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My Sister My Aunt And Amy Oh My

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My sister Donna and I were spending the week at our Aunt’s house. It was a pretty big house when you consider my aunt was single and lived alone. The house was 2-stories and had 3 bed rooms and was located in a forested area where you couldn’t ever see your neighbor’s house. She even had an in-ground pool. It was perfect for when my sister and I visited. Our parents dropped us off and then went to enjoy some time alone together. They did this every year.

My sister is less than a year younger than me; she has straight reddish brown hair that goes down to her waist, a few freckles on her nose and a petite physique, along with a somewhat small chest. We got along just fine together. My aunt favored my sister completely, but she was still nice to me too. There were just some things I had gotten used to through the years. Like my sister getting to choose what we watched on TV or letting her have more ice cream, stuff like that. When we were younger that’s was all there was to it.

Our first full day there my aunt was taking us to the beach, she was about 36 years old and looked pretty good for her age in the 2-piece suit she was wearing. She was tall and slender, almost my height, her chest put my sister’s to shame. She was twice my age and my aunt but I could still tell that she was nice looking. She was taking her friend Amy, who was about her age with us. Amy was fun to be around; we had met her the previous year. She lived near my aunt, walking distance, if she felt like walking instead of driving. She was the kind of person who is always joking and looking for fun and action; a bit of a wild one. She was a cute blond thing, shorter than my aunt; only about as tall as my nose.

It was a bit of a long drive and of course my sister got to choose the music we listened to. I think she took advantage, just to tease me she picked songs she knew I wouldn’t really like. The day at the beach involved a lot of water, sand and sun. The latter of which was running out, so we decided to leave. Donna and I stopped at one of the outdoor showers near the boardwalk to rinse the sand off. I knew my aunt loved her car and would flip if we got sand in it.

We were back at the car. Donna got in first and my aunt told me to be a gentleman and give her my towel to sit on. I did and was about to sit in the back seat when my aunt stopped me. “Don’t you dare sit on those leather seats with your wet suit on, you’ll have to take it off before you get in. I thought you’d know better”. “I do know better I’m sorry. C’mon, don’t make me take them off…I don’t have anything else to wear” I said. “Well I can’t leave you here and you ARE NOT ruining my leather seats, SO JUST DO IT!” Her voice was forceful and in that moment I didn’t have time to think, what she said seemed to make sense. I was old enough to vote and was feeling intimidated by my aunt.” Well?! What are you waiting for” Amy put in “I don’t want to have to fight rush-hour traffic on the way home. DO IT”.

So, right there in the parking lot I removed my wet bathing suit rendering me completely naked. She made me bend down to pick them up and hand them to her. I’m sure people heard her voice and were looking; I think Amy was too, but I dove for the safety of the car’s back seat without taking the time to look. Donna was already seated, we look each other in the face for a split second before her eyes went extremely wide and her gaze traveled down, taking in every bit of my situation. I read her lips “Oh My God Oh My God Oh My God, he’s fucking naked!” She smiled like someone who is in on a secret as she turned her head trying to conceal her excitement.

At home we never left our rooms or bathroom undressed. Just wasn’t something we did. So this was something completely foreign to us. While I’m sure Donna had been with a guy before, I was her brother and wasn’t doing this voluntarily. And there had been a girl I slept with that saw me naked, but Donna was my sister; she wasn’t supposed to enjoy seeing me nude. Besides when I was with a girl she was naked too and rolling around in the sheets was different from being uncovered and exposed. I was so vulnerable.

Even with both hands covering my privates from open view, it was clear that I was nude and she could still see parts of me she shouldn’t have been able to. My heart was pounding so hard I was sure it was visible. Donna tried to act natural, looking mostly out the window but I could tell that she was looking through the corner of her eye. My aunt and Amy got in the car; they didn’t say a word as if the whole thing was normal and natural. It was at an hour and a half drive home and I knew it would feel so much longer being trapped helplessly naked with 3 females. I hoped there wouldn’t be too much traffic.

I didn’t dare move my hands, Donna was acting like she wasn’t trying to steal a peak; but she was. I don’t know if she really needed to see it all or if she just liked the fact that I was humiliated and that she was in a superior position. She emphasized this by saying etiler bdsm escort that I could choose the music for the trip home. I didn’t want a bit of attention drawn to me so I passed. I wondered what would have happened if I hadn’t had a towel to give her. Of course my aunt would never have let this happen to her, just me.

Eventually I could tell she had dozed off. I was able to relax just a bit but I knew I still had 2 women in the front of the car. I don’t know how it happened, but I fell asleep too. I would never have known that I had except for the sudden change in scenery. As I rubbed my eyes I saw Amy looking over the passenger seat and heard her say “hey look whose up!” I immediately remembered where I was, and knew that while asleep my hands fell to my sides leaving me unconscious and completely exposed, and for how long? I followed Donna’s eyes downward and saw that worse that just being visible to them; I was as hard as could be. “and now he’s awake too” my aunt added to Amy’s observation, looking at me through the rear-view mirror.

They all laughed, Donna blushed a little and gently bit her bottom lip and hung her head to mask her chuckle. I covered myself as fast and as best I could but there was more to hide how and I couldn’t cover it all right away. Besides, I knew that all three of them had enjoyed a very prolonged look at my dick and balls.

It was only a few more minutes to my aunt’s house. When we got there, I waited for everyone else to get in the house. I grabbed my towel from my sister’s seat and wrapped it around me and dashed for the house, up the stairs and to my bedroom. Once behind the closed door I reflected on what happened, I wasn’t mad at all and while I wouldn’t want to repeat the one-sided forced peep show, it did excite me just a bit.

I went into the bathroom which had a door right in my bedroom, and another on the other side that lead to my sister’s room. I put the towel down and went back to my room to get some clothes together before I took a shower to get the remainder of the beach off me. When I went back into the bathroom my sister was standing there, facing me and wearing my towel. “What the hell?!” I said, putting my hands over my privates, “didn’t you have enough of my towel today? Jokes over”. She didn’t move, on the floor beside her was her bathing suit. I swallowed hard and didn’t say anything else, not sure what to do or say. I didn’t really have time to, she started to talk, and I let her.

“Ummm, about what happened today” she started, “I know that must have been hard for you and I feel partially responsible. I had a shirt that I could have sat on.” She spoke and I was speechless and about to get mad. She continued, “I had been listening but didn’t know what was going on, and then I saw you in the car next to me… naked, I was shocked. I got a glimpse of your dick when you first got in. I know you’re my brother and I shouldn’t have liked it, but I did. So I didn’t say anything about the shirt. I wanted you to be naked next to me.”

She was standing on one side of the bathroom and I was on the other. My hands were at my sides, completely forgetting to cover myself. “I hope you can understand. I mean, what would you have done if it was me in the car with nothing on?” I stood there facing my little sister, my growing erection betraying my thoughts. I answered her question, “I would have done the same as you, and I would have wanted to see you naked”. It would have been a very different answer just a short time ago but it was like I was noticing her for the first time.

I could tell she was very nervous. “Well, I still feel bad for making you do that” I was not prepared for what happened next. Looking at me right in the eyes, unblinking, she took a deep breath and let the towel fall to the floor as she said “I hope this will make us even”. My sister was now as naked as I was, just far enough away from me that I could see her entire body. Her milky white skin, her small firm tits and her pubic hair that matched the color of the hair on her head; she was letting me see it all. She took a step closer, held my hand and put it on her beating heart. It was pounding harder than mine, which is saying a lot. We both let out a nervous laugh.

She led my hand from over her heart to her breast. It felt like nothing I’ve ever felt before. I let my finger feel her nipple and then my palm took in her entire tit. My cock was fully erect and gently rubbing her stomach. Even the sensation of that slight touch could have made me cum. We pulled each other closer and broke eye contact only to kiss. Our tongues danced in each others’ mouths. Her hand made its way down my side while I took hold of her firm, palm-sized ass cheek. She was about to touch me when… I heard the door knob to my room.

My aunt would kill us…me, if she saw this. We looked at each other for a moment and giggled as I jumped out of the bathroom and into my bedroom to get the door locked. I made it a few steps etiler elit escort when the door opened. My cock was hard, my face was flushed bright red and my aunt walked into my room. At this point I was still comprehending what had just happened…and almost happened with my sister, I didn’t even try to cover myself. My aunt continued into my room holding something in her hand, and shut the door behind her. She looked and my aroused dick, looked away and then focused again on my nudity.

“I ummm hope I’m not disturbing you, I didn’t know you were in here and I just wanted to bring you your bathing suit” she said with a clear lack of her usual authoritative voice. She was still wearing her two-piece, with a sheer white wrap around her waist that went down one leg. “I was just about to go in the shower” I told her. “I can see that. Oh sorry. I mean ahh, yea that’s a good idea” she answered nervously, even blushing a bit and trying to remember to not look. She took a few steps closer but didn’t hand me the bathing suit, she seemed unsure what to do. “I wanted to apologize to you for what happened today”. This was not at all what I had expected. I thought she had enjoyed humiliating me like that.

“You might want to sit down for this” I sat down on the edge of the bed, my erection slowly leaving me; however I didn’t feel compelled to block my aunt’s view of me. She went on, “you see, the seats in my car are really vinyl not leather… I had been just joking with you about taking your suit off. But then I saw that you were actually going to do it. I should have stopped you but the words never came out of me. I didn’t want to look, but I did. For that second that you were standing there, buck naked handing me your suit, I couldn’t help wanting you to stay that way. Amy and I had looked at each other when you jumped in the car and we shrugged our shoulders to each other and smiled and let it go. I just feel bad for your poor sister.” I was too surprised to be hearing this from my aunt to be mad that she had just told me that I went through that for nothing, especially since it did lead to a brief but exciting moment with Donna.

My aunt walked up to me and stood over me a few feet back from where I sat, facing the bathroom. She handed me my bathing suit but I just put it next to me on the bed. She swallowed hard and reached behind her neck, slowly pulling the string holding her bikini top. “I want to make it up to you, I hope this helps” The string dropped and she pulled her top completely off. I stared at my aunt’s large bare breasts. She had the most perfect nipples just at the edge of a tan line. She leaned over, letting them get within an inch of my face. Then she stood up again and removed her bottoms, leaving just the sheer wrap covering her pussy and part of her leg. Through it I could make out what was left of her pubic hair, a small downward-pointing triangle.

“Does this make up for it?” she asked, standing still with her arms spread out. “It looks like it’s a start” she answered herself, referring to my level of arousal. My dick was pointing straight up. She knelt before me, and as unbelievable it was to have my own aunt naked with me, what she did next was out of nowhere, unexpected. She wrapped the fingers of her right hand around my dick and with her left she made a circle just above my balls with her thumb and fore finger. She pulled down on my balls, firmly but without causing pain, causing the skin on my dick to get tight. While holding me like that, she ran her right hand slowly up my shaft, her thumb pushing on the front of my dick forcing a huge drop of precum out of my head. She squeezed my now-wet head sending a sensation through my entire body. She used the drop to get my dick wet and she continued to stroke my hard cock, keeping it tight with constant pressure on my balls.

Just as my aunt was getting started stroking my cock, the bathroom door opened and my sister peered out. She had a look of utter disbelief that quickly turned to a cute-but-wicked smile. Donna stepped into the doorway, still not wearing anything, invisible to my aunt who was focused and had her back to the bathroom door. She had one arm on the door frame and the other she used to rub her tits, making sure I saw everything she did. I could see in her face that the scene before her was getting to her. Her teasing stopped. My sister’s hand moved from her tits to her pussy. She stood with her legs spread, masturbating while our aunt gave me a hand job.

I think she was better at working my dick than I was. The way she changed speeds and touched the rim of my head got me to the edge but didn’t make me cum. She watched me and I took my eyes off my sister for a moment to look at my aunts naked body. The contrast between my sister’s smaller tits and pale skin and my aunt’s tanned body with her larger tits was unbelievably erotic. I could tell from the look on her face that Donna was about to have an orgasm. This was all I needed, I was so ready to explode etiler escort and my aunt expertly sensed it. With one final quick stroke downward, she released my balls and I shot out a long, hot stream of cum.

The build up of the day’s events made me have one of the hardest and longest orgasms ever. My first shot landed on my aunt’s chest and quickly started to drip down. She aimed my cock at me as the second pulse sent another load through the air onto my chest. She massaged my balls while my dick continued to slowly spill out cum until I was empty. She smiled at me and licked a bit of my cum off her hand. She then held her tit up putting it within an inch of my face. I wanted her tits so badly that I opened my mouth. She put one hand behind my head gently pushing it toward her, aligning her nipple with my mouth. Not caring about the drop of cum still dripping down it, I took her nipple into my mouth and sucked hard. She moaned with her eyes closed as I sucked her tits. “I think we’re about even now” she said with a laugh. I was speechless but managed to say “I think I owe you”. “I think you do too” she said as she got up.

I looked up and saw that Donna was gone from the doorway. My aunt wiped the remainder of my sperm on my chest and told me to get to my shower now. Dinner would be ready soon and I couldn’t go down naked and full of cum.” Well at least not full of cum” she added with a sly smile. She turned her back to me and leaned over without bending her knee giving me a perfect view of her ass and pussy. She picked up her bathing suit and headed for the door letting me see her beautiful ass through the wrap as she left me sitting there. She looked over her shoulder and blew me a kiss and then disappeared down the hallway. I sat for a few moments… “Did my hot aunt just jerk-me off? Did I just see my naked sister masturbate?

I went back into the bathroom. The only sign on my sister was the towel on the floor and the sweet smell of her excitement at watching me get jerked-off by our aunt. I took the smell in a deep breath and got into the shower. Just a half hour later I was heading back down the stairs, I decided that I’d just act natural. My aunt and sister were both in the kitchen; my sister was holding a bottle of beer. They were looking over a plate on the counter. “Looks like its pizza night” my aunt said, the pork chops on the plate looked more like bacon bits. “I kind of burnt dinner” she said. “That’s ok” my sister said, “you must have been busy and forgot” she finished. I gave her a playful nudge; she knew darn well why dinner was burnt.

“Donna and I are going to go pick up some pizzas and then stop at the video store” my aunt said. “I need you here to let Amy in when she gets here. And I need Donna to pick out the movie”. I didn’t even ask why I couldn’t be the one to pick out the movie. Some things never change. I may have a dick but she still favored my sister. Donna stuck her tongue at me and followed my aunt to the door. I liked that things weren’t going to change between us all. But at this point I wouldn’t have been surprised if they came back with a porn movie.

“The pizzeria is about 20 minutes away and the movie store is near there. So we’ll probably be back in an hour. Let Amy know what happened when she gets here, and that I just didn’t have time to wait for her.” I gave my aunt an affirmative and watched them from behind, one ass I got to see and the other I got to touch. The car pulled out of the driveway. I was feeling good and decided to be helpful and get the leaves out of the pool. I got the net and started to scoop out the floating leaves. About 5 minutes into it there was one particularly far out and I had to stretch to reach it. “In you go” I heard a voice shout as I felt two hands push me toward the pool.

But even leaning as I was, I was able to catch my balance and ruin Amy’s plan. Her eyes went wide with surprise and I quickly turned around to turn the tables on her. She put her hands up in defense and our hands locked, wrestler-style. “You just missed them” I told her “they won’t be back for and hour; maybe you’ll be dry by then”. I teased her. Of course I had the size and strength on her, but with the deck wet from the leaves I couldn’t get good traction. I was trying to push her into the pool and she was trying to stay out. With our hands locked and over our heads I was able to get a good look at her. She was very pretty and she was wearing turquoise capris and a white short sleeve cut off shirt that showed just a tinny bit of her midriff. I tried, but couldn’t tell if she was wearing a bra; her softball-sized chest allowed her to go without one without causing a scene, and it would be just like her to not bother.

We were pushing, shoving and laughing for a minute or two when I decided that I wasn’t really going to throw her in, she was fully dressed and just got here. I didn’t let her know that though, and I was really enjoying this. I could see the muscles in her legs as she tried to push me over. What she lacked in height she made up for in having a toned body. “My decision to not throw her in the pool did not get communicated to her feet on the wet ground, she slipped and fell in. “I’m dead” I thought.”You’re dead”, she said. She started making her way to the ladder. I hid behind a chair, laughing loudly at her.

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