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My Mother, The Stripper Pt. 13

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When we arrived back at the house, Dan dropped me off. He’d promised Sandi that he’d be in before noon, it was already after eleven.

I kissed him goodbye and walked into the house holding my slacks as best as I could. Going in through the garage, I entered the laundry room and immediately removed my slacks, there wasn’t any hope for them. I threw them in the trash.

When I walked into the kitchen Dave was there eating an apple. “Ah what happened to you Raye,” he asked puzzled.

I grinned, “It’s a long story Dave, but I was deflowered by Nasty Show,” I said as I laughed. After my interview at which time I met Nasty, He followed Dan and me to the parking lot, and took me there.”

“Right in front of Dan,” Dave asked.

“Yes,” I said, “right in front of Dan! He ripped my slacks off and fucked me in the parking lot. It sure surprised me!” I said with a chuckle.

“And Dan didn’t mind, Dave added, I’m surprised.”

“Why should he Dave, I was the one being fucked!” I laughed out loud.

Dave paused for a moment, “what did you do with the slacks?” he asked.

“I threw them away, their in the trash,” I said as I pointed towards the can.

Dave walked over to the trash can and retrieved the slacks. He looked at me and smiled, “hell, I can sell these on EBAY Raye.”

I laughed out loud, “Go for it Dave.” I couldn’t imagine who’d want a torn pair of worn slacks.

Just then the doorbell rang. Someone was at the front door. I went to answer the door, not even thinking about what I was wearing… or what I wasn’t wearing!

opened the door, it was the neighbor, “hello Jerry, what can I do for you,” I asked


Just then Janie walked up, she had heard the doorbell too. She was still in her sheer baby doll pajamas. “Hey Jerry,” Janie said with a smile.

“Hello ladies, Ah did I come at a bad time,” Jerry asked with a confused look.

Janie and I both laughed, “No,” I said, You just caught us off guard Jerry, we weren’t expecting anyone.”

Jerry finally relaxed, he smiled and asked, “Is Dan here? I saw him drive up.”

“No Jerry, he’s already left for work. Is there something I can help you with?”

Jerry laughed, “well sure Raye…but what I really came for was to ask Dan if he would come to a bachelor party this Wednesday evening for Sal, the neighbor down the road.”

Janie paused, “oh you mean Sal that drives the pretty red mustang on the way into our cul de sac?”

“Yes Janie, That’s the one.” Jerry said. He’s getting married this Saturday, so some of us neighbors decided to throw him a party. I came to invite Dan. The party is this Wednesday evening at seven. Do you think Dan can make it?”

I thought for a moment, “I don’t think he has anything Jerry, I’m pretty sure he can make it.” I’m not sure Jerry heard a word that I said though. He was starring through Janie’s pj’s at her boobs. I paused and starred at him.

Jerry finally noticed me, “oh sorry, I was distracted,” he said as he laughed. “With the two of you both so scantily clad, it’s hard to keep my concentration.”

I apologized, I’m sorry Jerry, I didn’t even think about what I wasn’t wearing before I answered the door.”

“No worries Raye, Dan told me the two of you had taken on a new career. He said you were both strippers now, is that correct?”

Janie said, “yes Jerry that’s correct. You can blame şişhane escort my mom for that, it’s all her fault.”

I just shook my head, kids!

Jerry paused, “you know ladies, would the two of you be interested in stripping at the bachelor party Wednesday evening? I hadn’t even thought about it before. But if the two of you were willing, I’m sure everyone there would get a kick out of seeing their neighbors strip. How much do you usually charge, you know to dance and undress?”

I looked at Janie, “well Jerry we usually charge $400 a piece plus tips.”

Jerry frowned, “damn, I couldn’t afford that… would you both be willing to preform for say $250 each plus tips?”

Hum, I didn’t like the sound of that, but before I could answer, Janie said, “we usually don’t work that cheap Jerry, but since your our neighbor, We can probably work you in.” Janie was laughing as she asked, “what do you thing mom?”

Well what the hell, he is our neighbor, and we are just next door so…”I suppose Jerry, but just this once mind you, $250 it is.”

Jerry smiled as he looked long and hard at my thighs. ” I have an idea,” he said. Why don’t the two of you dress as if you’re helping my wife and her friend Rachel serve drinks and horderves. That way the guys won’t have a clue. When the time is right, I’ll cue you to dance. I’m sure we’ll catch more than Sal off guard. Wear something nice and conservative, that way you’ll surprise them.”

“Good idea Jerry, sounds like fun.” I said with a smile.

“Now don’t forget to tell Dan.” Jerry said as he turned and left the house.

It had been a long and stressful morning, all I wanted now was a nap. I showered and crawled into bed. Ah that feels wonderful.

A couple of hours later, when I heard the doorknob turn and the click as my bedroom door opened.

I cracked my eyelid to see Drew and several of his young friends standing in the doorway. Then I noticed that Janie was lying in bed beside me. I closed my eyes and listened. “Shh,” Drew said as he entered the room. “Be quiet.”

“Go ahead,” Jake whispered. Once again I peaked. Drew quietly walked up to the bed and gently lowered the covers below our knees.

All I was wearing was my purple silk pajama tops. when Drew was finished lowering the blanket, he softly unbuttoned my top, one button at a time. When he was finished, he opened the left side then the right. When he was finished, I was completely exposed. As I peeked, I could see all five of the boys checking me out. It was exciting, to be the center of their attention.

Then Eric whispered, “Do the same to your sister Drew…please!”

Drew hesitated, but after several more boys motioned and pleaded, he finally agreed. Slowly he walked to the other side of the bed. Janie was wearing one of Dan’s old white dress shirts, her favorite pj’s, she had changed from her baby dolls.

Drew hesitated before unbuttoning her top just as he had mine. When he finished he opened her top, fully exposing her. When he did so, Janie seemed to arouse, spreading her legs apart.

For the next couple of minutes all of the boys just stood there starring. Then Drew motioned for the guys to leave the room.

It was all I could do not to laugh, it’s hard for one boy to try and be quiet let alone five while they were leaving the room.

When they were back in the hall, şişli anal yapan escort Drew carefully buttoned our tops and put the covers back on. After he left the room and closed the door, I finally opened my eyes and looked at Janie…she was grinning from ear to ear!

“Well that was interesting,” I said with a smile.

Janie laughed softly, “yea, interesting and exciting! Did you notice Drew’s bulge? His dick looked bigger than Jake’s.”

“Hum,” I said, “he must have liked what he saw.”

Janie giggled, “yea, his mom and his big sister’s pussies!”

I guess it shouldn’t been a surprise, he’s always liked looking at us both while we were naked. We didn’t mind. And he really enjoyed playing with my breasts, I guess he hadn’t changed much over the past couple of years.

Janie interrupted my thoughts. “Mom, I need to speak with you, OK?”

I paused, “sure J go ahead.”

Janie smiled, “ah, you know that’s the first time you’ve called me J since I’ve come back home.”

Ever since Janie was in high school, I’d called her J. She liked it. I’m not sure why I haven’t, but it just came out naturally today.

“You’re right J, I guess it is. Anyways what do you need to talk about?”

She rolled over and hugged me, then she whispered in my ear. “I’m pregnant.”

I sat up, “what did you say?” I asked somewhat surprised.

Janie smiled sheepishly, “I’m pregnant mom.”

Wow, just wow. I wasn’t expecting this. I knew J was on birth control when she’d moved back home. And I also knew she had talked about becoming pregnant while she was still with her husband. At her age, in her soon late to be thirties, she felt like time was running out. But I certainly didn’t expect her to become pregnant while being a stripper.

“Do you know who the father is J?” I asked her.

“I believe so mom, I’m not positive but I’m pretty sure. I was only with one man during the possible time, so I’m pretty sure.” She sounded very confident.

“Well J, who is it? Who is the father?” I’m sure I sounded pretty excited. I’ve always wanted grandchildren.

“I’d rather not say mom, I prefer to wait until I’m sure.”

I couldn’t help myself, “oh come on, you can tell me, who is it,” I asked excitedly.

“OK mom, promise not to get mad,” I quickly nodded in agreement.

“OK mom, well I’m pretty sure it’s Dan’s.”

I’m not sure there was anything else that J could have said that would have surprised me any more. Wow! I didn’t expect that.

I’m sure I looked stunned. Dan had a vasectomy over twenty years ago. When we were first married, we often talked about a baby and what or who they would favor if we had been able to have one. But soon after marrying, I went through menopause, and that pretty well ended any chance of us having a baby regardless of Dan’s ability.

But now, here we were, some ten years later and my husband was having a baby with my daughter…certainly not what I’d expected to hear at all.

I lay there somewhat in shock, my daughter was having a baby with my husband. I couldn’t help but be a bit jealous. I knew J and Dan where together all of the time, that didn’t bother me. But I really never thought about the prospect of my daughter getting pregnant, she was to be on birth control. J interrupted my thoughts.

“You OK mom? I know it’s kind of a surprise, şişli bdsm escort it surprised me too. But honestly mom, there isn’t another man in this world I’d rather have a baby with then with Dan! He’s kind, very gentle and extremely loving. You’ve always said that he’s a wonderful father! I love Dan mom, and I know he loves the both of us. We’ll make a wonderful family!”

Regardless of the shock, she was right we would be a wonderful family!

“Have you told Dan?” I asked J after gaining my composure.

“Yes mom I have. He was going to call his doctor today and see about being tested just to make sure. He was surprised but seemed pleased mom. We’ll be one big happy family.”

I know with an extended period of time, vasectomy’s have somewhat of a history of correcting themselves. I just hadn’t thought much about it. All of the other women Dan’s been with, are on birth control…hum or at least I hope so.

J and I lay there side by side. I thought about the times I was

pregnant. Both times, I never really had a husband or a good man by my side. J would be blessed.

With J, her dad was more interested in other women and drugs. Her brother was born out of wedlock, J and I had raised him by ourselves, around the time I’d first met Nate.

J’s pregnancy would be better. She and her baby would receive lots of love and attention for sure.

I remembered while pregnant with my son, I always loved having my breasts fondled and played with.

As I lay there with J, my arm around her, I unbuttoned her top and exposed her breasts, she didn’t seem to mind. Exposed, I started fondling her and rolling her nipples. She relaxed even more. She seemed to enjoy having her breasts played with just as much as I had while pregnant.

At the apartment that we lived in while I was pregnant with Drew, I had an older gentleman for a neighbor. He would stop by often and noticed my breasts and nipples getting bigger during the pregnancy. I afternoon he started fondling my breasts, surprisingly I didn’t mind, in fact I really enjoyed the attention. Every once in a while, I’d jack him off while he fondled my breasts, kind of a mutual satisfaction thing.

Then the door opened breaking my concentration. Drew walked in, he noticed me playing with J’s boobs and nipples. His dick swelled instantly. J took notice.

“Ah Drew, I’m glad you’re happy to see us, just be careful, I wouldn’t want that thing to accidentally go off.” She laughed softly.

Drew somewhat embarrassed said, “well if the two of you wouldn’t be in here completely exposed, and mom, you playing with your daughter’s tits,” he pointed to his erection, “well this wouldn’t happen!”

He was right, it was our fault. I smiled, “come over here son, I’ll take care of this.”

J sat up, “no mom, this is my fault, I’ll handle it.” Drew didn’t say a word, J stood up and grabbed his arm and pulled him to her side of the bed. She unzipped his pants and with a little trouble removed his swollen cock. It was fully erect. J got off of the bed and down onto her knees.

She took his entire cock into her mouth. I noticed Drew looking at my boobs so I unbuttoned my top and let the girls out, fully exposing my crotch too. Drew smiled. I started fondling my own boobs, it wasn’t long before Drew moaned loudly and climaxed. He was very patient as his sister finished him off.

When she finally slid her lips from around the head of his cock, she looked up at him and said, “there now isn’t that all better?”

Drew smiled and shook his head “Yes” as he left the room. J took her top off and wiped her lips with it before crawling back into bed. She wanted me to keep playing with her boobs and nipples.

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