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My Gothic Sister Ch. 03

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Shawn peered at the night sky from his window. He looked at the stars and wondered if they too felt taboo love for something that shared their blood. He thought about all the ancient Gods and Goddess that were brother and sister and consummated. His thoughts were all over the place, but he didn’t have an escape like Jane did with her diary. He wasn’t a writer or a person that just journals their thoughts. Shawn kept his emotions and thoughts inside; like most men. And that was driving him a little nuts.

Shawn was in love with his sister Jane. And he knew that she wasn’t at the same level as he was. It took a stab at his pride and it hurt his feelings. All he wanted was for her to love him like he loved her.

His days were more lonesome since Jane started her job. He attended college but only a few days out of the week. (Jane worked all week.)

He was happy that she liked her job and that she loved the unloved. He felt pity for those poor shelter dogs. He hoped that more people would adopt from a shelter. At least those dogs got to feel love before they went. Jane loved them as much as she could while they were in those cold cages.

It had been two weeks since their encounter in Jane’s bed. Instead of getting intimate they played video-games and Snapchatted each other silly stuff. Jane kept her distance when all Shawn wanted was a real relationship with her; so he thought out a plan.

Jane woke up to the smell of pancakes. She stretched her limbs and jolted out of bed. She ran downstairs where she found her parents cooking breakfast. “Good morning!” She said with animation.

“Good morning sweetheart, want some coffee?” Jocelyn asked.

“Sure. Lots of creamer please.” She smiled

“Oh, I know, how you like your coffee. We want to have a family breakfast before we take off for a week and a half.” Jocelyn and Paul were leaving on another business trip. “Why don’t you go outside and fetch your brother for me?”


Jane stepped outside and the sun stung her eyes making her blink several times before she realized what she was trying to focus on. Shawn stood at the edge of the gazebo holding a leash in his hand which connected to the new love of her life. It was Henry a dark- brown eight-year-old bloodhound. He was the oldest dog in the shelter and his adoption time was almost up.

“Oh…My…God…OH MY GOD!” Jane ran across the yard and started to cry. “Oh, Shawn,” Her words filled with tears. “I-I thank you. Thank you.” She hugged Henry first and welcomed him to the family. She jumped on Shawn causing him to wobble but they didn’t let go until Paul came out.

“Yes, yes, Shawn convinced us to finally let you have a dog. You are responsible and we know you will take good care of Henry.”

Jane was bawling out of pure happiness. “Oh,” She rubbed her eyes. She could barely speak from all the emotion. “He only had a week left before he was put to-” Jane couldn’t say the last word. “I was so worried.” She hugged Shawn again. “I love you. Thank you for this.”

Shawn’s heart swelled. “You are welcome, Jane. And I love you too. You talked about Henry since your first day at your job, I had to get him for you.”

Jane’s big hazel eyes opened wider and a huge smile spread across her face. “You are my hero.” She grabbed his hand and kissed it. “I wish I could save them all.” She teared up again.

Jane’s words were emotional, but she had touched his hand. And Shawn immediately became aroused and it showed below his waist. Thankfully no one noticed.

They all went back inside and the first thing that Jane did was give Henry his breakfast. After the family had their morning get together Jocelyn and Paul got ready to leave. “Well kids, stay safe and keep the house clean. And Henry, welcome to your new and forever home.”

That made Jane happy to hear. “Thanks, guys, have a good trip.”

After their parents left Shawn waited for the right moment to talk to Jane. He watched her from the kitchen window while she gave Henry a bath. When Jane came back in he couldn’t get one single word out. “Let’s go to the pet store and buy him toys. Oh, and a bed of course!”

“Eh, ok,” Shawn said. He loved to see Jane happy. She turned into a big kid when she got excited and Shawn liked seeing that part of her. It reminded him of when they were little and how Jane would take her pretend rolls serious such as, The princess that was also a veterinarian or the floating feather who just wanted to be a part of the bird that it fell from. They were joyous memories for Shawn and it made him realize that he has loved her in a romantic zeytinburnu escort way since day one.

A few hours past and the sunset seemed to calm Jane down. She was setting up Henry’s bed right beside hers when Shawn knocked on her open door. “May I come in?”


“Did I accidentally buy my replacement?” He laughed.

Jane giggled. “No. Thank you so much again.” Henry laid down on his new bed and Jane sat next to him petting his back gently.

“So, I want to ask you something really important.” Shawn sat in front of her.

“Okay, go ahead.” She stared at him.

Shawn felt the pressure now and it was more tricky than what he had imagined. “I want to ask you…” Shawn kept his composure calm but was terrified on the inside. “Out on a date?”

Jane’s face went from pale to what seemed a painful red. “Ah, oh, uh, well.” Jane didn’t know what to think. “I have never gone on a date before.” Was all she could conjure.

“I know. I would’ve remembered if you had.” Shawn reached for her hand and held it tight. “You want things slow and I get that. So, let’s start this as best as we can. I know you doubt our union. But if everything feels right then it can’t be wrong.” Shawn spoke with such passion that it felt as though he was casting a spell on Jane.

She couldn’t possibly say no to this, it was too good to pass it off as nothing. She stood quietly for a moment and then made her decision. “Okay, it sounds cool.” It did sound pretty cool. A date? hell yeah. She thought.

Shawn wanted to kiss her and have his way with her right there, but this challenge was the ultimate. And he had to play it right.

Friday night approached and to make things more interesting they decided to meet at the state fair. Shawn took an uber and left his car for Jane. She wanted her own vehicle but according to her parents ‘There was nothing wrong with sharing a car for now.’ Which was a hard truth to accept.

Jane arrived at the fair and looked breathtaking. She wore a black and purple corset that laces from the front which made her A cup size breasts pop. Underneath was a black long sleeve fishnet blouse, long black skirt, and black boots that had metal hearts as buckles. She wore her long black wavy hair down today. Jane had stunning hair that cascade down to her hip bones.

Shawn waited for her at the ticket booth. They were both nervous and eager to see each other. Jane sneaked up behind him and poked his back. “Oh, hey!” He said.

Jane kissed his cheek. “Hi,” It felt as though he was a different person. She was thrilled to be on a date. “I’m buying our tickets.”

“Really?” Shawn sounded surprised.

“Yes, my treat.”

“Thanks!” Shawn looked at her. “You look beautiful!”

“Thank you.”

They walked around the fair holding hands. Which made them feel like a real couple on a date.

Shawn tried to win a stuffed animal for Jane but kept missing the hole at the penny toss booth. “Arrrrh, fuck! I’ll get it by the end of the night, just watch.” They both laughed and poked fun at each other.

They went from ride to ride, lost each other for a moment in the mirror maze and after a few hours walked to the food court. They bought popcorn and a funnel cake. They walked until they found a private spot. They stood behind a water gun booth. “Okay, ready?” Jane aimed for Shawn’s mouth. Jane threw a piece of popcorn and Shawn caught it in his mouth. They both laughed.

“Okay, your turn.”

“No way! My mouth is too small.”

“Speaking of your mouth.” Shawn held her in his arms and looked into her eyes. Without a single word they kissed.

Little by little Jane felt more in tune with Shawn and began to see why this was good, and not a horrible sin. She was seeing him as a person and not her brother. “I’ve had a great time.”

“Me too. Let’s go do some more stuff.” Shawn forced those words out. What He really wanted to do was undress her and make her his. But he knew that would just scare her. He had to be smart and patient.

They walked out from behind the booth when a blond haired girl passed by Jane and said. “Creepy…”

“Who you calling creepy you ugly slut!” Shawn immediately responded.

The blond girl looked offended by Shawn’s words. But his angry stare and stature scared her and without a single word she walked away. “Fucking bitch!” Shawn shouted as she disappeared into the crowd.

Jane’s honor was defended by her brother. And Jane had never felt better. She laughed out of gratitude “Thank you! I get so many comments that I just block aksaray escort them out.”

“People like her need to get punched in the face. I don’t care if she’s a female. Bitches want to run their mouths or cause problems then they better expect the consequences. If she kept going I was ready to put her down. That’s just one of the main differences between men and gashes. See, as men, we expect to get hit if we say or do stupid shit! Females think that they won’t get hit or treated the same as men because they have a pussy. Well, guess what cunts, welcome to equality.”

Jane laughed. “So true. This is why I don’t cause issues. I’m just me. And I want people to let me be because I don’t bother anyone.”

“Of course you don’t cause problems. You are a great person. I’m so lucky I don’t have a slutty smelly cunt sister like most brothers do. No real man wants to be with a whore, sister or not.” He laughed. “Guys will fuck a slut for a night or two but they would never take a floozy serious. Personally, I’d always be wondering how many dicks have been in her hole before me? Gross! No thanks.”

Jane blushed. She always got shy when they talked about sex. (Even if it wasn’t about them.) “I think I’m ready to go home.”

“You don’t have to worry about that Jane. You aren’t like the rest of them.”

“I know bu-“

“No buts! We aren’t going anywhere until I win you a teddy bear or something.”

Jane held her body sized crocodile stuffed animal on the drive home. Shawn had won it for her. She felt good and was happy that she had gone out on a date.

“Okay, mom and dad are gone. Let’s drink tonight.” Shawn said as he pulled into their driveway.

“Isn’t our first date over?”

“No, let’s make a night of it too. Why stop when we are still having fun.”

Shawn produced two shot glasses from the kitchen cabinet and poured tequila into them. Jane took Henry out to the backyard for his potty break. There was a full shot glass waiting for Jane when she returned. “I know this will be your first drink and tequila isn’t the smoothest but that’s all mom and dad have at the moment,” Shawn said.

Jane looked at it. I shouldn’t. It’s alcohol and I’m eighteen. The good girl in her struggled with her adventurous side. But I’m home and safe with my brother. “Will it sting my mouth?”

“Yes, a little. Ready?” Shawn raised his glass to hers. “To our first date!”

Her adventurous side won. “Cheers!” They both said at the same time.

The first drink didn’t go down easy for Jane. She had to have soda as a chaser with her next few shots. They dimmed the living room lights and put some dance music on. They took shot after shot and then more shots. The drink of spirits consumed the siblings and their inhibitions melted away.

They danced to the beat of the music and wrestled each other to the floor.

They laid on the floor drunk and exhausted from all the dancing and wrestling. Shawn took his grey shirt and blue jeans off. He flung his socks across the living room and left his black boxers on. “Shit! It’s so freaking hot in here.”

Jane stared at his stunning body. Everything about Shawn was flawless his flat stomach, strong chest and his 6’3 frame made Jane think that he could be a model.

“Yeah, you are HOT!” Jane laughed and didn’t know what she had said. Her drunken state held no truth back.

Shawn sat close to her. “Thanks. You are so beautiful Jane,” His breath smelled of tequila. The combination of his cologne and alcoholic breath got Jane aroused. She didn’t understand why this had turned her on but it did. “I don’t think you even know how pretty you are. Big eyes, small baby lips, perfect little nose, face and hair that look like they belong to a doll. You are my doll. Your body makes me ache…skinny little girl looking up to her big brother.”

Shawn collapsed on top of her and she wrapped her arms around him. She was very drunk and kissed him without hesitation. She loved feeling his body on top of hers. It was becoming an obsession to be near him. She had fought to keep her thoughts about him pure, but she couldn’t anymore. Her lust over her brother had won and she didn’t have the will to fight him off anymore.

Shawn unlaced her corset and took it off. The fishnet blouse exposed her light-pink nippled lemon sized breasts. It made Shawn hard. “Mother of God…Jane you’re perfect. Your tits are so fucking delectable…small and untouched.” He touched her little sweet lemons over the fishnet and let out a “Mmmm…so smooth and firm. Your virgin tits and body are my gift.”

His ataköy escort eyes fixed on her lower body now and he slowly undressed her. He slipped off her long black skirt and black panties. He couldn’t wait any longer he had to see her virgin pussy. Shawn had never seen her completely naked before.

When he removed her panties he saw what he had longed for. Her bare vagina almost had a heart shape to it. Her light-pink lips made Shawn hungry. He opened her entrance because he desperately wanted to see her hymen. He gently spread her pussy lips a little further and saw the most beautiful thing a man could see on his woman. The untouched unbroken hymen. (It was slightly pink and white.)

Her hymen shinned in Shawn’s eyes and he had to eat from the pure source. He stuck his tongue inside her. It made Jane jump. “What are you doing?” She backed up.

“I’m sorry. I had to. I want to taste you and please you. It won’t hurt. I promise.”

Jane was too drunk to think straight and she could see the huge bulge in Shawn’s boxers. The lust in his eyes made her think how good his tongue felt and how badly he wanted her. She laid back down and parted her legs. She feared that the alcohol had influenced her decision. A part of her didn’t care if this was a drunk move because she wanted to feel Shawn.

Shawn spread her legs a little more and licked her tiny clit. Jane moaned. He sucked on her little nub and it made her virgin pussy juice soak through her hymen. Her hymen glistened from her secretions, it made Shawn want to deflower her. “Do you want me inside of you?”

“No, I am not ready for intercourse.”

Shawn wanted to rape her and make her his once and for all. What was there to stop him? It was the respect he had for Jane; that’s what kept his need in place. “Okay,” He said. He couldn’t have her yet, but at least he would drink from her innocence.

He licked her sweet hymen veil; he felt the thin layer on his tongue. He swirled his tongue eagerly around it. This made Jane cream more and more. Shawn swallowed her unadulterated fluids and sucked on her lips.

Jane was squirming and Shawn moved his tongue up her pussy until he sucked on her clit again. “Oh fuck! I think I think I’m, I’m cumming…”

Shawn kept going until he felt her pussy tighten. He saw her entrance become smaller and her hymen got pushed back as she tightens through her orgasm. Witnessing that made Shawn want to cum. He pulled down his boxers and stroked his dick. Jane sat up. “That was, was, ah-amazing.” She said with her eyes half open. She looked at Shawn’s cock and pulled it into her mouth. She assumed this was another drunk decision, but she didn’t mind.

“Are you sure?” Shawn asked.

“Yes, teach me. I don’t know what to do.” She wrapped her lips around his head and sucked it like an ice cream cone.

“Oh, little sis, you’re doing fine just pretend it’s your favorite treat. Try to use your lips more and swirl your tongue around the bottom.”

She sucked as best she could. She couldn’t fit 7 inches all the way in, so she licked the tip as tho it was a lollipop. “Oh shit! Yeah, please keep going, keep going. Keep your mouth open.” He shoved his dick a little more inside and when he felt her throat he looked down at her. Jane looked like a doll with swelled up balloon cheeks. He had filled her mouth and climaxed inside her.

Jane pulled his dick out and his cum dripped down her mouth and neck. “I swallowed most of it. But it was so much, I thought I was drowning.” She said and passed out.


A pounding headache made Jane open her eyes. Her mouth felt dry and crusty. The crocodile stuffed animal laid beside her, she hugged it and teetered out of bed. She noticed that she still had on her fishnet blouse but the rest of her was naked. What happened last night? She tried hard to remember. Then it struck her. Shawn had gone down on her and she had given him a blow-job. Her memories left her dumbstruck.

But for the first time, she didn’t feel ashamed or doubtful. Jane felt a little more grown up and that made her feel good.

She took some ibuprofen for her headache and showered. She checked Shawn’s room but he wasn’t there. She ran downstairs and on the kitchen counter, a note waited for her to read.

“Good morning doll,

I took Henry for a walk and gave him his breakfast. I’m heading to the gym. I figured you needed time by yourself to collect your thoughts about last night. I hope you don’t feel bad this time. I had a blast!

Drink lots of water.

Love you, forever yours


P.S. I carried you to bed last night. I hope Mr. Crocodile kept you warm!”

Jane read the note and something changed within her. She didn’t question her love for him anymore. She was falling in love with her brother. This frightened and excited her all at once. What was their future going to look like?

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