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My Sister Shannon Pt. 02

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I was crazy horny and all I could picture in my head was my sister Shannon’s huge titties and how she had flashed me while doing that sexy, teasing dance in the living room. Damn I wanted more, but I knew that’s all I would get, and there was no point double guessing if I should have said more, or done more, or pulled my cock out while she was teasing me and cum right there for her. All I knew now was that I needed to jerk off bad, and I’d be jacking off to the memory of that dance for a long time.

I waited as long as I could; I didn’t want her to come knocking on my door, asking to borrow my phone charger or something stupid like that to interrupt me. I made it until just after 9PM, and then couldn’t wait any longer. I had changed into boxers and I unbuttoned the fly and took my fully erect, throbbing cock out. I laid back on my bed and I gripped my hard dick lightly with my hand. I closed my eyes, and replayed her dance and tease in my head while I slowly stroked my shaft.

I had barely started when there was a knock on my bedroom door. I jumped so hard I almost threw myself off the bed.

“Chris,” Shannon’s voice called from the other side of the door. “Can I come in for a minute?”

For fuck sakes! Hands shaking, I quickly covered myself with my top sheet.

“Just a sec!” I called back. I bent my legs so that my boner wouldn’t push the sheet up. “OK, come in.”

She opened the door and stood in the opening. She was wearing a checked flannel nighty with buttons running the whole length of the front. Only the top two were undone, so I couldn’t see any cleavage, especially from my lower vantage point, but I could see her big boobs jiggling underneath and guessed she wasn’t wearing a bra. Her smooth legs were very much on display, as the nighty barely went to the middle of her thighs.

“Um, I wanted to talk about what happened tonight,” she said.

Here we go, I thought. She’s going to say how embarrassed she was that she acted like that, and that I needed to forget it ever happened, and if I told anyone about it she would break my legs.

“I just… I feel bad I teased you like that and then just walked away like nothing happened. I don’t know…” she walked into my room as she talked and was now standing at the end of my bed. “I got carried away and it wasn’t very nice of me to do that to you and then just leave.”

She sat on the end of my bed.

“I just feel really bad about leaving you like that… you know…” she nodded towards my body hidden beneath the sheet. Her meaning was obvious and I just sat there looking at her, probably with a very stupid expression on my face.

“I wanted to say sorry. And… I thought that maybe I could make it up to you…” she said, biting her lip and reaching up to start to undo the buttons on her nighty. “If you wanted…”

My mouth had gone dry, and I was shaking a little with nervousness and excitement.

“Um, oh, yeah,” I said stupidly, my eyes glued to her hands as she moved to the next button and slowly her cleavage began to become more and more visible.

Her eyes moved down my body to where the sheet covered me. “Move the sheet,” she whispered.

The top five buttons were undone now, and I could see the curves of her huge breasts. I hesitated only slightly before I pulled the sheet back, revealing my hardon sticking out of the fly of my boxers. She actually gasped a little when she saw it and cupped her breasts with her hands, the material of her nighty barely covering them now.

“Jesus, you’re really hard little brother,” she whispered, her eyes still on my hard cock. “Jerk it for me.”

My face felt hot and I could feel my heart pounding in my chest. My sister wanted me to jerk off for her! I took my cock into my shaking hand and began to stroke it.

“It’s OK,” she whispered, noticing how nervous I was. “Don’t be shy.”

She continued to stare etiler eve gelen escort at my dick as I stared at her juggs. She wiggled them, showing me vast amounts of skin, and a hint of her areolas.

“Oh my god,” she said. “I love how that looks. Mmmmm…”

She slowly began to pull her open nighty to the sides, revealing more and more flesh. She stopped just as I could start to see her nipples.

“Wanna see my big titties, Chris?” she asked.

“God, yes,” I mumbled, jerking my cock faster.

She continued to tease me for what seemed like forever until finally she arched her back as she pulled her nighty wide open. Her huge tits came into my full view for the first time ever and oh god were they perfect. Big and heavy with light colored areolas and big hard nipples. They didn’t hang down at all like I thought they might. They were full and firm, her nipples on top. They were amazing.

“Oh fuck,” I grunted, my tongue a little out of my mouth as I jerked off staring at my sister’s tits.

“Oh yeah,” she said as she cupped her juggs and wiggled them in her hands for me. “You like your sister’s big tits?”

“Mmmm hmmm,” I moaned.

“Yeah, jerk that hard cock for me,” she said, bringing her left breast up to her mouth and flicking her tongue over her hard nipple before taking it into her mouth and sucking on it!

“Are you getting close?” she asked, noticing my breathing had changed as had the pace of my strokes.

“Fuck yes,” I gasped, feeling that point of no return where I barely had to touch myself any more. I slowed my jerking right down and squeezed my shaft, holding on for as long as I could.

“Oh yes, Chris,” she moaned. “Get that cum out for me!”

“Oh, fuck!” I spurted hard; a huge, thick stream of cum shot out of my cock into my leg. I jerked it slowly as my cock throbbed, more hot jizz pumping out and down over my hand.

“Ooh, yes!” she gasped, watching my cock intently as I came for her. “Damn! Oh shit, that’s a lot of cum!”

She was giggling a little, surprised by how hard I shot. Man, it surprised me! I came a lot and so fucking hard.

I kept slowly stroking and squeezing it, getting more cum out as she played with her tits and watched. Once I started to soften a little she tucked her tits back into her nighty (though didn’t button back up so I could see her big boobs bouncing and jiggling).

She gave a big sigh. “That was fun,” she smiled. “I’d say we’re even now. Better clean up, little brother.”

She stood and took one last look down at my cock in my hand and my cum on my sheets, then left my room. Giving me a little wave as she closed my door.

Ho-ly shit! I couldn’t believe Shannon had just let me jerk off to her! I couldn’t wrap my head around it. It happened so fast. Would she let me do it again? Should I have asked her to jerk it for me? Should I have taken pics with my phone. Nah, no way she would have let me do that. I couldn’t stop thinking about it. Should I go to her room? I was too scared.

Less than a half-hour later I jerked off again, thinking about it. Then I tossed and turned in bed for over an hour before finally falling asleep.

The next day I was an awkward mess. I didn’t know how to act around her. I would stare at her until she looked at me, then I’d look away. I could barely look into her eyes when she talked to me. Before we both went to work, she forced me to talk to her.

“Look, Chris,” she said, getting right to the point. “It was just some fun and you need to stop acting all strange. If we’re going to do it again, you need to stop weirding out about it, OK? See ya later!”

I watched her leave and all I could concentrate on was her saying ‘if we’re going to do it again…’ Hell yeah, I’d force myself to stop freaking out if it meant she’d let me jerk off to her tits again!

That etiler grup yapan escort was perhaps the longest shift I’d ever worked. I wanted the day over so I could get home. I could barely eat on my break; my stomach was churning with excitement. Would anything happen tonight? Would she maybe let me touch her? Holy fuck I was excited. Then as I always do, I had to let negative thoughts sneak in there too. What if during the day at work she changed her mind and decided once was enough? Or even if we had a chance to do it again, what would happen when Mom and Dad got home the next day? That’d be it for sure. And then soon we’d both be off to school. Damn. I forced myself to concentrate on the here and now and to worry about tomorrow later.

My shift finally ended and I hurried home. After changing clothes, I tried to play some video games while I waited. She was late. About a half hour after she normally would have been home, she texted me.

*out with Tina. Won’t be home for supper.*

Dammit! Ugh, I was a little shocked how jealous and upset that made me. I took a while to calm down, then resigned myself to the fact nothing was going to happen tonight, or probably ever again. I grabbed some leftover pizza, though I really didn’t feel like eating. Then I went to my room and played World of Warcraft.

I heard Shannon come in around 10:00. I wasn’t sure what to do. I was such an idiot. As I contemplated going downstairs to talk to her, I heard her come upstairs and enter the bathroom. Then I heard the shower running. I briefly considered trying to somehow spy on her in the shower, but I didn’t really see how I could without getting caught and somehow felt that would be going too far, which was probably ridiculous of me to think. So I stood at my slightly open door the entire time she was in the bathroom . When I heard the bathroom door start to open, I quickly closed my door and ran to my computer, hoping she would knock.

She didn’t knock.

Feeling confused and down, I went back to WoW. About twenty minutes later, she texted me again…

*come to my room in 10 minutes*

My heart may have stopped momentarily. I read the text five or six times to make sure it said what I hoped it said.

Just over nine minutes later I was knocking at her door. I was wearing boxers and a plain blue t-shirt. My cock was already half-hard and making a bulge at my crotch.

“Come in,” her voice said.

I opened her door and stepped into her room. She was sitting up on her bed, facing the door. Her back was leaning against her headboard and she was above the covers. She was wearing her bathrobe, tied very loosely at her waist. Her legs were bent and I could see the inside of her thighs a long way up. A lot of cleavage was exposed too. Her hair was brushed back from her face and still wet from her shower.

“Close the door,” she said, so I did.

I stood there looking at my sexy, curvy sister.

“I thought this time we could both cum,” she said and I could feel my cock getting harder and could already feel precum leaking out of it.

“OK,” I said and without her needing to ask this time, I lowered my boxers to show her my almost fully erect cock.

“Fuck yeah,” she purred. “Get totally naked for me.

I kicked my boxers away and pulled my shirt over my head and dropped it to the floor.

“Damn, you know you’ve got a pretty nice body there, little brother.”

The compliment made me feel really good and boosted my confidence through the roof.

“Thanks, Shannon,” I smiled. “Your body is fucking amazing.”

“Thanks,” she giggled, and spread her legs a little wider, untying the robe at her waist as she did so and pulling it aside. I stared at her exposed body; her amazing, huge tits, down her smooth curvy belly to her hairless pussy. Holy shit, she was completely shaved etiler masöz escort down there and I could see her glistening pussy lips unfolding as she spread her legs.

“Come closer, come to the end of the bed,” she said as she cupped her tits and caressed them. “Jerk off while you watch me touch myself.”

My cock was rock hard now; almost painfully so. I moved to the end of her bed, leaning my knees against it. I grabbed my hard cock and began to stroke it while I stared at her.

“Mmmm,” she sighed, her eyes on my cock as I jerked off to her. She spread her legs a little wider and her right hand moved down to her pussy. She began to rub circles over her clit, and I could hear how wet she was. God damn it was hot to watch her masturbate. My eyes were glued to her hairless mound and how her fingers would move up and down her wet slit and then concentrate on her clit. “Oh yeah,” she moaned, her mouth open slightly and her tongue teasing her upper lip.

She tucked her free arm underneath her massive boobs, and they jiggled with her body as she played with her pussy.

“You like watching me?” she asked and I grunted in the affirmative. “You like jerking off watching your sister play with her wet pussy?”

Holy shit she was a dirty talker and it turned me on even more.

“Fuck yes, sis,” I moaned. “God I fucking love watching you.” I was already on the edge of orgasm; I couldn’t help myself.

“I’m gonna cum soon,” I grunted.

“Oh Yes. Are you gonna cum for me, you dirty boy?” she asked. “You wanna cum on my tits?”

“Oh fuck, yes!” I gasped and moved around to the side of the bed and up towards her while she turned towards me slightly. Her arm still pushed her big titties up and she stuck her chest out to me.

I leaned over and actually brushed my cock against her massive cleavage as I jerked off right in front of her. Her fingers were rubbing her clit fast now as she watched me stroke my cock and rub it on her juggs.

“Oh god, Chris,” she gasped. “Yeah, cum on my big titties. Give me that hot jizz and I’ll fucking cum too.”

I moaned really loudly as I started to cum. I pressed my cock head against the smooth skin of my sister’s big tits and shot a jet of hot spunk across them. Her body shook as she watched my cock explode.

“Ohhh, fuck, Chris!! I’m cumming!” she sighed as I rubbed my cock on the areole of her right breast and spurted more hot cum. She grunted low and deep as her body rocked with her orgasm just as mine was ending.

She came for a very long time, and when she finally stopped, she leaned back against her headboard again, breathing deeply.

I stood there staring at her; my curvy sister sitting naked on her bed, recovering from an orgasm, with my sperm on her tits.

“That was intense,” she breathed finally, giggling. “I hope you enjoyed that, little brother.”

“Oh fuck yeah,” I said, again probably looking like a pathetic goof wanting more. “I hope we can do it again…”

“That would be fun,” she said, pulling her robe around her again and getting up out of her bed. “But mom and dad are back tomorrow. I don’t really know if we’ll get another chance.”

She walked by me and kissed me once, briefly on the lips.

“It was fun, OK? But let’s not get our hopes up.” The way she said it made my heart sink; it sounded like she didn’t really want to do it again. She giggled. “Hey don’t look so sad! You had fun, didn’t you?”

I had to admit I did.

“OK,” she said. “I’ve got to have another shower to clean up.” She stood beside me, and took a good long look at my cock. “Mmmm! You’ve got a great cock, bro! See ya later!” She left her room and went back to the bathroom, and I didn’t see her again that night.

Mom and dad returned home the next day. Shannon and I acted like nothing had happened between us. I jacked off numerous times the next couple days thinking about what we had done together. I still had hope that maybe we’d somehow find time to do it again, but Shannon didn’t give me any signs that she wanted that. I resigned myself to the fact we wouldn’t have a third encounter.

Less than a week after mom and dad got back home, Shannon proved me wrong again.


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