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One Weekend: Four Hits

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My older sister Yvonne came home from the USA where she’d been living for the last ten years. It was a three week visit during the Christmas holidays and was her first time back home since she’d left. She’d always been a little thick, but now that thickness had become way beyond little. She had literally blown out over the years abroad. Fortunately though, in this case, not blown out of proportion; she had become fat but maintained shape.

Her waist and belly, though fleshy hadn’t surrendered to weight gain in the same way her ass, thighs, arms, legs and boobs had. Her five foot six two hundred and twenty pounds physique looked like something out of a porn movie, so she was a pleasing eyeful for a fat woman, if that was your preference. It wasn’t mine, I like them slim with pert tits and pert ass that bounced about. But I had to give jack his jacket, or Yvonne, her blouse, she looked good – with the added attraction of smooth light-brown skin, and a pretty round face, as in knockout pretty – with big round, hazel eyes, a small straight nose, and small but full-lipped pouty mouth and a little pointy chin.

Several weeks before Yvonne’s return she had shipped four jumbo barrels that she had spent more than a year filling with foodstuff, clothes and a host of other useful items to be shared among family – a normal Caribbean thing – and a few old friends. The barrels had been ready for upliftment the day before she flew in. my parents took care of that. Two days after returning, on a Friday afternoon, found Yvonne and me making a trip into the countryside to drop off gifts for mom’s youngest sister, Theresa and her family. Mom had sent a handwritten note via a bus driver relative to tell them to expect us.

This was the eighties before the days of cell phones or even widespread land lines, except for in the city – no internet, PC, or tablets, no cd’s, only audio cassettes and a few TVs and VCRs here and there. We got our information from radio, magazines and newspaper. Weighed down with four huge shopping bags we exited the taxi we’d caught after coming off the bus on the highway, and stood in front of the little three bedroom country cottage. It was obvious from the condition of the yard and house that they weren’t doing well, but had done a little sprucing up for their guests. We were warmly greeted.

I was especially taken aback by my nineteen year old cousin Miriam, whom I hadn’t seen in four years. She was a knockout with smooth mid-brown skin and my preferred figure as described above. She was mixed, her dad being Indian. The pert pointy tits bounced friskily under the light blouse when she walked. She had the family trait of tiny waist, wide hips, and prominent behind. Though slim, her roundness, suggested impending thickening out like most of our family females, in years to come. Her mom, Aunt Theresa, was the thick version of Miriam, without being gross or flabby at age forty. They both had the rich mid-brown complexion, with skin as smooth as a baby’s.

The joy fueled by the gifts and money shared out had everyone including me feeling happy and lightheaded. They hadn’t expected anything, even half of what Yvonne brought to them, and it being Christmas time made it extra appreciated. They had new clothes some money and handy gifts. We became even more light-headed when, after things settled down, uncle Hemant, Aunt Theresa’s Indian husband, sent Miriam and the two younger boys to a nearby liquor shop to purchase rum and beers. My aunt wasn’t too thrilled, accusing her husband of always grasping at every opportunity to get drunk. He asked her what else could he do for entertainment in his crippled state. She reminded him that he’d been a drinker before the accident, but relented, mostly because, I suspected to avoid a scene.

Three years ago Hemant had been in an accident on the job, due to his own inebriated negligence, which left him with a smashed hip and spinal injury. He had been unable to walk or stand and was only now managing to hobble a bit with the help of crutches. He wasn’t coping well with the reality that he would be partially crippled for the rest of his life, with only meagre insurance benefits, and had taken to drinking heavily and being quarrelsome and miserable. We spent the next few hours drinking and chatting and listening to music on a little cassette player Hemant’s brother who lived not too far away, brought.

It was after eleven PM when Yvonne and I retired to the little room the two boys had vacated for our use. It had one single bed which they shared. Miriam and the youngest child, a nine year old girl shared a similar room and bed. After producing mats, sheets, blankets and old blinds, intended for the making of a bed on the floor for one of us, Aunt Theresa jokingly said we could spin a coin to see who gets which. Yvonne volunteered to make up the floor bed for me, of course, but then after going through all the trouble of neatly spreading the bedding into a nice six by three floor mattress, ataşehir escort bayan she said that we could share the real bed like we used to do as kids up until she turned fourteen when a double bunk was bought and she got the top while I slept at the bottom.

“We’ll just share the damn bed if it could take our combined weight, it’s not like we never shared a bed before, remember?” Yvonne said. Looking and sounding very tipsy.

I took a bath first in the outdoor bathroom where I poured cold water from a large tub onto my skin with a dugout calabash. Yvonne bathed next, only after Miriam and the other girl agreed to stand guard, and the boys looked about the yard for possible snakes lurking about, first. Everybody laughed at her. I got into the pajama pants I’d brought, I never slept in tops. I found myself fantasizing about Miriam and her little pointy tits and bouncy ass. She’d been obviously flirting with me all evening. I was surprised that her parents let her drink, but it was obvious she was a rebel and used to having her own way. She also had a bit of a foul mouth and seemed to enjoy swearing and shocking, and initiating riske conversations.

She’d been staring at me and sending messages with her eyes, mouth and body movements, which could be interpreted only one way – she had fuck on her mind and I was the intended target. I was hard most of the time, from simply looking at her flirt. Auntie had also been looking at me strangely, and occasionally locked eyes with me, for several seconds, on one occasion. I was sure she had noticed Miriam’s interest in me, and was trying to ‘sus’ me out to see if there were signs of mutual interest on my part. She was probably worried.

Although they were mother and daughter, it still amazed to see how much they resembled each other. I couldn’t help noticing how Theresa’s big ass bounced under the soft, short, armless cotton shift, one of the many items Yvonne had brought for her. I didn’t even try not to notice. Before Yvonne went away she and her aunt had been close though eight years apart in age.

Aunt Theresa was a beautiful woman, with forever sparkling brown eyes, a wide sensual nose and full, roundish lips on a heart shaped face. Despite her being my aunt I let myself admire and enjoy the vision of loveliness in a sexual way, which included hardons when she stared at me. Once when she uncrossed her legs while sitting across from me I got a glimpse of smooth upper, inner thighs and my eyes lingered for some time. I looked up to find her watching me and blushed with embarrassment. I had to remind myself that she was my mother’s sister. She quickly re-crossed her legs. Following that my cock reared every time our eyes met. I thought I saw sadness in those eyes. At twenty four my hormones were still somewhat out of control.

Yvonne returned to the room wrapped in a big white towel, and shivering. She laughed and made childish shivering sounds, trilling her lips.

“Whoooo, it was cold out there,” she said.

She dived into her bag and came up with red, lace underwear. I watched as with her back to me she bent over, got her legs into the panties and wriggled her bulk as she drew them up, under the towel. Nearly toppling over in the effort, no doubt aided by the drinks in her head. She next placed a white, sheer nightie over her head and began to wriggle into that as well. And after she pulled the towel out the nightie remained stuck at the top of her big ass. It took a few seconds before she was aware of the slip up and pulled it down. I got a good look at her juicy behind in the V-cut panties which left a lot of cheek exposed, and was surprised I found it attractive and stimulating.

The nightie reached about mid-thigh and the shoulder straps spread out to form cups that struggled to retain her forty cup boobs. I could see prominent dark nipples poking the lace as if trying to escape. She dived into the bag again and took out a bottle of lotion that she proceeded to apply to her arms, before moving to her legs and a good portion of her thighs, stopping a few inches short of her crotch area, probably because of my presence in the room. She ended her bed preparation by applying body spray, first to her neck and cleavage and then her legs and thighs, swiftly lifting the front of her nightie to give her upper thigh and perhaps crotch, a spritz. She suddenly turned around and playfully sprayed me all over. She had to have noticed that my eyes had been centered on her big ass showing through the sheer material.

“I like my bed partner to be sweet smelling,” she said, laughing teasingly.

“You have enough sweetness yourself, both in looks and smell, for the both of us, you’re a sweet lady, definitely,” I said chuckling.

“Oh my, thanks, that’s nice bro,” she said, leaning over and giving me a quick peck on the forehead, her boobs hitting my chest.

The subconscious is a bitch I thought, where did those words come from. I was escort kadıköy shocked to discover that I immediately developed a full-blown hardon. The entire spectacle of Yvonne preparing for bed and a glimpse of her yummy behind and the touch of her boobs coming at me while I’d been thinking about Miriam and Theresa, hurled me into fuck mode, I had to hold down my cock with my hands.

After she’d put away her lotion and spray and hung out her towel across the window, she came towards the bed. After turning off the light. But the room was still relatively bright because the house was fortunate to have one of the few lights in the street, plumb in front of it. That together with the bright moonlight was enough to keep the room decently lit.

“You know I don’t like being on the outside,” she said, with a sweet smile.

“I remember, that’s why I’m here,” I said, laughing.

I was wondering how I was gonna get up with my unrestrained stiffy, for her to get on the bed. I started rising up with my hand on my front.

“I’m not so big I can’t climb over you,” she said, giving me a fake cross look.

Before I was fully settled back down she was already in the process of throwing a big leg across me, her boobs and belly dragging along my chest and stomach. While she was bringing the other leg over I suddenly lifted my hips upward, forgetting for the moment my aroused state, but remembering how I used to do that when I was a kid, to playfully annoy her. I felt my cock poke her crotch area, and she, probably feeling it and making an extra effort to get away fell flat on me. We both burst out laughing. She deliberately pressed down on me, smashing my stiff cock against my lower belly.

“You still with your boyhood tricks … take this, I’ll press the wind out of you … you little scamp,” she said, throwing all her weight on me.

She rolled over and I pretended to be gasping for air, causing her to giggle. I noticed her furtive glance to my midsection. We lay on our backs, sides pressed together and chatted for about ten minutes before she yawned and said.

“One of us will have to sleep on our side … seeing that I’m the one here with a size problem. It will have to be me.”

“Your size is no problem, you’re alright, it’s the bed that’s wrong,” I said.

“I’ll flatter myself that you know what you’re saying,” she said, giggling.

She turned towards the wall.

“Goodnight, I’ll see you in the morning, if the liquor in my system don’t knock me out till afternoon.”

“Goodnight, sweet lady.”

She reached back and patted me on the stomach, dangerously close to my throbbing dick.

There I was lying next to my sweet smelling, fat and sexy sister as she innocently oozed sexuality that was hard to resist, it being so close. I glanced down to the side and noticed that most of her heavy ass was exposed. I wondered what it must feel like leaning against all that. I’d never experienced a fat or even fully thick girl before, limiting my many encounters to slim and slim-thick girls. I decided I wanted to find out. Could I get away with embracing her and pressing my hard cock against her soft, juicy body? I’d be satisfied with that under the circumstances. I mean, though strongly aroused, I couldn’t possibly think of fucking her, but I could have some related fun. I looked at the tempting mass and started to reason after looking at the bare facts of the present situation.

The facts were I’d been bombarded with flirtation, suggestive attention and titillating visions since arriving at the little house in the country – bra less pert breasts and pert ass bouncing in front my face, the thick inner and upper thighs of my pretty aunt, not to mention her round jiggly ass when she walked past me. The barely and partly covered backside and boobs of my voluptuous sister. The said sister lying on me and my erection for a few seconds. Result, I was horny and wanted to get laid. But the biggest fact was that the sweet, sensual woman I was lying in bed next to, with our bodies touching was my sister, which means I couldn’t possibly get laid there and then. But in life there are always alternatives. The alternative at that time was to seek a compromise that would offer indulgence in some harmless activity that could bring temporary relief.

The identified temporary relief and its supportive reasoning went like this: She was more than half drunk, and sleeping soundly already, it seemed like. If I put my arms around her and pressed my hard cock onto her what could happen. Maybe nothing, because she’s sound asleep. If she weren’t in deep sleep and was awakened, she’d likely think it an excusable accident; the bed was small and I was half drunk and deep in sleep, and couldn’t possibly turn without touching her. Also I’m her kid brother and likely only seeking the reassuring comfort of his big sister that he hadn’t seen in ten years. But what about the erection? Answer: She’s old enough to know men bostancı escort got erections in their sleep. Also I’d been the object of flirting ladies all night; she must have noticed something, and I’d seen her exposed batty and had my chest dragged over by her body – not forgetting she’d lain on me for a while, which could contribute to me having an erotic dream.

I decided that my arguments were strong; I could get away with what I was thinking of doing.

But what if she disregards all of the above mentioned reasoning and thinks I’m just a horny, opportunistic son of a bitch taking advantage of the cramped accommodation to lean on and cop a feel off his sweet sister? Would she think, ‘so what, he’s my little brother and I love him, I’d do anything to make him happy; let him indulge his fantasy, up to a point. A feel and a cock brace? No harm done, he’s my brother’. I really went overboard rationalizing my taboo intentions and managing to convince myself it was possible.

I slipped my hard, throbbing cock out my pajama fly and closed my eyes. I took a deep breath and roughly, (I dared not do it carefully, because if she was awake she’d realize it was a calculated move) rolled onto my side, pressing my erection into the lower portion of Yvonne’s backside, near where ass cheeks joined thighs. Simultaneously, I threw an arm over and around her, making sure my open palms covered as much boob as it could hold. She did not stir, nor did her breathing pattern change. I remained still, pressing into my big sister’s big body. Of course, I naturally got to thinking ‘what if I slide my hand into the nightie cup and cover the bare breast, get a good touch of nipple.’ I made a little snort, moved my hand and let it slide to the position. That bare fat bubby felt so nice, and the nipple … oh my!

After about ten minutes in that position my smaller head got the better of my bigger head, and I slid my body a little lower, then came up back, letting my swollen cock head poke Yvonne’s body smack in the fatty gap where thighs joined. I began gently poking my tool to and fro against the soft mass. She did not react in any way that signaled awareness of what I was doing – instead she simply made a sleepy moan, followed by a restless move aimed at positioning herself comfortably. She drew the upper leg up high, effectively partly baring her crotch. I followed her movement, sending my cock to say hello to her red covered pussy. When I heard her snore softly I pushed forward again and resumed my soft back and forth invasion. She snorted or something as if disturbed, raised the leg some more, and pushed backward, settling down nicely against her brother’s hard cock.

About ten minutes passed before I temporarily sacrificed the boob hold and moving the hand down, found her crotch. I shifted the panty leg aside and after moving aside the lips, and sticking my middle finger between them for a moment, pressed my cock between the thick, damp, lip folds. She moaned sleepily and pushed backward again as if making herself comfortable. I returned my hand to the boob. Again, she did not react in any way that showed she was conscious of what I was doing, so I continued, applying slightly more pressure as I glided through the fat folds of pussy lips. After several minutes I felt her body move and I kept still. She made a half turn and lifting the leg that had been drawn up, threw it over my side, now being partly on her side, and partly on her back. A better position for me to enter her if such was my intention.

I waited a while, tense, and mind made up. I reached for the crotch and once again pulled at the panties leg, dragging it over the bump. I pressed the cock down again between the sex lips, this time not lengthwise for gliding, but angled for penetration; I forced the head to the entrance and pushed my hips forward, sliding into to her. She made another sleepy moan and shifted. I stopped. After a minute I pushed another inch or so into Yvonne’s pussy. She made no sound but her body jerked a little. I worked my cock steadily in the shallows, not daring to go further. I stretched up my hand and twirled a stiff nipple between thumb and finger. The only sound was slight snoring. I continued playing in the shallows, now become very watery. My hips moved with a steady rhythm of short jabs, but then I lost control and pushed hard.

She gasped loudly and thrust her body forward. I froze, and started to ease out, thinking that was enough compromise satisfaction. But I felt her hand grasp my cock.

“No, don’t stop … it’s alright … it’s alright honey … you don’t have to stop.” she said reassuringly.

Those were the sweetest words I’d ever heard, in my entire life, up till then, come out of a woman’s mouth. I clambered onto my knees, lifting her leg that was over my side, high in the air and turning her back almost fully on her side. I threw one of my legs over her hip and side, fixing us in a scissor-style embrace. I began pounding away. I heard the bed go thuck, thuck, thuck, thuck, against the wall, and the springs go squeak, squeak, squeak and squeak.

Yvonne’s hand patted my thigh frantically, freezing both of us.

“Shhhhhh! Not so hard, she whispered, followed by a soft giggle.

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