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My Nerdy Sister

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My sister Kim is what you might call a nerd. She is attractive enough but she wears these glasses that make her look a bit strange. I have my own apartment now and Kim likes to visit me. Even though she is nineteen, I wonder about her. She never seemed to have any dates with men. One day she arrived at my place and I could see she was upset.

I ushered her inside and she sat down on the couch.

“No one likes me,” she said.

I asked her what she meant. She said no one was attracted to her. She would end up being an old maid. I had to chuckle. I said she needed to be patient. She would find some guy soon.

“I hope he’s like you Eric,” she said to me.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“You’re handsome and smart, just the kind of guy I like,” she told me.

I didn’t quite know how to take that. Did my sister have a crush on me. To be honest, Kim had a killer body. She was trim and she had these small boobs that always pushed out from her shirt. I know I shouldn’t be thinking that way but lately my love life hadn’t been so hot either. Here was my sexy little sister practically saying she needed me.

“Do you find me attractive Eric?” Kim asked me.

I told her she was very good looking. That must have been the cue for my sister to act. She got up from the couch and walked over to where I was sitting on a chair. Just like that she sat down on my lap.

“What are you doing?” I asked her.

“I’m trying to turn you on, is it working?”

I couldn’t admit it was. Kim was grinding down onto my elmadağ escort crotch. My dick was starting to stir in my pants. Kim placed her arms around my neck. She leaned in and kissed me flush on the mouth.

“Am I doing it right?” She asked.

Oh, she was doing it just right. Like an idiot and wrapped my arms around my sister and I pulled her into my body. Our tongues met and we had a passionate kiss together. A few minutes of that and Kim stood up. She began to strip out of her clothes right there before me. I was right. Her body was tight and her nipples were hard. I couldn’t believe I was allowing this to happen. I lost control of myself.

I quickly slid my pants and underwear off. My dick came springing to life. Kim just stared at my erect member for a long minute. She came closer and she slid up over top of my erection. Kim lowered herself onto my hardness. I knew right then that my sister was still a virgin. I was having difficulty pushing past her folds.

“I’m still a virgin, Eric.” She ended up confirming it.

I went slow. It took a while but I finally broke through. Kim had a pained look on her face but she didn’t pull off.

“I wanted you to be my first,” she said to me.

Not only was I her first lover, I had my bare cock buried inside my sister’s tight quim. There was a little blood at first. I was finally able to get all of my dick inside my sister. That was when the real fucking began. It seemed that Kim was wild for my cock. She slid up and down my rod, taking esenyurt escort every inch of me. I am around eight inches in length. I could feel Kim almost sitting on top of my lap.

There were those hot little tits right in front of my face. I leaned in and began to suck on each one.

“Oh my God! Keep doing that Eric.” She pleaded with me.

There I was pumping my bare cock into my sister and biting on her nipples. I could feel my sister’s body shaking as I gave her the first fucking of her life. We must have gone for a half hour or so. I finally felt close to letting go. I told Kim to pull off of me.

“No Eric, I want you to be the first to cum in me.”

That definitely wasn’t a wise idea but Kim wouldn’t pull off. As a matter of fact, she pushed down hard and used her pussy muscles to arouse me even more, if that were possible. There was no stopping us now. I brought my ass up a few more times and then I unloaded inside my sister’s tunnel. I hadn’t cum in some time. I blasted my sister’s tummy with one load of seed after another.

Kim’s head snapped back as she felt the rush of my white cream enter her body. It was one big fucking orgy for brother and sister. It must have taken a good fifteen minutes for things to settle down. Eventually Kim pulled off and my cum came dripping from her hole. She ran back to the bathroom and cleaned up. I just sat in the chair trying to compose myself.

Reality set in. I realized how things had gotten out of hand. My fertile sister took my cum etiler anal yapan escort for the first time and there was no turning back. I was still erect when Kim returned. She looked down at my shaft.

“Thank you Eric, I had some big orgasms,” she told me.

I wanted to chalk this episode to one big mistake between us. It didn’t turn out that way. We eventually went back to my bedroom. I had my sister again. This time Kim was on her back. I took her legs in my hands and I pushed them back to her chest. My hard bone found her pussy once more and I slid inside my sister. Kim was crying out as I got as deep as I could.

I stretched my legs out and buried my prick inside my sister the whole way. Her pussy was so tight that day. I could feel her muscles taking my cock in a hard grip. I slammed my rod into my sister again and again. My balls were making slapping noises as I fucked my sister without a condom. Kim kept telling me how she was in love with me. She never wanted another man in her life.

I knew we had crossed a line. We could never return back to anything normal. I just kept feeding Kim my hard cock. I somehow managed to give her another load of my baby cream. Kim took every drop from me and she screamed as I unloaded again inside her greedy hole. When we finished I didn’t know what to say to my sister. We had done something incredibly stupid. Kim didn’t seem to care.

Some time has now passed and Kim slips over to my apartment some evenings. We always have hot sex together and I haven’t used a condom once. I hate to think what my parents will think and say when they find their daughter is pregnant. I can’t even come up with a reasonable story for Kim to tell my parents.

For now we keep having wild sex in my bed. I can’t bring myself to stop having my sister’s tight pussy. I need it all for myself.

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