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My Sister’s Honey Pt. 01

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“Enjoy yourself?”

Shocked, I leapt from my chair, headphones getting ripped from my head, as panic had me torn between pulling up my pants and shutting off my monitor.

My cock was still dripping semen, and blood was rushing to my face.

I had been caught by my sister, and the damage was already done.

She was standing well inside my room, holding up her phone like she was filming me.

From where she was, she had had the perfect angle to see everything, to record everything.

While I was busy jerking off to a video of one of her friends passed out on our couch.

Not only had she caught me masturbating.

She had caught me having made secret recordings of her friends sleeping over after getting drunk.

On the video I had just jerked off to, I had been sneaking into the living room, where her friends were crashed out on the couches.

One of them, a gorgeous little brunette by the name of Becky, had been lying there almost completely exposed.

Tiny skirt up around her waist, and with just a little help, her top got out of the way enough for me to slip one of her heavy breasts out of her bra.

On the video I had just been jerking off to, I stood there fondling the breast of the passed out drunk girl, quietly jerking myself just inches from her soft mounds. Almost feeling her breath against my dick, it was the closest I had been to a sexual encounter with a girl. The excitement and the risk of getting caught had me shoot my cum after only a few strokes.

Most of it was caught in my fist, but a single drop hit her breast.

Listening to the little devil on my shoulder, I smeared that drop on her hardening nipple, before I slipped her bra back in place, her top down, and left again as quietly as I could.

It was not the only such video on my computer.

Ever since my sister moved in, I had slowly let temptation guide me more and more often.

Now, it would seem, it was time to pay the piper.

But before I get into that, let me just tell you a little about myself, and what had lead to this situation.

My name is Henry, and I am twenty years old. I am half thai, which has led to me being smaller than most guys, both in general physique, but also downstairs, if you know what I mean.

You might say that it has negatively impacted my confidence with the opposite sex, and I have become so tired of people thinking I must be gay because of my heritage and my size.

It doesn’t help at all, that I am basically the same size as my three months younger sister Wendy.

Yes, three months. Obviously she is my half sister.

First dad got his mistress slash housekeeper pregnant, then his wife.

Which lead to a rather messy divorce.

Even after the divorce, dad was still pretty wealthy, so when I went to college, he arranged an appartment for me, right next to campus, so that was pretty sweet.

However, it became less sweet, when at the beginning of the next semester, dad insisted that I had to share with my sister, who was going to be studying at the very same college.

I love my sister, ofcourse, but we are completely different. She is so bossy and outgoing, that she easily steamrolls me, without even trying.

She is athletic and frankly, quite gorgeous.

So its no surprise, that she had lots of friends almost from the start. Quite soon even a boyfriend.

A big obnoxious jock, that would just help himself to everything in the fridge.

And ofcourse she would throw parties.

Not every weekend.

Sometimes she would just bring people back to our place, after whatever party they had gone to was winding down.

Not being in the mood to have my masculinity questioned or being ribbed fulya escort about my small size, and in general not being very comfortable around women, I would retreat to my own room.

With my headphones on, and my attention on some online videogame, volume cranked way up, I could pretend to be alone.

One time, I had the urge to maybe go take a few pictures of how trashed our place was, to maybe talk dad into letting me have the place to myself or something. Fat chance, really, as I know he loves her more, but one can dream.

So when everything was quiet, I went quietly into the livingroom, recording the scene as I went.

Drunk people passed out everywhere. Empty bottles. Doritos ground into the carpet.

And then there was this one girl having a nightmare.

Or at least that was my initial thought.

But as I cautiously moved closer, I could see that she was awake, the moans not being from terror in her sleep, but rather from her fingers on her smooth pussy, glistening with moisture in the ambient light spilling through the skylight, even in the middle of the night.

Her face was even lit up slightly by her phone, as she appeared to be watching something on it.

Frozen in my tracks, I just stood there, recording it all, as my cock grew rock hard in my pyjamas pants.

When she came with a whimper, I retreated with as much stealth as I could muster, and went back to my room, where I masturbated to the short video of her like my life depended on it.

From then on, I would sneak out into the living room whenever Wendys parties were over, looking for things to record for future recreational purposes.

Once in a while, someone would wake up, but I would just pretend to be writing a text message,while going for a drink of water.

As I got braver, I started fondling the deep sleepers, slipping a hand inside a waistband or a bra, when it seemed I could get away with it.

I even started going into my sisters room, when she was passed out drunk.

It was only fair with a little payback, right?

A bit of crazyglue took her lock out of commision, so I had easy access whenever I wanted.

So before long, I had a rather sizeable folder on my computer with videos of her friends and her, passed out drunk.

And me fondling them a little. Sometimes exposing them a little. Maybe having a jerk right next to someones face or breasts.

Even have a video of my sister, passed out spreadeagle and naked on her bed, only one fuck-me-now boot on one foot.

But now I was caught red handed.

Damage control!

I rushed to pull up my pants with one hand, and pressed down on the power button on my computer with the other.

As it powered down in seconds, my sister was just laughing.

“That won’t do you any good, brother mine, I already made copies of all your smut!”

Not really listening, I just knew I had to get the recording from her phone, or my life was over!

So without thinking, I pretty much just threw myself at her, trying to get the phone from her.

I should have known better, ofcourse, as in the past it had always ended badly whenever a childhood argument turned physical.

This time was no different.

With a quick halfstep back, and a strange flourish with her free hand, she had me in some sort of bullshit lock, that bent my wrist in an unnatural direction, and had me on my knees as she pushed.

“Listen you idiot, its no use fighting. The video is already in the cloud, and there is nothing you can do about that. Plus you know I can kick your scrawny ass any day of the week. So there is absolutely nothing you can do to stop me, if I decide to put my pervy brother on all the social media.”

She gebze escort didn’t need to grind me quite that hard into the carpet, while she gave her little victory speech, but that didn’t stop her.

“Please, Wendy, don’t do that, please, I will do anything!” I whimpered, in a mixture of fear and pain.

“Anything? Very well, I guess I can find some other way to teach you a lesson… hmmm…”

I felt her release her grip on my arm, and dared to slowly sit up, hope daring to rise slightly inside me.

“Okay, I am going to punish you for being such a perv, and you will obey me, or the deal is off, and I post everything to the social media, and tell all my friends how you perved on them.”

I gulped and nodded, showing I agreed to everything. It would not be the first thing she punished me in some humiliating way for being an idiot, and I would just have to get through it.

“First, get naked, and wait here while I get some stuff.”

When I hesitated a moment, she continued.

“Its only fair, you have seen me and my friends naked, now its your turn!”

She was fiddling with her phone a bit, then showed me a screen with a big button that just said “post video”.

“Now, last warning, get undressed, or I push this button.”

Instantly, like a switch was flicked, I tore off my shirt, and my pyjamas pants and briefs were on the floor even faster.

“Good, now sit there and wait”, she said, as she indicated my computer chair.

Returning a minute later, she tossed some things at me.

A tiny little g-string and an odd half-cup bra that would not hide much on a girl.

“Put those one dear brother, lets see how you like being watched in g-strings and a bra.”

Moving slowly at first, almost like a sleepwalker, I put both items on.

First the g-string, that did very little to hide my bits.

The string felt odd against my asshole, rubbing it in a most peculiar way.

And ofcourse the front was not exactly designed with a dick and balls in mind.

Even ones as tiny as mine.

Fully hard, I was four inches, so soft like now, it was not exactly a monster. Moving the fabric around a little, I managed to tuck everything inside and get fairly comfortable, even if doing so made the string more taut on my anus.

Ofcourse I couldn’t fill up the bra cups, even though it was only my sisters B-cups, but otherwise it fit just fine.

As I was struggling with closing the bra on my back, I finally noticed my sister had been standing there with her phone out, filming the whole thing.

Blushing with the added shame of it, I realized the earlier video was way worse, so didn’t remark on it, just tried to not look directly at her or the camera, as I managed to finally wrestle the bra into place.

“Good, now twirl for me, show off that booty of yours!” My sister sounded cheerful, like she was giving directions to a stripper at a club.

“Do you need to be filming this?” I muttered, shame making me want to shrink into the carpet.

“If you can film sleeping girls, touch them, and then jerk off to it all later, I think you can handle being filmed a little too!”

Realizing I was not getting out of that easily, I resigned myself to just obeying and getting my punishment over and done with.

I started twirling and prancing and bending each and every way, as she instructed me.

I was even starting to have a little fun, I realized, as my dick was waking up a little.

Somehow, showing my body like this in front of my sister, was getting me a little hard.

My sister didn’t seem to notice anything, but I could feel it strain against the miniscule amount of fabric that was the g-string.

Next gültepe escort she had me crawl around on my bed, and show myself off to the camera in all kinds of poses.

Snapping pictures from every direction and angle, she seemed to be having a lot of fun.

And with me sometimes being ass up face down, sometimes grinding my crotch against my duvet, whatever she demanded of me, I was soon up to full hardness.

With it flat against my stomach, and it not being much to begin with, it seemed she didn’t notice, until a wet spot started to form in the front.

Precum was oozing from my dick, and suddenly she stopped taking pictures of me.

“It seems you are having a bit much fun, brother. Maybe you didn’t understand that this was supposed to be a punishment?”

My instincts were telling me to cover my dick, but I also did not dare do anything that might draw further attention or anger my sister, so in the end, I just let my head hang, mumbling my apologies to my sister.

“It seems I will have to come up with a more severe punishment… Keep the underwear, I dont want it now that you have worn it. And keep the videos you made, but dont make any more. And no sneaking into my room when I sleep. And dont think you are off the hook yet.”

She walked to the door. Then turned around just before she walked out.

“And do something about that little thing of yours, we can’t have you walking around like that!”

She gestured to my crotch, and then left before I could do anything other than just mumble another “Yes sister, whatever you say.”

After a minute, my heart pounding in my chest, shame burning through my mind… and my rock hard dick calling for my attention, I thought to myself that I might as well do as she said.

Booting up the computer again, I searched through my folder of smut, until I found the one of me filming my sister in her sleep.

I had never before touched myself to that video, always thinking I could never think about my sister like that.

But right now, my cock gave me no other choice.

The video of her started with me sneaking into her room. Some light came from her TV that was left on the netflix selection screen, so I could clearly see her naked body, passed out on her bed.

She was wearing that one thigh high boot, that even though she was my sister, always made me hard when I saw her in them and a short skirt. She appeared to have fallen asleep sitting on the edge of her bed, before she could remove that last item.

Her legs were wide apart, and I could see every fold of her smooth shaven pussy. For a minute I zoomed in on it, getting a nice closeup of the moist folds. How I had longed to touch those, aching with the need, but not daring to touch her most sensitive part.

Panning up to her chest, her firm b-cup breasts were completely exposed to my view, and zooming in, I could tell how her nipples were hardening against the chill of the night air.

On the video I quietly made my way closer, careful not to trip over any of the laundry, empty bottles, or assorted junk on the floor.

I was reaching out towards her breast, then hesitating. Not quite daring to touch her, my hands hovered so close to her skin I remember feeling the heat from her.

Kneeling down between her legs to get a better view, and a nice full HD recording of her pink glistening pussy, I remember the scent of her. How intoxicating it was. I had not drunk a drop, but I felt drunk.

Reliving the experience now, wearing my sisters underwear, jerking my small dick per her instructions, I came. I came all over my hand, my stomach, and the g-string I was still wearing. Removing the bra and g-string had not even occurred to me.

Sneaking into the bathroom, I rinsed the g-strings in the sink, before going back to my room, where I remained for hours, not knowing what my sister might think up.

At some point, I drifted off to sleep, even though I was worried what my sister might impose of further punishments.

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