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My Naughty Little Brother

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Warning, very graphical incest.


I am a 19 year old girl who is 5’6 , Asian, quite skinny and with a nice perky pair of B cup tits. I have long black hair and big blue eyes. My brother is a bit smaller than me 18 years old and is very skinny.

One day I came back from hockey a little early to find my dirty little brother in my room holding a pair of my dirty panties to his nose and masturbating. I was very shocked and started screaming at him; he left my room quickly, quietly and with his head down. I did some research later that night and saw that panty sniffing was quite normal for boys his age and felt really bad for embarrassing him. I approached him the next day and told him if he wanted he could use my panties to masturbate to if he didn’t stretch them and if he put them in the wash afterwards. He was surprised at my sudden change of mind but agreed none the less.

From that day on whenever I was done with a pair of my dirty panties I gave them to him or put them under his pillow if he was out. He was so grateful to receive my panties and I loved the fact that my scent turned him on so much. For his birthday I wore a pair of my panties for 3 weeks for him. They were so filthy with a thick crusty layer of sweat, piss, period and squirt covering the crotch while the back was lined with huge skid marks. They were so uncomfortable to wear and when I was in my school skirt people could smell them and kept their distance from me. I gave my brother a wrapped present for his birthday but that night the real present was coming.

Later that night after my parents and other sibling went to sleep I crept into my brothers room. He was in bed and sat up as I walked in. I was wearing nothing but my stagnant panties. He was bostancı escort shocked but I could see in his eyes he was also very intrigued. I rolled off my underwear and held them on the end of one of my fingers and said,

“happy birthday big boy.”

He got out of bed and walked over to collect his present admiring my breasts and bare pussy on the way. My panties were so grimy that I could barely hold them near my face, but when he took them from and took a small sniff I could already see his tiny boner growing in his astronaut pyjamas. I was so turned on and I was starting to get wet and decided it was time to leave. I kissed him slowly slipping my tongue into his mouth followed abruptly by leaving the room.

The next morning I found my little brother alone in the kitchen, I said,

“enjoy last night?”

He replied,

“those panties were amazing, they kept me up wanking till three am.”

I walked over to him and whispered in his ear,

“how would you like to smell a real pussy now that you’re a big boy?”

I could see his tiny boner growing again, I knew this was wrong but I could not control my urges, I nearly sucked his tiny cock in the kitchen then and their but I knew the rest of the family were on the move. His jaws dropped and he opened his wide, staring at me, he stuttered,

“that would be great sis.”

I then leaned over and gave him another of my sloppy kisses with extra tongue. I then said in the sexiest voice I could,

“tonight… we fuck!”

Seconds later my mum entered the kitchen and the moment was over, until that night anyway.

That night I was nervous, I did the usual routine. Waited for my parents and siblings to go to bed and çeliktepe escort then prepared to go to my brother’s room. I went into the bathroom and locked the door, if my brother was going to sniff me, I had to give him something to sniff. I stripped my clothes down and began my scenting. I grabbed the cup on the bathroom sink and slowly pissed into it, once full I dipped my finger in and started rubbing it on my thighs. I could feel it slowly building up on my skin, I smelt superb. I then proceeded to slipping my piss covered fingers into my pussy until my pussy was wet, not with juices, but with my urine. Then I moved to my ass, sitting down on the toilet seat I could feel a huge crap merging. It slowly started to appear from my tiny ass, a monster shit. As it slowly came down I pushed my ass cheeks together covering them with my steaming faeces. Some shit plopped into the bowl but I could still feel a thick layer of faeces sticking to my cheeks. Satisfied with my efforts I slipped into my white nighty and proceeded to my brother’s room.

As I entered my brother’s room, he was waiting for me sitting on the end of his bed. I walked over to him and kissed him lightly on the cheek. I reached down and placed my hand on his crotch, searching for his penis. I found it instantly as he has already as hard as he would ever get, playing with it I realised it was only about 3 inches long. He let out a groan,

“fuck me sis.”

I replied,

“If that’s what you want my little sex slave.”

I pushed him onto the bed mounting him, I pulled my nighty up and pinned his skinny body down with ease. I then put my smelly pussy over his face crushing his tiny head with my piss covered thighs. His nose was in cihangir escort my soft pussy and his tongue was working my clit. I started to get wet feeling and orgasm starting to come on as fucked me with his nose, I knew that if I came I would scream out and wake my parent, so seconds before my orgasm I rolled my hips turning his face to my filthy ass hole. At first my brother was horrified his cheeks and nose being covered in my dirty shit. I would not let him escape or even breathe before he had a taste. I commanded,

“eat it you dirty little fuck.”

He followed my orders licking my shit covered ass, trying to hold back vomit in-between mouth fulls. Once my ass was spotless I released my hold and looked down on him. He was exhausted and had my shit all over his face. Being the loving sister I am I leant down and gently licked my own crap off my little brother’s face. He looked at me and smiled. I gave him another of my special kisses, not realising that he had not swallowed all of my shit and when our lips joined a stream of mushy crap came streaming into my mouth. It was superb. I then moved down to his cock. I pulled down his pyjamas started playing with his miniscule prick. He started pleading with me,

“please sis suck me, PLEASE!”

I moved down to his cock and closed my lips tightly over his tiny shaft. I then started working my head back and forwards, but I only got a quiet moan from him. To gain his attention a slipped my pinkie finger into his asshole, he nearly grew another inch, I could feel it in my mouth. He started squirming uncontrollably but I continued to work him. Finally he let out a gasp and with a throb of his dick my mouth filled with his sweet sperm. I then moved up to his mouth spitting some of his cum onto his lips, he licked it up straight away.

I collapsed on the other side of his bed exhausted and ready for a long nights sleep. As I started to doze off he whispered in my ear,

“tomorrow night you eat my shit.”


please comment and tell me if you want another chapter.

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