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My Stepmother’s Slow Tease

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At 27 never forget the first time you came home… you were gorgeous standing there in your modest but tight dress, your dirty blond hair glowing in the light. Once dad mentioned you were going to be my new step mom I knew I was in trouble…

A few months went by and I saw the way you would dress, as if you didn’t care what part of you people saw… The first time I myself saw anything myself was by sheer accident and happened one night at dinner when I dropped my fork and bent over to pick it up and accidentally saw your panties between your open, skirted legs. I was so shocked by what I saw I know you just had to have figured it out. So when I dropped my spoon again and bent down to pick it up, I noticed how your legs jerked open and I got another great look at your panties… except this time there was a bit of a wet spot on them… I quickly excused myself from dinner and had to go to my room to calm down.

A few weeks later I came home early from work and heard the shower running, I walked down the hall and the bathroom door was open and I saw you through the clear glass shower lathering yourself up while singing. I had been really careful and I don’t think you saw me… but I couldn’t help but peek around the corner and stare at your naked form… the way your pussy lips were just open and calling to me… the way the water coursed down the shape of your breasts… I was mesmerized.

The big turn around happened when you caught me watching a movie with a pretty graphic sex scene one night and you stayed to watch it with me. I was so embarrassed and worried you’d be mad at me for watching that movie, but instead you sat down kind of next to me and finished the movie… and afterwords you asked me if I’d ever had sex before… I was 22 at the time and I dropped my head and said no… I’d only had a blowjob. I don’t know why I had answered truthfully to you, but the look in your eyes made me feel I could trust you. When I told you, you smiled wryly at me and went to bed without another word.

I was confused but surprisingly aroused from both the movie, and the look in your eyes as you asked me that question. I went back to my room and couldn’t let it go. After a few hours, I realized that the only way I could calm down was to finish what you had started.

So I laid back on my armchair, naked, and embarrassingly thought of my beautiful step mom as I started to play with myself. I kept trying to think of other women I usually thought of when touching myself, but my naughty thoughts kept drifting back to you. As I tried to release my pent up energy I found that I couldn’t… I tried lube, I tried a shower, I tried every trick I could think of… but I couldn’t find release… I finally resigned to thinking of your open legs in the shower and the way the water coursed around your curves, no matter how dirty or wrong it felt… and finally I found sweet, titillating, and pulsing relief… My orgasm thinking of my step moms perfect form was so great, that I instantly fell asleep naked, covered in my own juices in my arm chair.

A few weeks later, you came out while I was mowing the lawn shirtless in your swimsuit, having just returned from the pool instantly made me hard. I panicked and tried to hide my erection but you were too sly… you came across the lawn and gave me a big hug and laughed while I poked you in the stomach. You told me to come inside cause you had something taksim elit escort for me to do… and I, red faced, followed you in. We went down the hall into the theater room and you turned around and asked me how long it had been since I’d seen a woman naked. I was shocked… but thinking about that night after the movie, the way your eyes made me feel I could be honest with you… I answered anyways and said it had been 3 years. You shook your head and laughed and said “your girlfriend hasn’t even stripped down for you?” to which I answered no.

Trembling, not knowing what to do I waited. And you know to my shock, you walked forward and pressed me against the wall and caressed my body and say “well then I’m going to fix that today” and slipped out of your bathing suit without me noticing. I was stunned! When you stepped back and asked what I thought I could only stare in delight… and growing lust. You twirled and danced and giggled and I eventually regained enough composure to say “holy shit” and you laughed.

You walk back over and lightly touch my cheek, my erect cock brushing up against you. You asked if you could see my happy salute… and I could only nod yes. You gently touched my throbbing member through my pants because you knew how sensitive I was having not been touched by a woman in years. You grabbed my hand and slowly led me over to the couch and pushed me down and started kissing my stomach… I just laid there because I didn’t know what to do. I finally got embarrassed enough to say “wait should we be doing this?” and you smiled and nodded your head saying you wanted to help me learn how to pleasure a woman.

With that, you slid my shirt off, and unbuckled my pants when I embarrassingly told you that I wasn’t sure what to do and that I wanted to make you feel good too. You smiled at my red face and told me to relax, that you’ll let me know what you want. When you slid my pants off and saw my throbbing, pulsating cock surrounded by hair, you tsk’d me and told me I needed to go and trim my bush before we continued. With my heart in my throat I raced into the bathroom and shaved myself, nearly cutting myself in the process and practically ran back to the theater room.

When I came through the door you smiled at me, stood up, and asked me to come closer. When I sat back down on the couch, you leaned forward and ran your cool hands around my erection, inspecting my shave job. When you bit your lip and smiled at me, looking deep into my eyes and said “very good,” I knew that I had to ask you for a favor. I wanted to memorize every inch of your body. So I asked you if I could just look at you. You smiled and bent forward, raised your leg up onto the couch so your wet lips were close to my face. The smell of your musk was so overpowering… You twisted away letting me see your perfectly shaped rump and then your beautifully curved and sultry breasts… Then you turned around and bent forward letting me see you from behind. After letting me see all the parts of you, you leaned forward and touched my stomach right next to my cock once again, and I froze. You’re eyes were so kind and loving in that moment, and I didn’t know if I could take another minute… I asked if you would stay and help me even if I finished really fast… like I knew I would. You saw my blush and smiled and said yes… then grasped my warm pulsing cock between your fingers. I taksim escort instantly moaned and rolled my eyes back into my head. You bent forward like you were, and whispered in my ear that I had to look you in the eyes while we did this. So I opened my eyes and saw you smiling at me and looking me straight in the eyes, and then I blew my first load in only 6 strokes. You laughed deep in your chest the most sultry laugh I’d ever heard and licked my seamen right off your fingers, and then sat down next to me.

Having finally blown a load my head cleared and my confidence grew. I asked if I could touch your body and you said yes. I started with my hand on your shoulder and slid it up and around your neck. You started to blush because you then told me how sensitive your neck was. So I slid my hands down and caressed your beautiful breasts. I ran my fingers over your hard nipples and felt you shudder. With my one hand on your breast, ran my other hand along your warm thigh. You spun away from me, panting, and laid back onto the couch. I continued to run my hand along your legs, stomach, breasts, and arms… and finally over your neck again. You looked me dead in the eyes and said that If I kept teasing your neck like this, you’d make me finish the job… and so what did I do? I leaned in and kissed your neck. Your back arched and your legs lifted into the air. Your hands grabbed by shoulders and pulled me closer.

I pulled my head back a little and you kissed me on the mouth… and it was then I could sense your hunger. My cock had never softened one bit through this whole time but now it was pulsing again.

We kissed for a long time allowing our naked sides to touch and glide and I finally pulled back and asked you to teach me how to please you. You gave me a devilish grin and slowly pushed my head down towards your swollen clit and told me to lick it… softly at first. It was my turn to grin and I pushed back up and kissed your neck again making you squirm and then slid my tongue down your chest and stomach and lightly kissed your slit and your clit. I slowly caressed it with my tongue, savoring your juices and the longer I worked at it the more the juices came out. I decided to push my whole face into your slit and you instantly grabbed and pulled my hair. I kept working at it until your legs clamped down hard around my head, and your back arched and you tried so hard not to scream as your body convulsed. Your legs made it so I couldn’t pull back so instead I kept at it. Pretty soon my mouth was flooded with your juices and I couldn’t resist any longer. I reached down and grabbed my own cock and instantly blew another load onto the side of the couch…

When you finally released my head between your gorgeous thighs, you pulled me up and kissed me long and hard. I could feel your smile through your lips and you reached down and grabbed the head of my cock and noticed I had blown my second load because it was still dripping. You asked me if I had and when I answered you got a little annoyed and told me that you would take care of me, and that I wasn’t allowed to waste myself by touching myself. Blushing I agreed and you smiled back at me again.

Then suddenly you flipped me onto my back and straddled me… You bent forward and kissed me hard and reached down and slid my cock so that you could rub your wet pussy back and forth on it. We kept kissing while you grind-ed taksim eve gelen escort on me until I started to convulse myself… You hopped off and giggled and said that from now on if I wanted to please a woman I had to tell them when I was about to cum so that things didn’t end prematurely… I blushed and agreed and you hopped right back on and we continued like that for who knows how long… Every time I was about to cum, I’d cry out and you’d hop off and continue to kiss me. After a while you started to get a little impatient and said that it was time to do things properly… but you wanted to make sure I wanted to do it too.

Staring up at your perfect form, kneeling above me, I reached down and slid my own cock deep into your slit and rolled you onto your back to emphasize my point. But when I just that… it was too much for me to handle. I blew my load deep into you right as your back hit the couch. It was such a rush of sudden sensations that I froze, deep inside you, and felt my soul leave my body for a split second it felt so good.

You laughed and play scolded me saying “that’s what you get for being impatient, but I’m glad now you’ll last longer”

You pushed me back onto my back and started riding me gently at first, and the with more intensity. You were hunched forward, kissing me and breathing on my neck to catch your breath. I reached up and caressed your breasts and tried to kiss them from time to time. The more we rode, the more your eyes rolled up into the back of your head and the more you sat up, arching your back. Only once did I have to warn you that I was about to cum, but eventually, with you on top, your whole body tensed back up and you started twitching and grabbing at anything you could grab. Your shouts and moans were quiet and I could tell you were trying to hold them in… and that’s when your orgasm clamped you so hard around my throbbing cock that for the 2nd time that afternoon I came right deep inside you. When we finished, you leaned forwards and we kissed for a long time, with me still inside you. After that you fell to the side and we laid entwined for what seemed like forever… with me still inside you. I stared at you, with you eyes close, breathing hard. After a while you opened your eyes and we stared deep into each other for a long time… Me still inside you… though at this point I was pretty soft.

When the time finally came for use to really be done, you pressed yourself hard up against me and hugged me tight. We kissed and the pressure of your hips against mine made me hard again… You smiled and pulled me on top of you and we made love again with me on top this time. Half way through, I got adventurous so I reached down and pulled one of your legs up by your head, which pretty soon made you start twitching. After a few minutes, you were asking for harder deeper thrusts. We kept like that for a long while until once again we both came hard into each other… and went right back to our intimate cuddling… except this time you did hop off and we spooned for a long while.

That was when I realized that we were soaked. From sweat, and from each other. When you finally said that it was dinner time and we needed to eat, I commented that I really needed a shower and so did you. You laughed and said “I though you’d had enough.” to which I smiled and said no way, I could never have enough. You told me that If I went and picked us up some dinner, you’d let me shampoo your hair, and winked at me.

This was the first time I had ever been with a woman, and I was glad it was you. Since then I’ve had girlfriends and other late night lovers, but you’re always there for me when I need you… and I’ve been there even when you’ve needed me…

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