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Panty Puzzle

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It was impossible to ignore Shandra’s beauty. She was quite simply radiant. – Long, flowing, black hair, a small, almost round, face with big bright blue eyes. – What a hypnotizing contrast her eyes made with her dark her. She didn’t need makeup and never wore any. She never wore anything to revealing either, usually just blue jeans and a loose T-shirt, but I could tell that underneath there was a body to die for. She filled those jeans ever so provocatively; I could have walked behind her forever. (Excuse the pun).

Her “knockers”, as her close friends, that’s us, would call them, had to be a perfect, round, firm “c” or maybe even a “d” cup. And all this was in an olive completion. Almost six foot, soft spoken, fun loving, top notch 20 year old girl.

Shandra hung out with three other girls. Tamia was also, but not quite as, tall with bushy dirty blonde, almost red, hair and a very “curvaceous” figure. Tamia is fair skinned and had emerald green eyes. She was also the wild one in the bunch. With her freckles it was impossible for her to deny here Irish heritage. She was loud and, amongst us, very outspoken. Anyone trying to infiltrate our group had to deal with her whip of a tongue.

Salsa had obvious Indian background with small tits and very sharp features accompanying her dark eyes and dark skin. She was almost skinny and often made me wonder if it was true that Indian girls “shaved”.

Jenny was pale and very short. She wore her hair in a short “bob” cut and coloured it blonde, and a very sexy, well rounded bottom. She was also the clever one in the group. We were all in the same class but she was two years younger, a real brain box. She was what one could call a bottle blonde. What was blonde on her came from a bottle of dye.

Me, well I was your everyday guy. Tall, not too big built, just under average frame and muscle. At the time I had just shaved my head after keeping short dreadlocks. Salsa teased me the day she saw me bald, “Hey, Kojack. How far did they go with that razor?” I wasn’t a jock but I was no spook either.

As different as we all were, the common binding factor between us was the fact that we were all made of up mix races. I tell you the girls were exotic to say the least.

Now you may wonder how on this good earth did a loser like me get involved with a group of hoties like this. I mean, like every other boy on campus, I was more than willing to give up both my nut to be with Shandra and at least my left one for any of the other girls, but I was lucky. She was Tamia’s friend and Tamia was my cousin and we shared a flat. It was a small one bedroom flat with a large living area just one mile from campus. She, Tamia, had the bedroom and I, well I slept on the very comfortable sleeper couch, just in case your thoughts were starting to wonder already.

It was heaven when Tamia went to the bathroom every morning and evening. I loved summer nighties and yes I often sniffed on her dirty knickers. Many nights I listen to her little noises from outside her bedroom door and with my minds eye imagining what she was doing. She was hot enough to make anyone forget he had any relatives,,,,, but back to Shandra, Nubian goddess…..

I had loads of guys trying to become my “friend” but gave them the cold shoulder when it became obvious that they just wanted a stepping stone to Shandra,,, which was easy with Tamia there to help.

“Tamia speak with whip tongue.” Sasha would often say in her best native Indian accent. And Shandra often joked that she would never get layed with us around. “You need to get layed by a real rooster and not some foul fucker.” Tamia said just after she had whipped some poor fool, and I immediately replied imitating a rooster cockle, “Any cock willlll doooooo”. We laughed and made our way back to class.

After class, we gathered at Tamia’s place, our place, for a meal, Pasta and creamy chicken, and some wine. Lot’s of wine. It was the weekend and the “girls” were going to stay over and go shopping the next day, with my car I should add. — Yes I suppose another reason why I was “allowed” in the group.

I was pouring wine, Tamia was busy with the music – boy, could she dance, Shandra was cooking and the other two helping.

The jokes were still flying about the jock who thought he stood a chance with Shandra. Tamia joked that they, the girls, had to live in Shandra’s shadow. “Living in your shadow is still COOL, Shandra, aaannd I tell you, I don’t mind getting some of your floppy seconds.” Salsa teased while she played with a carrot she was about to peal. Mouths dropped open in shock followed by fits of laughter. – Salsa was the more open one of the group when it came to things like relationships, body parts and yes sex too. She was first to tell us the “pet” name she has for her vagina, and she wanted to know what we called ours, “your pet has to have a name. Tell it’s name before I name it for you.”

Then Tamia asked me to do my “cockle”. More laughter.

“But escort bostancı you’re more eggs than cock, hey Brent?” Jenny teased. Everyone remembering the time when she walked in on me in the bathroom, and shrieked. More laughter. (The truth was she walked in and found me still wrapped in a towel after a shower. She lifted the towel and had a good look.

Once I started to grow she smiled,,,,, Shrieked and ran out. I just went with whatever story she told the other girls when I joined them in the lounge.)

“You know what jumbo jet and bottle blondes have in common,,,,,,,,,,, Black boxes.” was my reply once the laughter had died down, only to start it off again.

“You just wish you could see it” Tamia whipped back.

“Yes please.” I said honestly, my palms together and kneeling. More “ahh!’s” and loud laughter.

“Anyway, what makes you so sure it’s not blonde?” Jenny asked. By this time we were well into our meal and were well onto our fourth bottle of wine.

” I just know,,,,,,,, I know women.” I said casually pointing around at all of them.

With all the “Ah’s!” I felt I may have put my foot in it there. Maybe the pointing was a bit too much.

” you really think that because you been around us for sometime that you would know something as intimate as that.” Jenny asked, no it wasn’t a question ,,,, it was a statement.

And she didn’t sound too happy, I had put my foot in it but before I could apologize, Tamia’s whip was back.

“Why don’t you prove how much you THINK you know.” She had left the table and was walking back with a little laundry basket.

“Let’s play a game and test your knowledge of US women.”

The girls were cheering her on, as I prepared myself for the worst, all the time wondering if she was really my family or even human for that mater. “We all going to put our panties in this basket and you must guess who’s who’s.” All the girls were looking at her with wide eyes, obviously shocked by her GAME.

She then told me to go to the bathroom and wait for her to call me.

I went to the bathroom. While waiting I contemplated my future. I thought that maybe Tamia would just go to drawer and take out four clean knickers and play a trick on me. Time ticked on and I started to fear that I may find myself looking for a new place to stay by tomorrow morning. I heard some noises the welcome sounds of laughter pleased my straining ear. When Tamia called my name I almost jumped from the bathroom door that I had my ear firmly pressed to.

I walked out, still somewhat nervous, and was shocked to find the girls had changed into their nightgowns. I went to sit in ‘my chair’, the only single couch we had, when Jenny stopped me and said “must he do the dishes now or when this is over?” I wondered what ‘this’ was and if anyone else notice that I had a slight erection,,, hey, ‘do the dishes’?? Somehow I felt like the house boy. “After” seemed to be the majority opinion, so I sat in my chair and the three visitors sat on the couch opposite me, which pulled out became my bed. I noticed that the coffee table had been moved. Tamia sat with the laundry basket in her hands on the smaller, two sitter, which also could pull out and convert to a very uncomfortable sleeper. – I slept on it one weekend when the girls were sleeping over, but I can tell you the air mattress was much more comfortable. Now I know I had had many glasses of wine but I could not remember blowing it up but there it was already spread out on the floor. “That’s what took so long.” I thought quietly to myself.

Shandra got up from where she was sitting, in between Jenny and Salsa who looked absolutely glowing from the wine, and got my glass of wine and gave it to me then sat next to Tamia. Was it just me or could anyone else feel the tension in the air? The sexual tension. There I was, alone surrounded by FOUR sexy women and they seemed to be teasing me, flashing a bit too much leg and cleavage for me and my main man not to notice and by now they had my main man’s full attention.

“Here’s the deal” Tamia said as she stood up and walked over to me, flashing so much inner thigh I almost gasped out load, “We’ve put the panties we were wearing into here,” she was holding the laundry basket, and definitely slurring. “You must guess who’s who’s.. You can pick them up, look them over properly and even sniff them but for this privilege you have to do the dishes. Okay?”

I was nodding ever so eager, waiting for this basket she held onto so tightly. ……….. I had looked around when she said I could sniff them and even with all the wine the girls were positively shy.

Jenny had turned a bright red, Salsa gave a nervous giggle and Shandra could not even look at me… Damm I love this girl, I loved them all but she had my heart…..

In-fact only Tamia seem to be expressing some form of confidence, even as she staggered around.

My mind was racing. “They must be naked under those robes.” I ümraniye escort thought,

“Is Salsa bald? Does Jenny have red hair down there? How far do Tamia’s freckles go? And Shandra, how can I turn this round to make her mine???????” I was glad I had had that time in the bathroom to sober out, even if it was just a little, and all the thoughts I had while I was in there as to why Tamia hadn’t told me to go to her room now started making sense. Yes I believed her but I had to make sure I wasn’t being tricked.

“So let me see if I have this straight in my not so sober mind.” I treaded on, ever so lightly, not wanting to ruin this in anyway. “I’m going to do all the dishes for the rest of my life and I’m going to enjoy doing them as payment for this privilege and honour..” The girls were laughing again and appeared less nervous. “,, and my car is your car,,” I was looking around trying my best to give each beauty queen in front of me equal attention,,, “,,,,, and whatever else I possess.” My eyes were fixed on Shandra, I was kneeling, and I had just gestured giving away my heart to her. She had to know how I felt and she didn’t drink as much as “the shadow babes” (Salsa nickname for her, Tamia & Jenny) so maybe my gestures were registering,,, but then again , she was light on gas.

…… Don’t blow it Brent,, don’t blow it……

I turned back to Tamia, who had taken possession of my chair when I knelt down and was smiling like the dog that got the bone.

She looked horny.

“I know there must be some punishment if I get any wrong,, but what are the rewards for this good puppy if he get any right?” I made my best ‘begging puppy’ impersonation.

Tamia leaned back on the chair, spread her legs letting that basket of tricks fall in-between her thighs, not giving me a even a glimpse of her heavenly goods.

“mmm.. let’s see,,, if you get it right, which I seriously doubt, then you get five minutes at the source”….there was a choir of protests behind me but Tamia pressed on,,”,,,, using only the tools you used to guess right…. your eyes..” The choir quieted. She pressed on,,,, “your hands, YOUR NOSE AND,, AND YOUR TONGUE.” She had to shout to keep her voice above the “protests”.

I had turned around to face the other girls, my mouth hanging open, but not able to hide my hopes and desires. And as Tamia said “your tongue” Jenny said “Yes pleeease” loud enough for the other protesters to be distracted. Now my hanging mouth gesture had been transferred to Salsa and Shandra, their hands covering them,,,,

My friend in my shorts jumped and I thought to myself “just don’t blow your load”

Salsa pointed at the obvious bulge in my short and said, ” Look Shandra, there’s your chance of getting laid,,,, AND BY A ROOSTER TOO…. So long as I can get some sloppy seconds.”

They had to be something in the wine.

Tamia’s loud voice brought me back from my dreaming and snapped the shocked look off Shandra and Jenny,


I turned around to Tamia as the girls look at her, fearing all lose of hope. It was her flat and she did make the rules. “Remember he still has to prove something first.”

I took a sip of my wine and heard three swallows behind me. My body was on fire. My eyes wanted to see. My hands wanted to touch. My tongue wanted to taste. AND my dick, well let’s just say he was even more demanding.

Tamia handed me the laundry basket and my mind kicked in and thoughts of Shandra behind me, with all her beauty, charm, grace, presence,,, “AND NO PANTIES” my dick shouted.

I looked inside and recognized one of Tamia’s, – it was easily my favourite, a purple lacy g-string, and two more that I didn’t know,,

“Hey, wait a minute there’s one missing.” I said still having used only my eyes.

“You have to tell which one of us wasn’t wearing any panties,,, earlier,,,,, cause now non of us are.” Tamia explained.

I moved and sat on the air mattress, making sure that all the ladies were in my view, thinking back to what they were wearing when we got here, desperate for any clues.

The red thong had to be Jenny. I had seen it stick out from her jean earlier when she crouched down to take the plates out of the cupboard.

I had her panty in my hand and my smile as I put it down must have expressed some confidence.

“It’s all or fuck all” Tamia interrupted my sureness.

I took a brief second to think of her choice of words and replied sniffing her panty and looking directly into her eyes “I like the sound of that.” Her aroma was familiar but never had I smelt it so strong. She must have been wet when she took these off.

She was moving in her chair and obviously horny. I made a mental note to seduce her when we alone if nothing happened today. These panties were definitely hers. I could see the connection and the silence behind me gave me the feeling that everyone else could see how aroused she was.

I kartal escort bayan put her panty down on my lap, hanging high on my obvious erection and I picked up the red thong and looked directly at Jenny. The look on her face told me she knew I knew and was happy with the “all or FUCK all” rule. I held her panty to my nose and took a deep breathe. Her sent was even more intoxicating than Tamia’s. I licked the crotch of her panty. Jenny eyes closed, and a faint moan left her mouth. She had to have a red tushi. I could see the fire in her.

I was lost in the madness, the lust, surrounding me. I almost forgot about my love for Shandra. How would she react to this?

I put the panty down now taking priority on my tent pole and looked at Salsa, her lust was pouring out from those dark eyes, and then at Shandra. She was leaning back on the couch, the outline of her sensual body clearly visible. Her breasts were confidently showing cleavage. She saw what I was looking at, her, and she seemed happy with the compliment I was showing her. I knew I had to save her for last cause once I had her I would not want anyone else, so I looked back at Salsa and pick up the remaining panty. It was a black lacy tanga, you know the ones that almost look like shorts, and it looked more like Salsa’s size, possibly too small for Shandra.

“It’s all or fuck all” Tamia remained me.

I was happy to hear Jenny cheer her on “Yes, Brent. You HAVE to get them all right.”

It almost sounded like a plea. This was definitely meant to be a clue, but was I right or was I wrong.

I tried to look at Salsa for ‘the panty connection’ but she was to far gone. I’m sure if I was holding a dish cloth she would still had that look of lust in her eyes. I pulled the panty over my head with the crotch section over my nose and mouth. The girls were cheering me on with everything from whistles to “you go boy”. I felt like Jim Cearrie. I really became the mask. I looked at Shandra, my eyes cover by the lace of the panties on my head, she was laughing. Salsa had her hand in-between her legs, squeezing her thighs together. I could clearly see the ‘panty connection’ and I was loving it. I was sure she would love my head to take the place of her hand. I pushed her panty into my mouth and breathed in. Her scent was faint, almost non-existent, but I knew there had to be some spice, maybe jasmine or even lavender. Salsa was almost squirming on the couch and I was getting intoxicated with her reaction when reality hit me again. This was the last panty in the basket which meant that Shandra had non when this started or maybe she was too shy to play this game, but then why did she have a robe on. I took Salsa panty off my head and put it under the two already on my happy place.

“Five minutes, you said,,” I said to Tamia looking directly into her glazed eyes.

Her “Ahah!” was almost un-audible.

“And what about the missing panty? You said ‘five minutes at the source’. I suppose it’s No panty — No source?” I questioned. Worried I may end up without getting a chance with Shandra.

“You haven’t even guessed one yet and you worried about the last” Jenny seemed to be impatient for me to get to hers.

I picked up the purple panty. I knew Tamia would like it that I put her first. It was her flat and keeping her happy was almost at the top of my list. I sniffed it one more time, looked Tamia directly in her eyes and stuffed the under my shorts.

“Tasty Tamia’s” I said, not once breaking eye contact with her. The silky lace of her panties was only bringing me to new heights of arousal. The smile on her face not only told me I was correct but that she was very happy I was right. I smiled back and made sure she knew I’d be claiming my reward.

I turned and looked at Jenny. She was smiling and sipping her wine. I then took the red thong, sniffed it extra deeply. Her smile widen and I knew I was right. It joined Tamia’s under my shorts. “Juicy Jenny’s” I said as her eyes re-opened.

I was the only one talking now. All the girls somehow seemed to lost their tongues and I had a feeling some ‘cats’ will soon been getting hold of my tongue.

Salsa was leaning forward, her hands still between her thighs, only they seemed to be pretty close, if not touching her spice source. I could see her dark nipples in the gap of the night robe. I enjoyed the seductive sight before me and, lifting my eyes to meet hers, I lifted her panty to my face. I could tell she was struggling to hold herself back.

I pushed her panties under my man tent and swirled them around. “Spicy Salsa” I said as she leaned back parting her legs slightly, showing plenty of her dark inner thighs and openly cupped her wammy. She knew I was looking and she was getting off on it.

“And Shandra, you sexy thing you, I’m truly sad you never wore any, I kinda missed not having them in that basket” I said after our eyes met.

“It just feel so comfortable and sexy not wear them with Levi’s.” she shyly admitted.

The thought of her walking around all day without panties was such a turn on I was scared I was going to cum in my pants. Looking at Shandra in this light made it so difficult for me to spell love. It kept coming out ‘L, U, S, T.’

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