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Naughty Grandpa Ch. 7

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“Maman? Comment ca va? C’est moi, ‘Arree…Bien, merci…et toi?”

I make my arrangements in rapid French with Francoise Dupuy, the madam who owns Caesar’s Place and supervises the girls personally. I studied electrical engineering in France for a couple of years in my youth, and whilst my grammar is now is less than classical; we understand each other very well. She thinks I am out of my mind, but concurs that Laryssa needs to be taught a lesson. And as long as her girls don’t miss out…d’accord!”

“Merci Maman…en trente minutes…au revoir.”

“What the hell are you up to Harry?” Jim demands. He is fully dressed again. “Surely you can’t mean to…?”

“Laryssa is going to work a shift at Caesar’s…Maman will take care of her and match her with the right customers…you know how clever she is at that…and I will watch to make sure things don’t get out of hand. You can be Laryssa’s first client if you wish.”

Secretly, I also want to make sure that my granddaughter doesn’t enjoy her ‘work’ too much!

Maman crouches like a corpulent black spider just inside the entrance to Caesar’s Palace. She is originally from Senegal and, even at her age, her skin shines like polished ebony. Once, over forty years ago, she was a famous prostitute in Marseilles. I have seen photographs of her as a young woman. She was a great beauty then, but now she weighs at least 300 pounds. But even so, I hear there are still a select few who enjoy her favours. Maman was a lot smarter than most other girls in the trade, saving her money and eventually setting up the first of a chain of ‘houses’ catering to the often exotic needs of the rich and famous. When she sold out and retired to this country a few years ago, she found that she missed ‘the profession’ too much, so she set up Caesar’s as her retirement hobby. I have been a valued customer, now friend, ever since her opening night and she greets me with affection when Laryssa, Jim and I arrive.

“My, you are a very pretty one, ma petite! The gentlemen especially like les lunettes.” Maman beckons Laryssa to her and gently squeezes the girl’s breasts and buttocks and tests the flesh at her waist between finger and thumb for adipose fat. Laryssa is so mesmerised by the sight of the huge woman that she allows herself to be handled without objecting.

Maman lifts up Laryssa’s school uniform skirt to assess her legs. “Aaah, cherie, you are a dancer, I can tell…tres bon!” And then slips three fat bejewelled fingers into Layrssa’s panties to feel her pussy.

She nods approvingly to me, “She is naturally wet…that is very good…but we will have some lubricant just the same. And she does not flinch at being touched. She will do well.”

Turning to Laryssa she asks, ”Now then, ma cherie, are you vierge…virgin?”

Laryssa shakes her head, “No ma’am…”

“Merde! I know a fine, very rich man who would have paid 10,000 dollars for such a pretty little chou!” Maman slides her thumb inside Laryssa’s snatch, her only digit that is not covered with rings. “But you are still nice and tight!” she murmurs approvingly, “You will be very popular…

“Ok, ‘Arree, she can do it. If she earns any extra tips she can keep them.”

“No, Maman, every sou goes to the other girls.”

Maman shrugs her shoulders, “D’accord!” She appears to be very reluctant to take her hand out of my granddaughter’s panties.

“There is one last thing, Maman, she will do everything else, but she does not do sadomasochism or anal.”

“You have not taken her there yet?”

“No, not yet au derrière…but soon…but not SM, not ever.”

Maman nods approvingly once more, “No, you are not like that…but the other! Then if she is naughty, you will have to bring her back again…I know of many who would enjoy her as the meat in their sandwich. Mais oui, especially three black gentlemen…they are brothers…one of whom is a judge. They are, how you say, ‘hung like a horse’ and enjoy to make a ménage a quatre all at once.”


Maman laughs, “I think La Petite Larree likes the idea…she has suddenly become very wet!”

I hurriedly change the subject, nodding towards Jim; “He is her first customer.”

As if by magic a strikingly buxom young blonde woman in her mid-twenties appears through a side door. Maman must have some kind of electric buzzer set up beneath her desk that she presses with her knee to summon her minions. “Ah, Tara, take Laryssa to la chambre douze and show her where everything is. Also, she is une etudiante…tell her about les convenances. And then take Monsieur ‘Arree to the viewing room.”

Removing her hand from Laryssa’s crotch at last, topkapı escort she licks the girl’s juices from her fingers. “Tu est tres gentille, ma petite,” she murmurs. “We must not have accidents…all of your men will know they must use the condoms, but you also must insist. It is up to you to ask when you take them in your mouth, but I think you like the taste too much.”

I settle down with a bottle of Dom Perignon at my side to watch the action, and to make sure that my ‘no SM’ and ‘no anal’ instructions are followed. Tara offers to stay with me and provide ‘other services’, but I refuse; although I do ask her to stand by to bring more wine if I call.

Maman’s fat fingers must be very busy dialling her special clients, because, after Jim, Laryssa has a steady stream of customers – seventeen in all. Poor old Jim has problems getting it up at the beginning and Laryssa has to make him ready with her mouth. Eventually she spreads her legs and welcomes him into her warmth, but then he finishes almost before he gets going. He departs very disappointed with life.

She is clumsy fitting the condoms at first, but by customer number five Laryssa is putting them on with her mouth like an expert. Between every john, she washes and lubricates herself and puts her school uniform back on, and a clean pair of panties supplied by the house. It is amazing how many guys take her briefs away with them as a souvenir.

All of Laryssa’s clients are in their mid-forties and upwards and not every one of them wants to fuck her. I recognise her first real john as the principal of the local high school. He must have developed extreme schoolgirl fantasies over the years, because he only wants to lie on the floor and look up her skirt at her panties while he jacks off.

Client number two is more conventional. Although he still makes Laryssa keep her uniform on, he soon has his stubby fat prick buried hard in her snatch and is humping like crazy. The sight of a total stranger giving it to my little girl sends a sharp tingle through my groin and my finger hovers over the button that will summon Tara, but for the time being I resist.

Two of the guys only want to stick their heads under her skirt and lick her pussy and butt hole while they jerk off. My granddaughter puts on a splendid pretence of cumming for them, which earns her extra tips. She stripteases for another two whilst they too help themselves out. At least three get her to suck them and then they splatter their jism on her face. She manages to deep throat a fourth guy who only wants head, and gets a huge tip in return.

The weirdest weirdo makes her squat over his face and piss in his mouth. He also asks her to crap on his chest, but Laryssa politely tells him, “That is not in the contract.” The second ‘weirdo place-getter’ ties her spreadeagled to the bed and cums spontaneously while he tickles her with a large feather.

I marvel at how ‘normal’ I am whilst I watch those two perform!

A polite little Oriental bows deeply after she has given him a good time and offers her a permanent position, including an apartment of her own, back home in Osaka. Laryssa thanks him sweetly, but says that she has to finish her schooling first. This arouses him again so much that he pays for extra time with her.

One dumbo tries to take her in the ass and ends up being thrown out on the street still stark naked by Maman’s 6ft 8inch, 350lbs bouncer. So, I am not the only one keeping a lookout for my granddaughter. I suspect it is Maman herself. He stupid jerk doesn’t get what he wants, but still has to pay, and will never be allowed back into Caesar’s again!

Eventually, I see that Laryssa is beginning to tire, so I call Tara in and tell her to ask Maman to call a halt. Tara tells me that there is one last customer waiting, “Will that be all right?” I give her the ‘ok’, “But this one is definitely the last, right?”

“Absolutely!” she promises.

Customer number seventeen is Maman herself. I have never seen her on her feet before tonight, let alone naked; a great black mountain of flesh with huge dugs hanging down to her waistline being helped up onto the bed by two of her minions. The mattress sags beneath her enormous weight as Maman spreads her massive hams wide and beckons Laryssa to come and service her. Her pussy is shaved utterly bald and looks minuscule in relation to the rest of her, almost as if she is still a very young child.

My little whore evidently does an excellent job bringing Maman to a spectacularly, jiggling, rolling, earthquake of an orgasm. The woman-mountain then effortlessly picks tuzla escort Laryssa up and plants her astride her face so that she can burrow her thick purple lips and tongue amongst the young girl’s juicy folds. And when Maman slides her well-lubricated thumb into Laryssa’s tiny butt-hole, “To make some room for your grand-père,” my little granddaughter cums for the first and only time that evening; as I do into Tara’s busily working mouth.

It is after 4.00am when we get home. We lie close in each other’s arms in my bed and I ask her, “Well, my lovely one, did you enjoy being a whore tonight?”

“Not very much, Grandpa, some of those men were seriously weird!”

“That’s the way it is when you are a whore, darling, you have to take your customers as they come. Would you like to be a whore again?”

“Only if I’m your personal whore, Grandpa…”

“Thank you Sweetheart. But what about next time you are naughty?”

“I don’t mind if you smack my bottom again…that made me feel all hot inside…and when you came on my tummy while you were doing it…that was awesome!”

“But, how about the guys who had sex with you ‘normally’? Didn’t you even like that?”

“Poor Uncle Jim, I felt really sad for him; he wanted to do it with me so much. But, he couldn’t make it work because he knew you were watching! The others were ok…a couple of them were quite nice…but, I didn’t cum with any of them.”

“Whores don’t cum. They only pretend, just like you did to please your customers.”

“Tara told me I had to do that, Grandpa…”

“And what about Uncle Jim…do you really feel sorry for him? Shall I ask him around for lunch later today for a second chance?”

“You are very kind to him, Grandpa…”

Jim sits in his chair warily ‘on edge’, thinking I am sneering at his pathetic performance with Laryssa last night. But he brightens considerably when she joins us dressed in her terry-cotton robe. First, she sits on the arm of my chair and leans to me for a long sexy kiss on the lips. Then, she moves over to where Jim is sat, descends daintily into his lap and nuzzles a soft platonic kiss to his cheek. My granddaughter looks enquiringly over to me and I nod my assent.

Slowly, she pulls the top of her robe to one side to show Jim one gorgeous, hard-tipped breast. He is uncertain if this is an offer, or whether he is being teased once more. Laryssa places a hand on the back of his neck and pushes him down to take the dark pink nubbin between his lips. She strokes his hair while he suckles on her nipple and for the next few minutes, the only sound in the room is the rising crescendo of Laryssa’s soft moans and her and Jim’s heavy breathing. Then she reaches for his hand and leads it into the lower half of her robe, up the inside of her thigh and onto the warm, wet, slippery lips of her pussy. She spreads her legs wide so that I can see Jim’s fingers playing on her, delving into her folds, and sliding into the clinging tunnel of her vagina. Liquid sounds join the moans and ragged breaths. The smell of her arousal reaches me where I am sat across the other side of the room.

Laryssa flashes a pleading look in my direction and I nod my assent again. She whispers into Jim’s ear and in seconds, they are making their way hand-in-hand from the room. Just as they reach the doorway, I cough meaningfully. Jim reaches into his pocket and with a huge smile shows me that he has remembered the rules. I allow them a few minutes alone, then make my way to join them.

My agreement with Laryssa is that she is not to take Jim to her room and she has kept her part of the bargain. I pause for a moment outside my bedroom door to listen to the creaking bed and familiar shuddering moans of my granddaughter in the midst of sexual congress. My already hard cock becomes a throbbing, aching bar of flesh and, not for the first time, I wonder what I have unleashed in this last week.

They are naked. Laryssa is riding him, kneeling upright astride his hips and undulating her satin sheath around his cock. She has clearly told Jim not to touch her body as his hands just clasp the sides of her knees. His eyes are closed in an ecstasy of concentration at the pleasure my granddaughter is giving him. Immediately Laryssa sees me, she gestures me to join them, to strip off and bring my blood-pounding shaft to her eager lips.

Jim feels my weight make the bed sway and opens his eyes. When Laryssa deep throats my entire length in one smooth gulp, he explodes convulsively into her. She grips the base of his cock to keep the condom in place in the way Tara taught her until she feels his pulses cease, pendik escort then releases me from her mouth at the same time as she slides his shrinking tool from inside her.

Easing onto the bed beside Jim on her back, Laryssa spreads her legs wide and holds out her arms, “Come to me, Grandpa!” she murmurs throatily, “Love me!”

Her smooth legs wrap around my back and her hands grip my buttocks hard, dragging me deeper into her. Laryssa goes wild beneath me, wantonly rubbing her belly and chest up to mine, thrashing her pelvis to meet my lunging thrusts and, in her passion, biting my biceps where I am supporting myself on my elbows. She cums with a sobbing howl of “Grandpaaaaa!” and rakes my shoulders with her fingernails.

I flip her over onto her face in the midst of her cataclysm and mount her from behind. A few more thrusts and Laryssa cums again, just as fiercely as before and this time it seems to go on forever. She tries to buck me off, complaining, “It is too much, Grandpa!” But then she growls in her throat and gasps, “Oh Grandpa! I’m cumming again!”

This time I release with her and we conjoin in that melting ecstasy that makes us one entity.

We lay on our sides facing Jim, with me behind my granddaughter spoon-fashion with my now relaxed cock nestled in the crack of her bottom. As our shuddering breathing subsides, Laryssa sees that Jim is hard once more. “Stay where you are, Grandpa,” she murmurs dreamily and then beckons Jim to her. With dextrous movements, she dresses his stiff pole in a condom and then welcomes him into her.

I feel each of Jim’s thrusts transmitted against my belly by her firm buttocks and my cock returns to hardness. She clenches her butt cheeks around my shaft while she rhythmically grips his lunging pole with her inner muscles. I feel his final stretching, shaking lunge as he empties his balls and almost immediately afterwards the gentle tremble as Laryssa cums yet again, only this time very quietly and without passion. Afterwards, she strokes the side of his face with her palm and says, “Thank you, Uncle Jim…that was nice.”

When Laryssa has made sure that he is safely out of her, the three of us lie together silently for a few minutes. When she sees that Jim is starting to doze, Laryssa taps him on the shoulder and tells him, “Uncle Jim, it is time for you to leave now.”

“Stay there, Grandpa, and wait for me to come back,” Laryssa tells me as she and Jim climb from the sex-rumpled bed. She puts on her robe and goes to the bathroom while Jim gets dressed. My old friend and I do not exchange a word. In fact, Jim does not even look at me.

When she returns from escorting Jim to the front door, I ask my granddaughter, “What was all that about?”

“I was telling him not to come back here, or try to see me, ever again.” Then she drops her robe to the floor and rejoins me on the bed. I imagine that Jim did not take kindly to such demands from a mere slip of a teenager and ask, “How did Jim react?”

“He said he would talk to you about it…what will you say if he does?”

“I will tell him that Laryssa is ‘The Boss’, her body is hers alone.”

She encircles me with her arms and thighs, pressing her warm soft belly and breasts to mine, and murmurs; “I adore you, Grandpa! Make love with me…make long, lovely love with me.”

Our exploration of each other is gentle, intensely passionate, and it lasts for the rest of the afternoon until it begins to turn dark. Then, after a shared shower and a light meal, we turn in early, in her bed for the night. My granddaughter has to go to school in the morning.

Snuggling drowsily up to me, Laryssa asks, “Are you really going to do it in my bottom, like you told Maman? I felt your willie grow big again when Uncle Jim was having sex with me and I thought you might do it then.”

“Maybe…your little bum cheeks felt delicious squeezing around my cock while you were doing it with Jim, and I wondered if it would be possible. But, we would need to get you properly prepared…”

“You willie felt so nice there too…when?”

“Do you absolutely want to do it?”

“Yes, I think so, Grandpa. If I cum just like I did when Maman put her finger in there, it will be very nice…”

“Ok then, we have a date…but not before your Mom and Dad get home. You will have to ask them if you can come and stay with me at my house for a whole weekend…”

“That will be lovely…” My sweet angel yawns and cuddles up closer to me cupping my balls in her soft palm. She is falling asleep, but still asks, “And will you write and tell Literotica all about it…like you did about you and me all the other times?”

“I will tell them about today, my beloved, but not about that. I think I’ll just let them imagine how wonderfully peachy your little bottom is and how we both enjoy it when you take me in there…”

“That’s good…I love you, Grandpa…”

“Me too, Sweetheart…sleep tight…”

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