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Nightdreams Ch. 02

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She woke in her parent’s bed, instantly aware of her Daddy’s sleeping form next to her and now remembering what she had done. The taste of her Daddy’s juice was still in her mouth, only now not nearly so salty sweet as it was last night. She slipped out of bed carefully trying not to wake her parents and backed quietly from the room. Down the hall in her own room, she stepped into her bath and quickly brushed her teeth. Then she heard the heavy footsteps of her mother, rousing for her morning trip to the kitchen and her usual first dose of painkillers. Looking in the mirror, she made a pouty face at the realization that she would not be able to creep back into her Daddy’s bed now. The frown did not last long, as she began to inspect her face in the mirror. Long thick red hair, sleek and soft, framed a lightly freckled face with rose hued cheeks, a dimpled smile, and soft sensuous lips. Her eyes, a smoky green, with flecks of brown and an amber ring, were offset by long dark lashes and always drew everyone’s attention directly to them. She smiled, remembering how her Daddy once said her eyes were “exotic”. And how she could make the boys at school do almost anything just by looking at them that way. She smiled.

He felt his wife get out of bed, her heavy frame shaking the mattress as she levered herself to her feet, and then plod to the bathroom. He remained motionless; feigning sleep, as his thoughts of last night came rushing back to him. In fact, he could still feel her warmth on the sheet next to him. And his cock stirred and stiffened at the thoughts….of her soft warm hand…..and the amazing sweetness of her mouth. He wondered, what did she think of about it all? Was she upset? Frightened? Did she believe he was only dreaming? What would he say if she said something to her mother? With those fears, his erection faded, and he rolled over to bury his face in the pillow. What had he done??

An hour later, as she typed away on AIM with her friends, she heard her Daddy’s familiar footsteps coming down the hall. She quickly closed the window where her best friend, Becca, and she had been earnestly engaged in a discussion about sex and stuff with an older guy they had found in a chatroom. He was trying to cyber them as hard as he could…..and Becca was playing him along for the fun of tormenting yet another guy….but what she found most interesting was the language. The words. It wasn’t a thing…..it was a cock, or a dick, or a prick. And his juice was really called his cum. And she could not stop thinking about how hot and salty sweet her Daddy’s cum was. Or how soft and smooth his cock felt on her lips. She bounced up from the chair and ran out into the hall just in time to wrap both arms around his neck and jump up in his strong arms.

“Morning, Daddy! Did you sleep well?” she asked, covering his cheeks and lips with a rapid fire series of pecks.

The impact almost made him lose his balance and he tightened his grip around her, his face blinded by the swirl of red hair and the brilliant grinning smile of his little girl as she kissed his face all over. In his arms, he could feel the soft warmth of her skin through her t-shirt and the pillowy firmness of her breasts now pressed against his chest. Did he sleep well? He leaned back and tried to look into her eyes, but she refused to meet them. Instead, she tore loose and bounded away down the hall, turning only to flash him a smile and offer “I’ll get your breakfast, Daddy.”

Did he sleep well? She knew. She had to know. And she did not seem upset at all. Amazing. Flat-out fucking amazing. He paused to rearrange his now swollen cock and continued down the hall to the kitchen.

She flew through the kitchen, working around her mother as she sat slumped over her coffee, to make her Daddy’s breakfast for him. Normally, he just ate cereal but she knew he really liked eggs, so she broke three of them in a skillet for him. Then, with a smile, broke two more for herself.

“Do you want some eggs, mum?” she asked her mother, “I am making some for Daddy.”

Her mother only grunted something that sounded like a no….never even opening her eyes. As the eggs cooked, she tossed a half dozen strips of bacon in the microwave and grabbed some bread for toast. In just a minute, about the time it took for him to get his coffee and sit down, she was placing a plateful of eggs over medium, with bacon and buttered toast before him. Then sat down beside him with a plate of her own.

He watched her work, all smiles and youthful energy, and proud of herself for doing such a good job and for taking care of her Daddy. He could not help but notice….again…the little signs of his baby girl turning into a woman. Her breasts were firm and full, probably already pushing pass the B-cup he last remembered buying her, and her low-cut t-shirt top revealed an enticingly seductive glimpse of cleavage. Her ass was likewise becoming womanly, firm çatalca escort and round, and he could instantly recall how smooth it had felt against his palm from the burning memories last night had left him with. In contrast, her mother just sat slumped in a perpetually drugged state, her mouth gaping open, her hair unbrushed and tangled. She had put on a lot of weight over the last two years as her back injury healed and she fell into a deep addiction to painkillers and valium. But the worst was the slack look on her face and the dumpy, plodding way she moved. Gone was the girl he had married, the vivacious, energetic, charming lass he had worked so hard so court. Gone to prefer a life of stoned sleep, evidently. She refused to admit she had a problem, and blamed everything on the pain. He was not so sure, not sure enough to insist, and suspicious enough to become resentful. But vow are vows and besides, who would leave? She was unable to care for herself and there was no way he was going to leave his daughter to deal with this. So, he finished eating, rose and kissed his wife on the forehead.

“Off to work, dear. See you tonight” he said.

She muttered something in response and he turned to leave.

“Bye, Daddy!” she called as he rose from the table, stepping over to the garage door to kiss him goodbye on his way past. As he approached, she smiled widely and was rewarded with seeing the dark clouds that had crossed his face disappear.

“Have fun in school today, babydoll” he replied and leaned down for his kiss.

Instead of the normal quick peck, she dared to kiss him full on the mouth, their lips softly melding for a second, maybe a half a second longer, just enough to make her heart race in her chest and enough, obviously, to leave him standing there wide-eyed. Then he blinked and stepped through the door. She just stood in the doorway for a second to wave before turning to get ready for school herself.

It was late when he finally got home, having to stay for yet another after-hours discussion about the upcoming merger. He pulled into the drive and noticed the house was pretty much already dark, with the only light coming from the living room. Tapping the garage door opener as he turned the corner, it was up already when he reached it. He swung his black Tahoe into the garage and tapped it again to shut it behind him. In a routine practiced over the years, he hung the keys on a rack by the door and walked over to the office to set his briefcase inside the door. He could hear the television on in the living room and walked down the hall to see who left it on. As he came around the corner, he saw both his wife and daughter asleep. His wife was covered with a blanket on the recliner and his little girl was sleeping on her back on the sofa. She was so incredibly beautiful, he thought. So angelic just lying there and yet…..so desirable that he ached inside just to touch her. He leaned over, his eyes watching the rise and fall of her breasts beneath her nightgown, the slight parting of her lips as she slept. He glanced up at his sleeping wife. And sighed. With a gentle stroke of his finger along her jaw, he woke his daughter up to send her to bed.

She heard him come in and glanced over to make certain her mother was still asleep, then rolled to her back and smoothed her nightgown over her breasts. Then she closed her eyes and tried to steady her breathing enough to look like she was sleeping. She heard his footsteps near, then she could smell his aroma and knew he must be standing next to her. She waited for his touch, wondering if he would….where he would. Then she heard him sigh, a sigh rich in frustration, and felt his hand brush her cheek.

“Wake up, dollface, time to go to bed” he whispered.

She blinked her eyes open and pretending to be just waking. “Oh, okay, Daddy” she yawned, then puckered her lips for a kiss.

He bent down and gave her one, just as soft and warm as the one she gave him this morning. She smiled. Then he turned to wake up mummy. She rose from the sofa, clutching the teddy bear he bought her long ago, and wandered down the hall to her room.

An hour later, sleep would still not come. His wife was snoring heavily beside him and the events of the day kept returning to plague his thoughts, but all these were mere intrusions into his near obsession with his young daughter. Only just barely 18 years old, at once nearly a woman and yet still so childlike. And so damn sexy! The memory of her touch last night left him aching and he lay there, hoping against hope that she might come back. But the minutes passed and she did not. Finally, now two in the morning, he gave in to the constant urges and carefully swung out of bed. Glancing back to make certain his wife was still sleeping, he walked to the door and then down the hall. His daughter’s room was there before him, her door left slightly ajar, and esenyurt escort her sleeping form visible on the bed. He slipped inside and walked silently to her bedside. She was sleeping on her back, her hair splayed behind her head and her lips parted slightly. Her breasts rose and fell in a slow rhythm with her breathing and he noticed her nightgown happened to button up the front. His eyes fell on the firm swell of her breast under the soft flannel fabric, mesmerizing him with an allure too strong for any man to resist. Slowly, he reached down and let his fingers slide along the lower curve of her left breast. He almost shuddered as the supple flesh beneath the cloth surrendered at his touch. His fingers continued around the swell and reached the buttons of her night gown.

She woke to the feeling of someone touching her breast, her eyes opening to the sight of her Daddy leaning over her. Quickly, she shut them again before he could notice she was awake. His finger was sliding around her breast and leaving a line of tingling flesh behind it that was almost impossible to bear. Her Daddy was touching her breast!! Then she felt his fingers at her buttons and felt her insides quiver, knowing what he was about to do…..what he was about to see. She felt the first button release and then the next. Carefully, she cracked her eyelids a tiny bit to see what he was doing. However, the first thing she saw was his white underwear, the jockey shorts all pushed out by his huge thing…..his cock. She felt her little pussy tingle at the thought that it was touching her that had made her Daddy’s cock so big. And hard, remembering how it felt in her hands and mouth last night. Suddenly, she felt a coolness on her skin and saw her Daddy’s hand lifting the lapel of her nightgown up to reveal her naked breast. She quickly closed her eyes again as she saw him turn his head to look at her face and lay there as still as she could while he slowly lifted the other side to expose her breasts completely.

He caught his breath as he lifted her nightgown away from her left breast, exposing the milky white skin of her virgin breast, capped with a small pink nipple that sprung erect from the cool night air. He thought he saw her move and glanced back to her face to make certain she was still sleeping. Then he returned his attention to her chest, lifting the other half of her nightgown to reveal both breasts fully. It was so fucking amazing. So white, so perfect. Perfect little nipples. With a light scattering of freckles from her shoulders just to the first swelling of her breasts and a slight crease in her upper belly marking the youthful musculature of her abdominal wall and pointing the way to her still hidden pussy. He reached again for her left breast with his left hand, now cupping the warm soft flesh and thrilling at the smoothness of her skin. With his right hand, he freed his cock and began stroking it…..his eyes fixed on the nubile breast in his hand, squeezing and caressing it softly.

She felt her Daddy’s hand cup her breast like fire, his touch igniting something inside her she had never felt before and she trembled just slightly. Then she dared to peek again and saw her Daddy’s massive cock in his hand, with him stroking it up and down as he stared at her chest….at the breast he was burning up with his hand. She could feel a tingling wetness in her groin spreading upward and outward and her nipples ached like never before. But her eyes could not leave the sight of his cock, all purple and red, sliding back and forth in her Daddy’s fist. She tried hard to pretend to be asleep as her Daddy’s hands caressed her breasts, now shifting back and forth between them….sometimes his large hands covering both of them at once…..his fingers teasing her aching nipples, nipples that needed something more…..not certain what….just more. And all the while, she kept her slitted eyes on his cock……flashing now in and out of his fist as he jerked it back and forth. Suddenly, a shudder racked her body, coming faster than she could catch it and she felt his hand fly from her breast.

He almost had a heart attack when she moved, jerking his hand away and turning to keep her from seeing his cock as he tried to make it to the door before she woke enough to see him there. And he almost made it, just going through the doorway as her heard her voice behind him.


His heart stopped in his chest. What would he say? How could he possibly explain being in here? Did she know what he had been doing?

“Come cuddle with me” she asked, softly pleading. “Please?”

He turned around slowly.

“Come cuddle with you?” he replied. She had turned towards him, her half-open nightgown nearly covering her chest again. Nearly, but not quite, as one beautiful breast still peeked from below the edge.

“Aren’t you a little old for cuddling, sweetheart?” he asked, stepping etiler escort closer to her bed, trying to be nonchalant about the huge swelling in his underwear.

“Never too old to cuddle with my Daddy. ” she smiled and turned over to offer him a place at her back.

Unable to resist what he knew was a really dangerous idea, he slipped in beside her. Her warmth beckoned him and he reached around her body, pulling her close against him. His face sunk into her hair, sweet with the fragrance of her shampoo, as his arm circled her waist. And he felt the unbearable presence of her ass against his now ragingly hard cock.

She trembled slightly as he climbed in beside her, almost shaking as his body pressed against her from behind. She felt his fingers against her belly and felt him pull her back, the pressure of his cock hard against her ass. She smiled to herself and gave him a little wiggle, rewarded with hearing his breath catch and release in a little groan. They lay still for only a minute or two and she could almost feel his heart beating against her back, except for the pounding of her own. Then his fingers moved again…..sliding upward, just to the edge of her breast….then pausing. He slipped his right arm under her head and she reached up with her right hand to grasp his, entwined their fingers, squeezing three times in the secret code he had taught her when she was maybe four or five “I” “love” “you.” He squeezed back the reply, four warm pulses from the large hand that still nearly swallowed hers. “I” “love” “you” “too”. Then he lifted his left hand and slipped it in against the bare flesh of her belly, just below her right breast. He paused there only a second and then she felt his warm hand engulf the flesh of her breast, her nipple raking against his palm. She gasped and reflexively arched her back, driving her ass harder against his cock and her head back against his shoulder. Without thinking, she turned her head to face him and their lips touched…softly meeting in a kiss that grew more wild and passionate every second as his hand squeezed and kneaded her breast.

He was lost now and he knew it, as he kissed his baby girl with a fervor he had not felt in what seemed like a lifetime. Her soft breasts surrendered to his hand, her soft flesh warm and babysoft to his touch as her mouth opened beneath him. Their lips met and swirled in a melding embrace, warm, wet passionate kisses that consumed his soul with every breath she gave him. His tongue dared on its own, lightly stroking her upper lip and she pressed her mouth tighter against him, turning now to wrap both arms around his head. He turned also, now leaning over her supine body, his hand cupping and stroking her breasts, teasing her nipples with light squeezes and little twisting pinches, as he kissed her with a passion that felt as if his soul was leaving his body. Her body twisted beneath him, returning his kiss with every ounce of passion he put in it and radiating heat like a furnace. He slipped his hand from her breasts and let it slide down her belly…..leaning into her and kissing her even more ferociously as he did so, until his hand slipped into her panties and brushed against the soft hair of her innocent sweet pussy.

She never knew anything could feel like this and threw her body at him, trying to absorb more and more of this sensation coursing through her. Her Daddy’s hands and lips were lighting her on fire to the point where she no longer knew quite what was happening…..until his fingers slipped into her private little pussy. In that instant of electric contact, something in her screamed NOOO!!! and her body bucked against his hands. But then something else took over and she wrapped her arms still more tightly around his head and kissed him with a fierceness she had never even imagined she could feel. His fingers probed inside her little petals and opened her up, as she spread her legs wide to accommodate him. His fingers stroked and danced around the edges and teased at her tiny hole before zeroing in on the little nubbin at the top of her slit….that special place that she so liked to play with herself. Only Daddy knew how to do it even better!! His fingers stroked her little clit up and down, fast and feather soft at the same time, as she now kissed him wide open mouthed, tongues tingling and dancing together. She felt her pussy gushing wetness and a pulsing need beginning to build in her loins. She dropped back with a gasp as he flicked a fingertip across her clit and looked up to see the most handsome man in the whole world….her Daddy….looking right down at her with a look that seemed like a mixture of awe and hunger. Then, suddenly, he dipped his head and sucked one cherry nipple into his mouth. She gasped out loud and gripped his head with both hands, holding him tight against her. His lips sucking at her nipple….that something she never knew she needed……his fingers stroking her clit…..the amazing warmth of his body…how strong he was as she clung to his head…..and the pulsing in her pussy that became such a throbbing, aching need. Something driving her to move against his fingers, to crush his face against her breast, to press her body completely around him…..her…..sweet……

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