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My New Plaything Ch. 05

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The weekend rolled around and so did Penny, she wasn’t in the least surprised that I’d seduced Kyle. She said she’d hoped I would.

Kyle hadn’t come home yet so Penny and I indulged in one of our ‘us’ sessions. We’d had a few since the first time and I always looked forward to the next one. She knew how to read me, and I could make her cum harder than any man could.

We both heard Kyle come in but, without having to say anything, we stayed where we were. He appeared at the door of my room, to be confronted by the two of us, side by side, asses in the air, giving him ‘that’ look. To his credit he understood not to say anything. Actions speak louder than words after all.

I kissed Penny on the lips as Kyle undressed behind us. His hands were between our legs stroking as his cock grew harder. I was a little smug when he fed his meat into me first, but I loved licking his cock a short while later, as it slid in and out of Penny’s snatch.

We rolled over and through each other, licking, sucking, fucking in a beautiful tangle of bodies. Kyle began panting which was our cue to put our mouths to his cock. Stroking his balls and ass we worked his shaft over our open mouths.

The eruption of cum that poured from my Kyle’s cock was overwhelming. The thick liquid just kept pulsing out if him as Penny and I swallowed what we could then sprayed it over our faces and boobs. There was so much! Even more than before. We rubbed it into each others breasts and kissed it over our faces. We kissed Kyle, who didn’t mind the taste of himself. We were drenched and so turned on.

The three of us writhed in a sticky wet knot Kyle’s cum spreading over our bodies. Fingering and licking each other till I felt my pussy thump and squirt at the two sets of fingers that had found their way into me. I closed my eyes as their fingers stretched my pussy. My own hands were holding Kyle’s cock in my mouth and Penny’s breast.

They were kissing each other as they moved around, then broke apart to take one of my nipples each in their mouths and began suckling

My cunt gushed as I let myself fall into wanton depravity. As I looked down on them they took their fingers out of me and fed each other my juices. I licked some of Kyle’s cum from Penny’s face and she turned and kissed me. Then Kyle kissed me and the three of us slumped into a wet, panting loving cuddle.

We drifted through an afternoon of kissing, showering and touching. Kyle had mentioned wanting to ‘fuck our tight asses’ so Penny and I were prepping with butt plugs. (We loved helping each other fit them).

As evening descended they came to me with a request. Apparently Penny’s twin brother and her were sexually active and had told her he wanted to join in with her and Kyle. And now Penny wanted to include me!

I’d met Jason, a couple of times, and I’d noticed him noticing me. He was short etiler bdsm escort for a man, although at 18 he could still grow. He was good looking, fit and strong. I agreed, why not , after all!

Jason arrived while Kyle and Penny were out buying supplies. I was naked under a loose sarong and feeling very nervous at the thought of an outsider joining in. He had been told how things stood here and was relaxed and charming. He chatted away and soon had me giggling like a girl with his lewd stories. As we chatted he leaned close and kissed me softly. I kissed him back feeling like a school girl.

Jason told me he’d wanted to fuck me since he’d first met me and was stoked to have the chance. His hand had moved up my leg as we kissed and his finger tips were parting my labia. I found myself leaning back as he moved between my legs, which seemed to be opening!

He pushed his trousers down and his thick cock swung out, pointing at me. I felt helpless, and he easily slid into my wet slippery cunt. His thrusting was confident and smooth. Powerful without being aggressive. I enjoyed the way his thick member filled my pussy. He lifted my leg and saw the butt plug, he smiled and slid out of my pussy, indicating to me to turn over.

I moved onto my hands and knees. Jason gently removed the plug and rimmed me. When I was wet enough, he put the end of his cock against my anus and leaned in. I pushed back and relaxed my sphincter, letting my ass stretch to take his cock.

Jason was very smooth, his strokes were enough to open me, without being brutal. Soon I felt his balls slapping gently on my pussy and started to moan instructions, the first hard thrust started my pussy twitching and I reached between my legs for my clit. “Faster” I moaned, “More lube, then fucking give it to me.” His thrusting became more intense, and I smiled knowing he was loosing himself in me. I told him to pull my hair “Both hands.” I felt him swell as he gasped and grunted.

My hair was tight as I felt my orgasm building “I’m cumming” I cried and his cock throbbed as he slammed it into me, his cum shot into me and turned my ass into a sloppy mess. His cock slopped in and out and his cum flowed over my pussy as I squirted.

I let go of my clit as Jason lowered my head gently down. Panting, his cock slid out of my cum drenched ass. “So you two have been getting to know each other then?” Kyle and Penny were standing in the doorway. Both smiling, Kyle with his phone taking pictures, or a video. Cheeky sod!

“Caught” laughed Jason, as he got a towel and cleaned us up. “Did you get anything to drink?” He enquired of the grinning pair. “Of course” said Penny and began filling glasses. I accepted mine and sank onto the lounge very relaxed.

Kyle sat down next to me with Penny on the floor at his feet. Jason was leaning on the bar enjoying etiler elit escort the look Penny was giving him. “You were supposed to wait till we got back” she accused.

“I was the only stranger here, you’ve fucked both of them. I was just breaking the ice” he explained, with a twinkle.

I smiled “Ice broken” I said, as I went to the shower. I looked at Kyle, ” Are you going to watch?” He smirked a little and tossed back his drink. “I’ll scrub your back, if you like?” I smiled coyly at him. “Ok.”

I shrugged off the sarong in front of all of them an strutted naked to the shower. I set the water and stepped in, letting the warm water flow over my breasts and down my legs.

Kyle’s naked body pressed into my back as his hands cupped my breasts and his lips kissed my neck. I could feel his cock hardening on my ass as his soapy hands caressed and washed my body.

He was soon joined by Penny and Jason, both relaxed and naked. We rubbed against each other, smiling and giggling, our hands touching and appreciating each other. I saw Jason touch Kyles cock, Kyle didn’t seem to mind though. We soon started wanting more than the shower space could offer and spent a short but interesting while drying each other.

Penny made a suggestion that had Kyle and Jason on their backs on the floor; the tops of their heads touching, with Penny and I squatting over their faces.

I started with Kyle’s tongue toying with my pussy and ass while Penny and I kissed, caressed each others boobs and clits.

We giggled at the boys as we swapped places and Jason probed with his tongue all the places he’d had his cock. The incestuous depravity turned me on and I made the next call.

Penny and I on all fours facing each other. My son slowly fed his lubed up cock into my ass as Penny’s brother did the same to her. The look on Penny’s face as her brother sodomised her made me pant as I felt my son fuck my soul to yet higher levels of delirium. We were kissing and lusting after each others swinging boobs as the boys reamed our asses. They held our hair, pushing our faces together, watching as we kissed each other. They brought us to climax when, in unison, they reached under and forcefully rubbed our clits.

Kyle made the next play as he pulled me back so I was lying back on him, his cock in my ass. Jason pulled out of Penny, cleaned himself then forced his cock into my splayed pussy. Oh god, I was incoherent as the boys fucked me into a soggy fucked-up mess. Penny rubbed my clit and hers, as Jason sucked her nipple. She was clearly enjoying the sight.

Kyle pulled out of my ass and Penny cleaned his cock for him, then to my wonder, she helped him slide it up my cunt next to Jason’s.

I thought I’d burst but the juices flowed and I came again and again. The boys were getting to the point if no return etiler escort so Penny hauled Jason’s meat out if me and swallowed him to the hilt.

Kyle pulled out, I lay there shattered. He brought his cock, dripping with my juices and his precum, and rubbed his shaft over my mouth. I open obediently and my son pumped his cock, thick globs jetted into my mouth, he stood and pumped his cock. The cum splattered my face and boobs, dripping into my hair.

I heard Jason grunt and moan as his sister throat fucked him and sucked his cock dry. He sat back while Penny crawled to me, her mouth shut and full.

She slowly dribbled Jason’s load over my belly, boobs and finally into my mouth as she kissed me and moved her hands over my body. The combined cum covered me and Penny lay on top writhing, covering herself in heavenly liquid as our tongues swapped cum back and forth in a beautiful swirl of decadence.

The boys, meanwhile, were collapsed on the lounge temporarily spent but unable to take their eyes off us. I deliberately positioned myself and Penny so they could see what i was doing; which was using some of their cum to lubricate Penny’s cunt. I lubed it so well that my fist had just sunk into it.

Penny’s pussy had got so sloppy during her anal session that lube was hardly needed. I pushed my hand in to the wrist then made a fist and started pumping my arm. Penny lay on her back, pulling her legs apart and back, moaning and grunting. I fist fucked her till her cum gushed out past my arm then withdrew my hand and put my mouth on her swollen red gash. I licked deeply and swallowed her juices greedily.

A pair of hands on my hips told me I was appreciated. The feel of my son’s cock in my pussy told me it was Kyle, Jason soon arrived at my mouth and there was me spitted. Penny took photos as the boys plundered my body, taking it in turns at each end, spitting Penny in turn and kissing us and each other depending on who was nearest.

I 69’d Kyle and felt Jason cock in my cunt, then out, and I looked down to see Kyle sucking Jason’s cock. I was transfixed and moved to allow Jason to take my place. They deepthroated each other as they rolled around, Penny and I licking their balls and rimming their asses.

I slid a finger into Kyle’s ass and penny did the same for Jason. Slowly we loosened them and added more fingers. Building their orgasms was easy but we wanted their cum so we made a request.

Penny and I lay side by side, holding hands and smiling as the boys stood either side and stroked each others cocks. They kissed and pulled and soon we were treated to a fabulous cum shower as first Kyle then Jason erupted. Our open mouths moved about to catch the globs of nectar as they splattered over us. It was truly wonderful seeing their faces as we revelled in the depravity of it all.

The boys then helped us up and sat us on the lounge, side by side. They got us a drink, knelt in front of us and pushed our knees apart. As I sipped my drink my son slurped on my pussy, dragging one more orgasm out of me. I held Penny’s hand and watched Penny’s brother do the same for her.

The End…

More stories to cum.

Love Muse.

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