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My Wife, Her Brother, His Buddy Ch. 02

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I’ve had requests for a sequel, if you don’t like it don’t read it.

Sam knew that eventually she’d have to see her brother again, and although she didn’t see too worried about that she did manage to avoid visiting with them for over a month. She seemed to be more nervous about facing her sister in law, who didn’t know about the evening of sex, than she did about seeing her brother again.

Eventually we all knew that we’d couldn’t avoid each other, and it happened about a month later. We went over to Rick and Jane’s house on a Saturday afternoon to drop off some things for their kids.

However, only Rick was home as the kids were off with Grandma and Jane was out shopping. Sam was feeling a little uneasy about the situation because only Rick was at home, and Mark and another friend were also there. I could tell by the looks, and the suggestions that Rick and Mark had filled in their friend Gary on what had happened the last time we were together at my house.

I didn’t know Gary but since he was someone that had known Sam since grade school Rick and Mark had told him how they had each gotten and blow job and fucked Sam.

Rick and Mark started to ask Sam if she’d be willing to go another round with them, and Gary began to beg for a chance since he’d missed out the last time. She was beginning to be upset by then, but when she looked over at me I knew she’d go through with it if I asked her to. We almost never did these special parties closer together than 3 or 4 months, so this was quite a change to see that see was willing. Rick said that Jane would be gone for a least 2-3 more hours so we could get going right then if Sam would only say yes.

Once again she looked at me, so I told her she wasn’t doing this for me, but for her brother, so she had to decide. Upon hearing this Rick started to beg even more, and really sounded like a whining little brother asking his big sister to share something with him. I should add that Sam wasn’t dressed in anything special, just a T-shirt and slacks over plain white cotton underwear and bra.

When she stood up I thought for sure she was going to tell me that we’d better leave, but instead she pulled her shirt over her head. Without saying a word she then unhooked her bra and tossed it at her brother. She quickly pulled off the rest of her clothes and was standing naked in front of us. It seemed like she wasn’t going to let this turn into anything special, and acted like she was simply doing them fatih escort a favor that she wanted to get over with quickly . She asked who wanted to go first, and after some quick discussion it was decided Gary should go first.

All three of them quickly stripped out of their clothes, and it was obvious that all were more than ready. Gary decided that he wanted a blow job, so after sitting back down Sam quickly knelt in front of him and began to lick and suck his cock.

She attacked his cock as if she wanted to get him done as fast as possible and in just a few minutes he shot his load of cum in her mouth. I don’t know if she did it on purpose or not, but before she could finish a large string of cum slid down her chin and unto the carpet. While I watched this happen I wondered how Rick might later explain the cum stain to Jane; as it happened it didn’t matter.

Mark and Rick had made a plan, so as soon as Sam was done with Gary, Mark laid down on the floor so Sam could lay down on top of him. She didn’t have any trouble getting him inside of her cunt, but I think she was a bit puzzled by the relatively normal position he had chosen. Sam was quickly getting a rhythm going as she slid up and down on Mark’s cock.

But she stopped completely when she felt Rick’s hand began to rub lotion on her ass. She held completely still as he began to rub her ass, then her crack and eventually her ass hole with the lotion. She didn’t move until he actually put first one finger, and then another one into her ass hole. It looked like she was trying to make it a bit more comfortable as he probed her butt and stretched her out.

Eventually Rick seemed satisfied and slowly started to push his cock into her ass. He’d done a good job of getting her ready as he slid right in without any difficulty. Sam was now sandwiched with Mark fucking her pussy from the bottom, and Rick pounding away at her ass hole from the top. It actually looked like everyone was enjoying themselves and every thing was going quite smoothly when all of a sudden Jane walked into the living room.

She had finished her shopping early and because we were all too busy none of us had heard her car drive in. It’s hard to describe, or even imagine, the look of shock on her face. In the middle of the living room floor her husband was fucking his sister’s ass while their friend was doing his best to pound her pussy from the bottom. Jane’s mouth was literally hanging fındıkzade escort wide open in disbelief as her eyes gathered in every detail of the orgy in front of her.

Rick looked like he was in shock also, and since he was literally caught in the act, he suggested that she join in.

She didn’t answer him but took a couple steps closer to the group in the middle of the floor. This was just enough to bring her within my reach, and since I figured I had nothing to lose I reached out and grabbed her arm. Maybe she was a little off balance, or maybe she was to stunned to realize what was going on, but she quite literally fell on top of me.

While she was falling toward me I added one more quick movement and pulled her shirt up over her head and off. She had now tumbled down to the floor next to me and still seemed quite disoriented. I didn’t want to lose the chance that had presented itself so I quickly grabbed a hand full of her hair and shoved her face down to my cock.

When my cock came in contact with her lips she tried to turn her head but I kept a firm grip on her. After a few thrusts against her lips she eventually she gave in and opened wide to take my cock. Now this was something I’d thought about for many years, and was finallycoming true.

Jane didn’t seem to want to participate very much, and only held her mouth on my cock because I had a firm grip on her. Since she wasn’t getting busy I reached down with my other hand, unhooked her bra, and tossed it across the room. I’d always wondered what her tits looked like, and now I could finally see them, and touch them.

She had bigger titties than Sam, but the years, and three kids had taken their toll as they sagged quite a bit. She is one on those women that look better in a bra, than without one. But, just the fact of having them bared, right there in front of me, was exciting enough after so many years of wondering.

Eventually, with a little prompting, Jane began to suck and take my cock up and down in her mouth. She seemed to finally realize that this was the way out, she was going to have to put out to get out of this. About this time I had Gary come over and while she was busy he stripped off her jeans and underwear.

Maybe she wasn’t used to oral sex, or maybe she was still too shocked but when I shot my load in her mouth she coughed and choked and lost most of the cum on the living room carpet.

Almost as soon as halkalı escort she was done with me Gary pushed her flat on the floor and began to furiously pound away at her pussy. I’d almost forgotten about the others, and when I looked over at them they all looked satisfied and were just started to get untangled from each other.

It didn’t take too long before Gary had finished fucking Jane. I wondered how Rick felt about this unplanned sucking and fucking his wife was going through.

When Gary got off Jane it looked like she had recovered, and might get up and run away, so I rolled her over on her stomach and leaned on her back. She’s quite thin, so even if she had tried I doubt if she could have gotten up.

I had Rick toss me the lotion and slowly began to squeeze a large amount onto her ass. When I started to rub it on her ass, and into her crack, she must have realized what I had in mind because she started to squirm. I quickly shoved a couple fingers into her ass hole to hold her down and began to stretch out her tight hole.

Rick told me she’d never let him into her ass before, not even a finger, much less his cock. She started to complain that I was going to hurt her, but I could tell that her ass would easily accommodate a cock. She simply didn’t want to do it, but that would soon change. If I didn’t get going she’d only start to complain more so I moved on top of her and began to enter her ass hole.

She tried to complain some more, but as I pushed I encountered only slight resistance so I shoved it hard and fast as far as possible.

With only a little scream from her I had managed to enter her ass. I gave her a few moments to recover and then began to pump away at her ass hole. Once again she started out without any offering any assistance but eventually began to move in rhythm with me. Every on had been watching what I was doing and since I was enjoying her nice tight virgin ass hole so much I soon shot my load deep into her bowels.

When I got up Jane didn’t move, but stayed face down on the floor with her legs spread apart. It must have been more than Rick could take, since he’d never fucked her ass before, because he immediately jumped on her and began to pound her ass as hard aspossible. By then she had stopped struggling and was just laying quietly on the floor.

By then I gotten everything I’d wanted, and much more than I’d ever expected, so I started to get dressed. Sam was already dressed and as we left Rick was getting off so Mark could have his turn with his wife Jane’s ass. I wondered how sore she was going to be from Rick’s hard pounding, but he didn’t seem to care as he encouraged Mark to go ahead. It looked like Gary was waiting to take a turn too, so we quietly moved out the door and left them to it.

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