soon as his legs were ready to support him he grabbed his washrag and finished his shower climbing.

Meanwhile Rena was dancing around the kitchen finishing cooking. She just couldn’t believe how easily her father had been enamored with her little costume or worse how excited it had gotten her. There was an instantly recognizable heat between her thighs. She was about to run up stairs and change into something a little more appropriate when she ran out of time and Jake walked back into the room wearing a light blue suit. Rena couldn’t check but she was pretty sure a dark spot had formed on her pink shorts. She had to sit next to her father, legs conspicuously crossed at the island that wasn’t nearly high enough to make allow. She kept herself angled away the entire time they spoke.

“Well that was a nice talk we had, I have to go to work. You have fun while you’re out with your friends okay Baby Girl?” Jake said leaning over giving his daughter a quick kiss on the cheek before stepping out. Rena almost told him to hurry up and go, certain that he knew just how hot she’d was and was intentionally dragging out his steps.

“Oh God.” The moment he was out of the kitchen she splayed her legs open and when the door slammed she slipped her hand into her shorts. She waited a few seconds and then she had her shorts and panties down around one ankle. Rena had two fingers pushed into her dripping wet pussy. She could hardly believe that just being a naughty tease would have gotten her so excited. It was absurd, the last time just having a man looking at her had gotten her so worked up she’d been a nineteen year old virgin with her first real boyfriend. “Oh fuck!” Rena started slowly pumping her fingers in and out of her cunt, pressing the palm of her hand up against her throbbing clit.

Rena closed her eyes and tried to push every thought of her father away again but this time the image of her father was stubborn. She imagined him kneeling between her lapping at her pussy. He was looking up at her calling her ‘Baby Girl’. At the same time he had one hand between his legs pumping his cock. He was telling her how sexy she was, how he couldn’t keep his hands off her, how he was absolutely losing his mind. She brought her other hand down between her legs just lightly touching her asshole, just like her Daddy would. He’d flick his tongue against it, then he’d slip a finger in. Her Dad would keep licking and sucking and sliding his fingers into her twat. He wouldn’t stop. He would not stop for anything until she’d had the biggest, the absolute biggest orgasm of her entire life!

Rena hissed as her orgasm hit her like a wave. If she hadn’t been balancing on a stool with one leg it would have ended better. As it stood when her orgasm hit she fell off the stool and landed on the tile floor. The sudden pain wasn’t enough to stop the waves that curled her toes and her bent her back.

“Ouch.” Rena hissed. Slowly Rena got back to her feet kicking off her shorts. They were already too wet to keep on. She was only to the top of the stairs when the door bell rang. “In a minute! Rena pulled on the first skirt she found and came bounding down the stairs.

“Hey girl, how you been?” Lara exclaimed bursting into the house and wrapping her arms around her best friend. “It’s been too long.”

Rena returned the hug and took a step back. “Hey, it’s been-” she had to stop when she noticed that Lara wasn’t alone. She’d brought a half dozen people in what she assumed were two separate cars “-a while.” She realized she wasn’t going to get a chance to go take a shower right now, not without a damn good explanation so she just grabbed a pair of white tennis shoes. “Well lets get this going!”

The other ladies all swarmed in exchanging their quick hugs with the returning party girl before half leading her, half dragging her out to the car. “You’re riding with us.” Lara exclaimed pushing her into the back. “So where do you want to start? Shoes or skirts?”

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