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Namesake’s Legacy

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No persons, animals or plants were harmed in the production of this story. Realities, sensibilities, taboos and cultural norms were defiled. Sometimes words were abused. Sentence structure was sometimes slaughtered and grammar sometimes butchered.

Please don’t bother to point out any of these self- acknowledged faults, unless, of course, you are a horny MILF with schoolteacher fantasies. Then you can join me in after-school detention. I would love to hear from you.

I have done my best to present a readable and I hope an entertaining story.



I turned the corner onto our street. I was greeted by a scene out of a television show. There must have been a dozen police cars, marked and unmarked. The street was teeming with activity. Half a dozen reporters and their camera crews, were jabbering away. My heart sunk as I realized that all the attention was clustered around our house.

I peddled as hard as I could towards the house. About thirty yards away from our driveway I was intercepted by a couple of cops who apparently knew who I was. I was rather harshly yanked off of my bike and escorted to a makeshift command center behind our house. My 19-year-old sister was there, tearful and visibly upset. There was no sign of my mom or her husband of 6 years. They had been arrested.

My mom was in custody for three days. With the help of an attorney friend of hers she was released on bail. They refused let her husband out, citing a high risk of flight. Three weeks later the charges against mom were dropped. Her husband, Dan, had confessed. I felt a small measure of vindication when all the truth was revealed as I had always mistrusted him.

It turned out Danny boy was leading a double life. He presented himself to his family and community as a respected real estate entrepreneur. That however, was an elaborate and clever cover to defraud many a household of their savings. To top that off he was neck deep in debt and had been stringing along a couple girlfriends on the side. The only decent thing he did was to finally tell the truth, which cleared my mom’s name and saved her the hassle of an expensive legal battle. His deal with the state and federal prosecutors however, left us rather destitute. We lost our house and most of mom’s savings. We were all devastated, but mom was hurt and ashamed the most.

The last straw came one night several weeks after this mess started. I had just graduated from high school. We had moved into a trailer. I had come home from my summer job at the golf course to find my mom and sister tearful and frantic. First my sister then mom had received threatening phone calls, demanding money. It seemed that Dan had not only cheated little old ladies of their savings but also some unsavory characters, who were non-too- happy.

We called the authorities but some of the law enforcement types were never convinced of mom’s innocence. They were not too keen to help. Finally a female FBI Special Agent stepped in and lent a hand. She had been one of the few compassionate figures in the investigation. She advised us to move and coached us on how to legally disguise and conceal our identities. On her end the Special Agent followed up on some of the left over leads from Dan’s fiasco intending to scare off those who may still lurking. It was not the witness protection program but it was enough to take the heat off us. We started over in a new location, barely owning anything.

We moved to a small town in the rural mid west. We were able to find an old farmhouse to move into. It needed quite a bit of work. The deal was that I would be the laborer on the renovation in exchange for rent and meager pay. The owner came by daily and showed me what to do, how to do it and brought in the needed supplies. Since my college plans were on hold. My mom and sister regularly drove the only two vehicles we owned. It was an ideal job for me. I got a bit extra cash on the side and I learned some valuable skills.

The community we moved into was very small. It was very tight-nit and most regarded all outsiders and newcomers with disdain and mistrust. It was even tougher on us since we really did not care to join one of the two churches there. There were no bars or other entertainment except the local high school sporting events.

My options for entertainment were limited. I did spend more time than I should on the net. My former girlfriend no longer wanted anything to do with me. Chatting up my other friends became stale. Porn became an occasional source of relief. Otherwise, I practiced my bass guitar, worked out and regularly watched rented DVD’s, with mom and sis.

My sister, Jane worked at the local dairy queen and was able to make a couple of casual friends. She was also bored and biding her time until she can move away and restart college. Mom worked as a bookkeeper at the local general store and helped some of the farmers and businessmen with their taxes. At home we were buddies küçükçekmece escort and kept each other entertained.

Mom seemed to be a pillar of strength. Though, she did have a temper. I guessed it was a family trait. Mostly she was cheery and up beat. She rarely showed the hurt and embarrassment my sister and I knew she struggled with. My high school friends had all thought she was hot. And she managed to stay trim and keep her attractiveness despite her tough time. I believed that with time she would be all right.

All in all we were safe and that’s what mattered. I kept telling myself that it was just a matter of time before I could get my life back on track. I accepted that my obligations to my mom and my sister superseded any short-term plans I had for myself. Mom always thanked me for the mature way I dealt with all this.

I never knew my dad. He never took any responsibility for my sister and I. In fact he split before I was born. My mom gave me her family name after I was born, O’Hern. I guessed that made me a bastard. Mom and sis were all I had. Mom was proud of how we all stuck together during adversity. That was fine and dandy but it sure did not quench my restlessness or my horniness.

Looking back at my relatively short life, I could not think of anything worse that had happened to us. It was hard for me to fathom then, that from these hard times came incredible experiences that unlocked unimaginable passion.

Part 1

It was an ugly evening. The wind blew the torrential rain sideway, making the windows shudder. I waited in my room. The computer screen provided a dim eerie glow. After a bit I turned my off PC, expecting another blackout. I was bored and a bit worried. Mom was late. It was really unlike her to be late without a call.

Normally, a nineteen year old did not worry so much about the whereabouts of his mom. However, after all we’d been through I couldn’t help it. Besides I was bored out of my skull. She was driving the only available car.

My sister, the lucky twerp, had the other car. She was away touring and interviewing several colleges. She at least got to get out of this shit-hole town for a couple of weeks.

I picked up my bass and hoped the power would not cut out began to play some of my riffs and scales. My mind wandered back to an evening several weeks ago.

Before she went out my sister had confided in me that she was interested in a local man. She’d planned to meet him after she got off work. It had been her manager at work. He’d been about ten years older than her.

“I’m so tired of living like a recluse in this stupid town”, she had said, “I don’t give a shit if he’s my manager I just need to have some fun.”

“Your manager?” I’d said, “He’s married, holy shit Jane are you sure that’s cool?”

“I can care less Russ,” Jane had said indignantly, “I need to do something. I feel like I’m wasting away.”

“But your manger? Aren’t you afraid of losing your job?”

“What do you know? Besides I know you’re no prude. How the hell do you keep from going crazy?’

“I don’t know sis. It’s tough. I just survive. I figure it’s only temporary.”

“You must be some kind of celibate, bro. Or maybe you’re into some really good porn. If you weren’t my brother hell I’d even go out with you.”

“You couldn’t handle me sis.” I had replied.

“Just lay off me bro. And tell me where I can find some of that good porn, you wanker.” She had retorted with smile, playfully punching my shoulder. She had gotten up and left to get ready.

Before I went to sleep later that evening, I had e-mailed her a link to my favorite erotic story sites on the net.

I hadn’t been asleep for too long when I was awakened by the unmistakable voices of mom and sister arguing.

“Where the hell have you been?” I’d heard my mom’s angry voice, waking me from my slumber, “After all we’ve been through, the least you could have done is call me that you’ll be late.”

“Jeez mom what’s the big deal? I was just out trying to have a good time.”

“I saw you earlier with Rick Crandle. Don’t you know he’s married and he’s your boss to boot?”

“Hey I’m an adult and I know what I’m doing”.

“You listen to me young lady,” Mom had used her most stern and serious voice, “You live this house and you’ll follow some basic rules. What the hell are you trying to do? Do want us to get run of town again?”

“I’m not the one who has problems choosing men, mom! I’m going to bed.”

“How dare you throw that in my face. Now sit right down and listen to me…”

“Let go of me mom!” Jane had screamed at her.

“Don’t you dare push me young lady, I’ll show you.”

I had always known better than to get in the middle when those two. Screaming and yelling was one thing. I was frightened, however, that this had gotten out of hand. Like me they had possessed hot tempers. So I’d jumped out bed kurtköy escort and put my lounge pants on as I’d heard them scuffling. I had it made out of my room and down the long upstairs hall when I’d heard the unmistakable rhythmic sound of a spanking. I’d wisely decided to be a little more cautious in my approach.

I had quietly made it to the top of the stairs and looked down into the living room. My sister had struggled hard as mom delivered blow after blow on her bottom. Jane had worn a tight little skirt that evening. It had been pushed up to the top of her thighs. She had wiggled and squirmed across mom’s lap. Mom’s hand had furiously turned the barely exposed bottom folds of my sister’s ass red.

“Ouch” she had screamed, “Please stop”.

“Listen to me,” the blow had continued, “You will never ever strike me again.”

“Ouch, please stop. I’m sorry!”

“You will be a responsible member of this household.”

“Mom, please! I’m sorry I’ll be good I promise.”


“I expect you will act in a matter that’s respectable” Mom had pulled up her skirt revealing a bare, panty-less firm bottom. Red splotches had formed on her upper thighs and ass, “My, my and you will dress respectably too!”

She had punctuated her last statement with several resounding slaps.

“OUCH, please mom I’m sorry, really I am! I’m sorry!”

The spanking had stopped. She had started to gently stroke my sobbing sister’s inflamed bottom.

“Now, now I hope I won’t have to repeat my self in the future.”

In as much as I was glued to this scene I had had enough common sense to withdraw quietly to my room. In the seclusion of my darkened room I had logged on to my computer. Fully aroused I had stayed up all night surfing the web for spanking sites. It was a brief matter of time and a few link clicks away before I stumbled on incest story erotica. However, the sight of my sister’s red ass, getting spanked by her own mom, incessantly drove me to distraction and gnawed at me.

A rumble of thunder snapped me out of my reverie. I contemplated logging on my computer again. I had over time discovered some really hot spanking sites, incest story sites and sites that dealt with older women and younger guys. Now I was not some nerdy compulsive wanker. Shit, I hadn’t had sex for about nine months. I was a healthy and fit nineteen year old after all, living with two hot women.

My sister was small and somewhat skinny. She had a tight little ass. She kept her golden hair short which gave her a pixie look. She had smallish perky tits that jiggled ever so slightly when she wore no bra.

My mother was about five foot seven. She was not like any of the typical MILFs on the net. In other words she was not surgically enhanced in any way. She did however possess a sexy and very curvy figure. Her breasts are ample but not in an exaggerated way. She did have a beautiful hourglass shape. She had long auburn hair that she worn down most of the time. She was a very hot 47 years old.

Being in the same household with both those women, I could not help but admire them and at times be aroused by the casual glimpses of their bodies. The thought having sex with them never seriously crossed my mind beyond the casual fantasy. But I couldn’t help but find the forbidden notion of incest hot.

My thoughts were interrupted by the sound of the front door opening. I made my way downstairs. My mom was shedding her raincoat and putting away her umbrella.

“It’s awful out there,” she smiled.

“Mom, where have you been?” I said, a bit too urgently. Immediately, her demeanor changed.

“Russ, honey, I was just out,” She said hesitantly, “I just had a cup of coffee with someone.”

“Someone? Like who?” I was a bit curious now. I smelled a fait trace of alcohol on her breath. She did not seem drunk though.

“Not that it’s any of your business young man,” She said, trying to regain her composure, “but if you must know, I was with Rick Crandle.”

“Rick Crandle! He’s…” I was flabbergasted, but I knew better than to say that my sister had the hots for him, “He’s married! And he’s, he’s Jane’s boss!”

“Now you listen here Russell O’Hern,” She was getting pretty livid, “I’m not going to put up with your little inquisition. Rest assured nothing happened.”

“Yeah right!”

“What the hell is that supposed to mean?” She moved in real close, pointing her finger at my chest.

“Hell mom, I can smell the booze on your breath.” I really did not feel like backing down nor losing this argument.

“Hey I’m the parent here Russ. I’ll not have you question my judgment.” She poked my chest with her finger.

Something in me snapped. Perhaps it was all my pent up frustration at our current circumstance or maybe her finger poking me, I impulsively said “Yeah like your judgment about your jailbird Danny.”

After I’d said it I immediately and regretfully maltepe escort knew that was low blow.

“I can’t believe you said that Russ,” She grabbed my shirt at the shoulder and pushed me toward the couch, “That’s so unfair. Now you lay off”.

She exerted more force. I definitely did not want to hurt her, but I sure didn’t like being pushed. So I just went with her effort and sat down the couch. That pulled her off balance. She was now leaning over me her hand on my knee.

“Stop pushing me. What the hell am I supposed to think Mom?” I continued, “You say you were out with some married guy and you come home late, smelling of booze.”

She didn’t move. Her fingers dug into my knee. Her other hand repeatedly slapped my chest. “I’m the parent here mister! Now I’m not going to put up with your shit anymore.”

“Then stop attacking me mom.” I grabbed her wrist and twisted her hand away, not letting go.

“Ok, ok just let go, please it hurts.” It seemed the wind was finally out of her sail. “Perhaps we’re both too wound up”, She added.

“Just stop hitting me I hate that.”

“Ok now let go please. You’ve made your point.”

I released the grip on her wrist. She placed both hands on my knees and kissed my cheek. “What’s gotten into us? I’m sorry I just had a bad day.”

I could not pass up this opportunity to sneak a peek down her blouse. Well what could I say, I was a horny nineteen year old. Her breasts looked magnificent, cradled in a frilly lavender bra. Before, I jerked my awareness to the present situation I wondered if she was wearing panties to match. That contact, though borne out of frustration, was somewhat stimulating.

“Well we O’Hern’s are known for our hot blood aren’t we,” She said with a playful chuckle, “I like that about you. Let’s just agree to behave more like adults next time”.

“Adult, huh mom?” I teased, “The last time someone came home late she got a spanking”.

“Oh my, you heard us? Now you should not have been eavesdropping, mister curious George,”

“Hell mom you were loud enough to wake the dead.”

With an impish glitter in her hazel eyes, she removed her hands from my knees and tickled my ribcage, “Besides, I don’t think you have the guts to give your old me a spanking”.

I was very ticklish. I squirmed as she tickled me. And I finally got a hold of both her hands to stave off her assault. Then it fully registered what she said.

My family had had this way of challenging me and getting me to do stuff. “I don’t think you have the guts to do a back flip off the dock,” someone would say. There I’d go, back flipping off the dock. “I don’t think you have the guts to climb that tree.” Up the tree I’d go.

Since her request seemed so audacious I hesitated on acting on her challenge, “I wouldn’t be so sure mom”.

She wiggled a hand free and tried to tickle me some more. She giggled, and clear as a bell, she said it again, “I don’t think you have the guts to give your old lady a spanking”.

As nineteen -year-old male, I was not the swiftest when it came to nuance of social interaction. I knew that. By then there was no mistaking what I was being challenged to do. And as a nineteen-year-old male, I was not going to let that challenge go unanswered.

I pulled her over my lap. I started to lightly spank her bottom. She was wearing a skirt that covered the upper half of her thigh. I vividly remember how her bottom felt as my first tentative slap connected. Even through the fabric of her skirt, her ass felt amazing. It was both firm and soft at the same time. It jiggled so hot under the force of my hand.

She laughed and yelped as I began to spank her. She struggled and wiggled on my lap and tried to stop my blows. She tried to ward of my slaps with her hands. I pushed them away and the intensity of my strikes increased.

“Oh, stop it honey,” She yelped, “That’s starting to sting!”

“I told you I could do it,” I was gaining some courage. My cock stirred in my shorts, “Tell me you’re sorry.”

“Russ,” She hissed, “I am your mother stop this at once. Ouch!”

I did not stop. I held her down tight. She protested. She struggled. My cock was rock hard. I was sure she could feel it pressing on her tummy. It had gotten this far and I didn’t care. My blows were rather hard, raining down on her wonderful ass. I wished that her skirt wasn’t covering it.

“Now mom, tell me you’re sorry.”

“Russ, I’m sorry please, please stop.” She pleaded, “I’m sorry”.

I knew I had to end it but I wanted to prolong this incredible scene as long as possible.

“Sorry for what mom?” I demanded as I slapped her bottom, alternating from one cheek to the other. With my other hand I yanked up her skirt, partially exposing her ass, spanking her harder on her exposed flesh.

“OW! I’m sorry for being late”.


“OH! I’m sorry for pushing you”.


“I’m sorry for hitting you. Please stop. You’ve made your point. Ouch, stop please”.

I stopped spanking her. For what seemed like an eternity she just lay there. We were both breathing hard.

“I guess I deserved that didn’t I?” She spoke softly.

“Mom, I…” I was at loss for words. “I’m sorry. I don’t know what got into me.”

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